Sarah Palin Accuses Obama of Using Immigration to Divide America

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Palin's path of immigration destruction continues

Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to blast the Obama administration for dividing the country on the issue of immigration reform. Palin continued to defend the AZ law, and then added this nugget, “They can also criticize bills (and divide the country with ensuing rhetoric) without actually reading them.” All the while Palin is traveling across America dividing the GOP on the immigration issue.

Palin was complaining that when asked three Obama officials admitted that they had not read the AZ law when she said, “At first blush this revelation seemed unbelievable, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. This now seems “the Washington way” of doing things. If the party in power tells us they have to pass bills in order to find out what’s actually in them, they can also criticize bills (and divide the country with ensuing rhetoric) without actually reading them.”

She then defended Arizona, “Still I can’t help but feel outraged on behalf of Arizona’s citizens for the incompetence shown by these Administration officials. Arizonans have the courage to do what the Obama administration has failed to do in its first year and a half in office – namely secure our border and enforce our federal laws. And as a result, Arizonans have been subjected to a campaign of baseless accusations by the same people who freely admit they haven’t a clue about what they’re actually campaigning against.”(What about those Arizonians who are Hispanic and legal residents that are being discriminated against? Palin never speaks of them).

Keep in mind that this is the same Sarah Palin who could not tell us what she read, and more recently when asked by Glenn Beck she struggled to name her favorite Founding Father. This is the same Sarah Palin who was so lazy that the McCain campaign had to change their strategy for the 2008 vice presidential debate because they could not get Palin to study or practice. Palin is in no place to criticize anyone’s reading comprehension skills, as the next bill she comprehensively reads will be her first.

As far as her charge that Obama is dividing the country on immigration is concerned, the President is not the one trying to divide America, and especially a girls basketball team on the issue. Obama is not dividing America. Palin is dividing the GOP. Sarah Palin sees a political opportunity and the potential for more book sells in the Arizona immigration fight. If there is any question about what her real motivation ask yourself what the hell does a former half term governor of Alaska knows about illegal immigration? The answer is nothing.

What Sarah Palin is an expert in is the dissemination of hate, fear, and division. She has buddied up to Jan Brewer because Palin is an expert self promoter who will always manage to turn up wherever the television cameras are. Palin and Brewer deserve each other. Although it is my suspicion that Brewer is putting her chips on Palin to be the GOP nominee in 2012. If anyone has any doubts about why Palin is interested in immigration reform, read her comments again. For the soulless intellectual abyss that is Sarah Palin, politics and how to make a buck both trump policy.

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  1. Palin is now trying to act like an expert on all the states–after having lived in the bubble of Wasilla Ak since she was a baby. My Gov, Perry who she endorsed,doesn’t want an immigration bill. Palin needs to stay out of the business in other states. The Federal law is enough–and is used. I have known people who were deported. The Az bill is so that Hispanics can conveniently look “suspicious” and be stopped. Personally, I can’t be swayed in my belief that is racist.

  2. Ms Paylin is also a racist who left Hawaii because those mean Pacific Islanders were prettier than her, which she translated to her daddy as they made her “uncomfortable”.

    Scarah Paylin, go home.

  3. Well now, let’s see:

    This from the woman who when she was mayor, the city council had to hire a city manager to RUN THE CITY for her because she was so incompetent and dictatorial that the citizens initiated a recall campaign against Her Royal Self.

    Then she QUIT as governor, before which her husband was the “shadow governor” who ran things FOR HER. We do not have proof that she has ever read a bill let alone crafted one.

    I’d like to note that her mock and scorn is a defense mechanism she brings out whenever she is insecure (dear Katie Couric, “it’s not all about you!” sneer) and I dare say that every time reading or comprehension is involved, you can bet she’s feeling insecure. She didn’t succeed academically in Wasilla….and I think you can imagine how that translates among the Ive League elites.

  4. If Sarah Palin is so sure about what is in the new Arizona law perhaps she should take the time to debate the issue with someone face to face instead of on Facebook with a ghostwriter at the helm.

