BP Debunks Right Wing Oil Spill Conspiracy Theories

Once again the right wing got it wrong

Today on ABC’s This Week BP Chairman and President Lamar McKay put to rest all of the right wing conspiracy theories that the Gulf Oil spill was an act of terrorism carried out by left wing environmentalists, or a foreign government. Instead McKay said the probable cause less sinister and more mundane, “I believe we’ve got a failed piece of equipment.”

Here is the video from This Week:

When Jake Tapper asked about BP’s less than stellar safety record, McKay replied, “Well, the investigations are going to show the cause of this accident, and we want those investigations to be done. My belief that is that that does not have anything to do with it. I believe we’ve got a failed piece of equipment. We don’t know why it failed yet in this contracted rig, and BOP system will figure that out. But let me just tell you, our focus, our focus right now is dealing with the source of the oil, dealing with it on the surface, and dealing with it on the beach or the marsh if it occurs.”

This seems much more probable than the conspiracy theory blaming left wing environmentalists advanced by Rush Limbaugh last week:

Limbaugh laid out his conspiracy theory, “Now lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, the carbon tax bill, cap and trade, that was scheduled to be announced on Earth Day, I remember that, then it was postponed for a couple of days later, after Earth Day…This bill the cap and trade bill was criticized by hard core environmentalist wackos because it supposedly allowed more offshore drilling and nuclear plants, nuclear plant investment, so since they’re sending swat teams down there folks, since they’re sending swat teams to inspect the other rigs, what better way to head off more oil drilling, nuclear plants than by blowing up a rig? I’m just noting the timing here.”

What a surprise, Rush Limbaugh and the right wing conspiracy theorists have been proven wrong again. They are at least in consistent in that they never let facts get in the way of their desperate attempts to bring down Obama. The Gulf oil spill is no more Obama’s Katrina than the Exxon Valdez was George H.W. Bush’s. It was an accident, and it looking more like an environmental catastrophe, but comparing this to Katrina is an apples and oranges argument.

Limbaugh’s desperate attempt to blame the Obama and Left for the oil rig explosion defied all common sense and overlooked the most likely explanation that the explosion was caused by some sort of on board accident. Since it would be impossible to blame Obama for an accident, the right had to fabricate all sorts of tall tales to feed their paranoid delusions. The Right has to blame Obama or else they might have to admit that offshore drilling is not as safe as they make it sound, and since they can’t have they, expect the crazy conspiracy theories and the blame of Obama to continue.

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  1. But if accidents happen, then how does that impact their entire reason for existence : DRILL BABY DRILL?

    Oh, right. Maybe that wasn’t such a great “energy” policy after all. Color me shocked.

  2. 1. You seem to be saying Bush somehow created Hurricane Katrina (a natural phenomenon), but it’s impossible for Obama to be at all responsible for this man-made spill. Not very rational positions, especially when presented simultaneously.

    2. McKay said he “believes” there was a failed piece of equipment, partly to deflect attention away from BP’s safety record. This is hardly conclusive evidence of anything, as no one yet knows what really caused the spill.

    3. The last major blow-out like this was in 1969, over 40 years ago. This one occurred immediately after Obama approved new offshore oil drilling, in the context of hysterical propaganda about global warming, pollution, etc. Quite a coincidence.

    4. Eco-terrorists have previously resorted to tactics that killed and injured people. After all, if you really believe that oil is going to kill millions of people, what’s a few lives and some temporary damage in the big scheme of things?

    I’m not saying that eco-terrorists necessarily blew up the well, but it’s certainly a possibility. You’d have to be a fool to ignore the timing, and not consider this a possibility. There are at least as many nutjobs on the left as on the right. (Lefties, of course, killed far more people than even the Nazis did over the last century.)

    Once again, the left gets it wrong.

  3. Yup, terrible policy. Better hunt down obama for approving this.

    Or maybe he was already punished by someone for that.

  4. To all the wingnuts out there:

    If you are going to insist that liberals consider the possibility of eco-terrorism, then I want to hear you all say (write) that a inside job on 9/11 was also a possibility and that you did in fact, consider it.

    Go ahead.

    I’m waiting.

    I’ll check back at least once a day.

  5. @JL,

    Yes, that was clever. It was Obama, after all, who deregulated the oil companies and allowed BP to lobby congress to lower safety standards here…oh, oopise. Nope.

    And Drill Baby Drill was Obama’s energy policy in a nutshell, eh? He’s the one who scoffed at wind power and said we should all keep driving our SUV’s and pretend like nothing had changed. Oh, yes, that was right after he said the ECONOMY WAS FINE and told us all to stop whining.

    Gosh, it’s all coming back to me now, except Obama looks like a pasty old white guy and he’s standing next to some shrill moron in red naughty monkeys.

  6. @Arias Rowe,

    When you factor in the level of insulation a person needs in order to still be defending Bush (WMD, Hunt for Gog, Katrina, heck of a job brownie, No Child Left Behind, illegal war left off of the budget all together, epic cocaine problems, etc) you’ve eliminated 75% of the population. So, basically, we got ourselves the 23%ers here and by gosh, I’m wiling to bet that they can explain how it was OK for Bush to have IGNORED intel for months that clearly laid out a plan to hit the country via hijacked planes…..and yet, blame Obama for an oil rig explosion caused by Republican deregulation policies.

    Oh, yeah….I can so see this happening.

  7. @JL,

    1. Nice strawman, no one is saying Bush made Katrina happen. What liberals charge Bush with is failing to respond to the disaster accordingly. Likewise, what the Right is charging Obama with is failing to act to this spill accordingly. The conspiracy angle is that Obama/lefists/eco-terrorists made this happen to create opposition to further offshore drilling. What the “right” and the “right-wing conspiracy theorists” are claiming Obama did wrong are very differant things.

    2. Indeed, but we have quite a few good theories and the investigation is ongoing. But an accident seems far more probable than eco-terrorism. No one, especially counter-terrorist groups, believe eco-terrorists are involved.

    3. Indeed it is; coincidences do happen (contrary to CTist belief) and looking to immediately write off the possibility of coincidence as something that occured deliberately is a sure sign of conspiracy theorist thinking.

    4. That’s a fairly self-defeating tactic though, granted eco-extremists are hardly the most rational of folks. And this is coming from a person who considered himself to be an environmentalist. Why eco-terrorists would destroy an oil rig causing enormous damage to the environment for the sake of saving the environment is beyond me.

    Really? You’re not saying that? Because number 3 and 4 certainly sound as if you’ve arguing they are. Or maybe I don’t believe you because you claimed we’d be fools to think they couldn’t be involved. Or maybe it was because you said there “are at least as many nutjobs on the left as on the right” then followed that up by claiming “Leftists, of course, killed far more than even the Nazis did over the last century.” It all sounds really god damn dishonest to my ears. But what does that matter so long as we can take a vaguely defined group of individuals, term them all as the opposite of whatever conservatives happen to believe, and claim they’re responsible for killing more people than Hitler. Godwin was so, so right about that one.

  8. The desperate clinging to this complete and utter BS of an eco-terrorism conspiracy is beyond ludicrous. You wingnuts will desperately hold onto any whiff of anything other than the facts laid out in front of you. If Rush told you that 1 + 1 = 3 you’d fervently be holding that out as a more than a possibility, but a probability.

    Has it ever occurred to you that MAYBE you need to take another look at yourselves and these “truths” you hold so dear?

    I know it’s tough to admit you’re wrong but for the love of humanity not to mention the planet, just try for once.

  9. @JL,

    No need to do an investigation of the cause of the explosion, let alone consider alternatives other than equipment failure. I’m comfortable that the left can wade through all the extraneous facts and get right to their desired conclusion in whatever the issue is. This certainty of theirs in reaching conclusions, no matter how tenuous, that keep their desired world view intact, can’t be a symptom of America’s decline in science and engineering aptitude–that decline can only be explained by a lack of more federal funding for education and the lack of exclusively federal student loans.

    Trust the libs. They just know, whether it’s manmade global warming or an oil rig blowout. We don’t need to ask any questions, or do any investigation, or consider any potential alternatives, when the intellectuals who are so much smarter than I am instinctively have the answers already. Their innate wisdom simply makes hard data obsolete. I’ve already deemed equipment failure to be the cause and I’m glad our rulers are looking out for my best interests in every aspect of life.

  10. @Harry Sphincter, you really didn’t say anything, except to put down liberals. When you can add to collective, constructive discourse, please feel do so, but until then please STFU! Thank you.

