Sean Hannity Calls on Obama to Resign or Step Aside

Sean Hannity brings his suitcase full of lies against Obama

On his Fox News show tonight Sean Hannity used a list of the events of the past week to make the case that President Barack Obama should either resign or not run for a second term. Hannity said, “Mr. President what in the world are you doing. Is it time to step up, or maybe step aside?”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Hannity launched into three minutes of distortion of the week’s news. First he claimed that the Gulf oil spill was Obama’s Katrina, “New evidence indicates that may be an understatement. As a whole the administration failed to act in the immediate aftermath of this crisis, so what were they up to? Well, one top Obama appointee had more important things on his mind. ABC News has revealed that Tom Strickland the chief of staff at the Department of the Interior was white water rafting in the Grand Canyon last week. Now he went on the trip even after he was made aware of the gravity of the situation in the Gulf…But can you blame the President for lacking management skills? After all, he never had any executive experience prior to being elected.”

Hannity’s misinformation campaign then claimed that Obama had never read the Arizona immigration bill, but bashes the law. After playing some comments by Obama, Hannity said, “Alright, that’s the latest example of completely irresponsible comments by the President. The bill explicitly prohibits racial profiling, but apparently he isn’t interested in the facts or the truth.” Hannity also blamed Obama for the Times Square bomber being allowed to board a plane, “It has nothing to do with the two TSA nominees that have already had to withdraw their names under President Obama.” He then moved on to the flooding in Nashville, “Flooding in the state has claimed the lives of nearly two dozen people, but the White House has been slow to react to this unfolding disaster.”

Hannity then summed up his case and called on Obama to step aside, “That’s what we ask you to judge this president on as of now. His response to the oil spill, his reaction to the attempted Times Square bombing, his mischaracterization of the Arizona immigration law, and his failure to publicly acknowledge the disaster that is unfolding in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. President, well what in the world are you doing? Is it time to step up, or maybe step aside?” Step aside is a vague term. He could either be calling on Obama to resign or not run for a second term.

Sean Hannity managed to summarize all of his lies for the week in his call for Obama to step aside. First, BP themselves already debunked Hannity’s claim that the Obama administration was slow to react to the oil spill. The federal government was on the scene within hours of the initial explosion, so strike one, Sean, and really is the chief of staff, not the Sec. of the Interior, but the chief of staff, the best you could come up with? That’s just sad.

Hannity also managed to completely mischaracterize the racial profiling based Arizona immigration bill while criticizing Obama. His real gem is the notion that it is Obama’s fault that two nominees to head the TSA have had to withdraw. The truth is that Republicans like Sen. Jim DeMint have used secret holds to block both nominees, so that’s strike two, Sean.

Hannity’s biggest whiff was on the Nashville flooding claim. It turns out that FEMA was on the ground in Tennessee before the rain even started, and Obama declared the state a disaster area and opened the door for federal aid two days after it started raining. This is nothing short of a blatant lie that Sean Hannity has been pushing on his show all week. That’s strike three, Sean. You’re out.

It is ironic that Hannity would claim that Obama doesn’t care about facts within a segment where he warps facts in order to call for the President to step aside. Hannity was trying so hard to turn Obama into George W. Bush, because the biggest slur that the right can think of to use against Obama is to compare him to their last president, which speaks volumes about the right wing’s own incompetence. After reviewing the facts of Sean Hannity’s week, I am left with no other choice but to call for Sean Hannity to step aside.

Sean has displayed incompetence and a disregard for facts that is destroying the intellect of America, so for the good of the country, I urge you Sean Hannity to either step up or step aside. I guess since Republicans can’t defeat Obama, Hannity is launching a new campaign to get the president to step down, because this is the only way that the Republicans will have any chance of winning the White House in 2012.

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  1. Wonder where hannity was when Cheney was killing Americans with “There is a link between Saddam and Al Qaida

    I’m going to start writing emails tomorrow. Both my senators are republican. One is Corker who I kinda respect and one Is Lamar Alexander who has lost it.

    All this is wrong. Where are the real big shot journalists?

  2. I cannot even think of away to comment on this jackassery of absolute jackassness. Hannity WTF I think I hear god calling you home so do the world a favor tonight and eat a bullet do it for America, raise the national IQ 12 or so points.

  3. @Oldsun, You know it took me longer to debunk Sean’s crap than Hannity probably spent putting this nonsense together. It was strictly a copy and paste of GOP talking points.

  4. Excellent post.

    This is all designed to pin “Bush” on Obama, which as you point out, says everything about them and nothing about Obama.

    This point is driven home by their presenting Sarah Palin (Bush Cheney redoux) as their Presidential front runner for 2012.

    The fact that they don’t know the difference between Bush, Palin and Obama says everything about them. After all, it takes intelligence to recognize intelligence.

