The Left Carrying Water for the GOP: Why isn’t Obama Fixing the Oil Spill?!?

Everywhere I go, Liberals are griping about the President, carrying water for the GOP again. Liberals want Obama to “FIX” the BP spill. He should have “taken over”, he should have “done more”.

Oil Spill Tragedy
Oil Spill Tragedy

Oh, the Right loves our misinformed friends who never pause before picking up the knife to stab their own agenda in the back, but will be the first to moan when we don’t get (fill in the blank with special interest) passed. “Kerry was a coward! “ “Daschle is a tax fraud! “ Obama is just like Bush!” We carry that water, my friends. And we keep on telling ourselves we’re different from the Fox viewers who spew out the mass media spoon-fed talking points of the Republican agenda. And we are. But for how long at this rate? Beware the lazy intellectualism of the pseudo elite liberal, because it’s much more cool to reproach scornfully from above than it is to tell the nerdy truth. The nerdy truth is this sucks and there is no way to fix it now.

The truth is so ugly and yes, it does point in one direction – and that’s not childish, it’s accurate. People always want to believe if they cut things down the middle, they’ll find the “truth”, but anyone who’s faced malevolence on this earth knows better. There is a truth, and it’s nowhere in the middle sometimes. Sometimes there really is a bad guy. Defeatism and cynicism invite us to give up and cut it down the middle. It takes guts to examine the facts one by one and determine what happened here. The enormity of the greed and power that paved the way for the Deepwater Horizon spill is mind-blowing and incomprehensible at times. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Evil had been to America and left its stain across our land. In fact, I can’t say I don’t believe that.

The problem is people do not want to face the magnitude of this disaster or the inevitable ecosystem damage. They are frustrated and they want “change”. They see big oil lying to us and they’re outraged. Again. The people in Louisiana are getting screwed again.

Americans are tired of this crap, and here to help us blame someone is the Right.

Everywhere you turn, a Righty is smugly saying “the BP spill is a stain on the Obama administration” and a Liberal or Libertarian is agreeing, “oh, yes, love the guy, but he should have been out there….” (yes, Bill Maher, I am talking to you– I love you, but sometimes you say dumb things….)

No one is correcting them.

And that suits the Right wing just fine, because you know, if anyone corrected them, then they’d keep on tracing that thread until it landed square in Dick Cheney’s lap and that would not be good this fall.

The AP reported:

“”The government should have stepped in and not just taken BP’s word,” declared Wayne Stone of Marathon, Fla., an avid diver who worries about the spill’s effect on the ecosystem.

The government is overseeing the cleanup and response, but the official responsible for the oversight said he understands the discontent.

“If anybody is frustrated with this response, I would tell them their symptoms are normal, because I’m frustrated, too,” said Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen. “Nobody likes to have a feeling that you can’t do something about a very big problem.”

As simple as it may seem, the law prevents the government from just taking over, Allen said. After the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, Congress dictated that oil companies be responsible for dealing with major accidents — including paying for all cleanup — with oversight by federal agencies.”

The meme that Obama isn’t doing enough or didn’t respond quickly was debunked on this website by Jason Easley. In fact, Obama showed how to lead in his quick response. So people, bitch about the law, bitch about the power of oil, bitch about things that are accurate — bitch about how government sucks and nothing ever seems to gets done — but do not keep complaining about Obama not “fixing ” this. Leave inaccuracies and hopeful memes of Obama’s Katrina for the Right. Obama can’t take over the clean up unless he changes the law via an emergency order.

A pause while we imagine what would happen to Obama if he dared to step in to interfere with “private business” via executive or emergency order. How fast would the Right initiate impeachment proceeding, claiming he has “nationalized” the oil companies and was a dictator? I wouldn’t count on getting a blink in, and furthermore, our own Todd Curl makes a few other points today about just what could be at risk for Obama here. But, even if the law didn’t prevent Obama from taking over, he still couldn’t fix it.

He can’t FIX it. NO ONE can fix it. It is another disaster that would have not happened if we had had regulations and oversight. Complaining about the process of the clean up is part of the denial process of grief. We are still pretending that something can be done to fix this. We cant so badly to believe in this.

Wanting Obama to fix this now is like still believing in the tooth fairy. He can’t fix it. Have you ever had to face something that you could not change? The inevitability of something you wanted to deny? Death, illness, a destructive force in another human being that was so ugly you wished you had never seen it? That’s what’s going on here. We’re grieving the loss of life — human, animal, marine, and plant — and we want to point the finger; We want someone to make it better.

It’s over. It can’t be fixed. The death and destruction will go on for years.