  11. Fatal flaw with that theory – The states with environmental concerns over offshore drilling would never support a Louisiana sabotage because now they’re going to suffer something worse – expensive blue crabs this summer.

  12. Come on you guys, why resort to breaking each other down? You know, there is a possibility of eco-terrorism. There is also the possibility of an accident. Rather than be so extreme and closed-minded to all possibilities, why not open our minds to all possibilities and get to the bottom of it. Sure, the timing of this disaster is terrible if it was an accident. I sure hope that people aren’t so stupid to do this on purpose and ruin our waters for decades to come. To brush either point of view under the rug and call each other wingnut right or left side extremists is nothing but a fight and is solving nothing. The only way this country is ever going to succeed is if we can accept eachothers differences and work together despite our different points of view.

  13. Ok, wingnuts…I’m back!

    It’s been 12 hours since I last posted and asked the crazy ones amongst you who advocate the “eco-terrorist” theory to come back here and concede that 9/11 could have been an inside job.

    If an “open mind to all possibilities” is really what you’re all about–rather than lame ideology–then come on…put your name down right here and then type the words:

    “I’m a conservative/Republican and I believe 9/11 could have been an inside job because I want to keep an open mind to all possibilities.”

    There, I even typed it out for you so all you need to do is copy and paste.

    I’m STILL waiting…

  14. @Nikolai,
    oh, but Nikolai, you really didn’t say anything, except to put down Harry… so unless you can add anything collective/constructive, etc.. why don’t you STFU.
    but, i guess that is ok for liberal elitists to not hold themselves to the same standards they hold conservatives

  15. I think Pres. Obama should call out the great mastermind Rush Limbaugh every time he says something. There could be nothing better, and unfortunately demeaning for the president, then for Rush’s listeners to see him cracked alongside the head publicly.

    As much as I hate the condition of our journalist wasteland I almost think one person needs to stand up on one of the networks or cable channels and simply refute everything to rush, Mark Levin, little Mr. Savage and all the rest of them say. It should be relatively easy

  16. Wingnutes,

    Four more hours have gone by…

    What, none of you “open minded” folks want to say that 9/11 being an inside job is a possibility?

    Where’s your “open mind” then? You know, the open mind you claim liberals don’t have.

    JL, Harry Sphincter, Brad…I’m looking at you three. Come on fellas, you sure had a lot to say earlire about the open mind…

    Lead by example.

    I’m still waiting…

  17. @Harry Sphincter, except that investigations are under way and the left isn’t the one making the assumptions based on nothing this time…it’s the far right once again being led by Rush Limbaugh. Maybe the liberal elites and those stupid intellectuals will be more wiling to consider your opinions when you can forumulate one that doesn’t start with “liberals want us to be stupid and ill-informed” or vague referances to a broad and ill-defined group that is made up of everyone who disagrees with you personally.

  18. @Aaron, except that there isn’t a possibility that this eco-terrorism. Eco-terrorists aren’t that well-funded or trained. I doubt that any of them have an understanding of how to bring an oil rig down or even the desire to do it.

  19. @brad, when someone starts an argument off and ends it with the idea that liberals just want everyone to be stupid and uninformed a healthy STFU is most warranted. So Brad, STFU.

  20. @Aaron, The problem with eco terrorist is the pipe is a mile down under the water it would be impossible for it to terrorism that is just a fact.

  21. @Harry Sphincter,

    No one is asking you to trust their “instincts” — no one except Bush tried that. Scientists are not asking you to trust their guts; they have science, data, experiments, proof, to offer. The fact that you are not aware of their proof is either because you are not interested enough to seek out the information or you do not believe what you read unless it comes from certain sources. Again, the science behind this is mainstream. There is nothing odd here except your unwillingness to believe in reality.

    No, we don’t want anyone to be uniformed, because uninformed people vote for dangerous reactors like Bush because you want to have a beer with him.

    We want you to consider a point of view other than what you hear on Fox or Rush. In other words, put down the paranoia for just a moment. Get some fresh air. Read a little.

    You don’t have to agree with us. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. And you are attempting to invent facts and disputing empirical truths here. That is not going to fly.

  22. Oh, this is either too sad or just too rich.

    A whole 24 hours has gone by since I challenged you big-shot, cocksure, holier-than-thou, “let’s keep an open mind” conservative morons to come on to this posting board and lead by example and practice what your preach.

    If you truly believe that we should keep an open mind and consider your idiotic conspiracy theory that eco-terrorism is a possibility for the oil well explosion, then go ahead and put your name down here and say that you want to keep an open mind and stipulate that it is possible 9/11 was an inside job.

    Come on boys…conspiracy theory for conspiracy theory… if one is open-minded possibility, so should the other.

    Where are you guys?


    That’s right.


    You guys got nothing.

    Just like I thought.

    Chicken hearts. Idiots. Liars. Wussy boys.

    Now, please take your little dicks off the table and put them away. Clearly, you “pigs in a blanket” lost the contest.

    DING-DONG…oh wait, that’s my doorbell. I gotta go get it. It’s all your moms coming over to service my pipeline.

  23. You sad sorry-ass excuse for a human. You need to learn a little respect for others! First off, don’t put words in my mouth. Second, don’t insult my mother even if it’s just in being a mockery. Climb out from underneath Obama’s desk and see the real world. You probably believe every word he says you sad, pathetic piece of crap!

  24. @Bionic Weasel,
    i guess I’m still just waiting on something constructive from the Nikolai, since that is his complaint.
    Bionic, let me ask.. if someone was putting down conservatives, would you feel the same way? or is it the leftist double standard that hold so true to?
    I think what Harry said should be noted. Are we to believe everything that we are told? remember, that was why hitler rose to power so quickly, from the propaganda that the people where fed that they so willingly accepted. Germany was so desperate at the time that they believed a crazy man simply because he promised economic relief. But, in the end, didn’t that deception cost them severely?
    An earlier comment was made about Bush#2 conspiracy, I kind of wonder about that myself.. who knows what these politicians (both repub and democrat) do behind closed doors? i will say this, our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew the tactics of our recent government. Unless we can get a moral and decent representation in washington, times are going to get really bad! But, that will not happen unless “we the people” begin to vote morally and ethically. Our fore fathers warned us of this.

  25. @srjones,
    your problem is that you are informed by a group of people that could possibly have motives.. case in point: climate gate.
    don’t be a sheep that is led astray by the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    You believe the “experts” behind the liberal agenda, but you don’t believe the “experts behind the conservative agenda. (i’m not saying Rush is an expert, far from it)
    God gave us a brain and a sense of what is right or wrong. We are to use our good judgment to decipher what we are sometimes told.
    I don’t believe in every conspiracy or even most of them, but when the facts seem so erroneous it should put up red flags.
    Remember, those experts are funded, and by whom they are funded are who they will pay allegiance to. (the borrower is a servant of the master)
    My point is this, both repubs and demos have been promising the nation for a very long time, but has anything really gotten any better? Will my kids enter into a world that is inundated with MORE wars, hatred, crime, drugs, poverty, etc. more so than what we have today? I will say that our generation has these worse than our fathers and it does not seem to be getting better.
    Show me a person without corruption, crime, blame, etc. that has lived throughout history.

  26. @Arias Rowe,
    i DO agree, there may have been some connection. i’m not going to discount the possibility. Our govt. is out of control.
    There is a lot of money to be made with war.
    but i will not agree that the muslims are innocent of the matter.

  27. @Arias Rowe,
    wow, i’m not sure what “contest” you are proposing here, is it the vile commenting that you would like to have a “contest” in?
    Please keep the hatred to a minimum, i wouldn’t think your mother would be very proud of you.. hopefully you can share some kinder remarks in your next comment.

  28. @brad,

    Thank you, Brad, for being a man and being straight up about this. Appreciate it.

    And I’m not saying we discount Al Qaeda; I’m simply saying both are conspiracies to me. And if we try to legitimize one, then why not the other?

  29. Hey Brad,

    LOL!! No, no…Not hatred at all. I was just fluffing my tail a bit to goad folks into responding. Seriously, 24 hours goes by and no one thinks to respond to a simple challenge? Well, either it’s lame ideology with no substance to back it up or it’s…well, lame ideology pretty much covers it.

    But as I said above, I appreciate you coming back and posting. At least you’re willing to stipulate possibilities.

  30. @aaron,

    Well, I guess the goading finally got a response! LOL!! Take it easy, man. Relax. Chill out. While edgy and piercing, those final comments from my above post were designed specifically for that purpose: to simply goad someone into responding.

