The Bullies on the Right Stoop to Sexism to Oppose Kagan

The Right Takes Aim at Kagan’s Appearance

The Right Wing is revealing both the dearth of their values as well as the utter emptiness in their opposition to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan by focusing on her looks. This is on par with the Republican Party’s oppression of women platform, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, and yet the fact that they are so graceless as to come out with the hideously appalling criticisms they did is still shocking.

Michael Savage Judges Women's Looks

According to Media Matters:

“In May 11 tweets, right-wing radio host Neal Boortz compared Kagan to Shrek, the cartoon ogre voiced by Mike Myers in the DreamWorks film series.

Boortz: “Has anyone seen Mike Myers and your new Supreme in the same room at the same time?” “

Wow, that’s so relevant and so clever. How does Neal live with all of that wit just dying to get out? Prophesy: Neal Boortz makes millions by selling Boortz Dumb Comment of the Day toilet paper to tee-peers the country wide.

“On the May 10 edition of his radio show, after a caller said Kagan was a “horrendous creature,” Michael Savage replied: “Let’s not, let’s not comment on how her appearance is, because although I find it personally grotesque, there are many who find it attractive, and so we’ll leave that out of it. Let’s avoid that. Let’s talk about her radical, Marxist policies.”

Savage previously said on his April 9 program that Kagan “looks like she belongs in a kosher deli.” Savage added: “Isn’t there such a thing about the aesthetics of the appointee? Don’t they have to look a — I mean, is there a certain aesthetic that you have to — you know, it’s one thing to be a legal scholar, it’s another thing like you have to look at these people. Let’s put it to you this way, she’s not the type of face you’d want to see on a five dollar bill.” Savage later said that Kagan makes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like a “Kazakhstan beauty.””

Gosh, what exactly does a smart legal mind look like, Mikey? I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe it can look a lot of ways and yes, Mikey, sometimes they come attached to breasts that are not bared for your consumption. I know, this is utterly unforgivable, for how else can the Right dominate and control women, if we don’t all assume that their lust is our primary goal?

Mikey is further suggesting that there’s a look of belonging in Kosher Deli. Not sure who should be most offended here, but this appears to be some kind of slam against Delis and frankly, we’ve had enough of that kind of bigotry!

It’s obvious these guys can’t find one legitimate thing to pick on, so they are picking on Kagan for her looks because she’s a woman, and that’s what the bullies on the Right do. They pick on minorities for being minorities, twisting their juvenile knife of judgment into the political discourse like the schoolyard bullies they are.

“In a May 11 tweet, editor in chief Jason Mattera wrote: “’s Mattera: Kagan, Napolitano, Sotomayor all “look like linebackers for the New York JETS.””

I’m just throwing stuff out there, but I think Jason’s fear of women with a brain makes him see them as larger than himself, which is threatening to him because in the world of Patriarchy, size is power and power is on top. Clearly Jason doesn’t want a woman on top. Good to know — not that there was much threat of that happening with any reasonable woman.

“May 10 post headlined “Obama to Pick Elena ‘Butch’ Kagan For Supreme Court,” Jawa Report’s Howie stated, “On the bright side it appears she may be against limiting the number of calories in fast food.” Jawa Report: “Butch” Kagan “may be against limiting the number of calories in fast food.””

Aren’t you just enthralled by the brilliant legal critiques here? I know I am. Also, too, it’s adorable how Howie is so ‘80’s with his criticisms. Butch went out a while ago, but hey, this is all part of their America that they want back so badly, so let them stew in their 80’s retread smears of desperation.

If they had an idea, they wouldn’t have to resort to sexism to mount their opposition. Any time a group or individual has to stoop this low, the opposition they are fighting has already won. Desperation begets lowest common denominator meanie behavior. Let the knuckle-draggers simmer in childish rage as we leave them in the dust of their failed version of a patriarchal America where only they had power. Progress has come to America, and she may or may not look like a Deli.

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