Andrew Sullivan Accuses Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Fox News of Sedition

The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan was on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show today, and he said that the Beck, Palin, Limbaugh and Fox News are calling the government illegitimate, and are committing sedition. Sullivan said, "This is about the moment when America's divides go right up to calling the government, not wrong, but illegitimate." Let's examine the law and see if the right wing is behaving seditiously.

Sarah Palin Blames Hacked E-Mail Account for 2008 Election Defeat

While testifying in court today, Sarah Palin came up with a brand new excuse for the losing the 2008 election to Barack Obama. Palin stated under oath that the hacking of her email account cost her and that guy John McCain the election. She said, "I don't think an illegal action like this is a prank. Not when you consider how impacting it was on a presidential election. It went beyond a prank."

Sarah Palin Encourages Franklin Graham to Spread the Holy War Against Muslims

Unwilling to let any chance for more publicity via her specialty of moral poutrage sprinkled over Dim-Sum pass her by, Sarah Palin takes to her facebook page to decry the Pentagon's decision yesterday to dis-invite Franklin Graham from National Prayer Day. In doing so, Palin demonstrates yet again how little she thinks/knows of the law, inviting satire as the only possible rebuttal available to all reading citizens.

Teabagger No More: Brown Endorses Romney over Palin for 2012

Scott Brown (R-MA) appeared on NBC-TV's "Today" show this morning. Brown made his break with the Tea Party final by announcing he would support Mitt Romney over Tea Party darling Sarah Palin, dashing the hopes of many Tea Partiers who had fantasies of a Palin/Brown ticket in 2012. The support of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin's endorsement are assumed to be responsible for getting Brown his seat in the special election in January of this year.

Rush Limbaugh Labels Republican Government Employees Leftists and Socialists

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh labeled all union government employees whether they are Democrats or Republicans freeloaders, leftists, and socialists. Limbaugh said, "This is incredible, unheard of a bunch of leftist, socialists, neo- communist union people asking their brothers in government to raise taxes," but Rush, what about all of the Republicans that are employed by the public sector?

79% of Americans Don’t Want Ronald Reagan on Their Money

Republicans have continued their push to pass a bill that would replace President Ulysses S. Grant on fifty dollar bill with Ronald Reagan, but a new Marist poll found that people not only dislike the idea, but reject it soundly. 79% of those surveyed replied that they do not want Ronald Reagan's smiling mug on their money. Most surprisingly, 71% of Republicans did not like the idea either.

Palin Fans Unleash Political Terrorism on Senator

Lest you think that the Palin 2008 rallies of hate were an anomaly, Palin fans are now attacking Senator Yee, who called for an investigation of Stanislaus State after University administrators refused to supply Palin's speaking contract, claiming they didn't have it. The rage, hatred, bigotry and violence that Palin fans have put on display here has a goal: to silence the Senator. In other words, this is political terrorism.

Minnesota’s Health Care Reform Civil War

There is a quiet, very polite conflict going on in the executive branch of Minnesota state government, over who legally represents the state and who calls the shots about going to court over the recent health care reform legislation, aspiring 2012 presidential candidate Gov. Tim Pawlenty is locked in a battle with AG Lori Swanson over who legally speaks for the people of Minnesota on the issue.

Glenn Beck Loses it and Claims to be Carrying out God’s Plan

Theocrat Glenn Beck Claims to be Carrying out God’s Plan

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck finally seems to have gone off the cliff as he not only claimed that God has given him a plan, but also he is carrying out God's will and anger. Beck told his listeners that they it is God's will that they get behind him and follow him. He said, "When we were starting the TV show there are things that I did that I wouldn't do now because I had to be more of an entertainer."

Sarah Palin’s Dangerous Vision of America

When she's not inciting violence, GOP 2012 front-runner Sarah Palin is selling a manifestly incorrect distortion of the constitution, which she invariably gets mixed up with both The Pledge of Allegiance and the song, "America the Beautiful". Her goal is to create a Christian Nation, where the bible has dominion over the law.

How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

After the historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty signed the previous week between the United States and Russia, the seemingly logical next step was to get as many nations together as possible to be on the same page. The threat of nuclear weapons getting into the wrong hands like al Qaeda or rogue nations like North Korea or Iran, who are currently developing nuclear weapons, should be of grave concern to the entire world.