Help Obama Keep Our Economy on the Highway to Recovery

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This week, President Obama made it clear at a DCCC fundraiser that Republicans are to blame not only for driving the economy into a ditch, but also bringing Washington to a standstill. With the primaries coming up on Tuesday, it is time for Democrats to step and take the first step towards making sure that Republicans don’t get the chance to put us back in the ditch.

Here is the video of Obama at the DCCC Fundraiser:

Obama said, “They’ve done their best to gum up the works; to make things look broken; to say no to every single thing. That was the attitude they had when it came to pulling our economy out of a crisis. That was the attitude they had when it came to making sure that families and businesses finally got the security of health care in this country. That’s been the attitude on any number of challenges that we faced. Their basic attitude has been: “If the Democrats lose, we win.”

He continued, “So after they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. No! You can’t drive! We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch! We just got the car out! We just got the car out!

Obama made it clear who is to blame for the mess, “If we just stopped now — in fact, if we had stopped last year — it would have already been one of the most productive legislative sessions in history. And that’s tempting, stopping. Everybody is kind of pooped, but — particularly because it would have been nice to get a little help from the other side of the aisle, just once in a while. You would have thought at a time of historic crisis that Republican leaders would have been more willing to help us find a way out of this mess — particularly since they created the mess.”

If you examine all the disasters from the economic crash to this devastating oil spill, they were either created by or were thriving under GOP greed and protection without regulation. The American taxpayer gets left holding the bill. Obama and the Dems are doing everything they can to fix the problems and the GOP are doing everything they can to obstruct that progress, and they want you, the American people to vote them back in the midterms as early as Tuesday and all the way through November and again in 2012 for the White House itself.

Not only has it been devastating for the nation economically, with the two wars they started leaving Obama to finish, an economy that fell off a cliff, unemployment that was supposed to be eliminated with the Bush tax cuts, a healthcare industry that bankrupted many, and now these oil and coal industry disasters that not only cost in revenue and resources but also in the loss of valuable hardworking dedicated lives.

How can we even consider putting more Republicans in Congress and eventually the White House? The GOP are obstructionists and are in Congress to protect big business who rob the middle class while raking in billions, paying little tax, and hiding their profits off shore. In the Senate they have a racket going on that prevents amendments and bills from being passed by secret “holding” ballots. Even the amendment to eliminate this process was held up by the GOP. Even one senator can do it. The filibuster abuse was not enough. The GOP must use all preventive measures necessary to stop any progress in resolving these issues. They have no solutions. Why would they if big business keeps them in office? They are not there for the people. They are there for themselves and big corporations that provide the campaign funding needed to stay in office.

The media and the polls are predicting that Dems are going to lose a lot of seats at midterms. The parties of NO, the ultimate obstructionists, are looking to regain power. They are making it impossible to actually govern this country and get to any real solutions to get out of all the messes they created. Call on your representatives to work with their fellow congressmen and senators to get the work done for America. Ask your representatives and senators to have the courage to actually work for the people of the US. That’s why they were sent to Congress.

Listen to Obama. Please do not give the Republicans back the keys to this country again to drive us off the cliff. They can’t drive. They crash! It’s already going to take years to recover. Vote Democratic. At least the Dems are trying to come up with solutions for the country. The GOP has no solutions….just more ways for big business to get bigger and stay unregulated at the taxpayer’s expense. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of the stimulus money has been repaid. The economy is turning around. These crashes are costly and deadly. We can’t let them drive again. Please get out and vote. Cast your ballot for the people, not corporate America.

5 Replies to “Help Obama Keep Our Economy on the Highway to Recovery”

  1. Bravo!

    No more giving the keys to drunk drivers like Republicans. They hate govt so much they can backseat drive like they are now — where they can only gum up the works, not drive the country over a cliff.

  2. Great post, Fran.

    You did a wonderful job laying out all that is at stake here. And yes, everyone needs to GOTV and make some phone calls, drive people to the polls, etc. We can’t sit by expecting the worst and then complain when it happens if we are not involved. Personally, I just don’t think we can afford one more of these clowns in office — but I guess we’re going to come to a standstill this fall as a few of them get in.

    The tough thing is wanting to get rid of some blue dogs who voted no on health care, but whose Dem opponent may not be strong enough to beat the Republican — in which case you could be inadvertently giving a bigoted obstructionist the district. I may have to hold my nose this fall. Just sayin’.

    OFA (Organizing for America) at is a good resource for phone banks, etc.

  3. @Sarah Jones, You are so right. The behavior of the Blue Dogs during the healthcare debates was disgraceful. I thought they were the GOP in disguise. And spending all that time on Olympia Snow just for her to cave to the Republicans was such a waste of political power. But I guess Obama had to try. It’s going to be rough leading up to November… since the truth is not what you hear on the nightly news programs unless you’re watching Keith or Rachel of MSNBC. At least they check the facts regardless of the party. CNN and most of MSNBC have a need to broadcast the GOP and their non-stop talking points under the guise of fairness. But fairness would be researching the facts. The networks are spineless. And what is the power of Roger Ailes, head of Fox, to take an entire network to the extreme right? Who is he really? And who is really behind him?

  4. @F Joy,

    He created that network with this in mind. He knows he can make money off of the conservatives. Interesting that his children don’t agree with the direction of Fox news and are quite humiliated by its international reputation as a Ministry of Truth for the Teapublicans — Fox is the only network actively engaged in political activism.

    No MSM wants to spend the time fact-checking — just look at ABC (Tapper) w/ their pledge to fact-check the Sunday show, and yet no one watches it. Until money can be made from facts, expect more of the same. They are all catering to a lazy populace who want to be comforted instead of confronted with the uneasy feeling of two different ideas from which to chose. Furthermore, the Republican corporatist agenda is more in line with military industrial media congloms currently running the show.

    Everyone needs to have a “hook” now to get viewers. And that hook can’t be something boring like facts, apparently.

    Though the good news is Rachel’s show continues to grow.

  5. @Sarah Jones, “Furthermore, the Republican corporatist agenda is more in line with military industrial media congloms currently running the show.”

    Funny how the military contracts / military industrial complex continue to grow no matter who is in office… it’s a beast that is unaffected by politics and constantly grinds through our money… and our young people.

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