    Surely she who seems to have so much insight and wisdom on the subject would be able to utterly destroy her opponent with facts and dazzling displays of brilliance.

    We already have proof that the claims of racial profiling are happening and this will only get worse.
    (Story here.

    We know from statements her father made that Sarah was “uncomfortable in Hawaii due to the ethnic diversity she encountered”, and we’ve seen the lack of respect for the native population in Alaska, even while claiming her husband and children to be “native”, so I think that there is more than a little bit of racism built into the core being of who Sarah Palin is, but she won’t ever admit it as such. She knows that would be the death of her public persona and that would be the death of her paychecks which she so dearly loves.

    There seems to be a very dark and sinister side to Sarah Palin that is obvious to many, as the mask slips often enough to catch a glimpse of it, but she is doing her darnedest to keep it hidden, much like her pal Rand Paul. They talk a good game, but if you research their history, their actions do not line up with their words.

  5. Well, the link to the story didn’t go through. If you look up azfamily (dot) com and do a search for story title ” Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial-profiling” or the name of “Abdon” you should find it. He was a truck driver who was pulled over and questioned at a weigh station and providing his commercial drivers licence & social security number was not good enough. He was detained and his wife had to leave work to bring his birth certificate

  6. What else does anyone expect her to say?

    Lemme see, Obama divides the country by rejecting the law

    paylin divides the country by promoting the law

    Whats the word I am looking for here…hyp…hypo….well you know

  7. Sarah Palin cannot even raise a child correctly, so who is she to critisize President Obama. It’s just her trying to stir up people into a frenzy. You know she’s wrong about everything she has said or done so far.Let her past record speak for her judgment? I know I don’t listen to her, NEVER HAVE.

  8. Everything this woman touches turns into crap. She has endorsed the winner of Kentucky’s GOP primary, Rand Paul, a man who has proven within days of winning that he is just as clueless, hateful, factually challenged, and
    gaffe-prone as Palin herself.

    She never loses an opportunity to criticize President Obama, who wisely ignores her, and her hatred of him is as obvious as the nose on one’s face. I also agree with those who call her racist, judging from some things I have read about her earlier in her “career.” The hatred of Obama stems largely from the fact that she and McCain were defeated by someone she considers inferior to her, as well as from the racism within her. Why else would she have fed the line that he was “not one of us” during the 2008

    I also would not be surprised to learn that there is some residual anger within her for having lost the Miss Alaska title to a black woman back in 1984. Again, I would have no difficulty in believing that she felt she lost the title to someone she thought she was superior to.

    She is one of the most divisive public figures in this country, and not only does she go around stirring up hatred among scared, ignorant people. She is always sticking her nose in matters that do not concern her in any way,
    namely endorsing politicians without taking the time to find out what they are about. In Idaho, the state where she was born, Tea Partiers are angry with her for endorsing someone they were not for. It’s only a matter of time before she completely wears out her welcome, but by then she will have done considerable damage.

  9. This is a page right out of the Cark Rove playbook. Accuse your opponent of doing the very thing that people find the most troubling about YOUR behavior. The goal is to tarnish your opponent’s reputation and confuse low information voters about who was the one that did the “bad thing”

    She doesn’t think this stuff by herself. Her puppet masters at Faux News whisper the talking points in her ear and she repeats them “on location” just like a local “news reporter”.

  10. @Debra Rincon Lopez,

    I simply CAN’T listen to her screechy voice that consistently utters lies and misstatements. Reading about her demagoguery is bad enough, and what she did by accusing the president of being divisive is called projection. She has been doing precisely what she accused him of doing. My guess is that her followers find such things as reading from hand notes and using her kids as props endearing. Being i(gnorant), d(ivisive), i(ntellectually) incurious,
    o(bnoxious), and (t)ruth-challenged are nothing to be proud of. The more she spews her hate and ignorance, the more people she alienates. But that’s how it is with so many Republican politicians. They often win by fear-mongering and hate-mongering but are ineffective at governing, because they have created the kind of animosity that prevents them from getting the cooperation necessary for effective governing.