    Seriously, 24 hours go by and nobody wants to come back here and stipulate that 9/11 could have been an inside job? So far as I’m concerned, both “Truther” and “Oil eco-terror” are conspiracies. I never bought that crap about 9/11 and I surea as hell don’t buy this about eco-terrorists.

    If we legitimize one, then why not the other?

    Um, and speaking of “respecting others,” how respectful were your words there at the end?

    And who said anything about Obama? My point was solely on the lame ideology behind the conspiracy theory being pushed by Limbaugh and the like.

    I think your comment betrays your ideology.

    And in case you were wondering, your angry words, whether warranted or not, hasn’t made me want to call you a poor excuse for a human being, or want to suggest you just got through fellating Bush or Rush or Hannity or even Beck…nor does it make me want to call you a piece of crap.

    But you might want to take some anger management classes.

    And lastly, accepting that you were earnestly calling for open minds about possibilities for the oil well disaster (and reading your original post, I believe you were being earnest), I still haven’t seen you post anything remotely similar to 9/11 being an inside job.

    When will you do it, Aaron? Put words in your mouth? Or is it that you only have something to say about one side?

    Conspiracy for conspiracy, Aaron…

    Come on, do it!

    I’m still waiting.

  31. “Once again the right wing got it wrong”

    Do you wanna brag how the Left got it right this week with a bitter SUV-driving “tea bagger” trying to blow up Times Square? Most people with brains did not assume it was a “home grown” maniac.

  32. @Arias Rowe,

    What? Do you want me to apologize? Forget it! I still think you are a pathetic loser. No I don’t think that 9/11 was an inside job. You keep on bringing that up. That has nothing to do with this story. 9/11 was a bunch of freaks with no respect for life taking the lives of innocent Americans. My whole point with the oil spill is that I do think it was an accident. I am not closed off to the idea that it was an inside job though. It’s perfect for Obama’s agenda. But if it was actually an accident, which I do believe, then the timing couldn’t have been worse.

    You sit there behind your computer thinking that everyone sits and waits for a response like that is the only important thing going on in their lives. I’ll respond next time I sit down to work at my computer. I’m not anxiously awaiting your response. I have a life and a career.

    As far as respecting you? That went out the window right about the time you said, “A whole 24 hours has gone by since I challenged you big-shot, cocksure, holier-than-thou, “let’s keep an open mind” conservative morons to come on to this posting board and lead by example and practice what your preach. Chicken hearts. Idiots. Liars. Wussy boys. Now, please take your little dicks off the table and put them away. Clearly, you “pigs in a blanket” lost the contest. DING-DONG…oh wait, that’s my doorbell. I gotta go get it. It’s all your moms coming over to service my pipeline.”

    Don’t talk to me about respect! I at least came out with a positive post which you knocked down very disrepectfully. You call me “holier-than-thou”? YOU act like you are better than everyone on here. As soon as you want to have a real conversation then post a real post. Quit harassing everyone.

    Thanks for referring me to anger management. That means a lot coming from you. After all, you sound like you are about 12 or 13 and mommy just gave you permission to be on the computer by yourself. Seriously, learn some etiquette and quit relying on the excuse that you were just goading to get a response. You don’t have to be a dick to get a response!

    Do you still want me to say “sorry”? I’m sticking with my other answer. You are a pathetic , good for nothing, sorry-ass loser piece of crap excuse of a human… FINAL ANSWER!!!

  33. @aaron,

    You are seriously reading into this whatever you feel like.

    When did I ask you for an apology? Talk about putting words into people’s mouths…

    And I said nothing of Obama. My point, was, is, and will be that if one conspiracy theory is asked to be considered and legitimized, then let’s do it for the other one.

    Insofar as this spill fitting into Obama’s plans, you don’t think 9/11 fit even better into a Bush/Cheney agenda? Tsk…tsk…
    Sad little man. In denial.

    And I didn’t call you out, remember? I specifically called out JL, Brad and Harry Sphincter.

    Now if you’re all bent out of shape b/c I used words like “big-shot, cocksure, holier-than-thou, “let’s keep an open mind” conservative morons to come on to this posting board and lead by example and practice what your preach. Chicken hearts. Idiots. Liars. Wussy boys,” then I would submit to you that you’re bent out of shape b/c I struck a chord of truth with you.

    If you could care less, then why all the anger in your responses?

    I designed my words to goad; you, on the other hand, clearly have flown off the handle.

    So keep screaming all you want. Keep shouting at the wind that I’m some “pathetic , good for nothing, sorry-ass loser piece of crap excuse of a human…” It does nothing to me. I could care less what you say…or more accurately, petulantly wail.

    What crazy ideas you think of me doesn’t even register on my radar of “give a shit.”

    But you won’t admit that 9/11 could have been an inside job the way you keep repeating, “but the oil rig COULD have been…”

    No credibility, no control over your anger or your rhetoric.


    F’N LOL!! You’re hilarious! Keep responding. I can always use more laughs!

  34. It is not in BPs interest to have the cause for this to be eco terrorism. No one should be shocked or swayed that the CEO of BP so readily dismisses eco terrorism as a cause in favor of a triple redundant mechanical failure. Why? Because you can’t sue a terrorist or terrorist organization whether foreign or domestic. But you can sue Transocean who built the rig, Halliburton and other oil service players and get real money. Moreover many insurance companies have specific contractual clauses which release them from obligation when the cause is terrorism. This is not a liberal/conservative issue. It’s about money. And if you follow the money you will understand the reason for BPs stated position, right or wrong.
    We should also note that as recently as last year the FBI cited eco terrorism as its number 1
    domestic terror concern.

  35. @Arias Rowe,
    Oh, thanks man. I’m glad I made you laugh. You’re right, I’m looking into it too much. I change my mind. I apologize for being the ass. I guess I let my anger get to me anytime someone mocks my mother. I don’t deal with it well even if it is just in a joking manner. Sorry man.

  36. It’s interesting that Obama even came out for more offshore drilling, in contrast to what his party supports, just before this “accident” occurred. Maybe he did so because he could appear to support tapping more of our resources, the rig accident would occur, his administration would sit on its hands for over a week, and then they could come out for restricting oil drilling citing this incident as proof of the risk that offshore drilling poses.

  37. I’ve never seen more proof that America is in terrible trouble than the commentators on this article, wasting time lambasting “the other side,” being supremely petty and childish- can’t you see we MUST rise above such behavior if we truly wish to solve any of our problems?!

    The America I thought existed is about coming together despite our many differences and _celebrating_ our diversity, rather than finding fault with it. This is primate behavior at its worst, true zenophobia in action.

    It would be wryly amusing, if the situation were not so dire… the two sides of the same coin, siamese twins joined at the hip, insulting and bickering with each other. It’s far past time for you two “sides” to realize you are part of the same entity- America. And more importantly, we’ve gone way beyond the realm of dichotomy: right/left, conservative/liberal, repub/democrat. Can’t any of you see that it is this same dichotomous thinking that is the real source of all our current problems?!

  38. This has got to wake you people up!!crazy is the only way to describe it.we`re destroying our planet!!!i kinda like it here,so maybe try walking for a change and we wont be worried oil spills…

  39. the answer is very simple if you are a believer in God (and by the way, how can you be a believer and support Obama?)… then you know it says in the Bible that any nation that turns against Israel will be left by God and experience pain and suffering. plus, Obama-shitface is allowing other countries to take Israel’s land. Get ready for more disasters folks because unless we support Israel again like they did us, we are in deep trouble and you better believe it dim wits. God says he will protect any nation that takes israel as a friend and right now, we are very exposed. get your heads out of your asses idiots.

  40. Are any of you from Louisiana? Let alone the gulf coast? Any of you know anything about offshore drilling? Any of you in the business? Think for a second that maybe you don’t know shit. All of your bitching and conspiracy theories don’t help. why don’t you STFU and come down here and help us?????!!!!!!