  5. Often I wonder how Hannity and the like even sleep at night making money off lying. My only solace is knowing that there is a special place in hell for him.

  6. @Max Reddick, The reality is that people like Hannity sold their souls long ago. Hannity is only interested in advancing the right wing agenda. He could care less about the truth or the facts, but at least he is very well compensating for giving up the capacity for any type of independent thought. My concern is for the viewers who are misled every night. The people who take Hannity’s propaganda as fact.

  7. @Jason Easley, I don’t even think the right wing agenda holds any meaning for them anymore. They are interesting only in earning more money. I bet if a left wing station would offer them more to lie for their side, they would do it in a second.

  8. @Jason Easley, You might want to fix this

    “The federal government was on the scene within hours of the initial explosion, so strike one, Sean, and really is the chief of staff, not the Sec. of the Interior, but the chief of staff, the best you could come up with? That’s just sad. ”

    Who is really? :)

  9. It’s only fair to assume Hannity thinks that an elected official should quit mid-term so they’re not “lame ducks” (ala Sarah Palin the Grifter Quitter).

    Because, you know, the Right doesn’t believe in governing.

  10. Sean Hannity has been the most relentless asset of republicans attempting to smear and fear into this country. This is nothing unusual about Sean. When he tries to compare Katrina with the Oil Slick, there was a clear and present difference, with Katrina, there was tens of thousands of dead bodies, floating down streets, thousands of live people on thier 120 degree rooftops waving for help. Bush Flew over the damage and did not land. You can not try to link a 11 man death private sector at fault accident to a natural disaster claiming lives of 10’s of thousands. Hannity is Shamelessly pathetic. Seriously

  11. Hannity sold his souls long ago. Hannity is only interested in advancing the right wing agenda.

  12. Hannity is the one who should resign !!!! using his “fake” charity for armed forces to make money6 for him and the Repulican Party.

    Where was he when the Bush administration did all the harm they have done to this country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @Alexander J, What’s even more pathetic is the audience that takes this commentary to be truth just because it’s on TV.

  14. What I would like to know is, where are the real journalists and news agencies that have a responsibility to America? Why has all this irresponsible rhetoric even gotten this far? These are all huge concerns taking place to the country and they have not been caused by Obama. He is in the role to resolve them. Why can’t we come together as a nation
    to get to a better place where we care about each other and what happens to the country in general? Greed and racism has taken on a new and dangerous level and many, many suffer as a result. How do these people consider themselves Christians and sleep at night?

  15. Everyone know faux snooze is a extension of the GOP…is that even Legal for a political party to have a TV station? Isn’t that like…fascist countries do… like PROPAGAMDA, LIES???
    How does faux snooze get airheads to babble on?
    @Oldsun…heheh! Good idea, add Palin, also..too :D

  16. Of course, every time someone lambastes one of these propagandistic charlatans , they take it as some sort of red badge of courage that they are being attacked. And Beck, of course, tearfully imagines himself as a martyr to a cause that he can’t quite articulate. So, yeah, Hannity is nuts, but saying that noisily makes him think he is sane – how perverse we have become in our political thinking.

  17. What’s the John Lennon song? “How Do you Sleep?” Someone needs to do a Youtube video with that song playing over images of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and all the other ego driven lunatics who are seriously dangerous to this country.

  18. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    Yes, they are the only channel that not only actually read Bush’s PR faxes straight from the fax machine but are now actively pressing a political agenda, the Tea Party, etc.

  19. @Jason Easley, You, like all liberals, cannot handle the truth. The White House press corp, main stream media and liberals not only hide from the truth, they constantly try their best to change history. Where are the questions about the shady, Chicago style aids surrounding Obama? Vann Jones, Bill Ayers, and let’s not forget the most frequent visitor to the White House, Andy Stern. This according the the White House log, which Obama is now trying to have declared “not available” to the public. Just another part of the transparency he promised. Conservatives are feeling very good these days as Dems’ continue self-destructions with the likes of Pelosi, Reed and don’t forget “say it ain’t so Joe” Biden. What a team. You need to read the “tea leaves”.

  20. @Jim Lewis, Van Jones? Bill Ayers? You are such a Fox News drone. I notice that you could not refute a single fact in my post as it related to Hannity’s misstatements, so here is an idea, no once cares about your Fox News 2008 propaganda. If you want to talk about the facts, then I suggest that you go get some.

  21. @Jim Lewis,

    The problem with someone who lives within the echo chamber of the right is that they can’t allow you to expose yourself to the “liberal” media (aka, any media other than Fox). Now, who benefits from that notion?

    Fox is taking your money and laughing as they misinform you.

    You, along with the entire populist conservative movement, are suffering from epistemic closure which is leading to major marginalization but you are too brain-washed to see it now.

