Obama Shines While Jabbing Birthers and Palin at WH Correspondents Dinner

President Obama 2010 Correspondent's Dinner
President Obama 2010 Correspondent's Dinner

President Barack Obama outdid Leno tonight at the 2010 White House Correspondents Dinner, aka #Nerdprom. There were lots of jokes about his approval ratings, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Rahm Emanuel. However his best material was reserved for the birthers and Sarah Palin. For the birthers he joked that his popularity still remains high in his, “home country,” and he jabbed at Palin with a comment about, “socialized media.”

Here is the video:

The 44th President of the US managed to be hysterical tonight at the Annual Correspondent’s Dinner without a teleprompter or a Palin Palm Prompter and Michelle Obama was absolutely stunning in a knockout red dress is by Prabal Gurung. Sadly, nothing for the haters here. Success, glory and glamor abound. The President had a little something in the humor bag tonight for everyone.Yep. We had an Orange man joke for Boehner, Romney’s flip-flop on health care, John McCain not being a maverick tied into the AZ immigration law, Michael “Notorious G.O.P.” Steele, Scott Brown Tween heartthrob, and Politico jokes.

He saved something special for Joe Biden, the birthers, and Sarah Palin. On Biden Obama said, “Biden talked me into coming, he leaned over and said, Mr President this is no ordinary dinner….this is a “big F*&*&%^% meal!” For Palin, Obama talked about how he remains popular on social media or as Palin calls it, “socialized media.” The president saved some special shots for the birthers, “Tough year, with ups and downs…unlike my approval ratings which have just gone down… but they are still very high in the country of my birth.” Birthers are twitching in their basements. While referring to his wife, “Few things harder to find and harder to keep than love….and a birth certificate.” Pow. Birthers down.

Michael Steele finally got the shout out from Mr President he’s been craving. Obama referenced Steele as both the”Notorius G.O.P.” , and “My Brother”. Americans everywhere are wondering if Steele will have to follow Crist and leave the Republican Party now that he’s had the bad grace to be acknowledged by the President?

The President brought his usual wit and charm to Nerdprom this year. He delivered a fine mix of self deprecation, while avoiding the insulting such as George W. Bush’s search for WMD’s skit. The only low points were the screen flashes to a greasy George W from years past, which served to highlight Obama’s verbal dexterity. Birthers the country wide are still sucking in air from the collective knock out punch. They never saw him coming.

9 Replies to “Obama Shines While Jabbing Birthers and Palin at WH Correspondents Dinner”

  1. That wasn’t really a slam Palin now was it? After the media asks for a bailout, I won’t be laughing…

    Obama is an idiot.. He thinks Europe is country
    and where is he during the oil spill crisis? Mucking it up with Hollywood, as usual. His empty suit does not shine.

  2. Simon – you are the idiot around here buddy. Obama is doing an excellent job as President and he’s doing everything he can as far as the oil spill goes. Remember this oil spill happened because of the DRILL BABY DRILL mentality. Only a complete moron would try to blame that on Obama. This accident happened because BP didn’t have a back-up system that is required in other countries. It’s because of the lack of regulation that it happened. It’s the Republican pro corporate mentality that lead to this oil spill.

  3. President Obama did a great job. Palin, by virtue of her own actions–showing she is not bright in numerous interviews, making things up to post on fb so she is not subject to questions, and quitting the job she was elected to do because it was too hard for her–make it a no brainer(just like her) to make fun of her.
    Those claiming Obama should not have been there must have forgotten that all kinds of tragedies were occurring during all prior administrations too–and all Presidents past saw fit to attend since its inception.

  4. @Simion, I guess when the Bushes and Reagan mucked it up with Hollywood you were equally angry? Probably not, because you are just another right wing hypocrite.

  5. @Sally,

    They just have to hate on him. God forbid they pull themselves together, get over their bitterness over losing an election, and actually support this country (while we are in two wars and going through a recession, no less).

  6. I for one am happy to once again have a president I can be proud of. He shows himself as confident and adroit in the media spotlight as he is in the White House and before Congress.
    I think of that bumbling idiot Bush, and his celebration of ignorance and arrogance, and I cringe for what he put our country through.

  7. srjones, I think you mean Obama “delivered a fine mix of self ‘deprecation'” – not “depreciation” – Depreciation is another thing altogether.

  8. President Obama is doing a great job. Thank you Jesus we dodged the bullet. To think where we would be if grandpa and his nurse were elected. McCain would be dead or committed by now and the Christian mafia big corporation would still be in charge. Think of the judges that would have been appointed and really turned America upside down for the next thirty years.

    President Obama is so cute when he smiles. :)

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