The only thing we can do is stop carrying water for the Right, by blaming our own President for things Bush and Cheney did. The only thing we can do is fight for oversight and regulations, which are Democratic values. So, write your congress people and demand oversight. Demand justice for the MMS ass for gas scandal. Demand accountability from the Dept of Interior and the oil companies. Demand that oil companies have to pay economic damages to the people harmed by this spill, to wildlife rescue and to the people in general for the environmental damage. That’s what we can do.

We can’t reverse this, we can’t fix it, and we can’t take the oil out of the Gulf. All we can do is be willing to learn what lead up to this and vow to never forget it. Yes, big oil has major money in our government and yes, this means they have a much louder voice than you and I. Yes, all administrations play this game.

But only one took this to new heights of criminal activity. This was the consequence of massive deregulation and deliberate lack of oversight, courtesy of the Dick and W club. Just like what they did to Wall street, Enron, and the mortgage market. And the Republicans are still arguing the same extremist positions that lead to those disasters and they still don’t think BP should have to pay for the economic damage, because after all, we don’t want to “HURT business”. So when your friends tell you “Both sides do it” and “they’re all the same”, ask yourself who is pushing to hold BP accountable financially and who isn’t. They may all suck, but they are not all the same and it’s a matter of degree at times. Just don’t help them destroy this country by buying into false memes.

Remember this people. Remember it.

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  1. @GinaM,

    Thanks, Gina. I know this won’t make me popular, but it needed to be said. I worry about how we will get our own agendas passed when we are so quick to pick up the false memes of the Right, and it bothers me that we can’t SEE what we are doing when we do this.

    In Washington, power to change things comes with support of the people to a large degree — it comes from passing big legislation like the healthcare reform bill. One change begets other changes. We were on a roll and now, at the first bump in the road (albeit a tragedy so upsetting I can scarcely look at the photos without crying), we are ready to let the Right frame the issue again.

    The Right knows this, and that’s why they spend so much time spinning and reframing things until finally the Left picks up their breadcrumbs and builds a house of rage with them.

    I simply can’t face going back to W/Cheney years and I can’t understand how people don’t realize what is at stake here. At the very least, we could be accurate in our criticisms, but as Frank Schaeffer points out, we are the first to criticize the President and we fail in supporting him over and over again. We will never get the change we want this way. Never. It’s a game (with enormous stakes) and we are not good players during the actual governing.

  2. You know, near me in Nashville it doesn’t matter that FEMA was on the ground before the floods started, it doesn’t matter that the people were evacuated prior to the floods, all that matters is that Obama wasn’t here. he didn’t show up therefore its his Katrina.

    Democrats in this country must stand up and simply laugh off the right. its the best they deserve at this point. We are not supporting Obama in the way we should as a group or as a group of values.

  3. Let this be a message to all Dems. Obama said it in his election night speech, “Now the work begins” (paraphrased).
    The people of the Right have a great ability to get behind their leaders and support them even when it’s not in their own best interest. And while I don’t condone this kind of blind faith, there’s a lesson there for the Left. We’re great a getting things started, but often lousy at carrying them out.
    Get informed. Push your officials to do what they can. Support those who are. And squelch the war cries on the Right.

  4. It’s like we had some telepathy going on Sarah. Thanks for linking my article. But I think we have some vastly different views on Obama’s role.

    I completely agree that there is little that Obama can actually do at this point and that this spill is largely the result of the Bush administration turning their backs to the crimes of BP and Haliburton. I look at this as systemic, not just left and right, especially considering Obama’s refusal to analyze BP’s offshore drilling in last year’s environmental impact study.

    Obama is not to blame for this disaster, but he is most definitely propagating the same system of oil interests over the people that W and Clinton and Reagan and every other administration going back 150 years.

    I’m not trying to beat a dead donkey, but when we ignore history, we are perpetuating the same ignorance and marginalization that the “left” accuses the “right” of. Specifically, when you claim a “massive deregulation and deliberate lack of oversight, courtesy of the Dick and W club,” you are indeed correct but also you fail to mention the role Clinton played. Under Greenspan’s direction, deregulation by Clinton was just as detrimental, if not more so, than the deregulation of W.

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree that we need to do all we can to push for greater regulation and penalties for those who plunder the earth. But I also believe we do a disservice to the greater good when we allow Obama to perpetuate Bush policies and practices without holding him to the same standards we would a president with an ‘R” after their name as opposed to a ‘D.”

    Again, this was very well written Sarah and I’m not out to be antagonistic. Unfortunately I am quite cynical as of late and am deeply regretting having voted for Obama considering his actions thus far. But what other option did I — or any of us — have at the time? Hopefully he will prove me wrong, otherwise, we all suffer.

  5. @Todd Curl,

    Unfortunately I am quite cynical as of late and am deeply regretting having voted for Obama considering his actions thus far.

