Rush Limbaugh Alleges Obama Ignored White Republican Tennessee Flood Victims

Limbaugh lies to his listeners about the White House and Tennessee

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that President Obama is ignoring the victims of the Tennessee flood because, “he doesn’t have any constituents there,” which implied that Obama is ignoring Tennessee, because they support Republicans and they are white. However, Limbaugh neglected to mention that FEMA was on the ground in Tennessee before the rain even started.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters

While taking a call from a man in Tennessee who claimed that the flooding has been ignored Limbaugh said, “Well he knows he doesn’t have any constituents there to speak of, well seriously. I don’t want to poison the well here…It’s true though you still will not find a donation link at a White House website for Tennessee. You will find it for Haiti, and you will find it for people in the Gulf because of the oil slick.”

Limbaugh’s claim that there is no donation link is not true at all. If you go to the White House website and click the post on the front page titled On The Ground Before the Raindrops Started Falling, you will find that Robert Gibbs posted, “You can lend a hand to those affected by flooding and tornados in Tennessee and across the region by donating to the Red Cross at or texting “RedCross” to 90999 and a $10 donation will be added to your bill,” which certainly looks like a link to me.

Rush Limbaugh was trying to play the race card here and flip the claim that George W. Bush ignored New Orleans after Katrina because most of those trapped were black and Democratic on its ear to make it look like Obama is ignoring Tennessee because the people there are white and did not support him in 2008. However, the President signed disaster declarations for Alabama and Tennessee on May 3 and 4th respectively. The rain came on Saturday and Sunday, and federal aid was approved by Monday and Tuesday.

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen said that FEMA was on the ground in Tennessee before the rain started falling. This contradicts Limbaugh’s claim that Obama has ignored the flooding in the state. I will agree that the flooding has been neglected by the media in favor of the Gulf oil spill. Limbaugh’s allegations about the federal reaction and prioritization are simply false, but when has Rush ever been in the habit of telling the truth on his radio show?

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  1. hasn’t the lying gone far enough? Why doesnt richard balls of steele call him on this crap?

  2. Interesting … I went to the and find NOTHING on Tennessee. I looked over the page 3 times! Who here is lying?? Perhaps you were counting on no one reading your post actually checking the accuracy of your statement?!

  3. @elb08,
    If you enter “Tennessee Flood” into the search box on the page, you will find information on Tennessee.

  4. @Norm, Thank you for validating my point. Donation info is not right on the front page as the writer of this post indicated. You must search it out. There is no bold icon or link to click on like there is for Haiti or Health Care Reform. As a matter of fact, if you read that “information” you directed me to via the search box, you STILL will not find a link for donations. Hmmmmm … Thank you again!

  5. @elbo08,

    Are you blind? the link was provided in the post.

    I clicked it and got right there.

    It’s called a blog.

    What’s your beef?

  6. @EnglishSaddle, Are you delusional? I am not suggesting that there was no link in this riduclous piece of journalism that was written. I am pointing out the error of the person who wrote it. He stated that there was, in fact, a link to donate to Tennessee on the front page of the White House Website. There is not. Also, the link that is included in the post that is on the White House website is for those who live in Tennessee and need assistance … Not for those who wish to assist.

    This is a blog.

    My beef is that the editorial for which the blog is attached is quite erronious and there are people who read this junk and consider it to be truth without looking into the facts of the matter. I am suggesting that those who read, and especially those who write any form of journalism be aware of the facts and look into things. Educate yourselves! The author of this piece and the previous bloggers criticized Limbaugh for ignoring facts and being partial. I am suggesting that this author practice what he preaches. That is all.

    Now, I will go back to reading my Wall Street Journal which is a bit more accurate in its reporting and ignore these web blogs and posts as they are not factual and breed hatred (see previous blog posts). May you all have a blessed day!

  7. @,

    first of all, WJS is owned by Murdoch and is not known for its accuracy, but have at it.

    The White House link was TO a blog, which may be what the above poster was referring to.

    You have done nothing in your comments here but try to accuse someone of leaving facts out because you are defending Fox/Murdoch/WSJ, which you JUST admitted reading and thinking to be the only true source of news. Then you accuse others here of “breeding hate”?

    That’s just sad.

    And I’d like to add that your use of “have a blessed day” at the end of a smear campaign against everyone on this website is an outrageous affront to your religion. You are bastardizing Jesus’ message and using it as cover for your hatred. Shame on you.

  8. @, Ok idiot what is the matter with you? The post clearly states that the link is in the blog post. How retarded are you? You stick to the Murdoch owned WSJ and Fox News too, because if you had any guts you would be hiding behind anonymous, you would put your real name on your criticism. I specifically stated that the link is in the blog post not the front page. The blog post was on the front page. Perhaps all that FNC and WSJ has ruined your ability to comprehend? Being told what to think all the time will do that to a person.

    Your point is completely invalid and wrong, but since you refuse to see reality and have probably never published a word in your life, you think you have the right to distort obvious. This is not Fox News or the WSJ. I am not here to conform to your reality, so you stay inside your little bubble, and until you have done a single thing in your life that other people would want to read. I suggest you go as Dick Cheney would say “fuck yourself.” If you are going to deny basic facts then no conversation can take place.

  9. @Jason Easley

    I’m still trying to get a more accurate picture as to what is going on in Tennessee, so as usual I’m having to read both polarized sides to try and figure out what the hell is actually happening there. No one seems to be able to keep a level head these days… a fact unfortunately validated by your response to elboo8/anonymous above my post. Don’t criticize someone’s ability to publish when you yourself don’t bother to proof-read your own responses.

    ‘You stick to the Murdoch owned WSJ and Fox News too, because if you had any guts you would be hiding behind anonymous, you would put your real name on your criticism.’

    I’m assuming you accidentally left the ‘n’t’ off, because otherwise this really doesn’t make sense. I don’t bring this up to attack you or your article, merely to point out that you just seriously undermined your authority as a writer/reporter as you resorted to colorful language and used improper English. Now I have doubts as to the validity of your article and your ability to report the truth simply from the presentation of your response.

    elboo8/anonymous was obviously irritating you (and arguably provoking you) with his/her response, but don’t let a simple posters rudeness lead you to act in kind! This is why debate is almost dead in America- too often we let people get under our skin and respond with name calling in place of intelligent discussion. Yes, there are a lot of people that we can’t have an intelligent discussion WITH… but that’s why our internet browsers have that lovely little X icon in the top right corner! :)

  10. FEMA and the various state National Guard units were on the ground and poised to go into LA before Katrina hit. The liberal media has chosen to ignore this fact just as they tout it now for Obama and TN. Wake up and see that this site only gives you liberal slanted spin and not the truth.

  11. @Mary, You might want to go all the way up to the top of the page, and right under the title of the blog read the 3 words that are there. It may help guide you.

    Other than that, if FMEA were poised to go into NO, why didnt they? The entire country watched as FMEA didn’t go in and Bush was even banged on by republicans. Thats the truth. The difference between poised to go and going is pretty vast.

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