Rush Limbaugh Claims Times Square Bomber Was an Obama Supporter

Limbaugh delights his listens with more spreading of rumors as fact

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh theorized that the Times Square bomber was an Obama supporter. Limbaugh said, “Guess what Faisal Shahzad was a registered Democrat. I wonder if his SUV had an Obama sticker on it.” Guess what, this is a rumor being spread by right wing blogs with no confirmation or evidence, but that doesn’t stop Limbaugh.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “We have an obvious example here of predictable terrorism. No can’t call it what it is, gotta hold out hope that it was a Tea Party guy running amok. Guess what? Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. I wonder if this SUV had an Obama sticker on it. Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat…Fine, so he’s a Democrat. I want to see the Obama sticker on this car. Notice how quickly they go it out of Times Square, before anybody could hop and maybe see Obama 2012 bumper sticker on the damn car.”

Rush then complained that the media is trying to blame this on George W. Bush, because the suspect’s home was in foreclosure, “I don’t know if he accessed Obama’s foreclosure rescue plan, but he was foreclosed on, and they said oh, he and his family were in terrible financial straits. We find his family’s in Pakistan, they’re not even here. Family’s not even here. They are now questioning some his neighbors at the place he was foreclosed on, so this is a setup to blame Bush. The rotten economy drove this guy nuts.”

Limbaugh picked up a rumor from a right wing blog, the rumor itself, by the way goes even further and claims that the suspect was an Obama donor, to fuel his partisan hate and feed his own conspiracy theory that Obama supporters are terrorists. I don’t any of this is true because according to the Wall Street Journal, Shahzad did not become a U.S. citizen until October 20, 2008, which would make him an unlikely Obama donor. He spent most of time as a citizen overseas. His longest trip was from June 2, 2009 until February 3, 2010.

There has not been a credible media report to suggest that Shahzad even voted in the last election, much less supported Obama, and it is a pretty safe guess that partisan politics had little or nothing to do with this attempt, so why is the right wing trying to politicize it? The answer is that they still view terrorism as their issue and themselves as the only people who can keep America safe. They are so desperate to find something to offset the Tea Party violence that they grab on to and pass along any rumor as fact. Shahzad likely wasn’t a motivated Obama supporter out to kill Americans, but when has Rush Limbaugh ever let the facts stand in the way of his hatred of Obama.

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  1. Does he never bother with facts? Last I heard, the SUV was purchased via cash from the original owner just weeks ago, so I highly doubt any bumper sticker (which I did not see on the pictures of the vehicle) from Oct or Nov 2008 would be related to this man anyway.

    Yes, I really doubt he voted even since he wasn’t naturalized until April of 2009– but hey, Rush doesn’t get paid for being factual or genuine. He gets paid to stir up hate and resentment based on lies.


    Maybe that’s when Rush told his listeners to vote in Operation Chaos, no?

    Before the Right gets out of wack that this guy was allowed to board a plane, maybe they should contact their GOPPER reps who are still holding up the TSA Chief nominee, eh? How many more events do we need to go through without a leader at the TSA before the Right finally stops obstructing our ability to protect ourselves?

  2. i was registered repub. what the hell’s his frickin’ point?

    oh…wait…this is rush. he’s pointless and irrelevant, just like hannity, palin, and beck. so he has to try to stir the pot and get reactions to make himself feel like he has relevance to the world around him. why did ANYONE give this guy a platform???

  3. @lexcade,
    You were a registered Republican? I highly doubt that.. It’s one thing to hate someone for their believes but another to try to seem unbias and play it off like you were a republican?…..

  4. @Billy,

    when i first registered to vote, i registered republican. i spent the first term of bush’s presidency trying to defend him. even joined an “i love dub” group on facebook. i was a highly devout Christian and felt like the republican party actually spoke for me b/c i thought we had the same beliefs. bush’s second term opened my eyes.

    so don’t try to say that i’m pretending. i’m not. and i don’t “hate” anyone. severely dislike and disagree with, sure, but not hate. i don’t hate rush the person. i severely dislike rush the personality who undermines a good man @ every opportunity. that personality is irrelevant. that personality is part of what’s holding the republican party back. for some reason, they allow him to speak for them, when all he spews is hatred, derision, and spite.

    i’ve learned, billy. you can too.

  5. It is a little like the left claiming he was a Tea Party person prior to his arrest. Looks like BOTH the right and the left did the same thing.

    Indecently, after charging that the Tea Party is a heart beat away from violence, where is the left speaking out against the actual violence from the left at the May Day protests and the Anarchists beating the crap out of two Republicans in New Orleans?

    There is some serious mind blowing hypocrisy from the left when it comes to violent acts and the rhetoric from its leaders which encourage it.

  6. Rush when the last time you been on 42 street or new york period. you are not wanted here that was so low down to make a comment like that are you sure you are an american.people pray for this man soul

  7. You know, it is tiring hearing about the “left” having violent intentions just like the “right”. Tell me, and be honest, you expect that anyone on the left is going to park a truck loaded with explosives outside of a federal building? Anyone here think that guy at the Oklahoma city bombing, or the abortion clinic shootings, or any of the other actual violent incidents were on the “left”? No, it is always the fanatics on the “right’, be they christian, or islamic, or whatever. When you got god on your side, you are never wrong and any act is justified.

  8. Except there are numerous examples of violence from the left over the last two years. The Pentagon shooter was a leftist and same with the guy who crashed his plane into the IRS building.

    Then you can look at the violence of the left at political events. There are numerous videos of Democrats beating up people. That’s the party of peace love and happiness for ya.

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