    Good luck.

  22. @Sarah Jones, Miss Sarah, I do watch Fox News. The last time I checked, they remain #1 in the ratings of major news networks. I remember those days before I had my eyes opened, as I watched Dan I-will-not-tell-you-the-truth Rather. Like other liberal news casters, he did not report the news, he used inuendo and half truths to slant the reporting, which enabled him to brain wash those like yourself. I prefer the #1 rated newcast which reports the FACTS from both sides and allows the viewer to decide for him/herself. One day, perhaps that “light bulb” will help you as it has so very many, which has helped make Fox #1. I would guess you are a regular viewer of MSNBC, CBS, ABC or NBC. These are the networks who speak long & loud of us crazy, violent “tea baggers”, while they have no video with which to back up their words. However, they refuse to show the factual video(which I have seen on Fox) of the violence occuring at protest with supporters of the liberal view). Pictures do not lie, however those speaking with words who refuse to show you the video they do not want you to see, like the aforementioned networks, keep you, in reality, in the dark. I wish you no ill-will, rather hope and pray that, for the sake of our great country, that, in time, you see that you are supporting for what it truly is.

  23. @Jason Easley, Please Jason, I have read your post again and you failed to mention any specific fact for me to refute. This is an example of why it is so difficult to have a dialog with a liberal. I watch the number 1 news network most every night. Did I mention Fox is the #1 news network. My guess is you watch MSNBC, CBS, NBC or ABC along with a small handful of others who allow themselves to be “fed” the slanted viewpoints of those speaking the words. I seldom watch Hanity. I watch Glen Beck daily. You wish to talk facts? Beck has blistered Obama for months and begged anyone from his staff to call his show and refute the accuasions he has made. His phone has not rung even once. Do you refute Vann Jones is a self-avowed communist? I watched him say he was on video. Now is when liberals answer an accusation beginning with something as you did in your reply to my first post. I attacked Obama, you did not defend him, you atttacked Fox News. Your kind are so easy and predictable. I won’t even go into Bill Ayers……..enough said………

  24. @Shiva, I think that sentence was just missing a bit of punctuation:

    “The federal government was on the scene within hours of the initial explosion, so strike one, Sean, and really, is the chief of staff – not the Sec. of the Interior, but the chief of staff – the best you could come up with? That’s just sad. ”

  25. @Jim Lewis, You are a moron CBS, NBC, ABC these are corporations; big, huge, giant, moneymaking intuitions for who are not known as being liberal. You whole argument that they are being fed just does not hold up to the light of day. They report what is important not what makes there based viewers happy, like Fuck news. Your argument is based that a few member of the Obama Whitehouse staff were malcontents what about those who worked for corporations? How come Fuck news has no problem with them? Another argument is that Obama should waste his time with Bleck, why Obama has gone on Fuck news and debunked all their myths did you miss it? The very next day after Obama sat down with Fuck news they were back to bashing him over nothing just like they do today. As for the Whitehouse log, it was released to the public In December stop reading and watching rightwing nut bullshit and get your facts straight. Finally self destruct hahahahahahaha oh you stupid little troll as the economic picks up (the increase in jobless numbers this month good sigh that people are starting to look for work again I know you have no clue of what I am taking about so look it up). The GDP is growing again and the most people now view the GOP as the party of NO, the party that voted down unemployment extension, the part that could not find Bin Laden, this bods well for the Dems.

  26. @Jim Lewis, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flagt and carring a cross” Sinclair Lewis 1835 although I supect you will not understand this.

  27. @Jason Easley, Jason, poor Jason. As I stated earlier, liberals are so very predictable and easy. When facts get in their way during civil dialog, they resort to name calling and pure ignorance of facts. If you truly believe that NBC, CBS & ABC are not considered liberal, you have consumed far too much left wing cool-aid. Once again your liberal response to criticism of Obama over his close associates is not to defend him, but instead to compare his actions to that of employees of corporations. Pretty lame Jason, even for someone who considers the “big 3” to be middle of the political road networks. News flash Jason. Corps hire who they want and pay them with private dollars. This is not the same as the Pres. of the US. Mercy, give me a break. Then, you admit you do not even know about the current administrations efforts to remove the white house log from the eyes of the public. Then, and I knew this was coming, you finally resort to that last ditch grasp at the rope of survival……….blame it on Bush. You actually worked back around to OBL and the liberal spin to defending Obama. No matter the subject being discussed, when libs know they cannot defend him, they attack George Bush. This is 2010 Jason and your guy has had the reins long enough to give that a rest. Your lastest post has shown me you don’t really know enough to carry on with this exchange. I wish you good luck and God’s speed, and, the dirction you are headed, you will need both.

  28. @Jim Lewis,

    So, if Fox is so big, why do you call the “mainstream media” everything else?