  41. You liberals are all so f***ing stupid. Yes this “accident” is a tragedy especially for the men who died and their families (who seem to be forgotten by the media). Drilling is a necessity. What do you think fuels this country? Yes we do need to find an alternative energy source but that is years and years away. I live in south Louisiana and my husband works offshore, and drilling and oil provides thousands and thousands of jobs in our state. Since the government shut down drilling in the gulf there are thousands of people ( including my husband) who are out of work. Stopping drilling isn’t going to fix the problem. The focus should be on cleaning up the spill, but the dems don’t give a s**t about the environment. It’s all about control and passing their agenda. So in my opinion this conspiracy makes perfect sense.
    P.S. All u liberal anti-drilling nutjobs can go ride your bicycles to California and stay there

  42. @brad, we have 2 corporate puppet parties playing the good/cop bad cop game. Repubs can quote the bible when the Demos fail, and Demos can rail against the ‘corrupt war-mongering’ of the right – never mind that they ‘reluctantly’ continue to wage the same wars and take money from the same HUGE corporate entities. Laughably, conservatives rail against one form of the media machine – ‘Hollywood’ – all the while sucking up Limbaugh, Beck and other forms of the same media. You rednecks sure like your hollywood action movies, don’t you? Environmentalists caused the spill? Wow. Someone needs to get the talk show host another burger ’cause he sounds light headed. Ride a bike once in a while and talk to some real progressives. You might find out that we’re not the same as the morons in hollywood or the corporate whores in d.c. Besides, aren’t all the fundamentalists eager for the end of the world? Just asking.

  43. @KJ, You’re right. The Liberal Cyclists Terror Network did it. We hate the Gulf. We hate people who own cars (even our best friends and lovers that have them) and we crave ABSOLUTE POWER.

    Just keep listening to the fat guys on t.v….it’s all part of our evil plan.

  44. @French Fondue,
    Not sure what your point is.

    1st of all, what is wrong with quoting the Bible?

    My question to you is why do you believe that we shouldn’t get involved with middle east countries? You will find out how wrong you are when groups like Hamas get control over Nukes.
    You are pretty naive to believe that we shouldn’t go to war with countries that are bent on world domination/destruction.. how soon you forget your history and what had happened with Nazi Germany (just to name one that you should be familiar with, their are several examples). We all had treaties signed with Germany because we were afraid of war and we did not want to get involved, but Germany lied and look at the mess they caused!
    We all knew that we only signed those treaties because we were afraid, not because it was the right thing to do.

    “Environmentalists caused the spill?”
    partially, yes! if we didn’t have to drill so far out and so deep we wouldn’t be in this mess.. you can blame the environmentalist lobbyists and drilling restrictions for that one. the fact is that no Man can dive down a mile deep to fix the leak, we shouldn’t have to drill so deep.
    I do not like the idea of sending our money to terrorist countries (who want us dead) for oil when we have plenty here.
    America will probably cease drilling in the gulf for environmental reasons but that will NOT stop people like Chavez from drilling in the gulf.. the only difference is now we will have to BUY that same oil from a guy that hates us.

    I’m not saying that our leaders walk an honest trail and I’m not saying that drilling companies should have free run… but let’s have some sense in the matter.

    Also, please don’t revert to saying hateful things about conservatives and how we want world destruction.. some of you libs have been saying some pretty awful remarks about us conservatives. Is that the true face of liberalism? if you don’t get your way just start name calling and making wild claims? I think I did that with my siblings when I was 6 years old.

  45. @French fondue… I was referring to the government when I wrote “it’s all about control and passing their agenda”, you should read more carefully. And I think that could apply to the right as well, they’re all a bunch of liars. And the comment about the bikes, well anyone who opposes drilling should be riding a bike everywhere and not use fossil fuels in any way because it’s hypocrisy if you do. And if you’re reffering to Rush Limbough as the ” fat guy on tv” f.y.i he’s on the radio and I have never listened to him.

  46. @French Fondue,
    Also, what is your point with the biking? are you suggesting that because you ride a bike that you are enlightened? Well, it’s funny you brought that up, I put in close to 2,000 miles each year on a road bike and several hundred miles/year on a mountain bike, in the snow.

    I guess that I just don’t understand the liberal utopian view.. I guess it’s because there is no proof that it will work. Can you share with me a country that is liberal/socialistic that is successful?
    America was the best country in the world to live in. People from all over came across on manmade rafts and risked their lives to enjoy the American dream.. funny, you don’t hear about that with Russia, China, etc. in fact they have had walls to keep their own from escaping. It’s the socialization of America that is draining it.. look at France, Spain, Greece, etc.. they cannot afford all of their social programs anymore and they are going bankrupt. California is the most socialized state in America, last time I looked they are doing so well.
    I just want some PROOF that your liberal ideology actually holds water.

  47. @JL, Well in that case, then we can’t rule out that space aliens possibly came down and caused this disaster to prove their influence over our existence. Like you said, no one knows what caused the explosion/spill, and you’ll argue lack of evidence for it being “a piece of equipment failed”. So, then their just as much evidence to promote my theory, as there is for the most logical one. Why do you pain yourself so much by wasting your time theorizing conspiracy theories? If you want something to do, go aid in the clean up, then you can tell us first hand about your “findings” to support theory.

  48. “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, is like administering medicine to the dead.” -Thomas Paine

  49. “The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.” -George Washington

  50. “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” -George Washington

  51. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” -James Madison

  52. “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson

  53. “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

  54. @Jennifer,

    “and by the way, how can you be a believer and support Obama?”

    ??? ?? ?????

    Oh yes, the old Obama is a muslim trick pony

    Is that you pat robertson?

    I hate to ask this, but how is Obama not still an ally with Israel?.

  55. @Leah,

    There is no conspiracy theory here, except the one that Rush put out and that BP put to rest.

  56. @Shiva, i just said in my comment but i will explain again since the first time was apparently not clear enough. it is not just him, but his whole administration, is allowing countries who do not like israel (pakistan, etc) to take israeli territory and claim it for themselves. not really allowing but they could care less. also have you not heard about the scandal and congress trying to get the word out to try and impeach obama because he paid a potential candidate to not run against a democratic one in the coming elections? I guess not. I have been talking to my state governors and senators about this so it is not false. He lies (from the very beginning), and he is an imbecile. Well now you know, and now I have made my point. I am done. Thank you.

  57. @Shiva, and by the way I think all politicians (reps & dems) are liars and imbeciles except for a choice few. This president is just a giant one.

  58. @Jennifer, No one is taking Israeli territory. In fact the problem in the ME is Israel expanding their territory.
    Fox news right?

    “also have you not heard about the scandal and congress trying to get the word out to try and impeach obama because he paid a potential candidate to not run against a democratic one in the coming elections?”

    Fox news right? thats already been debunked. Non one was paid for anything.

    How do you fall for this stuff? This is glenn beck sillyness

  59. @Shiva, no not fox news. i dont listen to false news channels like cnn or fox or dateline etc. but im not going to defend my comment anymore because anything that we say to you liberals and dems (and i am assuming that you are either or), will not listen to anything and clearly like to argue and thats the problem.

  60. @Jennifer, I repeat. No one is takign Israels land, the entire arguement is about them expanding their land. Rumor and inuendo.

    The person you say was paid not to run has already admitted that he didnt even talk to the white house about not running. There isnt even the remotest shred of evidence to back up what you are saying. The whole thing has been dropped by even the republicans.

    You really should watch SOME news because obviously you are getting a well skewed version of things.

    I wouldnt defend what you are saying either.

  61. Stock market going down, down, down!

    What a flourishing economy under HUSSEIN! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  62. @Shiva,

    Jennifer, you cannot argue with Shiva, he’s the typical left wing progressive. These people have such a blind hatred for Bush, GOP, pretty much anything that represents freedom. They are content with a cradle to grave nanny state, yet they won’t leave this country to get it. They could hop they’re happy ass right over the border into Canada and have all the socialist, big government programs that they want but they won’t go. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the stringent immigration laws that Canada has in place, but they will bitch about Arizona. They will not be happy until this country has been transformed into they’re idea of socialist utopia. It’s pointless to argue with them, the only thing you can do is pray for them. Maybe one day they will wake-up!

  63. I’m not opposed to drilling. I’m opposed to unregulated dirty industries who get their sons and lackeys into the white house. We also have an unregulated Military. Look where that’s gotten us.

    How much oil would be conserved if just 25% of healthy adults used something other than cars for a day or 2 a week? Maybe enough to not drill a mile down? As for the fat guys on t.v. – it could be any number of those guys with the make-up on and flags a-flyin’. I have family near Galveston. Great people, however, even the suggestion that someone drive less or stop buying crap at the big chain stores is tantamount to quoting Mao to them. Jesus Shops.

  64. @George Washington, tell us about the Whiskey Rebellion or your stance on the actions of Daniel Shays.

  65. How come nobody has mentioned the fact that Halliburton, who had workers “cementing” the rig that blew 20 hours before it exploded, purchased “Boots and Coots” (an Emergency Response Oil Spill cleanup company) exactly one week before the spill??? As I recall, Dick Cheney was once president and CEO of Halliburton…..he’s the culprit, who has control of the media, thats why you have to google this info, you won’t here it on t.v.

