Sarah Palin Accuses Obama of Using AZ Immigration Law to Incite People

Palin needs to stop projecting on Obama

Sarah Palin and her Misinformation Express turned up in the safe and comforting arms of Sean Hannity tonight, and Palin claimed that President Obama and the Democrats are using the new immigration law in Arizona to play politics and incite their base. Palin said, “It’s really to incite and energize some of Obama’s base hoping that they will show up at the polls in the midterm election in November.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Palin managed to attack the president and ramble out the GOP talking point on the Arizona immigration law, “Well, yeah, it is over the top and it’s really to incite and energize some of Obama’s base hoping that they will show up at the polls in the midterm election in November. This is one issue that they really feel that they need to grab hold of, because you much of this Democrat Party coming up in this November midterm election, it’s a sinking ship and they have to have a couple of lifeboats out there, and they believe this is one.”

After she showed how little she knows about the Democratic Party, Palin delivered the talking point, “Because again, this law in Arizona that has been recently signed, it essentially replicates, duplicates, the federal law anyway, so I don’t understand why Obama has a problem with that, and as we’ve said Sean, it is telling the federal government that they better wake up, buck up, and do their job in securing our borders.”

Let’s start with this idea that Obama is exploiting the Arizona immigration law for political gain. It is delusional to think that Democrats are making immigration law their top issue for November because this is going to motivate their supporters to vote. More importantly,
Palin’s attack on Obama was some top flight hypocrisy, because if anyone is an expert at inciting others for political and financial gain, it is Sarah Palin, who makes her living inciting the weak minded.

Contrary to what Palin thinks the Democratic Party is not a sinking ship that is looking for a lifeboat. The fact that the President is speaking out against the police state tactics in Arizona is not a bad thing. Democrats are not going to motivate their base by opposing this law, and why doesn’t Palin bother to mention the growing number of Republicans, like Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio, who are also concerned about this law?

Democrats oppose this law, because of something Palin never bothered to talk about with Hannity. This law infringes on the constitutional rights of Hispanic legal residents in the state of Arizona. It does not replicate federal law, as Palin suggested. There is no immigration law that gives the federal government justification to violate the Fourth Amendment rights of legal residents. This is a flat out lie, but it isn’t one of Palin’s own creation. She was simply delivering the talking point.

If this is the kind of focus and insight that Palin would bring to a 2012 matchup with Obama, the President should be virtually drooling at the possibility of facing off against Palin’s reality challenged politics. I love the idea that Fox News trots out a novice Republican to discuss the strategy of the Democratic Party. Are they really that afraid to let a competent Democrat on their airwaves in primetime? I am sure that Palin will continue to “attack” Obama with her “logic,” which the President will ignore, then trounce her if they meet in the 2012 general election.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    Obama has a problem with it because it violates our freedoms as protected by the Constitution.

    I know that you haven’t read that pesky thing yet, confused as you are into thinking that the song America the Beautiful is also, too the Constitution….but you might want to give it a gander.

    Just a thought from Real America.

  2. She has no clue. Topic doesn’t matter – it’s an empty vessel. Pull it’s string and it repeats itself incoherently.

  3. Good Lord…..this woman is a dolt. I can barely watch her anymore. And why is she an authority on everything? She is an old fashioned rabble-rouser. She loves stirring the pot and pitting people against each other.

    Sarah….take a note….your day is coming and the fall will be BIG. People are slowly waking up to your unChristian ways.

    Hey Sarah…how many days have you been with Trig this month….2? 3? 4 at the most according to your calendar.

  4. The Caribou Bimbo is just doing her usual thing of lying. Nothing new, just new lies and spin. I am hoping and praying that she runs in 2012, cause I would LOVE to see her debate the President. He would chew her up and spit her out in a gutter, which is where she belongs. The Caribou Bimbo is a danger to this country along with Bachman, Limpbaugh, and the other IDIOTS spewing HATE!! These people ARE NOT christians, and they WILL have to answer to the big man up stairs one day. They need to remember, “What goes around, comes around”, and their day IS COMING!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s absurd comments like these that make me wonder which side of the fence Paylin is really on. This statement is like code for her real message which is, “Call to Obama Base! Be energized! Go out and vote in 2010 or you’ll be stuck with an ignoramus such as myself who has no idea what she’s talking about!”

  6. Sarah learned a new word (incite) by reading her own press so she could not wait to use it against someone else. Her people neglected to tell her what Obama was really talking about so off she goes being as dangerously ignorant as usual. But I guess that’s how she really gets over on the rest of the dangerously ignorant people who follow her. She’s winking and smiling all the way to the bank. I hope the President never has to debate her because it would be such a low for him as a person and world leader. I would not have known about the incident if it weren’t for my dedication to this blog site. I decided a while ago to turn the channel whenever Palin or the Tea Party start talking. It had begun to make me nauseous.

