Babygate: Fox News Reports that Bristol Palin had a Son in Sept 2008

Fox News reports that Bristol Palin had a Son in Sept 08

Palin Secrets
Palin Secrets

Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol both testified at the email hacking trial of David Kernall, which found him guilty of 2 out of 4 charges. The trial lasted just two days.

In reporting the verdict this evening, Fox wrote:

“Bristol Palin said she was distressed to find pictures of her newborn son in the public eye after her mother’s e-mail was hacked. Defense attorneys argued Kernall, the son of a Democratic state lawmaker, was just committing a college prank.”

Bristol’s baby Trip wasn’t born until late December of 2008, and the email hacking occurred during the campaign in September of 2008, just months after Trig was born. Thus bringing to light the very odd rumors long lingering around Sarah Palin even before she was tapped as VP candidate. Rumors that she was not pregnant prior to announcing the birth of her fifth son, Trig.

Perhaps Fox simply misreported this, or perhaps Bristol was messed up while testifying. We won’t know until we have access to the transcripts, but Fox’s report has been up for a while and they’ve had time to correct this if they made an error in their reporting.

The Anchorage Daily News reported on August 31, 2008:

“It’s a version of a rumor – long simmering in Alaska — that Palin’s daughter Bristol was pregnant and the governor somehow covered it up by pretending to have the baby (Trig) herself….The answer here should be pretty simple. It happened or it didn’t. For months, we have been getting anonymous people telling us they “know” it’s true, or people we do know telling us they’ve heard it fifth-hand. We haven’t seen anything resembling proof. We asked the governor’s office, and the governor, multiple times about it.”

The rumors swirling around Alaska back then were that Bristol Palin, then 16, was pregnant. Bristol had been out of school for months suffering from a reported case of mono, and had moved to live with her aunt in another town during her recovery. She was living with her aunt in February of 2008 when she received a ticket for an auto accident. Trig Palin’s birth was announced in April of 2008.

Kyle Hopkins from the Anchorage Daily News continues:

“Here’s a story we wrote soon after the birth. At that point, the questions were all about whether Palin should have flown back to Alaska to give birth. In the story, Palin’s doctor talks about the labor and addresses questions raised at the time about Palin’s decision to board a jet and fly to Alaska from Texas when she showed signs of early labor….The stage of her pregnancy was not apparent by observation,” said an Alaska Airlines spokeswoman. The doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, said she induced labor once Palin was at the hospital….McAllister was an Anchorage TV reporter before working for Palin. He said Palin once approached him – before people knew she was pregnant – assuming he’d been hearing rumors.

“She said it’s not true about Bristol,” McAllister said. At the time, the rumor would have been that Palin’s daughter was pregnant. How does McAllister know it’s not true? “The governor’s not a liar. (oh dear) That’s the main reason. But also this would have to involve some sort of conspiracy with the hospital of Wasilla. They said she gave birth there. Is the doctor, the nurses … are they all lying?” he said.

Why not share the birth certificate?

“What a thing to request — prove that this is your baby,” McAllister said. “I mean, my god, that’s horrifying to think that she would have to do that.”

(Yes, my goodness, that would be horrible. Asked to supply a birth certificate. I think the birthers have put an end to this notion– apparently it’s patriotic to ask for birth certificates now, so ask away, people…)

I said one reason is to put it to rest.”

Anchorage Daily News reported on Arpil 22, 2008 :

‘Palin never got big with this pregnancy. She said she didn’t try to hide it but didn’t feel a need to alert the airline, either.

In a letter she e-mailed to relatives and close friends Friday after giving birth, Palin wrote, “Many people will express sympathy, but you don’t want or need that, because Trig will be a joy. You will have to trust me on this.” She wrote it in the voice of and signed it as “Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father.””

While American mainstream media outlets were loathe to pursue this line of inquiry, the Canadians were not intimidated by accusations of being biased “liberal media” and presented their questions on air in September of 2008:

ADN reports people who saw her weeks before the pregnancy said she “simply did not look pregnant,” which only fueled the rumors long before she was tapped as VP candidate.

The McCain Palin campaign attempted to spin these rumors as Democratic slanders against the Alaskan governor, however they never supplied Palin’s medical documents or answered any questions relating to this issue. Reporters who dared to bring it up were shamed with mention of amniotic fluid leaking, which apparently was enough to derail that line of questioning.

Since Palin quit as governor of Alaska midway through her first term, this rumor fell by the wayside — only to be revived by her home network this evening.

For more on Palin’s pregnancy, including interviews she gave wherein she describes being in labor and traveling from Texas to Alaska before giving birth, please see

In the immortal words of Fox News: We report. You decide.


Corrected: Trip’s birth date per Daisydem comment from Dec 09 to Dec 08.

