Panic Time at Fox News as Glenn Beck loses 50% of his Viewers

Viewers continue to leave Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has been in denial about his ratings slide for weeks now. First, he claimed that there is no ratings decline for his Fox News show, and then he claimed that the weather was to blame for his 33% drop in viewership. However by attracting only 1.7 million viewers on Friday, Beck hit a new all time low which is now 50% off of his peak audience of 3.4 million.

On Friday, Beck pulled an all time low of 1.776 million viewers, and while this is good enough to handily win his time slot, this marked a new low which has quickly turned into a free fall since January. At the close of 2009, Beck was still averaging 3 million total viewers a day. At his peak, Beck could draw 3.4 million plus viewers a day. There was talk of him eventually supplanting cable news king Bill O’Reilly.

The story for Glenn Beck last week was the same as it has been for all of the other weeks over the past few months. He starts strong on Monday, but he loses viewers on each of the following days of the week. Last Monday, Beck had 2.3 million viewers. By Tuesday, he had 2.1 million viewers. On Wednesday and Thursday, he had 2 million viewers, and by Friday he was down to 1.77 million viewers. What should be most troubling to Fox News is that Beck did not have one below average day. He had three. Beck’s average number of viewers had fallen to 2.2 million viewers, but on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, he was under that.

The root of the problem remains Glenn Beck himself. Beck fancies himself to be a political leader now, not an entertainer. On his radio show on April 20, Beck said, “When we were, and I’ve never told this story before, when we were starting the TV show, there were things that I did that I wouldn’t do now because I had to be more of an entertainer to get people to go what is this show at five o’clock? I never said anything I didn’t believe, but I may have said things in an entertaining fashion.” The problem is that viewers don’t seem to like the new serious Glenn Beck.

In reaction to the ratings drop, Beck has tried to spice things up by adding lots more God into his program in an effort to bring back the Evangelicals, and he started the gimmick Founders’ Friday which comes complete with a studio audience. Since Founders’ Friday led to his lowest numbers ever, I would say that it isn’t working. Beck has gone to the three Fox News G’s (God, Guns, and Gimmicks), and yet his audience continues to erode.

While Beck refuses to admit that he is losing viewers, Fox News is saddled with a program that generates no ad revenue, and sagging viewership totals. If Beck’s show starts pulling under the 2 million viewers a day Fox News averages on a consistent basis, changes will be made. Whether he wants to admit or not, Glenn Beck has a real problem here. His viewers are slowly eroding away. The Beck fad appears to be over, and what Fox News has left is redundant, repetitive, one trick pony of a host.

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  1. OH, gosh, my heart is broken, just broken. One more piece of Fox garbage out the door….

    thanks to everyone who boycotted his show, too!

  2. Folks who have any brain cells must tire of the same act day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. A rodeo clown with his one act. Hate Hate Hate.

  3. Its hard for people to continue believing his lies when the economy is improving, and people are getting healthcare.

  4. @Pat, I think you are on to something. People used to watch Beck because he amused them. I know people on the Left who liked the fact that it was an absurd circus. Now he is simply boring.

  5. Is similar “panic” gripping producers of the other cable news shows? Consider the following year-over-year April ratings comparisons from Nielsen:

    April 09 – April 2010 in the 25-54 demographic:

    Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly– down 3%
    Fox News’ Glenn Beck – down 6% (7% for all viewers)
    MSNCB’s Rachel Maddow – down 8%
    Fox News’ Greta Van Sustren – down 13%
    Fox News’ Sean Hannity – down 17%
    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – down 23%
    MSNBC’s Headline News – down 26%
    MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann – down 28%
    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer – down 37%
    CNN’s Campbell Brown – down 39%
    CNN’s Anderson Cooper – down 41%
    CNN’s Larry King – down 46%


  6. Of course he is losing viewership. Faux News caters to the crazies who only want someone to bang the drum for them. If Glenn Beck isn’t going to get them going, they’ll get their crazy hate on somewhere else.

    Note: He lost viewership by being ‘serious’. That doesn’t mean there are fewer idiots out there, only that they certainly don’t want ‘serious’ and really, if they are watching Faux News, is that a surprise?

  7. So let’s say he loses his show or gets a crappy timeslot, with his “plan” about to be put into action, will he become something else? More than a evangelist entertainer, maybe a leader of a new movement? Id prefer he be on tv where we can keep an eye on him. He could become a more influential Alex Jones and that worries me.

  8. The source link got snipped. Source: “Glenn Beck’s Ratings Collapse,” Business Insider, April 29, 2010. Note that the headline refers to a statistically less relevant month-to-month comparison of a 30 percent decline from January to April 2010. The story also doesn’t note viewer share for these shows in the same January to April period. Ratings-getters such as sports championships and awards shows (sometimes, for the latter) can steal fewer share from TV show categories.

  9. So Beck; along with Palin, consigns himself to permanent irrelevance.

    Nothing more than a one line footnote in history.

  10. You liberals are so desperate you are talking on here about a 3 percent ratings drop in Bill O’Reilly, etc. Maybe people are going on vacation. The economy still sucks, Glenn may have gotten boring, but he isn’t a liar; I think he may have just come across as too intelligent for most of you people. You just don’t want to see Fair and Balanced. All you want to see are liberal views and have no boundaries for anything; until it affects you and the world is chaos, then you will be searching for someone to BAIL YOU OUT.

  11. @Joe,

    no, we leave bail outs to you people who have socialized the too big to fail corporations and now BP. Keep up the great work.

  12. @Joe,
    “We don’t want to see Fair and Balanced” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Wait… like on Fox News???!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    You’re funny, say something else…

  13. Given Jeff’s statistics, I wonder if it isn’t proper to ask this:

    Are simply less people watching the news and becoming less informed because of how things are on the street? Could it be its not the programs but the viewers?

    CNN is losing viewers because it no longer reports the news. I have only recently started to watch MSNBC and they do report the news. Then I go read the BBC and asian times online and find out what is happening in my country. Fox entertains in the same way that draws people to the 3 networks during prime time.

    Joe, Gov Rendall(R) of PA today said the stimulus is a godsend in his state. You may wish to go put your cliches in an update machine. 250,000 people at GM are working and not collecting unemployment. The list of the bail out success’s goes on and on.

    BTW, the republicans started the bailouts. Remember a furry little weasel named Bush?

  14. @robespierre, Glenns “god” the nazis will take care of the plan. I think god wants him on the 3:00 am slot to save the people just getting home from the bar.

  15. @Carrie Smith, I think hannity going down 17% is the most important. He carries the biggest stick and tells the most lies.

  16. @Joe,

    You mindless little twit. The post you are whining about showed a dozen cable news programs, all with declining viewership. He was asking whether or not the producers of THOSE shows are “panicking” the way Beck’s supposedly are.

    In other words, my witless wing nut, is the drop in Beck’s audience really THAT significant if there is a general decline in cable news shows on the whole? O’Reilly was first listed because he had the LEAST drop.

    Now go take your phony outrage back to Faux News and let the adults have a conversation. Run along now…

  17. @Dean, LOL Are you saying that Murdoch is thinking of killing Beck on national TV that would be a sight Beck gunned downed.

  18. @Shiva, Ed is a (D) not an (R), even though he annoys us Democrats just as much as the Republicans, he is in fact one of ours.

  19. @, Would you put it past Rupert if Beck’s viewership continues to dwindle to have a bunch of guys in MSNBC sweatshirts and Keith Olbermann masks storm the studio and gun Beck down? I wouldn’t, because it would not only free up Beck’s time slot for Sarah Palin, but he could also martyr Beck as a victim of “Left Wing violence.”

  20. @Jeff, Nice try, pulling up the year to year, when I am talking about his numbers relative to this year, and you left out the last 6 weeks. By the way the other networks would not be panicking because they are still making money off of ad revenue, unlike Fox is with Beck, because they virtually have to give the advertising away.

  21. @Jeff, One more thing, shows that are holding stable in the ratings don’t start tinkering with their content and format like Beck has. He is struggling there is a problem, and he has complained on his radio show about the repetitive nature of the message on his TV show. He knows there is a problem and he has no idea how to fix it. Beck is now an average FNC program. He is no longer the rising star that he once was, and he may never reach a consistent 3 million viewers a day again.

  22. Well, I know this may seem harsh, but don’t older people watch Faux? How do we know they just aren’t dieing off? I mean, Wednesday is usually the one with most death (statistically, in the past) and they could be having funerals and shit on Fridays or something. Far fetched, but seriously the first thing I thought of.

    Second thing that came to mind– people get their news on the internet. If you look at CNN and MSNBC or any other news station, you’ll find that they have videos of the story from YouTube! And from what I see, there’s a lot of Fox clips with O’Reilly and Beck (not as many as people calling them idiots though!). I just think that people are watching their news from a different medium than usual. That’s probably why all stations are losing viewers.

    Personally, I’m glad Beck is losing normal viewers. He is so deluded and has deluded so many people that I’m sick of his acts.

  23. @Jason Easley, please enlighten us with statistics and research — long-term, year-over-year trending for similar TV shows and correcting for special events — to back the conclusions.

    Year-over-year figures are more meaningful than month-to-month or even quarter-to-quarter figures, because of recurring cycles. When companies try to hide their earnings problems, they hype quarter-to-quarter changes. When auditors look for trickery, they look for year-over-year changes and one-time events.

    While we’re talking about statistics and research, check out Pew’s 2010 State of the Media report (state of the media dot org slash 2010 slash cable underscore tv underscore economics dot php):

    Advertising Rates on Cable Television
    2008, Select Networks (Cost per Thousand Viewers for 30-Second Ad)
    Cable Channel
    ESPN $15.27
    Golf Channel $11.12
    MTV $10.72
    Bravo $10.21
    Comedy Central $7.46
    CNN $5.81
    TLC $5.78
    Weather $4.61
    E! $4.32
    Lifetime $4.13
    Fox News $3.97
    MSNBC $3.33
    Source: SNL Kagan, a division of SNL Financial LLC

    “If Fox continues to gain in both total viewers and ads, the effect of a lower rate will continue to diminish.

    “There were some questions in 2009 about the effect on advertisers of partisan-sounding rhetoric on Fox News. Glenn Beck in July raised a stir with some comments he made about President Obama. As a result, some companies moved their ads from Beck’s program to others on Fox.

    “Among those who moved their ads from Beck’s program were ConAgra, Procter & Gamble, Geico and Sprint, some 33 in all.

    “Why the pullback in advertising, especially when Beck brings so many viewers? Clorox issued a statement: ‘We do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show hosts.’

    “Fox News stated that these companies ‘have redistributed to other programming on the network, so there has been no revenue lost.’ There is no evidence that it harmed Fox’s financial situation.”

    This net-revenue tradeoff for Fox News Channel was echoed in this statement from News Corp.’s May 4, 2010, third-quarter earnings report:

    “FNC achieved its highest ever quarterly profit, increasing its operating income 31% over the third quarter a year ago primarily from affiliate revenue rate increases and higher advertising revenue while maintaining its cost base. Viewership at FNC was at its highest level ever during the quarter with ratings 188% greater than its nearest competitor in prime-time and 157% higher on a 24-hour basis. For the second consecutive quarter, FNC had the top thirteen shows in all cable news.”

  24. I don’t think viewers are dying, I think they’re taking more notice of what is REALLY happening in the world and making up their own minds as to what’s Faux and what’s not.
    Too long they’ve had the likes of Glenn Beck telling them what to think, and suddenly they may be saying: “Wait a minute, this guy is really an as!/hole.”
    Hey, folks! Welcome to the real, compassionate, love-thy-neighbor world. Switch off the scum and start living.

  25. You people crack me up. You love to call call people names, but have few or no facts to back your comments up. That being said, I don’t watch Glen Beck as often as I used to. First I watched to see what all the hub-bub was about. He makes some good points, and connects alot of dots. Some people just don’t want to hear it. Others don’t like the way he connects them, etc. I don’t watch as much as I used to as I don’t have the time. I have cut back in all my TV viewing as I am sure most people have now that the weather has gotten better. I am sure that Beck’s ratings have dropped for more then those reasons too. Some people don’t like his message and have stopped watching. But then CNN and MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC have had their viewership fall like a rocks too. All that and most newspapers. The reasons/excuses vary, but the bottom line is people aren’t liking what they are seeing and/or reading and moving to other sources for their news/information.

  26. @Jason Easley, No kidding? I could have sworn CNN showed him as a R yesterday. The whole time I was watching him it was apparent to me he was an R. LOL, thanks Jason! So much for my own fact checking!

  27. Beck is first an entertainer. He found a lucrative slot for himself and milked it. He’s made some bucks but might do an about-face, make a lot of news when he decides to ‘see the light’ and become a liberal commentator. That would generate a lot of views and his career would get a shot of energy – money. It’s all just words, after all. He is currently not a congressman where actions can affect us.
    How many of us out there do more than talk and bitch on blogs? How many of us DO something about the brain-dead commentators and don’t just sit back and blather?