    Why would you regret voting for Obama? How many times must the same thing be repeated….Bush/Cheney and yes Clinton left this big ole pile of s**t for Obama to FIX. He is not JESUS…he is a man trying to make this country a better place. How bout supporting him instead of “regretting having voted for Obama”.

  6. @GinaM, What exactly has he done to make this country a better place other than saying that’s what he’s going to do? I don’t expect Obama to fix the messes of prior administrations overnight, but I don’t expect him to repeat the same policies and behaviors of those administrations as he has done thus far.

    Why should I support him? Please give one legitimate example — one that can actually be supported with evidence and not hyperbole — of what he has done that deserves my blind support. I am honestly not trying to be antagonistic toward you in any way, I simply base my perceptions on actual reality rather than just taking a side because that side claims to represent my values but takes no real action to back it up.

    And no — I won’t vote Republican in the next election, but if there is no other option in our supposed Democracy besides Dem. and Rep., I completely understand the apathy of the 50% of the nation that doesn’t vote.

  7. @Todd Curl,

    I linked to you over the point regarding what was at risk for any presidency who comes out against certain powers. We certainly don’t agree on everything, but I thought that was a valid point.

    I’m sure John McCain and Sarah Palin would have been right on this:-)

    Where is the evidence that Obama is colluding with BP? I mean, what I see- what has been established- is Cheney and Bush’s fingerprints all over the trail leading up to this. This is a fact. The MMS dept was corrupted under them and Cheney and Bush had financial dealings with all of these people, and not just campaign donations, but stock and ownership of said companies.

    Is Obama fighting against regulations? Did he have secret meetings with energy companies? Does Obama own Halliburton? Are the Dems arguing to defend BP?

    Just because someone has taken campaign donations from an industry does not infer they will sell out nor that their interest is as entrenched as those who stand to make a personal fortune (and are) off the stock when the industry is deregulated to such an extent that it blows off the charts in profits for years, only to come crashing down eventually in some kind of disaster, which tellingly never costs them a dime.

  8. @Todd Curl,

    Healthcare Reform for one. I said nothing about “blind support”. You also said this:
    I simply base my perceptions on actual reality. What did you mean by that? And thank you for not trying to be antagonistic, I appreciate that.

  9. @Todd Curl,
    Todd, consider the alternative. John Wayne McCain bolstering new wars and Scarah screaming in our ears.

    Your vote may have been the one that saved us. Dont feel bad

  10. @Sarah Jones, I’ll ask you the same thing I asked of Jason; where did I say Obama was colluding with BP? I know all about Bush and Cheney’s relationship with big oil and I highlighted that in my article.

    I never said Obama was having secret meetings. I never said he was fighting against regulations — he isn’t pushing them either.

    I stated the fact that he failed to include BP’s offshore drilling in the gulf as part of his far reaching environmental impact analysis last year and his officials have dodged the issue when asked why.

    Before you and Jason start putting words in my mouth, it might behoove you to read my actual article before you condemn me with your predictable reactionary diatribe because I had the audacity to say something negative (supported by facts) about a Democrat.

    Good luck to you Sarah.

  11. @Todd Curl,

    I am asking you those questions because they are germane to the discussion of whether or not Obama is doing his job, etc. I didn’t assume that you brought them up, nor did I intend to imply that.

    I did read your article this morning. I am the person who attached a sticky so it could be visible on the front page.

    If you want to discuss the ERA, we need to get into the entire secret holds discussion, if you want to discuss the Dept of Interior and the MMS debacle, we need to discuss why those Bush folks were still in office.

    Now, I can’t prove this because the list of secret holds is not available (that I can find). But there are 92 of them right now, and I would bet a few of them come into play here. However, the question of why Obama left those folks in office after the ass for gas scandal came out during Bush’s last year is a good one. I don’t know how many if any of them were replaced, or how many if any of them are political appointees versus careerists — in other words, I don’t know how easy it would be to replace them. I don’t know if they are being held up by the GOP’s secret holds.

    These are things we can debate, although we don’t have all of the facts due to the GOP’s secret hold obstruction.

    I have included negative things about Democrats in my posts, Todd and certainly Jason has. I think the implication that I am a Democratic cheerleader and hence don’t like the facts is unwarranted.

    I have plenty of frustrations with the Democrats but I don’t feel that both parties are the same. I thought your point about the dangers a president faces was a really good one, and that’s why I linked to your post.

  12. @Todd Curl, Todd, we are colleagues, but that is exactly what you said. Oh and here is the quote from your own post today, “The most devastating blow to those who still harbor the illusion that Obama is not in collusion with BP and other Oil giants is the fact that BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling operation specifically was not included in a far reaching environmental impact analysis last year.”