    Is it just me or does something seem suspicious with this oil spill? The “explosion” happened only shortly after offshore drilling was declared and ready to start. Why should we pass up the option that enviromentalists are to blame, because they most likekly are. If you have seen any of their protests in history or the crap they get angry over, it does not seem completely out of the question that they would tamper with an oil rig. Now, they are even more mad, when it could have possibly been initiated by some of them. Why would an oil rig explode after nearly a decade after the last one, which wasn’t even as bad as this one (The Exxon spill)? Someone tampered with something: the government or enviromentalists. Both are corrupt and are capable of such a disaster. It is too much of a coicidence for this to happen after offshore drilling is declared. I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe in vengance, arrigance and greed and people taking action on it’s behalf while destroying other things in the process. I believe in enviromentalists doing this to prove a point and getting way out of hand, and I also believe in the government doing this so they can keep drilling overseas so the gas prices can remain high so big companies can keep making money. We have NASA scientists and many others for a reason, why are they not taking advantage of all the scientists here to try and come up with a solution to this problem (before August)? This whole situation is ridiculous, and if people cannot handle an oil spill, then I don’t know how they will handle anything bigger than one. Like I said, I don’t think it was a freak accident and I think that the person(s) responsible should be held fully accountable and recieve some jail time, or in the case of the government, some dissimals from office.
    How does Hollywood and the media tie into this you ask? Well, Hollywood really doesn’t give a shit because if they did they would be doing one of their little telethons to help people who are affected, but like I said in a recent post, they only do that when THEY are the ones affected because they are selfish. The news media is only telling part of the story as always, and only telling people what they want to hear and nothing else. I will say it again: Government controls everyone, Hollywood controls media and media reports what Hollywood and the government tell them to.

  67. @Knuckledragger, he’s not going to be in office much longer. they are trying to get him impeached.

  68. @Nicole, You might have a point. I did see a post on craigslist “Eco-Terrorist Cabal seeking submarines”.
    Will pay up to $600 or trade road bike for it.

    Also, in front of hippie coffee shop around the corner I saw some people who looked ‘not quite christian’ speaking some strange language and changing the oil on a strange yellow car. Terrorists?

    A ruined gulf wil mean more drilling without any public outcry, especially when jobs are needed. Not quite the outcome one would expect from these intrepid phantom ‘saboteurs’

  69. @J-Man, It has been brought out that Haliburton has a stake in all this. Thats common knowledge. Right now the weight for the cleanup is on BP. The investigation will bear out who did what.

  70. @French Fondue, cough cough gull$hit cough cough

    Amazing the people who dont read the sequence of events from the very people who were on the rig isnt it?

    French fondue, you must stay away from hippie coffee shops. I think they are putting something in you tea

  71. @Shiva,

    Amazing the people who dont read the sequence of events from the very people who were on the rig isnt it?

    I’m sorry, your babelfish translator appears to be having some trouble. What is it you were trying to say?

  72. @Shiva, Word. I’m excited for the Mel Gibson movie version of the spill. Imagine his christ-like face twisted in concern as he fights eco-terrorists with his fists on the deck of the oil rig just before it explodes. Danny Glover emerges from beneath the fiery waves with Mel in tow, his battered face smeared with crude. As they lay sprawled on the deck of the rescue ship, Gibson lights a cigarette with a piece of burning debris as Glover looks over and says:

    “Riggs, I’m getting too old for this shit.”

  73. @French

    I was especially enthralled by the scene where the environmentalist was on the rig toilet. Mel opens the door and told him, “this is gonna hurt”. He then shoved him down the toilet in an effort to stop the gas from coming up and exploding.

    Afterwards, Mel was heard to comment “I wish I had know better than to use an environmentalist to plug a gas leak”

    I see the other day Jindal was out of his head at drilling so deep then today was upset at the deep drilling moratorium. I wonder if he is a republican.

    BTW, more conspiracy, Goldman Sachs sold their shares in BP just before the explosion. Fact

  74. @Shiva, yeah, yeah, The Truth Will Come Out…keep dreaming!!! When has that ever happened? Sure, I heard Halliburton mentioned… once or twice, but their involvement in this has been seriously undermined, and the investigation will bring out what they want you to hear, it’ll be as complex and confusing as possible…but the one smoking gun, one burning question, WHY DID HALLIBURTON BUY BOOTS AND COOTS ONE WEEK BEFORE??? Until they can TRUTHFULLY answer that question, I don’t care about BP, they’re the fallguys!!! They’ll spread the blame, fingerpoint, avoid the obvious…its obvious

  75. @ Frenchie…uuumm, I’m assuming the “lackey” you’re referring to is George H.W, even though I have no idea why you’re bringing him up. I’ll take him and all his faults over that lying, hypocritical, big-eared scumbag that’s currently occupying the Oval office any day. He and his liberal cronies are ruining my state’s economy. And you talk of dirty industries putting their people in office…what about all the greedy, low-life, “let’s sue everybody” lawyers in our government? Torte reform would fix A LOT of the problems in this country, but do you think that will ever happen with all those peckerheads in office?
    And the comment about using something other than a car 2 days a week, well in theory that’s a good idea. However, in the real world it isn’t practical. What about the people with children? Am I suppose to strap my 9 month old to the front of my bike and ride down the busy highway that I live off of? And I have just one child. What about the people with multiple children?
    And the last comment you made about the chain stores and Jesus shopping, I dont know WTF you’re talking about or how that’s relavent???

  76. @J-Man, No it has not been undermined. They have been mentioned from the very start. BP made the decision to not perform the final sealing. They figured prominently in a Sunday talk show this last weekend. You must read more.

    You really dont have a platform here except to throw up suppositions about haliburton. Dont let your need to blame Haliburton get in the way of the truth. BP took haliburton off the job. This was BP’s fault all the way. You may also want to read up on the testimony of the people from the rig from Transocean about the arguement with that company about NOT pulling Haliburton off.

    Just to help feed your need for conspiracy, you should know that Goldman Sachs sold a ton of BP stock prior to the fire and the resultant collapse of the rig happening

  77. @Shiva, this was planned,years in advance… with about as many diversions and stories that there are press to write them…..this was probably being put in place when the Bush Administration began to dismantle the regulations and safety procedures of these companies, thus setting up a long line of complicated, sophisticated changes that ultimately led them to this point…sure BP cut some corners….they were allowed…why? Policies and procedures all leading back to the Bush Administration, and of course, Dick Cheney….I won’t even be surprised when the “face” of the crime BP, goes bankrupt…leaving the cleanup cost to guess who? Taxpayers!!!!!

  78. @Knuckledragger,

    Reduce, no I pray for you Shiva, everyday my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  79. Have no fear James Cameron is here!

    Absolutely hilarious, why don’t they as Ed Harris, he actually was the one that starred in the Abyss. lol

  80. James will save The Gulf!

    Team Cameron is in full-effect!

    Someone get this idiot off these talk shows. Matt Lauer actually asked him if there are any ideas that he has that he would like to see implemented in the next couple of days. Only liberals will give morons like this a platform. Why can’t he send the blue people from Avatar down there, they can stop the leak! Someone actually allowed this guy to join a committee to help with this spill. LOL

    This is without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in.

  81. @ J-man…..Are you.retarded? What would the Bush administration have to gain from this? And your remark about Dick Cheney controlling the media…really? Have you not noticed the Obama brown-nosing that goes on with those liberal idiots? Who would have more to gain from this than the Obama administration? No one. And let me ask you this, do you work on an offshore oil rig? I seriously doubt it. There are so many regulations and saftey procedures that you can’t shit without approval. STFU you stupid moron.

  82. Funny how the Republicans are putting it out there that it’s a conspiracy theory that libs performed an act of terrorism. Nobody out there seems to be throwing out the idea that perhaps it was a Republican act of terrorism. I’m not saying I believe this but it was on Hitler’s birthday, and I can imagine someone out there who hates Obama and/or was undercover for some government agency working at Halliburton or BP. Let’s create another crisis to throw Obama off his game since he seems to be doing so well stabilizing our economy, otherwise we will lose in 2012. Doesn’t seem that far off to me, government politics can be more sinister than you think.
    For anyone who thinks our government doesn’t test on it’s own citizens (which it has been proved that they have tested chemical weapons on us citizens in the past) just look up in the skies morons, they are spraying chemicals over us every day, is it to protect us?

  83. @Nicole,

    He’ll never be impeached!