  28. @Pat, The article is about Beck, not Olbermann

    “tire of the same act day after day… Hate Hate Hate.”

    The article, if you bothered to read it, credits Beck for mixing up his show and explains how it has changed over time.

  29. Great news for Glenda. He can always cry a few more times to help boost the ratings. If ClusterFox wants to go for the “serious news reporting” rep they’ll embrace the lower ratings. I would think the teabaggers would come to the rescue…they buy lots of stuff don’t they?

  30. @Joe, the hell he ain’t a liar…wow! and you guys just eat it up..You have an appetite for such lies. So far from reality…No love just hate and will make it up as you go along just to try and lend some credibility to your backward political positions…

  31. @Jeff,

    the year to year numbers aren’t very meaningful because that was before Beck’s huge rise in viewers… I think the point is that Beck doesn’t have the momentum that he used to… his “movement” is dissipating.

  32. apparently the 1.7 million people that were watching just to see Beck embarrass himself have gotten bored.

    good job.

  33. @Preachercoach, Must you guys feed the trolls? If this isn’t a transparently obvious troll attempt I don’t know what is!

  34. @Preachercoach, Must you guys feed the trolls? If this isn’t a transparently obvious troll attempt I don’t know what is!

  35. @truthful thinker, and if you bothered to read the article… you would have seen the following…

    “The Beck fad appears to be over, and what Fox News has left is redundant, repetitive, one trick pony of a host.”

  36. @Jason Easley,

    Honey… Give it up. The year to year ratings, especially demo specific, like adults 25-54 are all that matters. Comparing Spring to Winter ratings MORONIC and DEMONSTRABLY ignorant. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. I spent TWENTY YEARS on the air in major market radio and my INCOME was dependent on my ratings. I have life long friends at network level television. BECK’S RATINGS ARE HUGE and any effort by some liberal puke to say otherwise is pathetic and ridiculous.

    Just stop it before you embarrass yourself any further.

  37. @Capnkrik,

    maybe u don’t like the message she delivers BUT

    she does cite fact sources to back her up AND

    when she makes a mistake she owns up to it & retracts the comment.

    Beck on the other hand “creates” his own facts and fantasies.

  38. @Jason Easley,
    You emailed a comment to me that me factually provable response to your idiotic conclusions about Beck’s ratings made me “Stupid” – Blah, blah, blah… Typical liberal noise. Name call. Blah, blah, blah… Sack up big, boy, and present some credentials to back up your credibility to read ratings data and further, than my conclusions, based on the fact that I derived my INCOME from knowing how to do exactly that, was wrong.

    Liberals like to name call then run like little girls who pull pigtails then run off the playground. You want to play with me, big boy, you better come armed with facts because I don’t stand for that sh*t.

    What did I say that was wrong? Why? PROVE IT you big sissy.

  39. @Annie,

    My you are the big one, aren’t you?

    I am so sorry for you, as you clearly have a reading and comprehension disability. Jason did provide you, as did others, exactly the facts you demanded, but you failed to understand them.

    He then called you out as the Fox viewer you are. Remember?

    That’s when you quoted the Murdoch owned WSJ as the only factual source of news? LOL. Yes, dear, that was cute.

    Now run along with that tinfoil hat and find us something better than this hysteria over Beck’s failure to incite the rest of the country into the white nationalist party.

  40. @blaising,

    Not unless the government is buying…..

    what’s the point of protesting big government as you stand on public park taking advantage of your Medicare and proving the failure of American education system w/ misspelled signs if you can’t also be a total red state sucking big government dry hypocrite?

  41. @Annie,

    As you are currently engaged in making accusations back and forth regarding an individual’s intellectual capacity perhaps you ought to take the time to spell check your responses. While spelling and punctuation do not necessarily coincide with intelligence, an awareness of one’s own lack of ability regarding either and a subsequent implementation of the tools to make that correction might help us to better understand your brilliance. After all, it must have taken remarkable professionalism to “derive INCOME” from a long and distinguished ratings data reading career.

    On a separate note, I loved the name calling. Especially pleasurable was the reiteration of Mr. Easley’s affliation with liberalism. You shared with us your own totally unique critiques of individuals like Mr. Easley. Two examples are your dismissal of “typical liberal noise” and the well known fact that “liberals like to name call then run like little girls who pull pigtails then run off the playground.” You then go on to call Mr. Easley a “big boy” and a “big sissy.” The cognitive dissonance is superb! I commend you on your astute political awareness and your mastery of the art of verbal abuse.

    With great admiration,
    Big Boy Brian

  42. @Capnkrik,

    I believe the charge against Fox isn’t that they are not fair and balanced, as other networks, like MSNBC, are certainly not, but that they claim they are “fair and balanced.” The distinction is the hypocrisy on display at Fox for using such words as their motto. Moreover, the hypocrisy on display with Fox’s “fair and balanced” motto, while maintained, is misleading to viewers, who perhaps having just begun their foray into American political news are unaware that they are receiving their information from a biased source.

  43. Lets say there are two parties you where invited to. Both parties where being held on the radio. The first party everybody was laughing and having a good time, working out the problems of the days to come. Seeing the good that could be if things where to change for the good.
    The other party was a party that everybody there was smirking at other people, laughing and making fun at what other people say or said. The only fun they where having was to make jokes about someone.
    What party would you want to go to?

    Becks party is coming to an end.

  44. @Annie, “Liberals like to name call then run like little girls”

    And this from the woman who has in her two previous posts flung “you big sissy” and “liberal puke.”

    Pot. Kettle. Hypocrisy?

  45. I’ve received three replies to my last post demanding that someone factually refute my assertion that the ONLY proper way to assess someone’s ratings success is to compare apples to apples (April ’09 to April ’10), NOT Jan to March (or some other such amateur matrix). I have offered as proof of my standing in this matter than my very LIVING was predicated upon my understanding how to read such a matrix for TWENTY STINKING YEARS…

    Thus far, all I have received in reply, are four messages whining that I called out you boys for the sissies that you are, and for spelling errors.

    Blah, blah, blah… Still W-A-I-T-I-N-G for you tell PROVE MY ASSERTION WRONG. Thus far it’s all baby boy noise.

  46. I’ve received three replies to my last post demanding that someone factually refute my assertion that the ONLY proper way to assess someone’s ratings success is to compare apples to apples (April ’09 to April ’10), NOT Jan to March (or some other such amateur matrix). I have offered as proof of my standing in this matter that my very LIVING was predicated upon my understanding how to read such a matrix for TWENTY STINKING YEARS…

    Thus far, all I have received in reply, are four messages whining that I called out you boys for the sissies that you are, and for spelling errors.

    Blah, blah, blah… Still W-A-I-T-I-N-G for you tell PROVE MY ASSERTION WRONG. Thus far it’s all baby boy noise.

  47. @Givemeabreak,

    Lets see, Issues statements down playing commenters as name callers and siting their lack of facts, then continues on to give no facts and make excuses for the poor programming on fox news… seems like you’ve learned the winning strategy! Givemeabreak/Palin ’12!!!

  48. @Jeff, I don’t understand why you keep trying to muddle the issue with unrelated points. If you don’t like the Neilson data, take it up with them. I notice that you bring up unrelated points, but you choose not to refute the original point of the story. Last Friday, Beck drew 1.7 million viewers. His peak was 3.4 million. 1.7 is half of 3.4. Beck has developed a constant pattern of losing viewers from M-F. There is a problem.

    As far as transferring their support to other Fox programs goes, you are making my point for me. You would be correct in assuming that the network is not hurts, because the ads were shifted, if the network had an unlimited number of ad spots, which they do not.

    So every spot that Beck took elsewhere is one that can’t be sold to another sponsor. All the while Fox has been offering discounts of at times 80% to gets ads on Beck’s show. (Notice how many of the ads on Beck’s show are Newscorp companies). Beck is costing the network money, when they have to move a sponsor to another program, because they are getting less revenue out of Beck’s program, while also having fewer spots to sell on other shows.

  49. @Marvin, Exactly, I think Jeff might be missing the point. This is post with a micro point of view while Jeff is looking at this in macro terms. Thanks for trying to clarify.

  50. @Annie, Oh my God, You’re Glenn Beck. This is same argument Glenn made on his radio show. No, your point off base completely. The purpose of the post was to document the CURRENT shift in ratings. Stop trying to shift the playing field. Thanks for reading, Glenn.

  51. No dear, I’m not Glenn Beck. I’m just not a MORON. Reading ratings the way you are reading them is STUPID. Our local talk radio station that also carries the Red Sox has a HUGE drop off in listenership every November. Know why? “SEASONAL FRIGGIN’ NORMAL” Because baseball season ENDS and all the Red Sox listeners drop off… Reading ratings from month to month is INSTRUCTIVE OF NOTHING… EVERY cable show sees losses that time of year. Again… apples to apples is all that matters… *sigh* Serious people, inside the business, whose BACKSIDES depend on knowing how to read the numbers KNOW THAT WHAT I AM TELLING YOU IS TRUE. So stop your moronic insistence that a seasonal normal means anything… Jeezuz. Just man the frig up, realize you learned something today, admit you were wrong, and deal.

  52. @Brian, I guess what we should be discussing about fair and balanced is the news coverage. Glenn Beck, Rachel Maddow, etal., by their own admission are preaching to their own crowds.
    I can’t back this up at this point but conservative radio commentators (not news networks or reporters) draw better ratings on radio and to some degree on TV. I guess the right consumes more and that’s what drives ratings.

  53. @Annie,

    I’m sure your friends are in local TV, but in the big city, everyone knows Beck’s ratings are manipulated in the first place by Fox paying to be played in major restaurants, hospitals, military bases, etc. Neilsen is not the god you pretend it to be, and you’d know that if you were really in a big market city.

    Or you really knew anyone in the corporate world of the big three. Which clearly, you don’t.

  54. @Goldie, sorry I can’t stand to listen to her so, I can’t speak to her veracity but you obviously watch Glenn Beck so please cite instances where Glenn Beck has created his own facts.

  55. “I’m sure your friends are in local TV, but in the big city, everyone knows Beck’s ratings are manipulated in the first place by Fox paying to be played in major restaurants, hospitals, military bases, etc. Neilsen is not the god you pretend it to be, and you’d know that if you were really in a big market city. Or you really knew anyone in the corporate world of the big three. Which clearly, you don’t.”

    Typical liberal insulting and demeaning the person who calls you out on your cr*p then, once again, shifting the argument off the point at hand.

    When you’ve got someone telling you they made their living for twenty friggin’ years reading/getting ratings, and further, they have lifelong friends in network television telling you that you are wrong, I guess that’s all you got.

    I’m bored with this and done caring. Live in your weird little world. Whatever.

  56. @Wil Greer, sounds like you’re talking about the liberal party that wants to control our lives, what we eat, who we get our health care from. The same people who call the right sheeple. I consider myself a libertarian and wish the government would just stay out of my business. No I am not a racist or a tea bagger, just someone who is worried about all the money our government is spending.

  57. @EnglishSaddle,

    and PS, “network” does not refer to cable tv and Fox is not a network, and in relation to network tv, Fox’s ratings are peanuts.

    What kind of show are you running there in Real America?

  58. @Annie/Glenda,

    You keep saying you’re leaving and yet you don’t. Much to our chagrin.

    You demeaned, insulted, name-called everyone on this site who didn’t agree with you, Glenn, and then you used some tired old Glenda radio show talking points to try to dispute reality.

    You then claim you “know people” in TV and yet you don’t know the difference between network tv and cable tv, or do you know jack shit about how Nielsens are used in the industry — nor the disdain they are regarded with.

    You just want everyone to believe you so badly….you just want Glenda’s show to be OK.

    But it’s not.

    And lastly, Fox is not network TV. His show was never “huge” — it was huge within the sad little world of cable tv, among the wanna bes, the has-beens, and the no-bodies. But I bet that’s something you know all about, sweetie.

    This isn’t how we roll in the big city, sweetie.

  59. Thank you for once again proving my point. You STILL have not addressed the fact that you are misreading the ratings, have once again insulted the bearer of the bad news to your weird little world. and proven yourselves to be the small market fools you are. I don’t know what you *think* “rolling” in the “big city” is sugar-pies, but it ain’t got your wheels…


  60. @Annie,

    Bottom line the ratings are gone, it doesn’t really matter because only complete morons take the guy seriously. Anyone that would say a democrat is a fascist does not know what fascism is. This is something he constantly calls obama. Also he compares socialism to fascism which is inherently ignorant. If anyone takes someone who constantly spews out ignorant comments seriously then they are flawed.

  61. @Annie,

    And you still have not admitted that you know nothing about ratings.

    How else can you explain that in the world of TV, having a ratings loss this dramatic, which is going down every week — EACH MONDAY LOWER THAN THE LAST — is indicative of the fact that Glenda got his real producer fired and is running things via his massive ego. That’s not going so well. The gimmicks aren’t flying. He has no advertisers. How EXACTLY do you make this into a good thing for Glenn? LOL.

