Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using Big Words

Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using Big Words

Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using a Big Word
Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using a Big Word

Here’s a story about a glorified high school graduate and professional clown taking on a Rhodes Scholar and losing. In other words, this is a Glenn Beck clowns it up regarding Rachel Maddow story.

On his radio show today Glenn Beck mocked MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for using the term Paleoconservative on her MSNBC program this week. Since Beck doesn’t know what the term means he said, “What the hell is a Paleoconservative, a dinosaur?” He then told progressives to stop making up terms.

Actually, the term was coined by a conservative 30 years ago, and Beck once again demonstrated his illiteracy.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

BECK: “We’re just talking about Rachel Maddow’s comments on this…….she’s talking to a guy about the Miranda schism sort of that exists in the Right, she’s got a guest from the Nation on…

Beck runs the Rachel Maddow clip where Rachel uses the term “Paleoconservative” below.

BECK: Stop! What is a Paleoconservative? A dinosaur? What the hell is a Paleoconservative? Have you ever heard of it? I’ve never heard that term before!

Beck’s guest tries to tell Beck that the term exists, but Beck persists.

BECK: Progressives! Stop making up terms!”

Beck’s guest tells him to look it up. Too bad Glenn didn’t do that before he went on air.

Here is the definition from :

1. a person advocating an older, traditional type of conservatism, esp. in politics.
2. noting or pertaining to such people or their views”
The term was originally coined by conservative author Paul Gottfried in 1981.

A bit o’ history:

“The term paleoconservative was coined around this time by either Thomas Fleming and/or Paul Gottfried originally as a joke. Paleo, as a prefix meaning old or ancient, was to designate the opposite of neo meaning new. Even though it was initially coined as a joke, the term caught on. Some paleos have objected to the term, suggesting it invokes images of dinosaurs. It may well be true that the term was embraced and used by the paleos’ enemies because they saw it as unflattering. At this point we are probably stuck with the term. It is now routinely used by both its proponents and its detractors. Personally, I kind of like the term. As a proud traditionalist, I am perfectly comfortable with a word that invokes ancient or old as opposed to a word that invokes the new. Such an attitude I’m sure appalls the progressives.”

Kinda hard to mock liberal elites for their elitisty elitism when you prove yourself unwilling to even pick up a dictionary and hence out yourself once again as a misinformed/deliberately misinforming clown.

For all of you who are willing to hang in there for the sake of broadening your horizons or, gee, learning something, whilst Rachel uses words that may or may not be in your immediate vocabulary, here is the Rachel Maddow segment in full:

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Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow’s guest from the Nation, was making the point that Conservatives have never liked Miranda, since its inception in 1966.

Hayes: They hated it (Miranda) then and they hate it now…they don’t like it; they probably don’t want you or I or citizens to have Miranda. So there is this old ideological vendetta that’s being prosecuted against Miranda…

Rachel: I wonder also if we are at a point with this where there is, I guess maybe, a fork in the road between sort of Paleoconservatives on an issue like this -law and order Paleoconservatives – and Libertarian Conservatives in that we’re seeing people like, most notably today, Glenn Beck, the host on Fox News Channel, saying actually it’s important that these suspects are read their Miranda rights, we can’t shred the Constitution just when it’s not — when it’s not convenient. To see a split between somebody like John McCain and somebody who is the New Right -Libertarian Right – in the form of Glenn Beck — does that split map with the old grudge against Miranda rights in the Conservative movement?

As an added bonus, Rachel also clarified the point that due process is afforded to everyone in America, not just citizens, but I digress.

I guess we can sum this up by saying that Economically Libertarian Conservative Glenn Beck just called Paleoconservative John McCain a dinosaur.

It would behoove Beck to make use of the googles before he makes a national fool out of himself, but then, the googles may be too socialist for him. There is always the old fashioned dictionary, though. Dare I suggest, the Paleodictionary? I can’t imagine what paranoia can be stopping Beck from cracking that book open every now and again. Surely Ayn Rand would approve, no?

