Sean Hannity Lies to Fox Viewers about Obama’s Response to Oil Spill

Hannity has to make sure that his viewers never find the truth

On his FNC program Hannity, Sean Hannity was doing his best to sell the oil spill in the Gulf as Obama’s Katrina, when he flat out lied to his audience and said, “The fact is they sat back for nine days and did absolutely nothing.” If by doing nothing Hannity meant deploying the Coast Guard within hours of the explosion, first for search and rescue then to contain the spill, then Obama did nothing.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Hannity said, “The sole responsibility in this case when it’s an oil spill that gonna impact our fishing industry, our beaches, our shores would be the federal government. The fact is they sat back for nine days and they did absolutely nothing. The very same people that were so fast to criticize George W. Bush in the other two instances.”

I know Hannity is just mouthing the right wing talking point, but let’s put this one to bed, right now. Media Matters put together a great timeline of Obama administration action on this. The Coast Guard was on the scene after the explosion. On April 21 BP put out a statement that said the Coast Guard was there, “BP, which operates the licence on which Transocean’s rig was drilling an exploration well, said it was working closely with Transocean and the U.S. Coast Guard, which is leading the emergency response, and had been offering its help – including logistical support.”

On April 23, the Coast Guard released a statement about their efforts to mitigate the impact of the spill, “Although the oil appears to have stopped flowing from the well head, Coast Guard, BP, Transocean, and MMS remain focused on mitigating the impact of the product currently in the water and preparing for a worst-case scenario in the event the seal does not hold. Visual feed from deployed remotely operated vehicles with sonar capability is continually monitored in an effort to look for any crude oil which still has the potential to emanate from the subsurface well.”

On April 25 and 26th federal response crews were trying to skim the oil off of the water’s surface. Hannity was not only inaccurate about the Obama the administration’s response to the spill. He lied. I know how desperate the right is to bring Obama down, but an oil spill is not the same thing as a class 5 hurricane that the federal government had plenty of notice about, but chose to sit back and watch as American citizens died in their own homes. Obama’s response in this situation has been the anti-Bush, but for Sean Hannity the truth is simply not an option.

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  1. As Lincoln sais, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and that’s enough to keep Hannity’s paychecks coming.”

    Sean lies and his viewers love it cuz the truth is too painful for them.

  2. “but an oil spill is not the same thing as a class 5 hurricane that the federal government had plenty of notice about, but chose to sit back and watch as American citizens died in their own homes.” First of all we have multiple hurricanes here in Louisiana every season, so having notice about it is pretty irrelevant because here’s another notice….were probably going to have them again next year. “The federal gov. chose to sit back and watch as American citizens died in their own homes.” Bush tried to get the national guard in early but Gov. Blanco declined them access for a day (the federal gov. cannot impose on a state matter) and then the levies broke and the finger pointing started. I’m from La. and the untapped local resources that could have been used for evacuations had the local politicians made a decision was sickening. I don’t know why Bush gets blamed for everything that has or will go wrong with this country

  3. @Caleb – your pathetic attempt to whitewash Bush’s dereliction of duty don’t work. We had ZERO warning of the BP spill and in fact BP lied about its severity for days. None-the-less Obama acted much sooner than Bush.

    Hannity lied and you can’t deny that.

    As for the Guard, suffice it to say that Bush failed to respond to repeated requests for help in a timely way; you do not have Class 5’s bearing down on NOLA every year; and failed to use the many resources other than the Guard. Perhaps putting a guy with no experience in charge of FEMA was a mistake … ya think?

    Meanwhle … Hannity lied. Ya agree?

  4. What is it going to take to shut Hannity up? All he ever does is LIE, LIE, LIE! And if he’s not outright lying, he spins the words of President Obama by taking them out of context, “the President said Insurance executives are bad people” as Hannity shakes his hollow head. This man is guilty of deliberately misleading FOX viewers along with several other idiots who work there, Doocy, Morris, and O’Reilly, to name a few. They are proud of the fact that they are able to lie and have their viewers believe them. Although they are still a small minority, it’s amazing when you hear them being interviewed at rallies by non-FOX reporters and they speak of how “President Obama isn’t gonna let us go fishin’ no more!” and “he’s taken away all my freedom” yet when asked about what freedom, they can’t name any but they’ll tell you that is what they were told by FOX News.