  62. Nice job, Jason. HuffPo quoted you regarding this issue. I’m sure you’ll be getting a call from Annie/Glenn any second now…..

    Prepare the tinfoil.

  63. *sigh* You’re right. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking. Silly, silly me. I thought my bank account which grew and grew based on my top five major market afternoon drive #1 show radio ratings and my friend, the late Peter Jennings executive producer, and her husband, a cable network director, and other acquaintances of mine in NY, San Francisco, and London, have it all wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking talking about ratings with a giant such as yourself. I’m so ashamed. I’ll shut up now.

  64. @Annie,

    You still haven’t denied that you are local and yet you pretend to know all about how “networks” work and ratings and claim you have “friends” in “network” tv, which can only mean friends like the local abc outlet in your little hamlet of Real America where Beck matters.

    And what is “small market fool” other than local TV? Public access maybe? You work on the local TV news? You sell radio ads for the local airing of the 700 club?

    In the real world, Network TV, Fox is sucking the cast offs of the big three and are not a place to go to earn the big money.

    But whatever. You are in denial and still spin, spin, spinning. Glenn is going down. Fox can not and will not continue to host his show for free if he can’t bring the viewers.

    Some people are no doubt pleased by this…Bill-o the loofah loving sexual harasser for one.

  65. I think it’s safe to say News Corp isn’t dealing in reality or news….so we can leave their sad little cult members to their world of pretend glory and paranoia.

    For those who live in the real world, much has been made of the fact that Nielsen’s problems with data are well-known; their methodology is archaic and unreliable. Innovative Media Measurement was formed big media enterprises including NBC Universal, Time Warner, News Corp, Viacom, CBS, Discovery and Walt Disney in order to stop having to rely upon Nielsen’s questionable practices for data collection.

    The fact that Fox has been at the top for cable ratings comes as no surprise when one examines the methodology which favors an older audience. I don’t bring this up to suggest that they don’t dominate among cable news, but rather that the argument that they do and therefore are good or what people want to watch is a questionable assumption at best, based as it is on data the entire industry questions.

    Beck is not doing well right now, and given the mantra that you are only as good as your last show, he has to be nervous. He’s bringing in no ad revenue and losing viewers by large amounts even within the context of other news programs losing viewers.

    Then again, who considers Beck “news”?

  66. @Dick Pryer, Ha ha! I mean… That’s horrible and you’re totally missing the point of the serious discourse. But no, really.


  67. @Annie, All we have is your assertion that you are right. You cant prove its right yet you want someone to prove its wrong.

    Within all statistics, data can be used whether short term or long term. Short term data is an indication of trends and long term either refutes or proves trends. Looking at short term data and a same period in history of the ratings can prove special causes for trends (seasonal, actual downward trends, baseball season etc)and are fair comparisons

    There is no one way to look at data, it can be extrapolated in many ways.

    Now, as for your lifelong network friends, please prove my assertion that with your attitude you have never had a friend in your life wrong.

  68. @Sarah Jones, I smell a breach of contract suit coming up when Fox shows him the revolving door.

  69. Nothing better than a drawn out comment section argument to liven up the evening. If anyone made it down this far, kudos, and I think you’ll agree that its interesting how there’s always that one person who desperately feels like if they can just win the argument this once the world will go “back” to the way they want it to be.

    And how everyone knows who I’m talking about except that particular person.

    Not drawing any conclusions just saying its …interesting.

  70. @Annie

    God*, you’re an idiot…

    *There is no God. Any use of the term God is an expression that is the result of a world still largely under the influence of religion.

  71. Sore Losers…..

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 1,776,000 viewers (411,000) (780,000)
    Situation Room—481,000 viewers (136,000) (184,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 528,000 viewers (113,000) (173,000)
    Fast Money(5:00 – 5:30PM) – 223,000 viewers (a scratch w/47,000) (119,000)
    Options Action (5:30 -6:00PM) – 164,000 viewers (a scratch w/47,000,000) (111,000)
    Showbiz Tonight —197,000 viewers (70,000) (84,000)

  72. I live in Lebanon and I’ve only saw Glenn Beck through commentaries by John Stuart and Colbert. Yeah, this is a biased opinion, can’t be more glad that a piece of trash supremacist dogmatic tv will no longer brainwashing any piece of mind that effectively.

    The world is moving forward…

  73. Characters like Beck have been around for decades. It’s the ol’ paranoid style that translates into serious profits for those that know how to play it (Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, etc.)

    Everyone must rent a classic movie called “A Face in the Crowd” from 1957 starring Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal. It skillfully tells the story of how charlatans like Glenn Beck continue to appear on the American political scene with every generation:

    Nothing new or original about Beck, just the same ol’ fear mongering, demagoguery, race baiting and nationalism that appeals to people that don’t have much objective historical context.

  74. You know, I am almost embarasses by the fact that almost every comment that was made here, was made by a namby pmaby skillet licking friggin liberal! Why is it that you all are out to try to destroy Glenn Beck! I will tell you one thing! Glenn Beck is still huge. All of the rest of his contemporaries on the other networks, are the one’s who are really in trouble.
    Not only that, but Beck is the only person, who is telling the truth. You liberals would not know the truth if it stared you in the face.
    Your contention that no one wants to advertize on Becks show is not even true. Advertizing revenue is down everywhere. Duh… the economy stinks. Glenn’s ad revenue is no different than anyone else’s. Thenspeaking of advertizers, there is the point that characters like Congressman Anthony Wiener (D) NY, is calling for Goldline to stop supporting Glenn. Why is Congress trying to put Glenn away? Does Congress have anything to fear from Glenn Beck? The answer is yes Congress does have something to fear. THE TRUTH!

  75. You know, I am almost embarasses by the fact that almost every comment that was made here, was made by a namby pmaby skillet licking friggin liberal! Why is it that you all are out to try to destroy Glenn Beck! I will tell you one thing! Glenn Beck is still huge. All of the rest of his contemporaries on the other networks, are the one’s who are really in trouble.
    Not only that, but Beck is the only person, who is telling the truth. You liberals would not know the truth if it stared you in the face.
    Your contention that no one wants to advertize on Becks show is not even true. Advertizing revenue is down everywhere. Duh… the economy stinks. Glenn’s ad revenue is no different than anyone else’s. Then speaking of advertizers, there is the point that characters like Congressman Anthony Wiener (D) NY, is calling for Goldline to stop supporting Glenn. Why is Congress trying to put Glenn away? Does Congress have anything to fear from Glenn Beck? The answer is yes Congress does have something to fear. THE TRUTH!

  76. @Ron, Hi, I am a namby pmaby skillet licking friggin liberal. And I just wanted to let you know, Glenn beck is an idiot. If you watch him and dont realize that then I am very sorry. Seek out the Mayo Clinic.

    Thank you, that is all.

    Oh BTW, The congressman is not asking Goldline to stop supporting Beck, Goldline is under investigation for fraudulent practices. Never underestimate the power of reading.

  77. @Annie, you fucktard here are the numbers break down 5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 1,776,000 viewers (411,000) (780,000) note it is both groups and not just the as you were claiming a complete moron like yourself could easily Google’d this and found out. Nevertheless, a troll like yourself is completely clueless and god help the two-bit station you work at, you suck at your job.

  78. Could be the big drop in media programs is due to two factors,media out of touch with the American people because they are creating false ruses,stories,rumors and ppl are cutting off their cable due to NO Freaking Money/ due to NO JOBs,which media should be covering.
    People are tired of Glenn Beck preaching his Mormonism. I was born a Mormon and know exactly what he is doing and that most of his audience guests are Mormon tea partiers.
    Even if Glenn was catholic,he would still get the big turn off because he appears to be having problems with paranoia and feelings of grandeur.

  79. @Capnkrik.

    First of all, what? How did anything Wil Greer said have anything to do with liberals controlling people lives?

    Second. Even if you are not a tea bagger you seems to fall victim to the same logic fallacies that members of that group have. You OBVIOUSLY don’t understand the health care bill you are against (part of the bill believe it or not DOES NOT mandate the gov’t choose who we get our health care from). If you wish the government to stay out of your business please move to so large private property somewhere with no power, running water, access to sewers, roads, hospitals, or anything else the gov’t helps supply to people.


  80. Glen beck is the only one who might have read the obumer socialist health care bill. Thais is why he scares you lobs. He is smarter than all you Heck bush makes obumer look like a community organizer. Oh wait that is all he is

  81. @Annie, wow you really care a lot about this article. So much so that you have (allegedly) called your friends up who just happen to be in the business from all over the country. YEAH RIGHT.

    P.S. Run on sentences are, like, really, really, annoying, especially when people just use commas where the periods should be, and they don’t even bother to separate different complete thoughts with any punctuation at all which ends up making you look uneducated and really hurts your point of view along with all the made up things you know to help your side, it’s almost like your stupid and don’t know it, which is actually a very accurate representation of the kind of people who love Glenn Beck.

  82. @,

    Your astuteness exemplifies the Beckensonian mind perfectly. Love the generic, retread, juvenile name calling. Wow! Just brilliant!

  83. so do you lying ass pansy liberals want me to point out how stupid you are now or do you want me to wait until next year when beck’s show is still on the air? btw i don’t watch his show and i’m not a conservative nor a tea party member, but i find them far less annoying and deceptive than you damn dirty liberals.

  84. So sad liberals take every opportunity they can get and run with it… Mr. Beck, despite being an entertainer originally, has as much right to call himself a political leader as much as the next guy, just because he’s not liberal doesn’t give him credibility in your opinion? This article is an example of why, despite the ratings slump, that his show is still handily beating all others in that time slot. People want hope and change not more of the same and they certainly would rather hear about things that matter as opposed to some liberal media opinion about what’s going on with the other side. Come on. Is that really all you’ve got ?

  85. @Capnkrik,
    go to youtube dot com
    do a search on glen beck

    you find a lot of his lies & fabrications there
    did he find those fema camps yet?

  86. @Capnkrik,
    go to youtube dot com
    do a search on
    glen beck …….. liar lies worst

    did he ever find those fema camps?

  87. I figured out that this guy had a mental illness back when he was on CNN, peddling his brand of xenophobic jingoism and crying at the drop of a hat…

  88. I am a Republican, and I hate Glenn Beck!
    We should be vigorously debating over our differences, and at the same time show each other respect. At the end of the day when votes are counted; someone wins, and someone losses; that’s America as it should be. Glenn Beck and his chicken little the sky is falling and it’s everyones fault who doesn’t agree with him is cheap, immature, and no one with a functional brain should fall for it. If more Americans did there own thinking instead of watching the evening morons Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest bring us the sooner the news channels would get back to just reporting instead of brainwashing.

  89. Tom, many people think that Glenn Beck *does* represent the GOP, or at least a viewpoint of many/most? of its people. I hope this scares you straight into action.

  90. All right-wingers should be shot. They do not develop the ability to empathise, like normal human beings do, around the age of 13 or 14. They should be considered a danger to themselves and others as they follow unethical principles like “the profit motive” blindly, not caring who suffers or how many. I push for a general cull.

  91. All Right Wingers? Wow, that is a pretty general statement to make. Do you have proof of this? Because if even just ONE right winger has empathy, your statement is proven false. You really made quite the bold statement there EatTheRich.

    I don’t really watch Beck that much, but I will say he was one of the first to point out some of the crazy appointments by President Obama (Van Jones and John Holdren – who is in favor of involuntary population control). As crazy as the guy is he really has found a lot of people in the white house that should definitely not be working there.

    Anyway, good luck proving your statement true EatTheRich. I hope I am found to have empathy because I surely do not want to be shot.

  92. i have been following glenn becks neilsons ratings and they have been going up big time but all i see on the web is that they are going down. nobody comes close to his ratings at 5 oclock time slot. his ratings are 4 times higher than anyone at that time. the only one who beats him is o rielly and sometimes hannity. oberman madden schultz mattews cooper king and blitzer ratings are not even close. my question is why are all these websites saying his ratings are down

  93. @Tom, I just read your response and you are truly fair and balanced. Glenn Beck does not represent ANYONE but himself.

  94. @Tom, I’m a liberal, and I agree with you 100%. The talking heads have been saying that the divide between liberals and conservatives has been growing more and more, but I think we just found something we can all agree on…DOWN WITH THE PUNDITS!!!!!!!

  95. @Tom,

    I didn’t know you *could* be republican and not love Glen Beck. It seems like such an impossibility. Like being republican and caring about the environment, or being a non-religious republican. I’m surprised that other republicans don’t shun you.

  96. @trudylove, agreed. It would appear that Mr. Beck’s mental illness, or sanity as we’ll call it, is just not in tune with the rest of this insane country. Furthermore, he should probably be locked up in a straight jacket before his sanity starts rubbing off, and the government becomes a common sense abiding super power instead of a flaming train barreling toward the end of the line.

  97. @mikltk, You actually think he believes any of the horseshit he peddles?? He just does whatever is needed to keep the $$ rolling in. He’s a talking-head, nothing more.