Updated Saturday, 12:53 PM : I feel compelled to point out that I could care less whether or not Palin lied about her fifth child so long as she stays out of our political arena. What I do care about is the Press’s obedience to all things Right Wing as well as the Left’s cowering in the face of the Right’s framing of what is and is not acceptable. To whit, a few examples: It is NOT ok to question John McCain’s POW experience, but it is perfectly patriotic to accuse John Kerry of being a coward. It is NOT acceptable to ask Sarah Palin about a very odd story that makes NO sense for which no medical or birth certificates were ever forth-coming, but it is patriotic to question the President’s birth even after multiple sources identify his birth certificate as authentic. The fourth estate is designed to be the agitator of those in power and yet they leave it to the “socialist” Canadians to actually cover wild inconsistencies in the personal story of a person who would be next in line to the ruler of the free world.

Yes, it was only after the campaign that Steve Schmidt and others stepped forward to admit that they had grave concerns over Palin’s mental health, a truth which might have been uncovered had anyone in the press had the COURAGE to do their job. And so, NO, I will not let this story go, because it represents an abject failure of our media and of the left. We must not let the Right frame discussions as we have for the last 40 years. A little common sense wouldn’t hurt, either. Listen to her story and ask yourself, is this someone I would want second in line to the President? The story is pertinent as it goes to her judgment if nothing else. But I leave the “nothing else” to the Right to dissect, seeing as they can’t keep their hands out of anyone else’s personal life but insist on their family lives being sacred. Inconsistencies R Us continues.

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  1. Wait…Bristol was pregnant in September of 2008, but didn’t give birth tii December 2009? A 15+ month pregnancy?

  2. Correction please: Bristol’s son Tripp was obstensibly born December 27, 2008, not 2009. STILL for Bristol’s baby’s pictures to be exposed because of the hacking would mean that Trig is her son because the hacking took place 3-4 months before : September 2008! Fox just confirmed what we already knew. Bristol is Trig’s mother. Sarah is not. Sarah Palin lied.

  3. Ohhhhh, poor puppies over to Fox News! To their outrage and chagrin, they inadvertently disseminated the actual TRUTH–about Trig’s birth mother, at least–for once. Please, politicsusa, cache the original screenshots and copy in more than one undisclosed location, before Fox scrubs the site after getting threatened by Thomas Van Flein and Team $arah. Many thanks for posting this information. The more people who see it, the better.

  4. I believe that @ you can see a photo timeline of both the 1/2 term Governor AND baby pictures that clearly indicate that there was a baby switch or borrow.

    The Alaska flight attendants did not find evidence of leaking fluid either.

  5. remember Tom Tancredo’s paranoid claim last week that Obama hides his birth certificate just to make the Right look crazy?

    remembering Sarah claim she loves to get the Left “all wee-wee’d up with heads spinning.”

    remembering how much Sarah loves to be talked about, no matter how bad the publicity is.

    She’s feeling exceptionally high today on the heels of her victory in TN … possibly even having a manic moment (not the first)

    I would not at all be shocked to learn this is a little game they are playing.

    Though, the possibility certainly is there for Fox to be giving Sarah a little payback for her “lamest of the lamestream media” gaffe last week.

    It’s just all so creepy and gross … and ultimately, irrelevant. She is just a public nuisance. She has no job. She is unelectable, IMO.

    The people who actually matter are working their asses off right now dealing with the huge problems we face today.

  6. Bristol has just confirmed what many of us believed from the beginning.

    Thanks, B!!

    PS: get away from your mom–she’s toxic.

  7. It must really stink being Sarah Palin, Her own daughter tells the truth under oath, and Fox News “gets it right” for once.

  8. This is fact:
    Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008 and is not the birth mother of Trig Palin.

    I know.

  9. Oh when will this house of cards crumble? Probably never unfortunately. Instead the Pugatist Princess will fade into blessed obscurity — but not w/o a lot of very odious kicking and screaming.
    My favorite line from the video clip: “A lot of Republicans are asking what John McCain was thinking…” Indeed.

  10. @Palin is a fraud, We already know that Sarah is not the birth mother of Trig Menard-Palin.

    Read the comments at:

  11. Sarah Palin is not the birth mother of Trig Menard-Palin.
    Read the comments at:

    and then read:

  12. @ProChoiceGrandma,

    Sorry, the links don’t work in comments:-) PG is listed in the blogroll to the right but you can also type out the link (sigh).

    Nice to see you again!

  13. What no one has mentioned her is the legal trouble this may cause should it be true. First if an insurance claim was filed for care for anyone but the actual mother, that would be insurance fraud. Since most insurance plans do not cover the new born child of a dependent child, the baby was a special needs baby making it a case of larceny and fraud. The palins as well as the hospital, and medical staff could all be prosecuted. Then there is the legality of falsified government documents (ie:birth certificate) Which again could cause legal issues for all of the above. Don’t let this go, keep at it and get the truth, I suspect that one of the reasons she left office early was because she feared this may be exposed… some one out there needs to get a DNA sample of the kid and prove its not hers!!

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