Rachel Maddow Exposes More Fox News Video Editing Fraud

On The Rachel Maddow Show tonight host Rachel Maddow took on Fox News and their selective editing of the California ACORN tapes. Maddow played both the Fox News edit of the tapes, and the full tapes. Maddow said, "If you watched the footage these guys released, if you followed the wall to wall coverage on Fox...If you are a member of Congress who voted to defund ACORN...You were had."

Palin Flops with Bombed Out Wine and Spirit Crowd

Sarah pimped for the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America convention today. The convention runs April 6-8 at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The strip? Did anyone call Steele! Oh, I kid. I kid. This is all legal and family-ish. Except for the booze and evangelical thing, but as the Republicans have been trying so hard to demonstrate, no one is perfect. Thing is, I guess no one gave her any palm notes before she spoke, cuz the ex-candidate-for-something-turned-reality-TV-bomb apparently thought she was at a political rally.

The Republican Siren Song of Sedition

Throughout my life I’ve never hated someone’s message so much that I wanted to shut him or her down by force. My liberal parents taught me that those folks had a right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech. This is our right as American citizens. Part of my job as a citizen is to tolerate ideas with which I do not agree, so long as they do not infringe on the rights and safety of others. This is a concept that Republicans no longer understand.

Right Wing Cyber Terrorists Fail To Silence PoliticusUSA with DDoS Attack

Recent visitors to my blog PoliticusUSA had undoubtedly noticed that the site had been crashing frequently. At first both tech support and myself thought a new server was the cause, but the real cause was much more sinister. We were the victims of a sophisticated DDoS attack. Since the far right did not like what we were publishing, they decided you should not be able to read it. This is what passes for freedom in "Real America."

Internal Implosion in the RNC as Top Fundraiser Palin Bails on Them

Palin Demands RNC Take Her Name Off of Fundraisers

It seems Sister Sarah is too pristine to associate with the likes of the RNC (bondage themes aside, as she remains their Mistress of Scold). And while many are saying this is a bad move on her part, it’s actually more of the same quite successful tactics she has been using to get elected since she started her political career with around 600 votes back in Wasilla. read more

Bill O’Reilly Tells Glenn Beck That It is Amazing He Hasn’t Been Fired Yet

On Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, the love/hate feelings that Bill O'Reilly has for Glenn Beck flared up again, as O'Reilly told Beck, "So here's Beck and he has been on the air for a year at Fox News Channel, it's amazing that you haven't been fired yet, a couple of close calls." As usual Bill-O hid his dig at Beck with humor, but make no bones about it, Bill-O would not mind seeing Beck hit the bricks.

Sarah Palin Bombs With Her Real American Stories

The numbers are in for Sarah Palin's first Real American Stories special on Fox News, and they aren't good. Palin's special was expected to pull in big numbers for Fox News, but instead did worse that the regular occupant of the 10 PM slot, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren. The viewers that did tune in didn't stay long as the show lost viewers in every quarter hour. Sarah Palin delivered yet another bomb.

An Outraged Fox News Smears Bill Maher by Calling Him a Teabagger

An Outraged Fox News Smears Bill Maher by Calling Him a Teabagger

The crew over at FNC's Fox and Friends program got their collective panties in a knot over Bill Maher's recent appearance on The Tonight Show when he claimed that it the teabaggers' protests helped to pass health care reform. Eric Bolling said that Maher offended the Tea Party by calling them teabaggers, and, "There was only one teabagger in the studio at that time, and it was Mr. Maher."