    Can you imagine the race riots if that happened, the blacks would come unhinged!

  84. @Right Wing Exremist, I know, because I am black and I hate his fucking guts. The blacks who shout racist are IGNORANT imbeciles who only like him because he is black (not even – 1/2 black) and who don’t care to do research about what he stands for or what he is really planning. I swear this racist thing is so old and I am sick and tired of it. (It’s more southern blacks who act like that than northern blacks). He isn’t even African so shut the fuck up!!!!!!!

  85. I Dont believe this was an accident at all. I think it was all planned. I think its another plot in the N.W.O. No one was supposed to survive the “accident” it was a planned accident. I mean come on, why would BP cut so many corners when they know something dangerous could happen and when it did, in stead of spending the money on plugging the hole, they spend Millions on Publicity to the Nation on what they plan on doing, PLUG THE DAMN HOLE!!! then tell us how you did it. Because of ignorance, there are innocent creatures suffering and dying out there. IT sums up to this WE area killing our selves. and the planet.

  86. @KJ, a torte is a cake. Do you think the armies of lawyers that work for GE, BP, Lockheed and the like care about legal ethics?

    My best friends have kids and cars. Reducing our oil consumption is easy and practical…it’s just not convenient.

    The Democratic Party has been a simulacrum since the sixties. Nobody achieves the highest office in this country without already being deep in the pocket of the big industry players. That was true of Regents ands Princes in 16th century Florence, 20th century America, and it’s even more true today. Obama is a puppet, and a convenient whipping dog for folks who’d rather just shop at the mall and get mad when the guy on the radio/tv does his soundbite over the clip of Metallica music.

    For years people from various corners(right andleft) were pointing at the massive trade deficit with dismay and were worrying that building mega stores filled with cheap imports would put us all in the unemployment line. Well, after 2 ill-planned wars and a giant ecological disaster, don’t you think it might be time abandon the cheap nationalist rhetoric and look at how we spend our time and money in this country?

    We could’ve built high-speed trains with a fraction of what we’ve wasted in the near east. Playing G.I. Joe is going to wreck us, but it was fun to watch on the t.v for a few years.

  87. @JL, Your argument lacks any solid evidence. I dont know anyone who believes Bush created Katrina people criticize him because he totally botched the relief effort and emergency response for Katrina. While all the experts were telling him how bad it was going to be he still said the opoosite. the experts say ‘the levees are going o brea’ Bush says “the levees are goint to hold.” Its the exact same as the push for the war with Iraq, countless experts from multiple nations say “there are no weapons of mass destruction” Bush says there are. guess what oops there aren’t.

    And I do see the timing with the push to stop global warming and this disaster but if you took the time to research ecoterrism or technology regarding these wells, I think you would find they dont have the resources to dive down over a thousand feet and create blow out in the well, as well as infiltrate the transocean corporation sabotaging the blow out protecters. The amount of time it would take to pull of such an operation would be years, not to mention having to rase the billions of dollars to purchase or construct a vehicle that can operate at such depths as was the blow out. Im sorry but no it makes about as much sense as saying aliens, or satan or God or the easter bunny did it.

    eco terists have started fires with house hold chemicals made bombs with the same things u can buy in a any hardware store they don’t get a masters in engineering take 5 years to infiltrate a corpration, areaise a billion dollars , and construct an extreme depth submarine and take down oil rigs.

    Your right i cannot ignore the timing but I have attained the critical thinking skills to be able to think of more than one factor at a time and to actually analyze data, rather than saying. “well this makes drilling for oil and Bp look bad so it has to be sabatoge becayse lets face it there has never been an accidental oil spill its always the left that causes them”

  88. @Nicole,

    I never said he was African! lol

    I never said he was black, the fact of the matter is black people will come unhinged! I did not ask if you were black, to be honest I could really careless. There is no denying that even an attempt to impeach this president, well we would see race riots like we’ve never see. I am not trying to be racist, I’m simply stating a fact, the racial divide is greater now than it’s ever been. All the black activists would be out, and they certainly would not be asking for tolerance!

  89. @Right Wing Exremist, i uerstand and its dsad. I wasn’t telling you to shut up, I was saying that to all the other ignorant black people who might see this post). sorry for the misunderstanding. I should have made that more clear.

  90. well maybe right wings are just looking for a way to blame Obama, but hell if I get a flat or if it rains the day I go to the lake I blame Obama, so what??

  91. I love how the left-wing is touting common sense as a means of discrediting this conspiracy theory but 911 as an inside job is all but a matter of fact! You might have some credibility as soon as you drop your double-standard and start thinking with your own brain instead of your ideology.

  92. @French Fondue, what’s your point? Doesn’t Shay’s Rebellion (1787) or the Whiskey Rebellion (1794) only prove the validity of that statement?

    My stance is simple enough, and can be summed up with a handful of quotes from Our Founders:

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” -Thomas Jefferson

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “The great object is that every man be armed.” -Patrick Henry

    “To disarm the people- that was the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” -George Mason

    Just as true now as it was then, if not more so!

  93. @French Fondue, have you ever read The Age Of Reason?

    What does someone’s faith (or lack thereof) have to do with ANYTHING in a society founded upon on Freedom Of (or FROM) Religion?

    You proved my point:

    “Reason obeys itself; and IGNORANCE submits to whatever is dictated to it.” -Thomas Paine

    Have a nice day! :-)

  94. @French Fondue, is the correct nom de plume “French Fondue”, or is it “Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey”?

    Just wondering…

    Curious In Calabasas

  95. @KC, it’s the old “Divide And Conquer” strategy.

    Julius Caesar employed it, and so do the current tyrants in D.C.

    And, evidently, it’s working quite well.

    “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.”

    –Rahm Emanuel

  96. @KJ, remember these immortal (or is it immoral?) words:

    “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” –Rahm Emanuel (a.k.a. “Twinkle Toes”- The Ballerina)

    Spoken like a true Chicago (thug) politician!

    Don’t forget: Vote early, and often!

  97. @Reena, So what?… So maybe you’ll wake up one morning and finally realize the FREEDOM you once took for granted has departed; Except by the time hat happens, the ONLY person YOU’LL have to blame is YOURSELF, for being ignorant of the facts.

    Listen, we’re ALL being screwed, blued and tattooed by a bunch of elitist scumbags in Government (Republican AND Democrat), in cahoots with a bunch of elitist scumbags in Big Business.

    They’re all one in the same, and only out for themselves, at OUR expense!

    So, instead of bitching and moaning about “right wings”, wake up and smell the corruption, and set out to DO something about it, while you still can!

    “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.” -Thomas Jefferson

  98. @Knuckledragger, Kevin Costner invented a way to recycle his own pee in “Waterworld”, and we ALL know how well THAT flick fared at the box office…

    Didn’t you know? ANYTHING is possible with Hollywood’s help!! Surely Fame equals wisdom, does it not? And don’t call me Shirley!


    I say we send a massive flotilla of airboats to the Gulf and blow all that oil down Mexico way. At least then, they’ll never lack for hair care products for generations to come! It’s a “win-win” situation from my perspective.

    Because, for the most part, they’re already “Heavy” AND pretty “Crude”… but that’s just me, I COULD be wrong…

  99. @French Fondue,

    That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane –
    Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn –
    world serves its own needs, regardless of your own needs. Feed it up a knock,
    speed, grunt no, strength no. Ladder structure clatter with fear of height,
    down height. Wire in a fire, represent the seven games in a government for
    hire and a combat site. Left her, wasn’t coming in a hurry with the furies
    breathing down your neck. Team by team reporters baffled, trump, tethered
    crop. Look at that low plane! Fine then. Uh oh, overflow, population,
    common group, but it’ll do. Save yourself, serve yourself. World serves its
    own needs, listen to your heart bleed. Tell me with the rapture and the
    reverent in the right – right. You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright
    light, feeling pretty psyched.

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

    Six o’clock – TV hour. Don’t get caught in foreign tower. Slash and burn,
    return, listen to yourself churn. Lock him in uniform and book burning,
    blood letting. Every motive escalate. Automotive incinerate. Light a candle,
    light a motive. Step down, step down. Watch a heel crush, crush. Uh oh,
    this means no fear – cavalier. Renegade and steer clear! A tournament,
    a tournament, a tournament of lies. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives
    and I decline.

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

    The other night I tripped a nice continental drift divide. Mount St. Edelite.
    Leonard Bernstein. Leonid Breshnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs.
    Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom! You symbiotic, patriotic,
    slam, but neck, right? Right.

