Limbaugh Defends AZ Immigration Law With Obama Salt Conspiracy Theory

Salt and discrimination are not the same thing

While trying to defend Arizona’s new immigration law, Rush Limbaugh claimed that the Arizona bill is not as big a usurpation of power as Barack Obama’s plans to take away salt. Of course, Obama isn’t really trying to take away anyone’s salt, but this didn’t stop Limbaugh from comparing a policy of discrimination to FDA warnings about the amount of salt in processed food.

Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “But notice here all this outrage over Arizona’s abuse of power, right, now, notice how the Democrats, the regime, the media, the Left are calling Arizona’s new immigration bill an outrageous usurpation of power. Meanwhile, that same regime is moving to take away our salt, our light bulbs, reaching down into every nook and cranny of our lives and they don’t bat an eye, and yet they have the audacity to accuse Arizona’s immigration bill of being an outrageous usurpation of power.”

Much like every single one of Limbaugh’s crazy claims, the salt story doesn’t hold up. Obama is not trying to take away salt. What the FDA is considering is issuing a warning about the high amounts of sodium in processed and restaurant food. According to the FDA, 77% of the sodium intake for all Americans comes from restaurant and processed food. However, in the hands of the serial propagandists known as the right wing media, an FDA warning became, Obama is going to take away your salt.

Rush’s minimal grasp on sanity allowed him to connect an immigration policy which discriminates against legal residents of a state to a right wing conspiracy talking point that has no truth to it. Limbaugh does not seem to understand that an FDA warning about too much salt is not in the same ball park as legalized discrimination. His evidence that Obama is running a totalitarian regime is limited to warnings about salt, and the promotion of energy efficient light bulbs.

This is in comparison to the Bush administration, which secretly spied on American citizens, bribed members of the free press to push their propaganda, ran secret prisons, tortured, and destroyed the Department of Justice. Add to all of this a racist Republican pushed Arizona immigration policy, and it is easy to see who the real totalitarians are here. The people who don’t respect the Constitution aren’t Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. They are Rush Limbaugh and those like him for whom the Constitution is meaningless.

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  1. Illegal – describes something that is prohibited by or not authorized by law.

    Criminal – breaches the law

    Illegal Immigrants – are criminals by law, regardless of their country of origin.

    Respect our laws, our country and our Flag by coming here legally.

    When Americans travel abroad, we have to carry our passports at all times to show proof of who we are and how we entered the country.

    Here we also have to carry identification to show proof of who we are.

    The only problem with the new Arizona immigration law is – getting caught doing something illegal.

  2. @Don, Yes, but you are missing the point. This isn’t about the people who are here breaking the law this is about the harassment and discrimination against people of Hispanic origin who are here legally. Those who break the law are criminals, but people who have committed no crime should not be treated as suspected criminals because of the way they look. What if you as an American could be stopped and asked for identification while minding your own business, not because of anything you were doing, but because you look illegal? That is what this law does, and it is wrong.

  3. True, but unfortunetly the illegal immigrants created this mess.

    I have in my past been stopped and asked for identification while minding my own business. Not a big deal, just showed it.

    But what about the discrimation against Americans caused by illegal immigrants,

    for instance…job opportunities now ask for bilingual,
    – medical cost skyrocketed because of immigrants flooding emergency rooms and not being able to pay
    – low balling wages to gain employment
    – working under a stolen american social security number

    Every legal immigrant I know share the same views I have.
    They feel that the illegal immigrants lack respect for this country have the attitude that we owe them. The biggest is thier unwillingness to learn to speak english.

    People of Hispanic origin are not the only illegal immigrants in this country. But unfortunetly they are the group that has abused our system for many years.

