Glenn Beck Claims that Jesus Christ Doesn’t Want Cap and Trade

Who knew Jesus was opposed to cap and trade?
Once again Glenn Beck channeled Jesus Christ to proclaim that Jesus is against a cap and trade system. On his Fox News program, Beck said, “We all have to share the Earth and do what he wants, but Jesus does not want a cap and trade system.” Where in the teachings of Jesus does he discuss cap and trade?

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck was spewing the usual corporatist line that cap and trade will hurt small business, destroy jobs, and raise prices. He then veered into religion, “Jesus wants you to save the planet. Look, here’s what I think Jesus wants you to do. I think Jesus wants you to be a responsible citizen and don’t litter. Be responsible, and don’t dump stuff into the rivers, that’s what Jesus wants you to do. We all have to share the Earth, and we have it go on for future generations, but Jesus doesn’t want a cap and trade system, really.”

It is interesting that of all the people Jesus could talk to on Earth, he happened to select a sinking Fox News host who is desperate for ratings. It is interesting that Jesus’ stand on cap and trade is echoed by the Chamber of Commerce, and all the major corporations in America. Either Jesus has sold out to corporate America, or maybe just maybe, Glenn Beck isn’t being totally honest.

As Beck’s program continues to be stuck in the ratings doldrums, he has increasingly gone all Pat Robertson on his audience in a desperate quest to regain the evangelical Fox News viewers that have abandoned his show. Beck is using the tried and true GOP tactic of disguising their corporate advocacy with the language of religion. Before anyone should consider Beck’s claim ask yourself why Jesus would oppose protecting the environment? Also, who is more likely to have something to lose with a cap and trade plan, Jesus Christ or the Fortune 500?

If Beck is to be believed, then Jesus are also opposed to social justice, and also God wants people to get a damn job. I am starting to think that the voice in Beck’s head is not that of God or Jesus, but that of News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch. Someone needs to ask Glenn if the voice of Jesus speaks with an Australian accent. If so then it might not be Jesus Christ that he is hearing.

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  1. But, but, I thought Conservatives were against environmental stuff? Did this change?

    I have a feeling this jesus guy is mixed up with one of becks advertisers and he is trying to keep them on.

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