This is, of course, a part of Fox News’s agenda to keep their viewers angry and misinformed (and voting Republican). Cue the Beck viewer who comes here to leave a comment mocking us liberal elites, sure that Paleoconservative is not a word. There’s not much you can do when talking to people who are so insulated from reality that they do not know they’ve been proven wrong by indisputable facts.

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12 Replies to “Glenn Beck Mocks Rachel Maddow for Using Big Words”

  1. Funny, but Rachel has never used a word I didn’t know and I’ve only had 2 yrs of community college. I don’t like it when people talk down to me, either, as though I’m some kind of idiot, like the Palins, Becks and Limbaughs of the world do.

    Maybe I just pay too much attention to politics, as well. Just call me a “paleodemocrat.” Please.

  2. Beck Knows what it means, he is just numbing down to his listeners levels and tryin to be one of them.

  3. Older_Wiser, I’m with you. I only have an Associates degree, but have a larger vocabulary than many of my friends. Maybe it has something to do with a voracious appetite for reading when I was growing up.

    Unlike the Palins, Becks and Limbaughs of the world.

  4. @CarliAKAGermanGoodness,

    So true — An open mind is the key; one’s level of formal education is not an indicator of one’s intelligence or ability/desire to be informed ( Bush is a perfect example of how an Ivy League education does not necessarily impart intelligence). One of the purposes of college is to open our minds to new things, but many people are naturally curious and bright.

    In this specific case, Beck could have used some exposure to ideas other than those he grew up with in the rather insulated town he hails from. He doesn’t seem capable or interested in truly learning about the ideas he bats around like catnip for the paranoid.

  5. @CarliAKAGermanGoodness, Yes, reading is key; when I’m in fever pitch, I read 2 or 3 books a week (when I can get them, or re-read something from my own library). And I’m not ashamed to use the dictionary (I have a 2 volume Websters) when I don’t know the meaning of a word.

  6. All I see in the fake outrage over mirandizing an american citizen, is just how lazy Beck is to just stop and look up an unfamiliar word. He’s been self punked by Rachel out of his own sheer ignorance, and nothing more.

  7. @nikolai,
    rachel is brilliant, not only did she come up with a word to accurately illustrate her point, but based on the reaction she got from that idiot beck, it proved her point as well.

  8. Q: When is a Republican making an idiot of himself?
    A: When he’s talking.
    “…no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.”
    P. J. O’Rourke

  9. The problem with Beck is his forum is so big in this age of internet, cable, satellite. And Americans are woefully uneducated and ripe suckers for his false patriotism. His only goal is to gut workers’ rights, make millions of dollars and pay less taxes, period. All this sky-is-falling pseudo-patriotic selectively quoting the founding fathers crap is lying dangerous divisive anti-democratic demagoguery. He is ugly, mean-spirited and thoroughly un-American through and through. I can not stand him. He is a bigger threat to our republic than Osama Bin Laden. There is no lie he will not tell and no misrepresentation that is beneath him. He has no conscience and no ethics. He himself is the true sneering intolerant elitist, he and his self-righteous know-nothing anti-education “common man” ilk who are seeking to subvert the government and upend American history and replace it with their unending pack of lies. Crime, Incorporated indeed, you Beck and the rest of multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s cast of corporate-serving Fox News cronies playing the American people for fools and idiots. Unfair unbalanced and un-American.

  10. This is extremely reminiscent of how the Tea Party folks didn’t google the term “teabaggers,” and began declaring themselves as such! Seems to me Rachel’s remarks were rather rather kind towards Beck, acknowledging the fact that he understands that Miranda rights should be read…too bad he missed that. Or maybe he didn’t want to acknowledge it???

    Rachel is wicked smart, does her research, and is civil to her guests. I enjoy that her guests are not subjected to being part of a panel of people who must shout to be heard, and that she gives even those she vehemently disagrees with a chance to speak. Does she call them on their inaccuracies and outright lies? Yes. Does she treat them with disrespect? No. And that’s pretty damn refreshing in this day and age.

    Great post!

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