  98. @Stumbler, Religion is just a means of pulling a con-job over the simple-minded to the Republicans. They no more believe in the God they push than P.T. Barnum believed in helping your fellow man.

  99. Seriously? Last year Glenn Beck was a new and fresh voice on the Fox news channel…in a 4 PM CST time slot….he is still getting nearly 1.8mil viewers which not only as the story sites wins his time slot handly it also beats, on most nights, every other prime time show on the other cable news channels. I dont think Fox or Beck are overly concerned with him dominating the ratings by a little less now.
    PS: I love how this story sites a singular week of shows as opposed to his monthly averages..

  100. @Darren Mitton, and @stumbler; Beck is harsh against republicans very often; of course if you actually watched or listened to the man for a bit instead of making judgements based on talking points you would know that. SE Cup and M Hover are two of many prominant non-religious republicans. I like how you on the left can make generalizations and stereotypes yet continue to claim that “the right” is the intolerant and narrow minded side.
    As for religion being a con-job…yeah most are; except the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I find it unique Darren that you capitalize God still. If I am wrong (which I am not), I will decay in the earth; what happens if you are wrong??

  101. @zach, hahaha. you are funny. following your indictment of the left as intolerant and narrow-minded with just that; intolerance of other religions. i especially like “if i am wrong (which i am not)…” got a good chuckle out of that.

  102. As others have said…..everyone is down……its spring! People are not watching as much TV in general……sorry to burst your bubble…

  103. @anon, Where did I say anything INTOLERANT of other religions?? I partially agreed with a previous poster…I said nothing about peoples rights to believe whatever they want. I feel everyone has the right to believe what they wish; I never said otherwise. Again people are not refuting my words they are just assigning something to me that I never said/did. I state if I am wrong (which i am not)…because that is my belief; I would expect someone from another religion to feel that they are right…again like I said people have the right to their beliefs…your point is non-exsistant.

  104. @zach, You ASSUME I’m a atheist just because I don’t share your opinions…. like most right-wing nutjobs. Actually, I’m VERY spiritual – something you religious types could never wrap your brain around.

  105. There are those in denial that wish Genn Becks ratings were down but the realty is his radio show is 3rd most listened to in US and his diversified broadcasting ops generate $32M a year.
    This might explain why he was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine this month.

  106. He represents something that other people on news shows don’t: An attempt to shed a little truth. Tom says he’s peddling Chicken Little. Well guess what? The Sky is Falling. Have you read about Greece? Beck predicted that six months ago, along with the dominoes of Portugal and Ireland and how Germiny and the IMF (MOSTLY US, AS IN AMERICAN TAXPAYERS) would be bailing out Greece and Europe. And yes, those people are Maoists. And yes, once government gets too big, the rest of us can’t support it, and they’ll be riots in the streets (yes, see Greece again). Anyway, if you don’t watch the show and listen, you might as well go throw rocks at banks and set them on fire. Violent leftests do that.

  107. Beck isn’t about republicans or democrats. He’s about reducing the power of government. Case in point. When the republicans were in charge, they installed the patriot act, which allowed all that once illegal wiretapping etc. The democrats at that time were against that “big intrusive government”. So what happened when the democrats took over? The reinstalled the patriot act. Now that they are in power, big brother gummint is ok. Both parties suck when it comes to big useless governmet. The founders were for government, but as little of it as is required to maintain some sense of order, defense, and a common currency. Dems use big government to buy votes. The use our tax money to buy those votes. We will be paying for union cadillac insurance and gummint workers benefits. Republicans throw out needed regulations to get kick backs from big bidness for campaigns. I could go on, but watch Beck or read some damn books. Both the dems and republicans buy power with our money. And when they spend too much, you get Greece and Europe (check out those riots).

    Pay attention.

  108. I love Beck. Tape him everyday. People make fun of his blackboards and props, but, from a teaching perspective,they are great. If all teachers could model the concepts they are trying to teach in 3DIMENSIONS so people can get reality on them, we’d all be a lot smarter. Whether you agree what Beck is teaching is true, he does a great job explaining. That said, he has predicted to much what was going to happen and why to ignore. At least for me. I don’t think his ratings are going down. More and more people at my work watch him (yes, those of us that don’t spend all our time complaining and throwing rocks and burning bottles can still compete for jobs, but perhaps not much longer). Anyway, SEIU, COMMIES, and Social Justice promoters (ie, more commies) are boycotting him, but they didn’t watch him anyway. If they did, they might learn something.
    They liberal websites say his ratings are down because, extreme lefties (and extreme righties) aren’t concerned with the truth, they are concerned with promoting their flawed agendas. Sure, there are plenty of flaws with free markets, you have to constantly be on guard for liars and exploiters, but it beats alternatives. Just look at the USSR, for example. OOOOPS It’s not there anymore. And ask the people in China,. most of whom are slaves of the governent (if they weren’t one of the millions that were murdered by their leader).

  109. All right wingers should be shot!!! WOW, it’s hard to believe someone would want someone who disagrees with him shot. Oh yeah, maybe Mao and Stalin. To most people, a right winger is someone who doesn’t agree with the left. Right and left is not really the issue. It’s reducing government power. Bit gummint as we have today steals from working people, take a bunch of money off for themselves, and then throw remaining chicken feed at people to buy their votes so the politicians can stay in power. If you watched the action for the health care, you’ll Harry Reid’s definition of Senator is to steal from the other states and bring the money into your own state. He bluntly stated this 3 times. Like when someone said that Senator Nelson flipped his position when the Health Care bill was changed to dump money in his state. A reporter asked Reid if that was right. Ried said, if your senator didn’t get something in there for his state, you should think about changing senators.

    Stalin had a phrase to describe young people who think big government is doing them a favor while picking their pockets: Useful Idiots

  110. Your just jealous cuz you’re too stupid to be rich. If you’re a commie, yes, anyone who doesn’t agree with you should be shot. That’s how they work (See China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea). It’s not about Right or Left. Both sides suck, cuz they both promote big, intrusive government. We need the small government, limitted, like the Founcing Fathers built. Enough government for defense, common currensy, and law and order, so that my right to walk down the street isn’t infringed upon by your right to shoot me in the head. Just enough to keep that sort of contradiction at bay.

  111. As usual, the completely insane right wingers defend a racist, ignorant moron. I’m shocked. Yeah, Glenn Beck is GREAT if you’re a paranoid, gun toting, Sarah Palin loving, Tea bagging idiot. Shame on you all, you talk of protecting freedom, and spew your war mongering idiocy by referencing 9/11 and yet you care NOTHING about your fellow Americans, you would watch the poor suffer and die because they were born into a different life than yourself. Tax cuts for the rich! Health care for the rich! No regulations for greedy businesses because you could be rich! Conservatives are why the rest of the world hates America. You make me sick.

  112. @GeeYaThink, If you ask me he’s got a lot to be crying about. Anybody that can turn off CNN, CNBC and Turner for a while will begin to see that we as a nation are in our death throes. But in regards to viewership, has anybody stopped to consider that many schools are letting out this week? Award programs, school picnics, field day, etc. Any good parent would be turning off the tv no matter who it was and spending time with their child. That number adds up. I think you will see a spike two weeks from now after the majority of the schools are in recess.

  113. @Darren Mitton, Who the hell are you? How do YOU know what I believe as far as faith? That’s a broad freakin’ statement dude that is way off base.

  114. Should “EatTheRich” like, maybe be appearing on some government watch list or something? And the left talks about the RIGHT being unstable? lol

  115. @Adam, Why do you personalize it and believe it was directed at you? That’s a sign of something seriously wrong with your “upstairs”!

  116. @Matt, Beck is also a lover of generalizations – and cares not whether they are true. The more incendiary he can make it, the higher his ratings go. He is naught but Jerry Springer!

  117. 2.2 million viewer still aint bad.. Network ratings.. when was the last time someone asked YOU, what you like, for network ratings? I don’t think it such a great idea for him to move to Fox
    from CNN. CNN he stood out, just like Lou Dobbs.. But Fox is such right wing propaganda machine, he pretty much just Faded into the background… that’s was my first impression at the time I heard he moved. Guess I was right.

  118. @Matt, And those on the far right create their own truth or misrepresent the facts. Go preach doom somewhere else. Beck’s show is NOT a news show. His handlers proclaim that loudly and clearly. It is a platform for Beck’s radical and frequently asinine opinions and was designed to garner ratings and little else. If you watch Beck’s show and DO listen, you’re just falling for his B.S.

  119. @Andy, You said, “…he really has found a lot of people in the white house that should definitely not be working there.”

    The same could be said for virtually EVERY administration that ever walked the White House, which would include, most notably and infamously, the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl ‘Turdblossom’ Rove. Glenn Beck did little more than kiss their collective asses while they were busy destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  120. @Darren Mitton, Well one there is nothing wrong with my upstairs, two, I took it as a generalized statement that Republicans don’t believe in the God they tout. That’s what irked me. Broad, generalized all inclusive insults like that are pretty rude and can offend those that would take issue with your stance. See, “I” am included in the “they”, so, by saying “they don’t believe in God” in essence you were including me and all other Republicans and being that unless you are God, you cannot see into the hearts of those people, so, therefore, it’s not polite to cast that dispersion.

  121. His loss of ratings couldn’t happen to a nicer person, unless he was Rush Limbaugh.
    I couldn’t care less about how high their ratings are, since they promote hatred, bigotry, and ignorance. A few years ago, I watched their shows just to see what they are about. I couldn’t take more than a week of it, because it was a steady diet of hatred and negativity. There are people who say Beck doesn’t believe a word of what he is saying. If so, that’s even worse, because he influences a lot of people who actually believe the crap he and Limbaugh (and others) spew.

  122. @zach, so you believe in God and peddle Christian dogma just to cover your own ass? That’s the kind of self-centered and underdeveloped thinking that permeates all Republican politics. We’ll both decay in the earth, but I’ll have lived a free and enjoyable life. You’ll have spent the whole time concerned with what some invisible man in the sky thinks of you.

  123.! You said that a steady diet of hatred and negativity..since when is the truth hatred and when the country is being run into the ground how can the news be positive? WAKE UP! Everybody had such a problem with this country in 2006 when things were pretty good, so what happend? Dems took over the house and senate and in 08 the white house. This country has been going down the tubes since 2007, hmmm, who was charge? Oh Bush had the white house but didn’t write any bills so all the crap that has been passed since 2007 has been dems. wake up people! and how about Obama, the president, the uniter, calls fellow Americans tea baggers, but the right preaches hate..NICE Mr. president way to unite us!

  124. @Matt,
    I hope you do not think that liberals or democrats do not believe in free market? You do know that being a liberal does not at all mean that they are against free markets right? In fact what you just said, “Sure, there are plenty of flaws with free markets, you have to constantly be on guard for liars and exploiters, but it beats alternatives.” is exactly the beliefs of the majority of liberals/democrats. What you said means that the government must keep the market in check and regulate the market in certain areas. Also, do you realize that Beck just puts a bunch of names on a chalkboard and connects the people together? I could do this just as well with conservatives on the chalkboard instead of liberals. I know im digressing here but i have a question for you….Recently Texas agreed to change their text books to teach differently…to teach more conservative ideas. Do you think that this involvement of the government in the education system is okay? Is it okay for politicians to decide what is history rather than historians? Just curious of your thoughts on this.

  125. @zach,
    Zach do you know why Beck and other Fox News pundits get so many viewers? It is because those that agree with their conservative beliefs have lower employment numbers. The viewers actually hold fewer High School and College degrees and are home more often to be able to watch. Now maybe this isn’t you….i am not saying all of the viewers fit this criteria but many do. The reason why the liberal pundits have less viewers is because many liberals either watch public stations or they do not even watch TV and rely on books for information.

  126. @John,
    I hope you realize that we cannot blame the problems of our country on just politicians. It is impossible for Obama and the democrats in Congress for the economy. It is impossible for those few amount of people to cause the economic meltdown. The reason why our country is being run into the ground is because of all of us. We became greedy and spent more than we made. We wanted more more more. We took out ridiculous mortgages on our homes and spent our money on vacations, cars, and other stupid crap. Get your head out of your ass and realize you can’t put the blame on any certain group of people. We are all to blame. But one quick question…If we were not involved in two wars what would our country’s debt look like? In 2006 things were NOT pretty good. People thought things were good. The things that happened from the late 90’s to 2006 all lead up to the meltdown. That’s like saying….I did all this heroin and things were pretty good but once I ran out of Heroin things got bad. Its the fact that you did all that heroin that put you in such a low place when you ran out. Do you seriously think that because Dems took control of the white house and congress that this country has been going “down the tubes”? You seriously think all that “crap” that has been passed since 2007 created our problems today? Things do not happen overnight. Do you know why this ridiculous tea bag movement is growing? Because people are out of jobs and angry. They are venting their anger at the government. If the economy was excellent then there would be NO teabag movement. Why are the majority of teabaggers white, evangelical, middle aged people? The movement will not grow because it consists of one category of people. Why are the majority of teabagger uneducated people? I have some bad news for you teabaggers…the government will eventually have to raise taxes. There is no other way around solving the budget deficit. Unfortunately teabaggers do not have a basic economic understanding that the government MUST increase spending (fiscal expansionary policy) in order to offset the loss of GDP to pull us out of a recession. Once the recession is over the government can reduce its spending and in turn must raise taxes. There is no other way around this. Get used to it. Anyway, what is the problem with an extra 5% of taxes? Education is the biggest problem in America. Go get an education.

