Obama Outclasses GOP Politics On the Oil Spill and Terrorism

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Our President, in just a few short weeks, is managing to address multiple disasters and crisis situations at the same time. Response to what may become the largest and most significant and dramatic oil spill disaster in our nation’s history is now being blamed on the Obama administration by the “usual suspects on the “Right”‘ instead of the big oil company, BP that caused it, while at the same time keeping America safe from terrorism.

The Right is actually claiming that Obama is using the oil disaster to politically prove his liberal views on off shore drilling. The claim is that the President of the US deliberately delayed the response to the oil spill, so he could make his case to stop further offshore drilling and gain the support of environmentalists. This claim comes strongly from the fired and former head of FEMA, Michael Brown, who badly bungled the Katrina disaster that killed thousands of New Orleans residents under the Bush administration.

This is hardly the same situation as Katrina, and why is Michael Brown, originally a horse trainer, being given a main stream news platform by CNN, MSNBC and of course FOX news to promote his conspiracy garbage? He was fired because he was negligent during Katrina. Humans were dying and he didn’t know what to do. He now sounds paranoid and crazy. Why is he now an authority on national crisis management and security?

Such behavior demonstrates the bias against Obama on a 24/7 basis by the media outlets. The President has monitored the situation from the beginning and as it stands at this moment in time, one of the leaks has been capped by BP. Further analysis and investigations will be ongoing as well as government assistance in resolving this major catastrophe.

The Obama administration is doing everything possible to contain this tragedy even though they were misled originally by the MMS who are there to be the watchdogs of the oil industry. The MMS seems to have been working with Big Oil instead of regulating them. Of course the GOP sides with Big Oil.

This catastrophe is going to need the united efforts of all agencies and the federal government to assist those who make their livelihood from this region. This could affect the economy of the entire country. Big Oil is responsible. They are making money at the cost of our safety and security. Obama is trying to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but not at all costs.

It’s ironic that both the coal and oil industries have had disasters within weeks of each other because profits were more important than safety. These were not natural disasters. These were manmade disasters and President Obama has called for a full investigation of the coal mine disaster that killed several courageous miners as well as the oil spill and explosion that killed 11 oil workers. Obama has put on hold, until further investigation, anymore new off shore oil drilling operations.

My guess is he won’t continue without extreme safety measures put into place, if at all. He’s probably the one President who will not side with Big Oil. Bush and Cheney both were oil men and would naturally side with big oil. Some safety measures that were needed were presented as being too expensive. A special safety mechanism that cost a half million dollars could have helped prevent a disaster that will cost billions ultimately. And the long term impact is not clear. Will BP cover all the results of this spill?

If that isn’t enough to cause a few extra grey hairs for the President, a terrorist attack was attempted in New York City by way of a car bomb in the middle of Times Square. Now the GOP is out there along with the main stream media outlets declaring that the country is not safe and this should have never happened. And the only saving grace was that the bomber was an amateur.

The truth of the matter is that the Obama administration has various agencies actually talking to each other again. In a nationwide manhunt, they were able to literally identify the suspect, coordinate the information, put him on a no fly list, and literally prevent him from escaping out of the country by stopping the airplane that he boarded before takeoff. He was stopped dead in his tracks which hopefully saves American lives and potentially other attacks. That was a quick response to another potential disaster.

The suspect is talking without the need for illegal torturing. And because of this manhunt, more requirements have been put in place to address the no fly procedures that are designed to eliminate delays or gaps. We were lucky but this also took a lot of coordination and Obama was monitoring the situation until the suspect was captured. We need to gather as much intelligence as possible. The NYC police department, the NYC street vendor, the FBI and the Obama administration should be credited with this accomplishment but the GOP and the Right wing will never accept it. Others have also been arrested in Pakistan.

One thing that we should consider in reference to the lack of sophistication of these last two bomb attempts is that just maybe the Obama administration is pressing the al Qaeda organization to the point that now they have to recruit individuals without the necessary training needed to pull these acts of terrorism off successfully. It doesn’t mean there’s no real danger because there is. Terrorists want to kill Americans for sure by any means necessary. But these new recruits are a different model.

That could be even more dangerous. Obama is keeping the heat on in Pakistan for al Qaeda operatives. I don’t understand why all the operatives that have been arrested, killed or captured seem to stay under the radar according to the media outlets. Every now and then you’ll get a little message about those captured at the bottom of the news screen, but if you blink you may totally miss it. The media is only interested in finding fault with the new President. The foreign terrorist organizations as well as the home based ones are after Obama and the people of this nation. We have to be more aware and if we see something….say something!

There are many ways for terrorists to get kill Americans. This is a new time period that we are living in. This is a worldwide problem. It is counterproductive for the GOP and extreme Right to constantly project the US as not being safe. We should come together as a nation, to present strength to our enemies. The “Right” is actually undermining our national security.

Constantly saying the Obama administration is not keeping America safe simply invites attacks. That is truly un-American. President Obama has done a lot more to fight al Qaeda leaders and operatives than Bush and Cheney did. It’s time to do some real fact checking. The FBI knows how to interrogate. Other issues need to be addressed in this. The GOP is merely distracting, but not dealing. The nation needs to stand united and strong against all terrorism with the President. Obama, as Commander in Chief declares, “We will not cower in fear.” “We will not be terrorized!” President Obama can walk and chew gum at the same time. Thank God.

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  1. what would really be nice is a major player in the journalistic world to take everything that the right wing says that is a lie and expose it immediately after it is said. It would force the GOP to distance themselves from people like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity. There is a certain desperation in the right wing media and there is an extremely small amount of truth coming out of that wing of the media

    I know MSNBC has been plastering rush against the wall every time he says something. And I hope more people continue it

  2. @Shiva,

    Right- the problem is that the media reports “both sides” without fact checking.

    Really appreciate these positive articles on Obama! That’s something you can’t find in MSM, because drama sells — but good news doesn’t.

    Keep up the great work.

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