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it.
    It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…fine…

    (It’s time I had some time alone)

  100. @Thomas Paine. I have read it. Doesn’t mean I get to use the deceased author’s name for my blog handle, Jackass.

  101. @French Fondue, I think they need to do something about hacks registering new ID’s and having the same IP address.

  102. it was an inside job. false flag operation. this happens on earth day. this happens on hitlers birthday. this happens on the queen elizabeths the 2nd birthday. which is also the WADJET day celebrating a snake queen from Egyptian mythology. hitler and queen eliziabeth have same mayan symbols. goldman sachs sells 260 million in shares 3 weeks prior. warren buffet buys shares from the company that makes the oil dispersant.

  103. @French Fondue, I would have used “French Fondue”, but it was already taken. Besides, it’s a pretty lame name.

    Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey is more like it…. hahahahaha!!!

  104. @Shiva, I see you decided to throw your two cents in… ooooo… maybe the GOVERNMENT should “do something about hacks registering new ID’s and having the same IP address.”

    Yeah “Shiva”, there oughta be a law against using a fictitious name on a blog site…


  105. The left is screaming that BP is lying thru their teeth about everything. Unless it’s BP debunking the conspiracy theory and then, of course, BP is totally honest.

  106. Face it people, the powerful & wealthy don’t want you to succeed in life. The engineered economic crisis was starting to see a possible ending …. so this disaster was engineered to ruin peoples growing enthusiam and prolong the return to normalcy.

    Why? The same reasons that the powerful have always tried to keep the peasants in check. Just give them enough to survive and a little hope that hard work brings success – and you’ve got a blind workforce that just feeds your coffers.

  107. You’re all a bunch of bull shittin’ blabber mouths. If you had any idea what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes, you’d all light your hair on fire and jump off a bridge!

  108. @JL, Bush did not cause Katrina but his foot dragging to respond was deplorable. It’s the same in this case only it’s on Obama’s watch.I find that equally as, no, more deplorable as the oil leak isn’t a singular event like a hurricane.
    It would be foolish to point at the left or the right for the way Oil Companies are allowed to operate in the Gulf of Mexico, with little regard to safety, less fail safes (where is the sonar activated shut offs that most other oil rigs around the world are required to have) and no disaster plan to speak of. I’m sure that both sides lined their pockets equally with oil lobby money.
    But what I can’t get about you conservatives is how you can believe anything Rush Limbaugh has to say? He’s not elected official, he’s an entertainer. It is to his advantage ratings wise if the excrement fight between the the right and left continues to gridlock congress.
    Personally, I’m sick of both sides. I’m just a hard working, blue collar(by the way, your buddy, Rush, thinks I don’t count in the modern economy), tax paying, law abiding American citizen. It’s as if you right and left extremists are lobbing the turds over the heads of most of us who are stuck in the middle. Problem is, most of the shit is falling on us and not you.
    There are seismic concerns that aren’t being made public knowledge. When enough oil has leaked out, the magma underneath at the earth’s core will heat the remaining oil to about 400 degrees and when the water pressure overcomes the oil pressure and the water meats the super-heated oil, the explosion could cause catastrophic tsunamis that would kill MILLIONS in a matter of hours.
    So, you guys ,go on back to your partisan finger pointing, it’ll solve the problem.

  109. Why would we do that? You do know that we never completely abandoned this planet, don’t you? The mineral rights alone are worth a fortune. We terra-formed and colonized this planet and it still belongs to us. This is duly recorded in the Hall of Records. The problem is that as a herding species, the human race will follow any one that will lead with enough promises. No, aliens from another planet didn’t cause this thing. It actually is going to have further reaching consequences than you can imagine.

  110. and why the hell, whatever hell is, would he call Sarah a conservative? That man is off my Christmas list this year. We don’t have to put up with that.

  111. I agree with that….I am a scientist and can clearly see:

    1. this has to do with lost of money

    2. There is no equipment failure, this is just a distraction to something even bigger, kind of 9/11 and a 7 yrs + war.

    3. If we are quite and continue to let “oil” rule our world, we will end up sick, destroying our environment, and having even bigger cars with lots of gas on it!! but with no place to go…

  112. seriously, the arguments of which wing does what is getting our of control. i believe that people should not waste their time arguing over such things, but just come to an agreement that no one is going to change anything by posting things on websites. if its a conspiracy, fine, it isn’t the first, nor will it be the last. its obvious that our government is not at all legitimate, but just be glad we aren’t in north korea.

    i wonder if anyone is going to clean up the oil. i mean i live in japan so i dont see any of the problem, but i am from the gulf, and that sucks that the area is no filling up with oil. must be nice to have all that oil to waste…

  113. Why am I finding detailed information about the oil spill dated before it happened? Why am I finding maps of the oil spill with dates on it before it happened? Why am I finding that mass amounts of shares in BP where sold before it happened? Why does it seem that there is evidence that certain individuals knew something big was going to happen? How did they know it was going to involve BP? Why did BP choose to hold off for relief wells when they could have stopped the leak completely? Why does it appear that the US government waited as long as it could to do anything? “We regretfully admit that something has happened off of the Gulf Coast. More to come.” Why was that said before the explosion? What is the deal with 3/31/2010????? There is strong reason to believe this was no accident.

    Why does he only stutter after talking about the gulf of mexico?
    What do the words behind him translate into?

    What happened to WE THE PEOPLE?????

  114. Goldman Sachs did divest a ton of BP shares a week or so before the accident. BP also purchased a spill cleanup company prior to the accident. At least that’s what I’m told.

    As for the rest of your statements I am not sure. There is absolutely no indication that BP could’ve closed that well head off after it started to erupt. The only way they could’ve stopped it prior to the accident was doing there job properly and not bypassing their own procedures.

    I think you are getting your information from the same person who said that the government knew all about 9/11 and helped plant the bombs inside the twin Towers. There are no pictures of oil that are dated prior to the accident unless they were dated by someone with an agenda.

    As far as why does it appear the United States government waited as long as I could to do anything, you might want to just read the article above. The government was there the next day

    I do not think the government was absolutely as forthcoming as it could’ve been on the quantity of oil coming out. I think it was a pretty good period of time before anyone knew outside of BP exactly what the situation was.

    What do I see a conspiracy here like you are alluding to? Absolutely not. It is not unusual for Goldman Sachs to sell off shares of BPand other companies from what I have read

  115. Just because a BP executive does not want to admit that the explosion might have been terrorism, that PROVES NOTHING.

    There are no coincidences.

  116. My wife and I gave big bucks, for us, about five hundred dollars, to Mr. Obama’s campaign. WE wanted single payer universal health care, like they have in Taiwan, Japan, and Switzerland, not Hillary-care redux, where all the players are given a raise to go along. The Peace Prize is bogus, and our president has surrounded himself with some pretty questionable cabinet members. Are those people his minders, or is Mr. O just keeping his enemies closer? The federal response to this catastrophy is dreadful: it is limp wristed, slow-footed, and bookish. Citizens keep coming up with ways to help, and are denied access to OUR beaches to try out their various clean-up methods. HUH?

  117. I was raised a Democrat. I studied Social Science at Fla. Atlantic U. Boca Raton Fl., under very Liberal anti-war Professors. I voted for Carter. Then, I went to Work in the Real World.I traveled all over the “Oil Patch”, Texas and La. I am a Retired Fl. Correction Officer, a licensed U.S.C.G. Master, and a businessman. The story of the oil rig “Accident” does not wash. It is contrived to end dependence on Oil,usher in “Cap’N Tax” and further the Socialist/Commie Agenda of Obama’s Handler, George Soros . B.P. “Beyond Petroleum” stands to make a fortune on Alternative Energy Scams that Don’t/Won’t work, now, or any time in the near future. The subsequent high cost of gas/oil will Immobilize the Middle Class, and further restrict our rapidly disappearing Freedom. The only people who will have gas/oil, will be the “Private Security Force” Just like his Czars. History, , is repeating itself, as it always does, but you Govt. Schooled Drones, don’t KNOW THAT. All of you Progressives who are quick to use the term NAZI, when speaking about Conservatives/Republicans do not have any idea what a Nazi Really “IS”. Look at Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Stalin- all the Dictators of History. Then learn how they Assumed POWER. Like I said, it’s not P/C to teach this stuff anymore. Your Lord and Savior Obama is following in their Footsteps. Franklin Delano Roosevelt would have proclaimed himself President for life, like his HERO Joe Stalin, But his health failed him. Like All would be Dictators, he was a Democrat/Progressive/Socialist/Communist. Look up the definitions, of those terms. They are almost identical!!