  127. @kevin,

    Correction on the second sentence…supposed to read “It is impossible for Obama and the democrats in Congress to bring down the economy”

  128. @Kevin, way to keep the hate speech that really exists on the left and refer to fellow americans as teabaggers. The usual response when you have no arguement is to say derogatory things about your opponent..but yeah, the right has all the, I can’t think of any perjuratives that the right uses to address a significant part of the population, no that is the left..oh, and you are right I did miss a big part of the picture that DID have a majority of the responsibility for the financial meltdown..housing and Barney Frank said it best in 2008 “fannie mae is just fine”..meanwhile his lover is writing policy that helped crash us…but no don’t blame any one group cause facts just get in the way

  129. @kevin, that is the most laughable reasoning I have heard. First off, I am an ophthalmologist. Next many of Fox’s shows are in prime time after “white collar” work ends anyway. Further, the seperation in EDUCATION levels (those getting college or higher) between people describing themselves as liberal and conservative is under 10% (more libs)…so 10% based on education; double the ratings? not to mention the above. Liberals also do NOT have higher employment numbers that is factually incorrect; please see the most recent rasmussen poll from january. Fox news also has about a 40/30/30 audience breakdown according to Pew. Finally, conservatives actually work more hours per week on average then liberals. Cable costs money how do us poor conservatives afford it; shouldn’t we be watching local? I thought coservatives were all greedy and rich? Liberals sure warp logic when it suits them.
    You get your daily news from books? Maybe you meant papers; of course since all these smart liberals read for their news that doesn’t explain why nearly every national paper but the Journal is tanking….hhhmmm

  130. @, How is that covering my ass? Christianity is about as far from self-centered as possible. It is God centered. YOU follow a self-serving self-centered life; as you have noted in your comment. You can insult my intelligence all you want; granted I am an Ophthalmologist; if that makes you feel better that is fine. My life has become more enjoyable since I Believed; so you dont have me there….plus even if you can tell yourself you are living a better life then all us Christians: I ask again; If I am wrong I decay in the earth and you lived say 80 years of what you convienced yourself was a better life. If you are wrong what happens for enternity?
    To Darren; being “spiritual” means nothing. It is my belief that there is only one true God and that is what I stated. Schemantics are pointless.

  131. @John,

    Limbaugh, Beck, and company spew lies on a daily basis, and the scary part is that anyone believes them at all. I could make a long list of the hateful things they have said, but they would take up too much space. I do know that they like to project their racism on others, such as President Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. Limbaugh in particular has a history of saying incendiary things to and about black people. Anyone who hates a president enough to say they are with the Taliban, as Limbaugh did, is absolutely devoid of credibility. He has also said things that are flat-out misogynistic, and he has stooped so low as to even make fun of Chelsea Clinton’s looks while she was living in the White House. If those things are not negative and hateful, then nothing is.

  132. This article will prove that the Obama administration and Congress are desperate. Everything they do are wrong and our economy is in a nosedive and we will soon be irreversibly destroyed as a country. We are VULNERABLE AND DEFENSELESS AND OBAMA WAS LUCKY DURING THE LAST 2 OF 4 ISLAMIC TERRORRIST ATTACKS WHICH COULD HAVE MASSACRED THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT AMERICANS. THE DANGER FOR THE INCOMPETENT OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND CORRUPT CONGRESS IS FROM THE US MILITARY WHO WILL TAKEOVER THE GOV’T TEMPORARILY TO RESTORE THEe too late AMERICA WE KNEW. The incompetent,islamic terrorist sympathizer,anti-America,anti-US Military,pathological lying,manipulative,corrupt,tax cheating,tyrannical, Obama crime families and dictatorship should be stop RIGHT NOW BY THE US MILITARY in order for our country to survive otherwise it will be too late.

  133. How delightful to hear some good news for a change! If Beck’s following is thinning out, there’s still hope for humanity.

  134. @Adam, Have you stopped to consider people are finally realizing this shit is retarded maybe i should stop watching go suck Gleen Becks dick

  135. For a guy losing viewers its pretty funny that he had more viewers than all the other folks in his time slot combined. I would sure love to have failure like that.

    May 20th

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 2,029,000 viewers (615,000) (1,014,000)
    Situation Room—501,000 viewers (146,000) (213,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 496,000 viewers (106,000) (241,000)
    Fast Money – 309,000 viewers (73,000) (165,000)
    Showbiz Tonight —188,000 viewers (99,000) (113,000)

  136. The most amazing revelation in this story is that it took the
    viewing public so long to realize this pseudo entertainer is
    not worthy of their viewing time.

  137. I am a conservative.
    But I must say that Glenn Beck is a total waste of human flesh and he gives conservatives a terrible name. Not that they help themselves usually. I’m just saying…of all the talking heads in the world that stink (and they all pretty much do) Beck is the worst.

    Do the world a favor. Get off the air before you become a bigger joke. You MAY be able to salvage your career if you go while the going is good.

  138. It’s called accountability … and it’s catching up with Mr. Beck. He has a good message 90% of the time, BUT when he and his co-worker pulled their submarine job on Debra Medina (Texas’ good as gold version of Sarah Palin) during our primary race for governor …. he LOST his credibility with me and thousands of other Texans.

    Too bad he let himself be used as a cheap political hack by politicians with direct ties back to Debra Medina’s opponent (the incumbent).

  139. @Stumbler, Newsflash – I am a registered Republican, care about the environment and haven’t been to church in years. While often over the top in his presentation, Glenn Beck offers some valuable insite into issues you’ll find nowhere else. Instead of lambasting him, you would be wise to balance your news viewing with a few dissenting opinions (in the few places you can find it) to balance the liberal bias in this and all other media. Then, maybe, you could consider yourself an informed citizen. “Unless you have evaluated an issue from all sides, your opinion is not your own, just someone elses you’ve adopted because you were too lazy to become truly informed”

  140. @kevin, Any text book that rewrites the phrase “All men are created equal” to “all people are created equal” thereby deliberately misquoting a historical document to achieve political correctness MUST be reevaluated and revised back to reflect real history, not a revisionist version. Those who wish to erase inconvenient or “unhip” truths or references to God or a creator from or history (I am not religious btw) are no better than the Taliban destroying mammouth stone carvings in the mountains created by earlier civilizations. Whitewashing our history diminishes the richness of the US culture and diminishes us all.

  141. Whoa, no links, apparently.

  142. No links, apparently.

    Wait…are you saying that text books rephrased the declaration of independence from all men are created equal to all people are created equal? By all means if they did then sure it must go back to how it was originally phrased in the document but i dont think that is the problem here. I am more concerned with the fact that people who are NOT historians are getting to re-write history by requiring to put in certain things in the text books. Are you not concerned that they removed the term Separation of Church and State? This is perhaps the most important part of our history. The reason why the founding fathers stressed this is because they remember the involvement of the church in england.

    “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” – Thomas Jefferson

    I think that explains it fairly well. Unfortunately the text book revisions also removed Thomas Jefferson from lesson plans earlier this year. I see this as a way for Christian Conservatives to move towards a theocracy. It is not possible for a democracy to have a state religion. My .02 on the issue.

  144. @Capnkrik,

    In reality, people who agree with Maddow, et al. are more educated so we don’t need our opinions fed back to us. Thus the lower viewership. People on the right tend to be less educated so they are more easily manipulated. A PIPA study showed that people who watch Fox news are more likely to be misinformed on important issues than those who listen to/watch NPR/PBS.

    John Stuart Mill said it best…

    “While it may not be true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.”

  145. @kevin, You might want to mention to John that it was the tea bag party that called them selves tea baggers first. You might also mention to him that the Bush home entitlement bill passed by republicans put a tremendous amount of people in houses that shouldnt have been there. You might let him know that personal bankruptcy’s were so high under Bush he had to pass legislation making it harder to use bankruptcy to protect his credit card friends. I wouldnt mention to him that home failures were well on the way up prior to the big one either.

    He seems to make sure that Bush had no responsibility as a president, and i agree with him. Cheney was presdient

  146. @kevin, Thomas Jefferson did not attend the constitutional convention and as such did not write the Constitution. The Constitution, as written and ratified by the states is the law of the land, not Jefferson’s personal writings. To use the writings of prominent or respected citizens of the day in lieu of the written Constitution would invite chaos as many involved in the actual document preparation did not always agree philosophically or otherwise. What they agreed upon or compromised on was the actual document – no more, no less. Similarly for the Bill of Rights. There is no “wall of separation between church and state” in either document, only the prohibition from establishing a national religion or giving preference to one religion over another. The concept of God and a Creator were important beliefs of the founders. Eradication of their beliefs from our textbooks has been wholely inappropriate (again Taliban like). It was not until the middle and later years of the twentieth century that the Supreme Court began to interpret the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses in the first Amendment in such a manner as to restrict the promotion of religion by state governments. This is a travesty (IMHO – again i’m not religious) and denies important fundamental founding principles of our nation. We have been tryannized by a minority agnostic viewpoint in this country that seeks to weaken our collective spiritual and moral compass. This “creator” based moral compass together with our Constitution are the only obstacles to this centuries progressives and America haters alike in their efforts to secularize and socialize our once fine nation. Read only source materials (Washington’s and Jefferson’s etc) when you wish to understand how and why our nation was formed – not the whitewashed, politically correct revisionist history we have seen passing for historical fact since the 1930’s. The more we all know as citizens, the better able we will be to preserve what was truly intended. I am glad you are interested enough in history to quote Jefferson – just be sure you are equally robust in countering those who overstep the bounds established by the Constitution as well (limited government – only 14 enumerated powers – one was not “healthcare reform”) or abdicate their responsibilities (provide for the common defense – illegal immigration) and take away our liberties.

  147. @EatTheRich, Just because I might not agree with you I should be shot? According to Professor Arthur C. Brooks, “Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household ($1,600 per year vs. $1,227). And they donate more blood.” Don’t give me that crap about liberals and empathy. Liberals don’t like to give their own money so they want to raise taxes to take everyone else’s money to bolster their causes.

  148. @AussieGirl, The ignorance just shines from your posting AussieGirl. 10 to 1 says you have never watched or listened to a complete program of Glenn Becks’. First, how is Glenn racist; you have no proof, further he has had the several member of MLKs family on his show, he talks about american excellence for ALL. Next you say we that support him are “tea bagging idiot(s)”…after calling “us” racist and ignorant; I am sad to see I am the intollerant one. Also the heart of the Tea Party movement is more libertarian; I am not going to explain this to you look it up, you could learn something (hint your war mongering comment). Tax cuts for the rich??? Healthcare for the rich??? where is that ACTUALLY coming from? Finally government is the problem with big business, it is the sand that destroys the gears of capitalism. As a libertarian I frankly could care less if the world likes us. I would prefer the USA to be an island allowing the world to fall to it’s knees. Before you get on your soap box about my last comment please reference the entire eurozone, who funds the vast majority of the UN and the IMF. The world hates us and yet is held up BY us…I would remove the hold.
    I proudly tote my guns and all of my other constitutional liberities and I am glad I make you sick

  149. @kevin, According to the NYT, the average “teabagger” is wealthier and more apt to be college educated than the general population but not necessarily older or from the south.

  150. @John,
    I never used any hate language…
    These are my perceptions with those that I have spoken with that are part of the tea bag movement

  151. @kevin, Looks like we have a battle here.

    Who runs the US going forward? Religion or big business

  152. @Capnkrik,
    I think I found the article…

    89% of Tea Baggers are white
    29% are over the age of 64.
    46% are between the ages of 45-64.
    30% think Obama was born in another country.
    54% hold a favorable opinion of the GOP.
    47% said Palin would not be an effective president.
    57% viewed W. Bush favorably.
    59% had a favorable opinion of Glenn Beck.
    52% say too much been made of the problems facing black people.
    40% say gay couples should have no legal recognition.

    75% are over the age of 45…so majority are older.

  153. @cassie, Hi Cassie! Thanks for chiming in there hon! You frame your rebut masterfully I might add! You ma’am are a TRUE debater. Don’t let anybody ever tell you anything different. Which I’m sure you won’t anyway. lol

    Actually, you know what, I HAVE considered the fact that it’s possible some viewers who have left believe that it’s retarded. But, I didn’t wind up agreeing with that conclusion.

    The ones that see it as retarded are just retarded themselves for describing it as such. (Present company excluded mind you. :)) Actually I believe the ones that are so vicious toward him are hard, HARD lefties that find no value in anything other than John Stewart, Chris “I get a tingle up my leg when I think about Barrack Obama” Matthews, MSNBC and American Idol.