    Here’s a clue: Fox has a large cable viewership, but they don’t come close to network dollars. Fox has an agenda.

    You think EVERYONE else has it wrong, and shares an agenda? That is crazy. It makes no sense, and requires you to believe that competing corporations are conspiring together for a liberal agenda, which not only is not believable, but is also laughable when you look at where they donate during campaigns and who owns them.

    No point in talking to you — you’ve been brainwashed. I wish you well.

    Bring the tinfoil hat next time.

  29. @Sarah Jones, Sarah, I never really cared much for the writings of Sinclair Lewis and, you are correct, I’m not sure I do understand the quote you sent. I have always preferred to read writings of more common, down to earth individuals such as Thomas Jefferson, who had many quotes that bring me comfort even today, such as:

    ” The will of the people is the only ligitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its true expression should be our first object.”

  30. @Sarah Jones, Let me try again to explain this to you. Fox News is, and has been for some time now, by viewer ratings, the number one watched news network in the USA. The other networks call themselves the main-stream media, even though their viewer ratings at an all-time low. These networks with the low viewer ratings are mainly watched by those who agree with the ACLU, Acorn, big labor unions and a large number of Democrats who are one-issue Dems or just maintaining the family tradition of being a Dem. CBS, NBC & ABC are all under the management of left leaning individuals. When the news broke a few months back concerning Acorn and how they had violated numerous election laws, only Fox News reported this serious threat to the backbone of our democracy, free and open elections. Acorn’s actions were so serious that Congress voted to completly stop all federal funding. It was several days before this story was reported on any of those three networks. Begs you to ask the question, why? I could site you other examples, but I doubt you are interrested. I do not always agree with Republicans, however I certainly cannot find a comfort zone with a party whose members pass major legislation in the wee hours of the morning and, by their own admission, have not read the bill they are voting on. To paraphrase Pelosi, “we have to pass this bill so we can see what is in it”. Good grief Charlie Brown.

  31. What happened to Dick “Haliburton” Cheney? Why is he so quiet all of a sudden? He used to be on TV all the time. Keeping a low profile, eh, Tricky Dick?

  32. I thought I was watching an infomercial for the GOP…. oh I forgot that is all Faux News is.

    Funny I wonder if SH knew that the GOV of Tenn says that FEMA has done a crack job!

  33. @Alexander J,

    there was tens of thousands of bodies from Katrina? Less than 2000 people died in Katrina….that must be the info you get from MSNBC…..judging by your grammar, you are an idiot.

  34. @crazy as a fox,

    Doesnt change the fact that Hannity is little more than a Hermann Goebbels. Pure propaganda.

  35. Hannity, just as other main stream media conservatives (i.e. O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Palin, Beck, Savage etc.) are no more than Rupert Murdoch puppets, parroting Murdoch talking points.

    Would truly hate to be any Murdoch conservative when their followers discover that they’ve been had for the almighty dollar.

    So amazed that Conservative commentators would cheat their own devout listeners with schemes such as, the need to purchase over priced gold and Freedom Concerts with (as reported by another conservative), Hannity taking the bulk of money raised.

    And Michael Savage is the most pathetic, in that he’s for years bragged about his degrees and his many years of education. Wonder how he feels knowing that he’s spewing the same talking point of fellow conservatives that he has belittled for not going to college and Palin for not being bright? (Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh & more)

  36. @Jim Lewis, Jim FoxNews is #1 compared to news shows bundled in basic cable, but to view MSNBC one must pay an additional fee.

    So to compare FoxNews to MSNBC is to compare the proverbial apple to an orange, and Fox’s claim (when comparing themselves to premium news channels) is very faux.

    Perhaps a greater question is if FoxNews beats out The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which is also on basic cable) for viewers.

  37. @m. grant,

    If I were still a democrat, I know I would not bring up the name of VP Cheney, or any other former VP, considering the current office holder and his track record. Mr. Cheney, unlike many democrat “formers”, restricts his public appearances to ones of substance and quality. This, compared to those public statements from the likes of Jimmy Carter, “Slick Willie” Clinton and Al “inventor of the internet” Gore. What an embarrassment these clowns are to our great nation. I live in Arkansas and a pattern has developed here during political campaigns. Candidates do all they can to help thier opponent secure an in-state appearance from Clinton. He has proven to be the “kiss of death” to many democrats whom he openly supported. As a former President, Carter has shown he has lost any class he may have ever possessed. With the legacy he left behind, anyone else would have gone quietly into the night. Gore, what a piece of work he is. A true endorsement of his character, he did not even carry his home state of Tennessee in his unsuccessful race against George W. Bush. Gore’s only accomplishment was to enable people to stop bringing up Dan Quayle. Not to worry Al. Biden is on tract to make them forget about you, if you are lucky.

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