CNN’s Roland Martin Bests Jon Stewart in Their Epic Feud of the Ascot

Roland Martin convinces Jon Stewart on the ascot.

Usually The Daily Show host Jon Stewart is the one skewering pundits and cable news nightly, but he took on CNN’s Roland Martin and his ascot, he messed with the wrong guy. Martin’s strong and passionate defense of the ascot led Stewart to cry uncle, and say, “You win this round, Roland.”

Here is the original video from TheDaily Show:

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Roland Martin Wears an Ascot
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The feud began with Stewart questioning why Martin would wear an ascot on national television, “On national television in front of millions, nope CNN, in front of some viewers, CNN’s Roland Martin wore an ascot, on a news program, a newscot if you will. Now the only explanation I can think of for the ascot is perhaps they interrupted Roland Martin while he was hosting his other show Remy Martin presents The Situation Grotto featuring Roland Martin.”

Stewart later said, “Not that I have anything against ascots, lots of fictional characters wear them, Sherlock Holmes, Thurston Howell III, Fred from Scooby Doo…This may be my favorite thing I have ever seen on CNN. I swear to God that this right up there with Rick Sanchez getting tased, and holographic Jessica Yellin…The only way this thing could get any better is if CNN played a clip of holographic Roland Martin getting tased while wearing an ascot. At that point my underwear blows off.”

Oh but Roland Martin had a reply, and since nobody watches Campbell Brown, here is the video:

Martin responded to Mary Matalin, “Mary, Jon Stewart asked why. Why wear an ascot on national television? Mary, I’ll tell you, because this country is going to hell in a hand basket. We’re lost. We’ve succumbed to the insane desires of this new generation that is devoid of the common purpose of Americans. Mary, why an ascot, because I want my America back, I want to reclaim the soul and the style that made us the greatest country on earth, we’ve abandoned the stylistic principles of the Founding Fathers and their wigs and top hats and ruffled tops for the god awful look of flip-flops and t-shirts and baggy pants and sweats…Look I want to help restore the values of America, Mary. I want us to be great again. I want an ascot for every God fearing boy and man. It is time that we reclaim our history, Mary. It is time that we return to our roots as a leader in fashion. Join me in this fight, and accept this call to arms, and may we all rediscover what it means to be an American. We are Mary, The United States of Ascots.”

On Monday’s The Daily Show Jon Stewart Conceded Defeat to Martin:

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Roland Martin Defends His Ascot
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After playing Martin’s passionate defense of the ascot, Stewart, wearing an ascot said, “You win this round Roland. It took a man of courage, boldness, and true style to bring back the ascot. By the way, Indiana Jones’ gay brother called. He wants his hat back.”

It was great to see Roland Martin have such a great sense of humor, and a slightly unsettling passion for ascots. Roland really brought the goods. Using the Tea Party language to defend the ascot was a stroke of genius. After watching that clip, it is not a stretch to say that Martin has better comedic timing than most of the cast of Saturday Night Live. It is rare that Jon Stewart gets bested in one of these “feuds,” but Roland Martin held his own with Stewart and The Daily Show. That was some good clean pundit fun, and the best thing ever to air on Campbell Brown.


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  1. @Shiva, Of course he was. =)

    Those ascots Jon and John Oliver wore were sent by Martin himself. Good sport! haha

  2. I like Stewart, but sometimes he targets the wrong people. I have a new appreciation for Roland Martin in turning it into a joke on the Tea Party and Stewart. Jason I’m glad you included the clip because I do not watch Campbell Brown.

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