    What do I contribute to be the cause of some people stopping watching him outside what I’ve already said? I think it’s almost wholly due to what equates to a person pulling the head of an ostrich out of the sand. They get pretty pissy when you do that. lol

    I believe that it is like this, “I’m not comfortable with you telling me what’s going on in my country anymore. I don’t agree with it cause it scares me. I don’t watch you so that you can scare me, I watch you to be entertained. Don’t tell all this bad stuff cause I really don’t want to hear it.”

    I’m a optimistic realist. Anybody who does not see storm clouds of what could be disaster looming in the horizon though, basically, are in denial or under-informed or misinformed. Seems people take the “If it happens, I don’t want to know about it.” approach.

    America truly is, for the most part, the “sleeping giant” once again. We’ve been lulled to sleep the way we were before 9/11. How you say? We were lulled to sleep by a fundamental trust in the capability of the federal government to sustain our security, and also, we were lulled to sleep by those “enlightened ones” who keep pumping out entertainment. Have you ever noticed that we have been completely transformed, for the most part, to an “entertainment based society”? People DEMAND to be entertained now days. Entertainment is almost all important to them now. It’s television, I.E: American Idol, Lost, Survivor, etc., movies, the internet, video games, ipods and ipads, need I go on?

    The sad part about it, the “I don’t want to know about it” mentality is only going to work the way you want it if “it”, referring some kind of catastrophic disaster, happens to “take you out” during the initial onslaught of the disaster. The question is, what if you are not in the kill shot of the disaster? What if you are left to have to deal, and pick up the pieces and rebuild? How many of us are prepared? I’ll be honest, I’m not. But I can get ready P.D.Q.

    Glen stresses it all the time, “the retard” ;); hope for the best but prepare for the worst. How many of us have a designated spot to meet up at if a disaster strikes and we’re separated from our loved ones? How many people are prepared to go with no power? No tv, microwave, lights, computer, no way to recharge the Ipod, no league sports or concerts.

    How many people have enough food to last themselves and their families for at least 1 month and even possibly enough to share with one of yall who is not prepared? Hell, how many people even own a freakin’ first aid kit? Come on. Are we responsible adults in this society? That was rhetorical by the way.

    We need to get prepared people. As painful as it freakin is, let’s pull our heads out of our asses, (let’s face it we aren’t ostriches) and start asking the hard questions. Start looking at the shit that we’d give a right arm not to have to look at. Because frankly, if you want to be in the kill shot of a disaster and you fail to be there, you are going to NEED to be prepared whether you like it or not.

    Now, before you all start with your “chicken little” bullshit, do I believe the sky is falling? NO, I am ON RECORD NOW so to hell with the ones that says I do. What I DO believe is that we’re the skinny kid on the teeter totter trying desperately to keep it level with a fat kid on the other side. Do I believe the sky is falling? No. I do believe however that the sky is currently being held up by a big damn stick and there is a maniacal giant standing next to the damn thing getting his rocks off on threatening to kick it out from under it. And I believe the stupid ass is gonna lose his balance and accidentally kick it one day.

    Do you have a risk mitigation plan? Are you disaster ready? Are you going to be the one with enough to share with his neighbor or are you going to be the one asking for help of your neighbor who really is prepared?

    I hope and pray for every one of you. For myself, for this country that I love, for the children. I hope to God all prep is all in vain but we’ve avoided disaster for how long? How long can we continue dodging bullets?

    Love yall. Even the ones that could give a “f” less about me. Just wanted to let you know. And I pray that I’m wrong about the shit storm I see coming down the pike.

    I’m out.

  154. @Rick W., You are correct in the fact that he is not a news broadcast. He’s simply a commentator.

    I ask you one thing Rick. You say go and preach doom somewhere else, I assume you are speaking of Beck.

    My question is, would you maintain that same position if a disaster that you were unprepared for, resulted in the loss of life or quality there of of a loved one? Forget yourself, I’m talking someone else, someone you love.

    Would you maintain that position and shake his hand for keeping quiet even when he knew it was coming? Or would you then start bitching about him knowing and not spilling the beans about it?

    See, attitude shifts towards these things seem to change quickly. It’s “shut the ‘f’ up” when it’s good and then it’s “why didn’t you tell me?’ when it happens and your life is affected. Or the life of someone you love. Especially if the damage you or the other person suffers could have been mitigated by preparedness.

    Now, I don’t know if you would or not. I was simply posing the question. I’m saying many people that would tell Glen to keep his trap shut while everything is hunky dory would be the first one accusing him of not warning against what he knew in his heart was coming after some disaster.

  155. @Adam, Death throes? LOL, I knew conservatives were negative nancys but this is ridiculous. You really need to stop watching Faux News, for your own personal mental health. They are a bunch of whiners who still have their panties in a bunch about getting trounced in the last election. Who wants to be associated with those losers?

  156. @Adam, The problem is, even Glenn knows that he is lying and just making shit up. He doesn’t believe half of the shit he says. No sane person would. He’s a ratings whore and a phony patriot.

    Faux News in general preys on the ignorance of people who never went to school and don’t have “bullshit detectors.”

  157. @Adam, I’m rather intrigued Lou. You seem to speak with such authority regarding him. Do you have a personal history with him? I mean, it’s pretty presumptuous of you to say that you know that he knows he’s lying and making shit up.

    I won’t argue with you about Faux news. They are as much bullshitters as Communist News Network, Hate Line News (HLN), hell, John Stewart for that matter, but, then again he’s a comedian and we all know most comedians are full of shit. :)

    I also kind of know where you are coming from about the majority of people watching Fox is not collegiate. At the same time, colleges indoctrinate harder than do the public school system. I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but, most of the ones I’ve attended, my God, if you make a conservative argument to a liberal professor, that’s an automatic “F”. Colleges unless they are Christian colleges, for the most part are the most liberal of all American institutions. So it’s no wonder that people who spend years in college is more liberal than those who do not.

    At the same time, there are PLENTY of conservatives with Ph.D’s that would probably vehemently disagree with you on that point.

    Nobody’s bullshit detectors work anymore. Everybody’s bullshit detector batteries went dead a long time ago. It’s been replaced with…..

    If it doesn’t fall in line with my political stance and if I don’t believe it…it’s bullshit.

    Goes for both sides pretty much. So, to say it’s bullshit and lies carry no weight. By the way, the lies Glenn Beck spreads, can you cite any of them and tell me where I can find evidence contradicting him? Not political commentary mind you, but simple factual or historical information that I can look up and see for myself, proving something he says is false.

    I wonder if you saw this clip from MSNBC?

    Did your bullshit meter go off? It should be off the scale if your bullshit meter is working correctly. They were spinning it hard that day. What I’m saying is NOBODY is above reproach in the mainstream media. It’s ALLLLLL spin. But you’ll never be convinced of that. You’ll keep your position till the end, which, I hope is later than sooner.

  158. @kevin,

    They are also the ones who worked for a living for
    the last 30+ years contributing to elevating the
    standard of living for everyone in this country,
    understand and accept the benefits of personal
    responsibility and accountibility, didn’t depend on
    government handouts or bailouts, understand the
    growth in unions and their extortionistic tactics, wages and
    benefits as well as government workers with their
    taxpayer funded wages and benefits are unsustainable
    on the backs of private sector employees,businesses
    and “the rich”, are worried for their grandchildren’s
    future, and innately know that social welfare states
    never deliver what they promise and always end up
    with the majority of “the people” experiencing a lower
    standard of living in order to elevate others while
    the “elite”( yes, like Kim Jonj Il,in Korea, Hugo
    Chavez in Venezuela, even our own congress-exempt from
    “healthcare reform”) blame capitalism for “the
    people’s” poverty and misery all the while enjoying
    the last remaining wealth of their nation and sharing
    it with their elite cronys like union leadership (p.s. not the workers).

    Anyone with half a brain (or basic knowledge of
    history and economics) can see the hand writing on
    the wall – It’s a recipe for disaster. Oh that’s
    right, we no longer teach economics or finance in
    primary or secondary education or discuss the failed
    socialist,fascist or communist societies economies
    of the past (hmmm wonder why that might be…) – only emblazon teeshirts with the like of and glorify their leaders like Mussolini, Mao and Che Guevara while conveniently overlooking their brutality and MILLIONS of people who suffered and died under their regimes. Boy, I sure want to live like the Cubans – don’t you????

    The older Tea Party generations either have personal
    knowledge of, collective memories of or attended
    school prior to “education reform” when these truths
    , and our Constitution, were still taught. This important information has been intentionally denied to newer generations. You deride the wisdom, evidenced by the patriotism and commitment to our nations legacy at your peril. You will surely and sorely need their help in the near future when the s#%t hits the fan and you’re all standing around saying WTF because you ran out of OPM (other peoples money.)



    You may want to reread what you wrote. Its pretty out there. You are excusing “capitalism” for its screw ups.

    You cant live on cliches forever. having healthcare does not make us a socialist welfare state.

    I see you have learned your talking points well obi wan

    oh btw, you seem to be confused on healthcare. Congress exempt? From what? There is no government healthcare and if you currently have healthcare you keep it.

    I strongly suggest you go back and update the cliches. I dont see anyone wearing Mussolini, Mao and Che Guevara T-shirts. Please try harder

    The people who grew up in the last 30 years also seen the erosion of jobs that started in the Reagan era as well. many did depend on Unemployment and welfare. There have been job growths and large numbers of jobs lost in that 30 years.

    psst, for every union there is a corporate management. and..gasp, collective bargaining.

  160. Adam’s comments reflect the sadness and desperation of Beck himself. Anyone who believes that our country is heading for a precipice, implies that it is headed for destruction. That is, after all, what @Adam is saying and what Beck certainly says. While there is no way of refuting that belief absolutely, there is no factual evidence to suggest that an impending doom is approaching. In this Beck is following a long line of ‘end-of-the-world’ doomsayers–the same that crowed from every street corner during the long middle ages, and the same that now prepare themselves for some revelation or nirvana or whatever the religious fad is at the moment. None have yet been proved right, unless you stretch some metaphor as a map to contemporary events.

    We do need to discuss our differences rationally. And I think most people believe this. The conflict of ideologies that Beck tapped (and took credit for) is probably healthy, however frustrating it may be.

  161. @john, I think thats a very well spoken post. But I also think you can see evidence of decay in the American way. Schools being closed for reasons other than lack of kids, the continuing difference between the classes, the way the banks use peoples money and the people dont improve their situation, a congress where one side refuses to take part in government. But I said decay, not the end.

    We absolutely do need to be rational. But I dont see that coming unless its strictly between the people and not in the government

    A full swell recall of congress might not be a bad idea.

  162. @Stumbler, stereotypes rule. And when it comes to stereotypes, strong characteristics have a broad reach and all of a sudden describe everyone., you are right about the media thing. I consider Fox News the 30 pound weight on the right of the scale, and MSNBC, CNN, and the BBC all together come out to about the same on the left. Of course, the scale has to be leaning in some direction doesn’t it?

  163. @Shiva, Very well said Shiva. I love the word decay because that is exactly what is happening in America. There are many ideologies at work here. Glen Beck has his. It’s not something that everyone believes in. I, for one could care less for what Beck says on his show. I admit I do listen to his radio program on the way home from work almost everyday just for the entertainment value. He has some good points, but mostly I can’t bring myself to see eye to eye with him. Everybody will have a different view of the government depending on where, when and with what resources they came into this world with. Unfortunately the government can’t address all of our problems the way each individual needs.

    We do need to be rational in our conversations about what to do next. I think we can learn from what is going on in Europe as well as looking within our own society to find the next best thing to do.

    Maybe I’m not like a lot of people that have been posting on here, but I don’t think that in our globally connected world we can afford to be so patriotic as we were able to be in the past. The world is changing as we will be forced to become global citizen at some point. When that will happen who knows. But it will.

  164. @tkp, I think as far as a global neighborhood goes, I shudder at the thought of it. Like many people I would like to stick to our nice front porches and white picket fences, and our sovereignty. But I don’t not think that within the next 50 years there will be an United States of America. I think it will be a country that is totally connected to Mexico and Canada.

    One of the reasons that I say decay is that in order for America to become a global neighbor it has to either raise every other country up to our standards, or else we dumb down too many of theirs. And I think that is what is happening with the call for illegal immigration and the next 30 years you are going to see a tremendous influx of uneducated people into this country. I firmly believe that the people who go to work and make $27 an hour at regular Labour are a thing of the past to a degree. I say that in a general manner. It’s impossible for us to raise other countries up. our education levels are slipping below that of other civilized countries, not that they already were not to start with. we will soon be adding millions to that education system that we cannot pay for and cannot deal with.