  4. @Don, When were you stopped just to show ID at a boarder crossing maybe I do not know when the last time I was stopped to just show ID. It’s discrimation to ask for Americans to speak spanish if you are in a spanish speeking area how are you being discrimation against? Working under a stolen SS number is a crime no matter who does it so filing false tax reports these are not just crimes of illegals. low balling wages hahahahaha Don these people do work you would never do and work for hours you never would do you want to clean the guts from chickens for 12 hours a day for minium wage, do you? Medical cost well Don I do not have insurance and when I need to go to the ER I cannot pay do I need to show you my ID? Don you are missing the point all these things are more then just problems caused by illegals they are problems caused by all people who live in the United States, W. tried to fix immigration but was foiled by his own party, Obama was just talking about immigration reform and the GOP went nuts. To fix this problem we are going ot need to turn to the gipper and offer a simular package that he did, the same package W, offered the same package we need today.

  5. @Don,

    No, we do NOT carry our passports AT ALL TIMES – don’t be ridiculous. We clear customs & immigration, go to our hotel, and lock our passport in the safe. We don’t even have to leave them at the hotel like we did in the 90’s.


    I honestly wish Rush ALL the salt ingestion that the fat slob can handle. Please please don’t restrict his salt intake. He is just the type of fat cow who should be using a salt shaker a day.

    The 14th Amendment provides that US citizens civil rights cannot be abridged and only Congress can legislate immigration laws. The 4th amendment prevents illegal search and seizure of US citizens.

    Not all AZ hispanics are illegal – you have NO clue what you are talking about.

  6. I’d be very interested in knowing when and why you were stopped and asked for identification? And what were you doing when you were stopped?

    This is not common and it is not normal – and it really does not happen.

    The purpose of this bill is voter repression – in a nutshell. We do have problems but this is not the answer.

  7. Well the way i think of it is, if u believe it is justifiable and right to ask a hispanic looking person for proof of citizenship or residency or visa. Would it be justifiable and right to ask a black/white person driving a fancy car with big rims and stereo systems and television systems and that has tattoos and loooks like a “gangster,drug dealer, criminal” ( us citizens) for proof of no criminal wrong doing? MANNNY ppl would be outraged of the whole judging a person based on what they look like thing, al sharton and jesse jackson would go nuts.

    Same concept your just having police ask questions to people that look suspicious for one crime, being an illegal immigrant, why not then have police just go ahead and question ALL people that look(appearance of person not actions) suspicious for ANY crime.Same thing but we get more for our money as tax payers.

    though i see how it would be incontinent and annoying to live as a us citizen thats hispanic, imagin walking aroun with your buds or worse a date or with your family and just some random pig at a bar/restaurant whatever asking you or someone your with for ID and proof of citizenship.

    though i believe/hope police are smart enough to try and only do that proof of legal status check when they make a routine traffic stop.or make an arrest

  8. and you know what? that Obama is going to take away my fishing pole too!

    BTW, too much salt is partially to blame for our kids having the rush limpbat disease. Overweight

  9. Meanwile, it is the Republicans who vehemently block adoption of the national ID card – you remember, the ID card that shows your place of birth, citizenship status, etc. Of course, they block that since it’s CLEARLY all part of the “Number of the Beast” and Satan taking over. Oh, wait, didn’t I hear about a proposal by someone to implant a RFID in every illegal immigrant we capture, for easy identification – now from what party would THAT idea come? Oh yes, the Republicans…

  10. Wow, I’m impressed with the general stupidity of some peopele. Several years ago laws were passed that require you to show your id when you enter the country. I traveled to Canada for part of a cruise and had to show my passport when i got off and back on the ship at all Canadian ports. I had to show my passport and declare my citizenship upon returning home. The new law here in Arizona makes it illegal to be in Arizona illegally. What do you get asked for when you’re pulled over by the cops? What do you have to show to make high end credit purchases or write a check in most stores? What do you have to show when you go to the bank? Your driver’s liscense. My oh my, that sounds like such a Nazi idea. I get asked for id when the cops stop me. How horrible. I have many hispanic friends and they don’t have any problem with the new law. I love how the media reported the protest that took place the day it was signed as peaceful when the protesters where throwing bottles and rocks at the police when they escorted the guy who was for the law and peacefully stating his case away for his safety. The democrats have failed the nation and the media is helping them destroy it slowly and painfully.

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