  118. You mean like Bush tried to do? Behind closed doors? Like attempt an amendment to the constitution which would have allowed him to be president for life? You mean like that? I think you have your presidents confused. But good try. That’s not where Obama is headed. That’s where Bush WAS headed but thanks to there being a God that never got to happen. God OPENED a door for OBAMA and NOT PALIN for a real good reason. But those red firey shoes do tell alot about where PALIN IS HEADED!

  119. Oh. Dear. Me.

    Joe Stalin was not FDR’s “hero.” Hell, the whole geopolitical strategy of WWII was

    (a) Defeat Germany
    (b) Make the soviet union pay a premium for every inch of allied victory. Most of the killing and dying was done on the EASTERN front, and the US and UK took steps and made strategic decisions with an eye toward denying victory to either party.
    (c) Look up Huey Long. Note what happened to that particular “commie.” By your analysis, he should have been FDR’s chosen heir.
    …which leads us to
    (d) domestic policy. It was a real achievement to get through the Great Depression without the US becoming Either a Fascist Authoritarian Police State OR a Communist/Socialist Police State.
    FDR took a middle (classical liberal) road, and the result was a useful muddle. (Useful muddles are what Liberals achieve, on good days. Conservatives (who generally follow the liberals, step in to make some sort of operational sense of the muddle and improve the cost-benefit ratios.)

    That worked, well enough, and certainly well enough to deserve proper tuning and maintenance when Regan came to power.

    And now you have your Authoritarian Police State. Now, whatever excuses an apologist prefers to justify overwhelming power directed against the individual matters little to me. I don’t care if they cite Lenin or Chomsky, St.Paul, Mao or the poems of Robert Frost. The point to oppression, for the oppressor, is to oppress. The payoff is to get to kick people in the face, for no particular reason, and be praised for it. That’s the reward.

    But oddly, Sir, the best predictor for a man becoming such a willing, proud thug is how easily they are motivated by fear, and their need for certainty. (Which may explain, in part, how you rejected the art of critical thinking taught in any decent Social Science course to seize instead upon jingoistic certainties.)

    Little reading assignment for y’all here: ((The Authoritarians, (very readable and online))

    And Altemeyer’s work grows out of the Milgram Experiment.

    No doubt, Sir, you fear that I’m about to bash you about the head and shoulders with evidence that runs counter to what you’d prefer to believe. Well, sorry, I’m not so nice a person as to do you the favour of confirming your narrative about critics, and at the same time, I think better of you than that.

    The thing Altemeyer’s work establishes for me is that there is a proportion of the population that has a deep-seated need for certainties, verities and leadership.

    They are capable of being good, even *excellent* followers, when they are mindful about who they are and what they need but are only as good as their leadership. Sadly, that’s lacking entirely on the Right.

    …but leadership is damn thin on the ground on the LEFT and in the middle.

    Altemeyer tells us what motivates Authoritarians and Authoritarian followers. What he does NOT tell us is the social antidote. Because, you see, it exists. Some are able to hold great power and not succumb to the temptation to abuse it over-much, or perhaps a better wrap-up would be to seize upon it gleefully and use it elegantly, to the betterment of their people.

    We need to find a way of educating and advancing skilled leaders – and they absolutely MUST be representative of the entire swathe of political opinion, and yet, cognizent of their duty to the entire electorate, not just their immediate supporters and clients.

    FDR is a pretty good example – but I think Teddy even more relevant to the day. And being Canadian, I must of course cite Pierre Trudeau. But I think, oddly enough, that Nixon is the single best example to study, for he managed to be at times utterly brilliant and incomprehensibly wrong – and to his everlasting credit, completely willing to explain himself, after the fact. Most importantly, Nixon held himself accountable, quite aside from the short-circuiting of the legal and political mechanisms.

    Find someone worth following, Sir. Not just because they *say* the right things, but because they *do* the right things. Blow the dust off your education and run the numbers. Predictions must meet outcomes. Or to quote H.L. Mencken, for every complex question, there is an answer that is simple, neat and wrong.

    The KEY promise of Reganism was that cutting regulation and taxes would improve the lives of everyone and would give them much more economic self-determination, which in turn would lead to greater individual liberty. I’d say that the results are in on that.

    Reganomics failed for the same reason Communism failed – it came into contact with human nature. That’s not a “liberal” observation, nor is it a criticism of conservative values. It’s a fact. The idea was tried and it did not work. Trying harder will not make it work better.

  120. Yeah, he sure got the racist skinhead vote, huh? Did you know that the Nazi’s glorified war? They were very authoritarian, in a more power to the powerful kind of way, wiretapping and torture are things they would do, and constantly demonized any group they hated. I guess that’s why Neo-Nazi David Duke got elected as a Republican? Why Sean Hannity ‘palled around with Neo-Nazis all throughout the 90’s, as long as he could get away with? Why Glenn Beck recommended a book by a Hitler-supporting racist? Why Pat Buchanan actually defends Hitler, and who from what I’ve heard one of his books has an association to Holocaust deniers? Why Ann Coulter actually defends the extremist Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group, in her latest book, a group that btw, Trent Lott has a history with. The existence of the Political Cesspool? Why a U.S. Senator, David Vitter, refuses to condemn an official who revoked the marriage liscense of an interracial couple? It can’t all be a coincidence. As for Farrakhan, I don’t think any sane person gives him credence, the left wants nothing to do with him.
    BTW, I don’t care what BP says. They are themselves indefensible. If you see the effects of the oil spill, it’s truly horrific. They must be held accountable for their neglect, and Hayword was downright callous and selfish. I think the right-wing reached a new low when they started defending them, we can’t do the same. If I had a cannon, it’d be fun to shoot Hayword, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Bachmann, Palin, Coulter, etc. out of it, into I dunno, I’m not threatening anybody’s life, so maybe into a lake? These corporations are terrible with how corrupt they are, just as bad as the right-wing media, and they do all their damage behind the scenes, so it’s even worse. I sort of agree with Bernie Sanders that they’re the REAL villains who ruin us, while the Reich-wing media serve as an annoying, effective, and dangerous decoy that’s in cahoots with them.
    Also, Bush WAS a dictator, thank God he didn’t get his wish to be a lifetime dictator, though.

  121. Really? Rush refuses to accept “fact”? So because this executive says he doesnt think it was terrorism, that makes it a fact? Are you a real journalist?

  122. First look up and listen to the Emergency communications tape from the Oil rig where BP forced the oil rig workers to shoot water into the well and they argued that it would cause a catostophic explosion. When the explosion happened you hear the oil rig guy screaming and cussing at the BP people about how they were warned and then tell me it was an accident

  123. too big a coincidence happening on earthday…can’t swallow it just
    being the hugest environmental accident on that exact day.

  124. With the proper restrictions, off shore drilling is a fantastic answer. I’m suprised you didn’t blame Bush for the oil spill. And for the fact that it might rain today.

  125. your not the sharpest tool in the shed buddy. Our nation is falling to pieces on purpose. disaster = oppurtunity for wallstreet and international bankers that run this country. Then they can control americans even more taking away our rights because we need to be protected from ” terrorists”right? this is simply history repeating it self. Our very own corrupt homeland security staging false flag attacks to make us americans think another nation is going to invade us when the only enemy is our own government killing our own people so we can put it on the news for everyone to believe it. And thats when congress can declare war. That is once “terrorists” kill so many americans, just like 911. Were done for.. you’ll see.

  126. Coast Guards approves the use of OSE II and sends letter to the federal on scene coordinator

    U. S. Department
    of Homeland Security
    United States
    Coast Guard

    Commanding Officer 1 Chelsea Street
    U. S. Coast Guard New London, CT 06320
    Research and Development Center Staff Symbol: Contracting Office
    Phone: (860) 271-2807

    July 10, 2010

    OSEI Corporation
    P.O. Box 515429
    Dallas, TX 75251

    Attn: Steven Pedigo, President/Owner


    We are pleased to inform you that the initial screening of your White Paper submitted under Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) HSCG32-10-R-R00019 has been completed. It has been determined that your White Paper submission has a potential for benefit to the spill response effort.

    Your White Paper has been forwarded to the Deepwater Horizon Response Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) for further action under its authority. Subject to the constraints and needs of the ongoing oil spill response, you may be contacted by the FOSC or the responsible party.

    As identified in the BAA, there is no guarantee of a contract award.

    We appreciate your interest in supporting the Deepwater Horizon Response effort.

    Contracting Officer /s/
    USCG R&D Center

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