  7. President Obama to you B*tch! Did someone make fun of her bumpit? She’s doing the ruth buzzi look again…geeze where to you start? Everyone with a thinking brain know the Arizona is, Jim Crow, Racist, Race profiling and just plain Retarded. I know for a fact 80% of Arizonan’s didn’t want this law, but the crazy 20% who control the state did.
    Yes SF will boycott them :D I’ve heard lots of boycott plans.
    Sarah kind of like how people are Boycotting Alaska this summer over the wolves…? Why she always thinks SHE the queen of Dumbass can spout off on President Obama…!
    I just hope if she runs, he will take off the gloves. But she won’t run, that would mean, showing her income tax, and her birth certificate, maybe her sons birth-certificate, Maybe Arizona or some-other wingnut state will make a law, “you must show your last born son’s Birth certificate” lol. And it would mean interviews, not scripted ones from faux. Oh yeah, you can’t go around spewing bS across the country for millions. She won’t run. She has too much dirt, I’m sure Mittens knows all. We will keep hearing revelations like Stevo did yesterday…drip,drip,drip…small and get worse. Sarah STFU or not?

  8. one thing she said is pretty close to the truth. The Arizona law does mirror the federal law. immigrants who are not citizens have been required to carry their green cards or other paper since 1940s. The only new thing in this law is that the police have the right to check and see if they are carrying those papers which is simply upholding the law that is already there. People really need to look up the current federal law and simply say that it’s not enforced.

    On the other hand, Sarah Palin is a total idiot

  9. Cue the Wizard of Oz Scare Crow Song…. “If I only had a brain”! Why oh why does the lame stream media allow this witless, half term, two time quitter go unchallenged on the facts?

    Sorry I forgot she was on the official network of the GOP aka Faux News.

    I’m still trying to contain my laughter at her attempt to link the AZ GOP’s official actions that are openly and admittedly aimed at their base as an attempt to energize the Dems base. Welcome to Sarah’s Wonderland.

  10. Isn’t this a case of the Pot calling the Kettle black?

    Palin isn’t an immigration expert, but she certainly is an expert at inciting people…

  11. I really feel sorry for Sarah, there are prostitutes,and crackheads with more integrity. I live in Wasilla,so i am not speaking as an outsider.
    I do beleive in Karma and, Sarah will get hers.

  12. All liberals ever do is incite anger and race bait.

    You are all just ticked b/c Sarah Palin speaks the truth.

    Palin/Bachmann 2012!!

  13. Palin/Bachmann 2012?! LOL, can you see it now “Dumb and Dumber” trying to get to the White House? Not only could it never happen since the GOP will not back Palin or Bachmann. They prefer to try to find someone with a brain after Dubya’s 8 year disaster but they are also the party of old, white misogynistic men. Palin can wink and flirt all she wants but they will knock her down so fast that she won’t know what hit her if she truly attempts to screw up the party with a run in 2012. Of course, I do wonder how it could get worse but Palin could make it so.

  14. Please!!! SNL would be banking comedy skits 10 a day. Two of the dumbest/craziest women ever born to run for Pres and VP. What a joke for our country that either of these two made it as far as they have. Ya know for most professionall positions anymore prospective employees generally have to take a S.A.T. test of sorts to generally quiz the employees knowledge.
    This should be a requirement to any gov position, elected or otherwise. Corporations do this to obtain the best and brightest and Palin and Bachman spew their ignorance, their incitement to be “armed and dangerous” and “Reload” and we pay for it.

  15. @srjones,
    Unlawful search and seizure is part of the bill. Anyone arrested must be given their Miranda rights, which would nullify the arrest if it wasn’t done with regard to the Constitution.
    The state has the right to stop anyone speeding in a car, ask for their license, proof of insurance and registration. Anyone driving a car expects that. If I went to another country I would have to have my passport. Any sensible person ought to have their license with them all the time. Therefore if you ARE a citizen it is nothing to fear. If you are here illegally, get the HECK out!

  16. @Shiva,
    You can’t have it both ways. She’s a far cry better than the vice president; if you only read leftist blogs you never expose yourself to the “other side” and are only partially informed. Expand your education if you want to become a respected blogger.

  17. @Beverly, Interestingly enough, Palin could not point to single federal that allows legal citizens to have to prove their citizenship simply based on suspicion.

  18. @Beverly,

    The fact still remains that the law does mirror the federal law in most areas. I wonder why you would totally run around the post and talk about nothing? Sarah didnt write the federal law, she simply gave probably the only true fact she has ever given. it mirrors the federal laws.

    And, Sarah is also a person who lies for money and fame. You may wish to spend some time reading up on her yourself.

    If you wish to refute the post then do so. But a better blogger would have addressed my points.

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