    I am aware that this sounds rather Glenn Beckish. but I honestly do not see a future for this country 50 years out as a single country, the one that we know currently. And my example above is only one area in which I see some general decay. Look at Europe and Asia where they have high-speed trains for transportation. I would be willing to bet that we never see high-speed trains here and most of our lifetimes. the almost complete uselessness of our Congress for the last 15 years is another indication of decay to me

    I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh for just a few minutes on my way home for lunch from work. Anyone who has a brain and believes anything he says must seek medical attention

  165. @gracia,
    i’ve never seen such a journalist who have given so much shame and low justice to journalism profession

  166. @Tom,
    i sed to be a republican, and because of the downgrading , shameful, representation by glenn beck and hannity, am going to be independent come november.

    what an irony they call themselves Christians, when they are far toooooooooooooooooooo low from being one.

    what they do is entirely UNCHRISTIAN!!!!

  167. I pastor a church and just recently I have had to advise people in the church to watch him only once a week. Most Americans including Christians can not tolerate that much pessimism. Although most of my congregation would agree with Mr. Becks assessment of the Obama administration, they prefer to remain optimistic and hopeful that president Obama at his core is not an evil person. Anyone that listens to Mr. Beck on a regular basis, that I have had to counsel with, have been dealing with depression or hopelessness.

    Although I believe you can not bury your head in the sand concerning the progressive tilt of our nation, I also believe you can not alienate other Americans with a different point of view, and we must remain hopeful that good and decent people will win out the day.

    Beck is a bitter pill that we need but taken more than once a week could have serious side effects. To much Beck can be bad!

  168. @Adam, Wow Adam…. for a person that didn’t think much of Cassie’s response, she surly pushed your panic button.

    Perhaps you may benefit with her approach to debate and keep your comments pithy.

    I say your defensiveness has to do with a fear that Beck & FoxNews are systematically lying to you.

    Don’t fight your inner voice, learn to trust your judgement; perhaps it’s God’s lil’ Angel trying to guide you.

  169. @Pleasesayitaintso,

    “I say your defensiveness has to do with a fear that Beck & FoxNews are systematically lying to you. ”

    not a fear, its fact

  170. @Matt and Adam and all right-wing/GOP/Tea Party

    Our nation & planet don’t have time for me to play with you. ANY Beck/Fox info is minor compared the threats before us.



    Bigotry and addiction to Fox News spin/lies promotes economic and ecologic suicide

    Just ignore the hundreds of millions spent by so-called “leading” corporations against ‘all’ righteous legislation since President Obama’s inauguration But no harm done, the GOP Supreme Court will save you (just like they did when they put Bush in office) by giving the Constitution to those same corporations

    I’ll gladly debate, or discuss anything, and I specifically request you, (or anyone you think can) respond with FACTS and links for that support any of Beck’s garbage or anything on Fox News.

  171. Funny how people make fun of Beck,yet no one can prove the man wrong.All these so called liberals do is offer up personal attacks like the cold hearted racist jackasses that they are.As far as Becks ratings go:There has been a decline and that goes for EVERY single program this time of year.Anyone check out Kieth Olberman or that shemale, Rachael Maddows ratings?Beck (even with ratings decline) beats them both combined on their best days and he’s not even in a primetime time slot.

  172. @jt, Today, Raw Story

    Rupert Murdoch may be getting an unpleasant phone call soon, if it hasn’t come already.

    That’s because Glenn Beck, the Fox News network’s popular opinion host, just blamed the world’s 19th richest man — Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud — for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

    As it happens, the Prince is a major investor in News Corporation; at seven percent of the company’s shares, he’s second only to Rupert Murdoch himself. Fox News is just one piece of the massive corporation. Murdoch, likewise, owns nine percent of the Prince’s Arab media empire Rotana.

    Most people would call the situation awkward, to say the least.

    Claiming that the U.S. would have acted similarly to Israel in raiding the Gaza aid flotilla, Beck on Thursday afternoon drew an usual analogy between the disastrous military operation that left nine activists dead and the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Beck. idiot.

  173. @Shiva,


    And you are so, so brilliant! What’s an usual analogy?


    If you love em so much, pack your bags and I’ll get you a one way ticket to Lebanon. You can join they’re activist ranks!

    Shiva idiot

  174. @Steward B. Clinton,


    This is freaking hilarious, don’t blame The GOP for your failed pork package. My god there are a ton of fucked up people in this place. I think I’ll stay while!

  175. @Knuckledragger, I’m glad you will stay, you might learn, or even teach. So let’s go:
    Fox’s false label as News, is “indoctrinating” America (majority of TV audience) towards grave self-harm, killing all righteous agendas, thereby dooming our nation and planet. Propaganda should be consistently exposed and linked to it’s roots for inclusion in scheduled actions as follows:
    Congress passes law, not Obama. As the rest of your ignorance, facts show it for what it is

  176. @Jason, I hate to break the news to you, but the reason that these folks are depressed is because Beck has unintentionally introduced to them the frightful idea that alienation and despair are key aspects of late-stage capitalism.

    I’m no commie, btw.

    You can’t put everything up for sale, especially the sacred, and not have the value stripped away. We all want to be the movies star/rock star/quarterback/diva and will buy any product or meme that reinfoces this narcissism.

    We all participate in the grinding exploitation of our selves for the sake of convenience and profit and then shake our heads in dismay when an honest person or genuine scenario can no longer be found without the slime of pop culture stuck to it.

    The worse part is, as he gleefully plays the parrhesiast role, he shows the nihilism of the modern spectator. John Stewart does this as well. The American Psyche identifies itself with the ‘Star’ even when it wants to march in the street or retire to the old countryside.

  177. @Knuckledragger,


    You guys are great!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you watched MSNBC lately?

    Where should I start with the mindless dribble?

    Oh hell why even waste my time, you people are fucking insane! lol

  178. Hows that oil leak working for ya?

    Hows that Stimulus Package working for ya?

    How’s those tax cuts (oooops I mean credits) working ya? Liberal answer: “There’s a difference”?

    How’s that Universal Health care gonna work for ya?

    How’s them gas prices working for ya?

    How’s that National Debt working for ya?

    And the list can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!

  179. @zach,

    “If you are wrong, what happens for eternity?” Even if I thought that that was a convincing argument, which I don’t, it still does not mean that you have a much better chance. Think of the endless amount of gods that people have worshiped throughout history…you may believe in a god, but why think that the god or afterlife described by Christians is the “right” one? That is, what if you’re wrong about Allah?

    P.S. I think you mean semantics, not “schemantics.” That’s ironic!

  180. Beck talks like a psycho with Nazi tourettes. He really has a screw or two loose if all he can talk about it stupid nonsense. Beck makes the tea party idiots look even worse. Even the most loyal Fox fiends must be getting bored with his spiel.

  181. I just caught part of the Friday Black History show with the live audience setting. I was amazed at all the African-American heroes that we never hear about (even in Black History Month). What was really interesting, the textbook from a hundred years ago from public school was at least 1.5 inches think full of those people that were part of the history curriculum. Somewhere down the line that was done away with. You have to wonder why. Now I am trying to DVR his show because it comes on too early for me to catch. Comcast seems to be unable to fix the problem (they’ve tried three times to download fixes, etc.) I think you may have found your ratings issue…..

  182. Mikltk — Beck’s super-hot mix of rage, racism, bigotry, and insanity is definitely not American. If Glenn Beck is what you think America is supposed to be, you might as well start packing your sh1t and leaving now. Most of the rest of America does NOT WANT what Glenn Beck is peddling.

    And that’s leaving aside the FACT, the undisputed FACT, sir or madam, that Beck is a pathological liar and almost nothing he says has any objective truth in it.

  183. Glen Beck,Rush Limbaugh and other sellers of negative energy,do more harm to my beloved country with their rhetoric than they realize…all for money!!!

  184. Wow and you sound so much more educated. Let me guess you believe everything Obama says along with our oh so truthful goverment! God help us!

  185. I’m not a Glenn Beck viewer, but I find your comment absurd. I get so tired of people who make judgments about those they don’t even know. Let’s look at your sentence. You fail to use proper capitalization and punctuation, and your subject and verb don’t agree. Yet, you critique other people’s IQ. Doesn’t this seem a bit hypocritical to you?

  186. I have a high IQ ( Mensa ) and I watch, and like, Glenn Beck.
    He is not ordinary . Mr. Beck is a man of vision. He does not set around with his head in the sand – like the majority of people. Most people are so useless to society that they do not deserve the air they breath. At least Mr. Beck is trying to wake up morons.

  187. I thought I was smart until I read your post.
    I feel so little and worthless now.
    You should can and sell yourself.
    No one would dare debate a thinker like you.

  188. When he started with the black founder LIES, he lost the white people, but didn’t gain ANY black people. He absolutely BLEW his chance of becoming THE leader of the white people by listening to Bill O’Reilly. The perfect song for Glenn Beck: “I Overlooked The Orchid (While Searching For The Rose)”!

  189. Glenn Beck has not lost 50% of his viewers. Figures lie and liars figure….flawed data equal flawed results. On 1 day he had 3 millions viewers….20 days later he had 1.5 million viewers (what happened in between) and 10 days later he had 3 million. On ONE (not 1 month) day his viewership was down 1-5 million viewers. Please pay attention… Glenn Beck has never averaged 3 million viewers per month for his show. His show averages (a guess based on cable ratings) 2.3-2.7 million viewers per evening. You have to take the average viewership per month and compare it with another month, not with 1 day. His viewership went back up to 3 million for 1 day…so you could say his viewership doubled, but that wouldn’t be true either.

    Daily viewership changes and you can’t base your findings on 1 day

  190. @Matt, this is tedious. The issue isn’t the size of government … it’s whom the government works for. The Corporations??? or the People????
    Anyone who believes that the Repugs will reduce the size of government willfully ignores history and fact. Govt grew faster under “W” than under any other Pres. Truth is, we’ve been sold out by both parties … our elected representatives don’t represent us, they represent corporate money. Corps continue to evade taxes and offshore jobs and profits, while hysterical nut jobs like Beck profit by sowing fear and setting voter factions against one another. Rise up, People, and unseat our representatives who don’t represent us, media heads who ‘entertain’ with lies and hate speech, and corporate suits who strip our jobs, technology and resources while paying political bribes to fix the game, evade taxes and buy the Supreme freakin’ Court. Wake up, people!!! It’s obvious to anyone with critical thinking ability, especially the viewers who have been deserting him … Beck is either a liar or seriously mentally ill. Sheesh …

  191. Regardless of the ratings, he still has more viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined for the time slot. You can even take a step further and say he has more viewers than 3,4,or 5 shows combined on those networks.

    Enough said

  192. You are confusing this with the folks at MSNBC. Regarding Beck, please enumerate just a few of the lies
    A distasteful comment about Chelsea Clinton by an MSNBC anchor could imperil Hillary Rodham Clinton’s participation in future presidential debates on the network, a Clinton spokesman said. (David Schuster)
    Keith Olberman degraded Scott Brown on the air and his superiors has brought him down a peg or two since then, Olberman since has apologized for his remarks about Scott Brown.

  193. How about enumerating Becks’s hatred, bigotry, and ignorance etc. Let be specific. You must have been watching MSNBC and not FOX. Who are they? Beck believes everything he says…he stated so himself. Everyone calls him names, but no one can dispute his facts. His facts, come out of the mouth, on tape, of the people his he is speaking about; they are not his opinion in most instances.

  194. You sound like the Black panther guy who wants to kill white people…seriously deranged and you think they (right wingers) are a danger to themselves…look in the mirror.

