Teabagger No More: Brown Endorses Romney over Palin for 2012

Scott Brown (R-MA) appeared on NBC-TV’s “Today” show this morning. Brown made his break with the Tea Party final by announcing he would support Mitt Romney over Tea Party darling Sarah Palin, dashing the hopes of many Tea Partiers who had fantasies of a Palin/Brown ticket in 2012. The support of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin’s endorsement are assumed to be responsible for getting Brown his seat in the special election in January of this year.

Scott Brown is Not a Tea Partier
Scott Brown is Not a Tea Partier

The Boston Globe reports: “Asked if he supported former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin for president, Brown said he supported Romney. “Well, I’m going to support Governor Romney, and I’m going to see who’s out there in the field and then make my decision,” he told interviewer Jamie Gangel on NBC-TV’s “Today” show.

Scott Brown on the “Today” show April 23:

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When Brown refused to attend earlier Tea Party events and visibly distanced himself from the divisive Palin (by, for example, refusing to show up at a Boston Tea Party rally), Tea Partiers put on a brave face and clung to their illusions of solidarity. But there’s no denying it now.

Brown is just a moderate Republican like Mitt Romney and not a Teapublican after all. This rejection has got to sting, especially after how hard the Teapublicans have tried to claim him as their one success. Previously, the Tea Party movement had ruined races for Republicans – such as NY 23 — by dividing the Republican votes to allow a Democratic victory. In order to avoid this same fate again, Sarah Palin urged the Tea Party to back Brown, claiming he was a real “conservative”, but Brown was never a far right Republican.

One wonders how long it will be before the Tea Party begins to realize it was played by Palin and the Republicans, both of whom have agendas that have nothing to do with the supposed issues of the Tea Party. The Republican party used Sarah Palin who used the Tea Party to back a candidate they all knew did not have the same “conservative” values of the Tea Party. They did this in order to win a seat with an “R” label, regardless of whether or not the person actually had “R” values.

Palin has been desperately attempting to swing the Tea Partiers to the Republican ticket (a natural fit as the majority of them are Republican), as she knows if the Tea Party comes to the Republicans, the Republicans have to come to her or risk her taking her star power to a third party. Essentially, this has already happened, which is why the Republican party is now being led around by someone who doesn’t know the difference between the song “America the Beautiful” and the Constitution. The fact that the GOP’s false narrative of competence is now running the show is perfect revenge for years of them selling us turds marked as gold.

Brown knows what side his bread is buttered on:

“I don’t really care. .. I’m going to be the independent person I have always been.”

According to Crooks and Liars, “the Tea Party Express PAC spent nearly $300,000 backing Brown or attacking his opponent Martha Coakley. “If it wasn’t for the Tea Party movement, Scott Brown wouldn’t have gotten that seat,” said one Tea Party activist.”


Didn’t anyone tell Scott to dance with the one who brought ya’?

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  1. “Didn’t anyone tell Scott to dance with the one who brought ya’?”
    If he did he be a one termer and that is what Senator Brown does not want he wants to be in the Senate for a very long time although the TEA party now knows what a one night stand feels like.

  2. @Oldsun,

    I hope they brought protection, that’s all I can say. Though knowing that they don’t believe in science for the most part, I’m dubious. I guess we’ll all be payin’ the bill when they have to go to the ER to get Sarah’s foot outta their behinds or clear up that disease they caught while watchin’ dinosaurs from their kitchen windows with tea bags hanging in their faces.

    I remain troubled by the inevitable results of the sexual repression of the right.

  3. A Palin/Brown Ticket? Hello? Hello Mcfly! They must have thought they bought Brown.

    Not only is the tea Party being play by Palin, but by Beck as well. Beck could care less about politics.

    Im sorry, but this is like knocking on an empty dried out gourd looking for fireflys.

    I think the Tea Party has marginalized itself the same as the GOP has..

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