    I remember a day when we turned on the news and it didn’t matter what station it was, you heard the same thing. In regards to such and such, the Democratic party is leaning to do this and the Republican party wants that. That’s what we want to hear, the truth, not all this friggin’ B.S. from pretend news anchors at FAUX.

  5. Hannity is desperate to shift attention onto anyone or anything Obama as the several watch groups have filed to have the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission investigate Hannity’s Freedom Concerts.

    While Hannity has stated time and time again the non-profit Freedom Concerts gives every penny of the money collected to Iraq war veterans, the non-profit’s public record federal tax filings clearly show something else.

    For tax years 2006 to 2009, Freedom Concert’s tax fillings show the “non-profit” has given less then 15 cents on the dollar to US war vets while more than 85 cents on the dollar is eaten up by consultants, printing, marketing, postage and other organization cost.

    Oh and Hannity? Records show costs to the non-profit for luxury Gulf Stream private jet travel, luxury SUVs and luxury hotel suites estimated to cost each Freedom Concert in the range of $200,000 just for the man and his entourage himself.

  6. Hannity has hit a new level of low with this oil thing. Wasn’t Sean one of the most vocal of the “drill, baby, drill” proponents only a few months ago ? Didn’t he say things like “with the technology they have today offshore drilling is completely safe”. Now he refers to the Gulf oil situation as one of those “little accidents” that can occur when you produce billions, and billions, and billions of barrels of oil all over the world”.

    It is interesting (more like unbelievable and quite funny) to see the majority of his neo conservative guests (the usual crew) taking a more realistic, fact-based view and disagreeing with Sean’s insane ranting when Sean brings up the oil spill crisis.

    Perhaps Sean believes the oil on his hands now will cover the blood that’s been on his hands since the “wall-banger” became the loudest “war drum banger” back when he was making his “career bones” on WMD and war mongering.

  7. Isn’t it ironic that the same “less government” people apparently wanted Obama to disregard BP’s reports of the extent of the oil and move right in and take over the operation( at taxpayer’s expense)? Of course, if he had done that then Hannity would have called him a wimp for not standing up to BP.
    I’m just wondering how long it will be before Hannity will accuse the President of spending too much time on this issue when jobs, economy, the war(s), terrorism, immigration, security…or whatever other distraction he chooses to obfuscate the fact that Obama has an incredible list of national problems to address simultaneously.

  8. You have GOT to be kidding! By doing nothing for weeks, I would say that Hannity was RIGHT as he was talking about action. Obama sent lawyers there and the coast guard was sent automatically on their own you dopes. You people are using evidence courtesy of Media Matters?!?! That’s laughable. And you want to be taken seriously? George Soros? LOL. Wow, you guys are just mad that Hannity had it right starting in August of 2008 when the left attacked him for calling Obama exactly what everyone but a few morons (you people) know he is today. Obama is a Marxist Saul Alinsky schooled con artist. I prove it- visit IDIOTS4OBAMA COM

  9. The Feds also knew BP had the worst record in the business. They knew they took short cuts and used bad judgement in protecting its people. Obama’s people should have been all over this company (major Obama contribtor)and prevented the spill. Looking at BP’s record they should have been shut down and a moritorium placed on their company. Plenty of other companies would have gladly stepped in and they would have done a much better job of protecting us.

  10. Tim,

    We’ve covered the issue of BP and Obama quite extensively here. BP is not a major Obama contributor, actually. That is a right wing talking point which is inaccurate. The majority of Obama’s donations came from people. The BP donations he got were from EMPLOYEES not PACs.

    At any rate, the reason the right spreads this around so viciously is because they don’t want anyone looking at their numbers. McCain Palin took 2/3 more money from oil companies and a lot of money from oil PACs. PACs are obviously the bad news. Obama took NO money from any oil PAC.

    Now, the Right hopes they can smear the Left with the meme that everyone does but, but that isn’t true and it doesn’t take into account the vast differences in platforms and policies between the parties. The Democrats stand for more regulation and the Republicans for less. It’s amazing to me that the Right can sell to their people that they wouldn’t have let this happen, when they are the very reason this could happen and they do nothing but deregulate the various sectors of our economy. Then in their next breath they will tout why corporations should be allowed to police themselves and their flock never seem to realize that these two talking points do not mesh.

    The MMS who were in charge of oversight for drilling did not do their jobs, this is true, but their job description was also very lax, thanks to Bush. That department has since been broken apart.

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