  195. Please research your information BEFORE you show your ignorance!
    July 8, 2010 5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Glenn Beck – 1,910,000
    viewers (480,000) (810,000)
Situation Room—703,000 viewers
    (172,000) (275,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 530,000 viewers
    (141,000) (258,000)
Fast Money– 179,000 viewers (66,000)
Showbiz Tonight — 272,000 viewers (130,000) (169,000)
    Glenn Beck Tops Every Show on Cable except 1 The O’Reilly Factor,
    On the Record w/ Greta is close and Hannity had one special that
    got 100k more viewers one time.
    Morning programs (6:00AM-9:00AM) P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Friends- 896,000 viewers (309,000) (461,000)
American Morning-
    299,000 viewers (94,000) (127,000)
Morning Joe- 297,000 viewers
    (78,000) (137,000)
Squawk Box- 145,000 viewers (51,000)
Morning Express w/ Meade- 347,000 viewers (176,000)
    (231,000) 5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Glenn Beck – 1,910,000 viewers
    (480,000) (810,000)
Situation Room—703,000 viewers (172,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 530,000 viewers (141,000)
Fast Money– 179,000 viewers (66,000) (103,000)
    Tonight — 272,000 viewers (130,000) (169,000) 6PM – P2+ (25-54)
Special Report w/ Bret Baier – 1,716,000 viewers (371,000)
Situation Room—574,000 viewers (187,000) (223,000)
    Show —667,000 viewers (158,000) (334,000)
Mad Money —117,000
    viewers (60,000) (78,000)
Prime News – 310,000 viewers (120,000)
    (198,000) 7PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The Fox Report w/ Shep –
    1,498,000 viewers (381,000) (700,000)
John King USA – 424,000
    viewers (148,000) (159,000)
Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 605,000
    viewers (153,000) (259,000)
Kudlow Report– 152,000 viewers (a
    scratch w/26,000) (63,000)
Issues – 515,000 viewers (170,000)
    (261,000) 8PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The O’Reilly Factor– 2,945,000
    viewers (773,000) (1,307,000)
Campbell Brown – 581,000 viewers
    (125,000) (195,000)
Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 1,028,000 viewers
    (233,000) (473,000)
Business Nation– 228,000 viewers (153,000)
Nancy Grace – 916,000 viewers (261,000) (448,000) 9 PM –
    P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Hannity Special– 2,059,000 viewers (570,000)
Larry King Live —691,000 viewers (192,000)
Rachel Maddow Show —703,000 viewers (160,000)
Bio: Ferdinand Porsche – 158,000 viewers (78,000)
Joy Behar – 614,000 viewers (120,000) (230,000) 10 PM P2+
    (25-54) (35-64)
On the Record w/ Greta—1,906,000 viewers (491,000)
Anderson Cooper 360 — 518,000 viewers (166,000)
Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 504,000 viewers (183,000)
American Greed – 197,000 viewers (97,000) (133,000)
    Grace –434,000 viewers (176,000) (207,000) 11 PM P2+ (25-54)
The O’Reilly Factor– 1,291,000 viewers (431,000)
Anderson Cooper 360 – 371,000 viewers (113,000)
Rachel Maddow Show —423,000 viewers (137,000)
Mad Money – a scratch w/75,000 viewers (a scratch
    w/40,000) (a scratch w/46,000)
Showbiz Tonight– 333,000 viewers
    (139,000) (181,000)

  196. Your arguments are pathetic. You claim that in order to judge
    someone I need to “know” them. Sure. But then, rather than
    elaborating on how well someone needs to know someone before
    criticizing them for you to be happy and not tired, you just roll
    on and feebly try to tie grammar to intelligence quotient, then
    accuse this writer of being a hypocrite. I’m not Gracia, but I’ll
    take a stab at answering your question for him. No, it doesn’t seem
    hypocritical. I’m being careful here, but most of the time my
    grammar AND spelling are pretty bad, and my IQ usually measures in
    the top 5%. I get tired, too, but of people like you who can’t
    intelligently argue with a point and fall back to attacking their
    grammar, spelling, etc. Bad grammar doesn’t mean you have a low IQ.
    Not being able to comprehend complex logic does. Furthermore, I
    postulate that it only takes an intelligent person watching or
    listening to Glen Beck for about 5 minutes to “know” him well
    enough to accurately make a statement like this. I’ll take a stab
    at reiterating the point in a slightly different way, and I know
    him much better than listening to him for 5 minutes – Glen Beck
    fans are mostly ignorant, paranoid, uneducated, lazy morons.

  197. You are correct, Tom. We should be debating instead of debasing each other. The problem is the debates are being framed cynics who refuse to be influenced by facts that refute their dogma. As to the news channels getting back to just reporting, it will never happen. There is no integrity left in the business of journalism; money and political agenda are the only guiding principals in newsrooms today. In the past, when even a respected reporter got it wrong, it could mean the end of a career (see Dan Rather.) Reporters are now regularly inventing stories, misleading the public and being rewarded for it (see Megyn Kelly.)

  198. For the facts about ratings, which you haven’t received here, go to and get the truth. Beck is running every other station in the ground at 5:00 p.m. Fox is where people go for real journalism.

  199. If Glenn Beck now has only 1.7 million viewers, how many does Keith Olbermann have, maybe a hundred thousand?

  200. Everyone is skipping over what I think is the MOST interesting statement of this article … that “Faux is saddled with a show that generates no ad revenue…”


    NO AD REVENUE ?????????

    If someone keeps a show that is that biased and absolutely full of tinfoil hat ramblings AND EARNS NO AD REVENUE then I come to the conclusion that this is a business run for ideology and not profit.

  201. Lets see, I just checked Glenn’s ratings. He seems to have almost TWICE the amount of MSNBC, CNN, CNBC and HLN COMBINED at 5PM!

    Yeah, Glenn is panicking right? LOL
    Fox News is in tears LOL

    Some of you are just really delusional..

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 2,296,000 viewers (576,000) (999,000)
    Situation Room—537,000 viewers (122,000) (218,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 476,000 viewers (113,000) (185,000)
    Fast Money– 191,000 viewers (a scratch w/46,000) (106,000)
    Showbiz Tonight — 197,000 viewers (68,000) (68,000)

  202. Glenn is averaging about 2 million right now. His average was almost 3 million some time ago. That is the point. There have been nights in the last 2 months were even Greta has beaten him. Greta with the new face!

    Not only has beck lost a lot of viewers, he has lost a ton of sponsors too.

  203. If you add in ABC, NBC and CBS, Beck doesnt even show up on the radar.

    Of course if you add in Wrestling he isnt even a speck on the wall

    Your point was?

  204. If people wanted “real journalism.” they would not go to Fox. Unless of course they cant tell the difference between a man who thinks god talks to him and a butterfly

  205. BTW, if you just checkled Becks ratings, the latest one out are

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 1,931,000 viewers (457,000) (849,000)
    Situation Room—443,000 viewers (128,000) (196,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 509,000 viewers (102,000) (186,000)
    Fast Money– 174,000 viewers (a scratch w/32,000) (79,000)
    Options Action (CNBC) – 130,000 viewers (a scratch w/32,000) (a scratch w/46,000)
    Showbiz Tonight — 224,000 viewers (103,000) (117,000)

    But who is counting?

  206. Glenn might have at some point had over 3 million viewers in some days, just like O’Reilly and Hannity had a bunch, and just like MSNBC and CNN had more viewers during those days. In other words, almost everyone’s ratings were higher during those times, just like now they are ALL lower, including Beck’s. What you need to look at is the ratio of viewers he brings in versus the others, specially when compared to prime time shows. It’s pretty amazing.

    The guy has more sponsors than he needs and he sure is not lacking viewers like MSNBC and CNN.

    BTW, those ratings you just posted are Friday’s, which are lower for everybody as well.

  207. That’s just your opinion, which you are certainly entitled to, but it certainly isn’t necessarily the truth. You don’t believe that God speaks to people? You an atheist? Let me enlighten you, God doesn’t have to “talk” to people in order to speak to them.

  208. Glenn Beck has never AVERAGED 3 million viewers for a one month period of time. Betch can’t prove he averaged 3 mil viewers. He has had 3 million viewers on several occasions, at different times, but never averaged 3 mil. Garbage in= garbage out.

  209. He is outdrawing all of the cable news networks was the point. And your point? You conveniently forgot that there are millions of people who do not have cable TV and are “stuck” watching the MSM. They don’t have a choice, they have to watch the local news.


  210. When one man with a greater viewing audience than any nationally known and respected preacher in this country, can gather together enough nads to suggest a politically incorrect thing like …the people of this country need to turn to God and pray…. and tries to lay out the truth of what’s going on under our very nose, knows full well he is exposing himself to the possibility of extention. I thank God for men with his integrity that cares more for his fellow man than his own TV success.

  211. Who care if he outdraws other news networks. The point is people who did listen to this crackpot have slowly come to realize they have better things to do with their life than to listen to a hate monger. I imagine the ones still watching are the haters. I am not a liberal but I do have a brain and can see that he does what he can to sell his junk. In no way do I believe “HE” believes what he says! But all the morons that do listen to him do. And soon someone will die because of his hate speech, if they haven’t already.

  212. I am a Christian and can say with certainty Glenn is not, he is a Mormon. Mormonism is a cult. I believe the Bible not the Book of Mormon.

    They believe the Bible is inadequate, God was once a man has many wives and now lives on a planet near the star of Kolob. They believe man will become God and that Lucifer and Jesus are brothers. Mormons wear a magic underwear containing Freemasonry images that they believe protects them. Black people are of inferior origin (Kinda smacks Glenn in the face when it comes to him believing in Civil Rights). And they taught Jesus was not only married but had many wives.

    Now, if any of you so called Christians want to continue to listen to this idiot go ahead but you are being deceived regardless of ratings

  213. Are you saying Glenn is good. Glenn has nothing to do with God he is Mormon a Cult. See my previous post or do some research “HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN” There are many real men of God who through television radio and podcast reach a great deal more people than the charlatan Glenn Beck. HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY SO STOP MAKING THE COMPARISON!!!

  214. Your spelling doesn’t seem like it’s quite up to MENSA standards. ‘set around’ – ‘the air they breath’ ??? Really?

  215. It was only a matter of time before Beck loses his audience.

    First, he is a Mormon who had his start in talk radio granted by a Mormon syndicator. It was only a matter of time before he started pushing such silliness as “Mormon Archeology” on the air which he has done.

    Second, Beck brushed aside the idea that no one has ever seen actual proof of Obama’s citizenship. Obama has spent millions in legal fees to keep this “proof” from being seen. Yet Beck and the other Quislings take Obama’s word for it and attack those that dare ask the question. Try going to the Passport Office and telling them to “trust me, take my word for it I am a citizen” and see if you can get a Passport this way.

    Third, Beck has attacked those that point out that every action Obama has taken proves his to be a Muslim and there is not one shred of evidence he was ever a Christian.

  216. am afraid to report that he was losing viewers. Right now as he is trying to convince people that God is speaking through him he is gaining viewers. For instance last Monday he was up about 2.5 million range. He is going between 1.9 million in about 2.3 million most of the time which is up from where he was when this article was written.

    Just goes to show you all you have to do is convince idiots that God is talking through you and you’ve got them hooked

  217. Are some of you people losing it? The man just attracted at least 500,00 people in DC! He’s a pretty popular guy whether he’s talking politics, religion or history.

  218. Wait….are you saying that all us libs are correct in saying your Glen Becks little lemmings and FOLLOWED him to DC? Because for a second I actually considered you were sincere about your political views. LOL guess not.

  219. Wait….are you saying that all us libs are correct in saying your Glen Becks little lemmings and FOLLOWED him to DC? Because for a second I actually considered you were sincere about your political views. You know the last time a group of religious zealots followed a man this ravenously they called it Jonestown.

  220. Why does Beck draw people? Because people want to hear what they think is right. That does not make Beck right, it just makes him a wall for peoples thoughts to bounce back and validate. Beck does not bother me, rather, it is the idea that so many people think like they do. I chalk it up to frustration.

  221. Ummm…. all info pertaining to our black founding fathers can be confirmed via the Library of Congress. Beck was accurate in his reporting.

    And…. Beck could lose 75% of his audience but still some MSNBC and CNN butt.

  222. YAAAAY So thrilled to hear he is losing his numbers. I did some fact checks and it’s true that he did lose 50% of his viewers AND there were quotes from some conservatives who mentioned they are tired of his negative rhetoric and the bad blood he his sending out over the airwaves… they want to turn this country around and will find their news elsewhere !!! YAAAY ADIOS BECK you ****! :)

  223. Mick, you get my gold star for nailing it with this:

    Why does Beck draw people? Because people want to hear what they think is right. That does not make Beck right, it just makes him a wall for peoples thoughts to bounce back.

    Yes, he is saying what many people think. That is a quite frightening thing. Actually that is THE quite frightening thing.

    They feed’em candy and tell’em lies.

  224. Everything he said about the Mormon church is true. I think he understands it well enough to know to act like he’s not home when the Mormon boys come knocking! The church is a total fraud. Scientists have PROVEN beyond doubt that there is NO Jewish DNA in the natives of the western hemisphere. Period, Nada. And that is the sole underpinning, the very foundation of the church, that the American Indians are the lost tribe of Israel and that is why the Book of Mormon is the western hemisphere counterpart to the Bible, about the lammanites and nephites and whathaveyou. J Smith simply never thought this ridiculous premise could never be disproved. Well it has been disproved! The church is a fraud created by a charlatan, a huckster who wanted to control a group of people and get all the booty he could ever want.

  225. He also lost viewers because:
    1) Fox and cable could not agree on the Madison Sq Garden deal. So viewers pulled the plug on cable.

    2) Viewers are pulling the plug on TV period. High prices garbage programs. Beck shows in totality cannot be found on pc.

    3) He has become way too commercial(corporate) so his message is lost between the garbage commercialism.

    4) A few TIVO it….copy it and have beck parties.


  226. funny, even if Beck lost 80% of his viewers he would still be kicking the snot out of the whole msnbc crowd, LOSERS!!!

  227. Actually he wouldnt. Maddow is only a few hundred thousand below him.

    But thanks for showing your childish tea party mentality

  228. I used to enjoy watching beck when he was a political being now with all the god and religon he has forced into the show it basically ruined his show. He is on the right path with his political talk but then he brings god into the convo which just makes you want to turn as If I wanted to hear religous fadder I would go to church or watch Benny Hann or whatever his name is. Religon should be ban world wide which would help bring the worlds wars to an ende but other then that stick to politics and leave the religion to the nuts.

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