  11. Strong Suggestion – read today’s “the todd blog” detailing why there really isnt a left or a right anymore.

  12. @sallyngarland,tx, no he just wants to secede and rewrite text books for the state….oh yeah and gel his hair.

  13. I read all these posts and am ashamed to be an American citizen. It seems as if people no longer think for themselves, they only repeat rhetoric spat out by the media. Most of the comments posted here attack Palin’s character and not the real issues at hand. Both parties have valid points to make and people should think for themselves rather than discounting an idea because the media has made someone look like a fool. Shame to all of out who can’t form a reasonable opinion simply because the author couldn’t refrain from bashing of Palin’s character.

    Don’t forget, illegal immigration is, well illegal. Kudos to Arizona for enforcing the law. Without consequences law is meaningless. If the consequence is that a person must provide a birth certificate then so be it. Don’t take a few isolated stories and turn these people into martyr’s. The long term effects will be a reduction in illegal activity. Make it legal if you feel it’s wrong (wait there is a process for applying for US citizenship already). Common sense should overrule ignorance, yet the presidential adviser’s cannot see the difference. Thanks AZ for showing the way.

  14. @American Idiots,

    Sarah Palin makes herself look like a fool, because she continuously puts herself out there without researching, or just to take jabs at people like the president. There ARE real issues to talk about, but you need to save your indignation for Palin, who never loses an opportunity to stick her nose in matters that don’t concern her, or to badmouth this president without offering solutions of her own. What SHOULD be a source of embarrassment is a woman who is attention-hungry and does not think before she speaks.

    She is a 46-year-old woman who should know better, and she brings derision on herself because she runs off at the mouth without knowing what she is talking about, just to stay relevant. I would say that someone like that should embarrass Americans, especially if she were an elected official in a national office.

  15. I agree with the liberals. We should have an open border policy. And to prove our tolerance anybody we suspect of being intolerant should have their lives ruined and they should be forced to apologize. Or else. We should newly mint citizens. But first we should check to make sure they are Democrats. And appreciate the usefulness of the Chicago style voting methodology. We should demonize any Republican mis-steps. But not feel so bad about lying to accomplish the demonizing. We know our souls will grow back (even though we really know they won’t). Finally we worship our vile leader. And think it is okay to tank the dollar (it’s not theft, really) and to print as much money as we need to do what we have to do to make the world just and moral and fair. But not to our enemies of course. Who are they? Why the American people of course.

  16. The right wing outrage at illegal immigration is laughable. Surplus labor brings wages down, which benefits…you guessed it:
    the mid-size nonunion employer. Remember the housing bubble? I recall seeing a lot of people working on those crappy condos that looked like they might have been recent arrivals.

    I’ve worked for a few of these smaller businesses. They’re standard issue repubs in theory (low taxes, property rights) but hired people in home depot parking lots to do carpentry or work in their restaurants. This is anectdotal, since I know for a fact that many people (right and left) refused to hire undocumented workers. However, I’ve been around more than a few rednecks who seemed all too willing to hire cheap regardless of the flag sticker on their truck or the Toby Keith cd on the dashboard.

    The left is soft on immigration, but the right didn’t police their hiring practices during the last boom.

  17. WHY are American women at 53c to every male $1..being made to carry the weight of the world?? World-wide male=lame mooching off American women
    America, The Unite-TIT States of America…for every free-suckle nation
    American women are still paid 53c to every male $1. (AFLCIO says 77c)
    O-I-cee-Fla is not including that an American waitress is paid $2.65 hour &
    her ‘chance’ at a tip…while women who sell presitge Estee Lauder & Clinique in
    prestige department stores…qualify for food stamps…while women who tried
    to “build your own business!!!” with Avon are being helped out of debt by the
    United Way agencies (Meanwhile American WOMEN pay 73% of the tax load)All over the Unite-TIT States America is the “Wife” to the pimps who
    sell America to the lowest bidders in order to get “votes” It’s time for
    Mexico and every other nation out there to GROW UP…and stop sucking!
    They pay NO tax in Mexico or Africa….American WOMEN pay-it-all

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