    By saying that people who think that Obama is not colluding with BP are delusional you presenting your opinion as fact that he is. That is exactly what you said. I am not criticizing you because of your opinion but because you offered this opinion as fact in your post without any supporting facts. I emailed you so if you would like to continue this discussion privately, let’s take it up in that forum.

  13. @Todd Curl,

    PS I hope you don’t think my post was a rebuttal to yours. I wrote it this morning before I ever saw yours and when I got to the site to post, I saw your post, stickied it and promoted it, and then posted mine:-)

  14. @Jason Easley, To build on this your evidence is that Obama didn’t act on the environmental impact study, but how does that mean that his administration is colluding with BP? Where is the evidence? There could be numerous reasons why his administration didn’t act everything from holds on appointees to the information getting buried in the federal bureaucracy and never making it to the White House.

    Do you know for a fact that the White House saw the environmental impact study? Once again, if this collusion is such an accepted fact, then where is the evidence? Please Todd, don’t make this personal, and if you have a problem, let’s discuss it privately.

  15. @Jason Easley, Yes Jason, I actually did notice that I said that and I referenced it on my own blog.

    You are the one however, who publicly admonished me without so much as a private e-mail or phone call to voice your concerns about my wild accusations (which are supported by circumstantial evidence — more than other articles published on your site can claim).

    I would have been more than happy to change the wording or offer more evidence, but rather than taking the high road, you publicly insult one of your writers — a writer whom you asked to publish original content on your site.

    That is beyond the pale and I expect all four of the articles I have published on your site to be removed within the week as I do not wish to have any further connection with this site whatsoever.

    Good luck,

    Todd Curl

  16. Sarah another awesome “had to be said” post! I’m getting peeved that the left is carrying water for the right…
    One thing about the right, like you said they stand by their “fearless leaders” right or wrong, something the left cannot say….
    Its obvious the Federal gov can’t just step in, this is BP’s baby…! Now I would like to urge everyone to go read “Crimes against Nature” by RFK jr. to see how and why this happened. Bush gutted the EPA made it a joke, massive deregulation, you get Massey & co and drill baby drill. Obama has been wrangling over the last year for healthcare for all of US and wrangling to get anything done with the party of no, is difficult. Yes he did more in his first month than Bush in 8 yrs. The right will take anything & everything that happens to spin and pin on Obama, make no mistake. We have to tell them loud and clear they are WRONG!
    Now just imagine if Palin was in charge? OK was that nightmarish enough?
    Get behind POTUS and support him.
    The right has only divisiveness, prejudice & hate to offer up. Sorry but I don’t want that…EVER!

  17. @Shiva,

    I know, you’re so right about laughing them off. It’s absurd. He didn’t show up for the photo op over b-day cake like some people did a week later? No, but he gave the orders on time. :-(

  18. @Geo,

    yes, it’s a delicate balance, as you point out. We need to stay vigilante and informed, as otherwise we let our officials off the hook — but we also need to know how to support them publicly so they can get our agenda passed.

  19. @Shiva,

    What a great point. Just think of what could have been. It gives me the nightmares. Thank you Todd for the vote….and everyone else.

  20. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    Great recommendation, Crystalwolf – thanks! Bush massively understaffed and defunded the EPA. I’m not sure where all of that is at right now, but I worry that those are some of the secret holds. It’s frustrating thinking of what Bush did to the DoJ and the EPA…among other agencies — and all of the careerists he moved around at the last minute. I know Obama directed more money to the EPA, but in order to get anything done, he’s been compromising with these clowns….

    I just left a comment in the Palin piece about how this drilling was done under Bush’s order form 2008 and how Obama included off-shore drilling starting in 2012 in the climate change bill in order to get Republican support.

    Now, this is exactly why the left is frustrated, but we are frustrated with the GOP obstructionism and we just want Obama to kick their ass. I am all for that:-) But then reality sinks in…

  21. Well he is trying to be “bi-partisan” which is a good ideal, but with these clowns won’t work.
    Lots of these old GOP senators are good ole boys and it galls them to take orders from…well you know! Most cultures have moved beyond that but in the south its still prevalent. A lot of progressives are mad…why doesn’t PO just plow his way through? He could. But that would be another thing to criticize him for. He is trying to be good guy. And its like a bully draws a line in the sand. We got Palin snarkin’ and screeching her BS and all the good ole boys spittin’ out their tabacky…
    But PO is still trying to honor the constitution, that he is accused of not knowing or abiding…
    these AssHats make me so sick…fools and Palin is the biggest of all!

  22. Ohmahgoodnes thank you for this article!!
    As soon as the rig bblew and sank } worried not because of what the right might do or say cause the prseident can pass gass after eating bean burrito and the riight will find a way to make an issue out of it. I was concerned with my fellowl libs. Cause even though President obama was Johny on the spot unless he was there personaly cleaning up the oil, the animals all while physicaly beeating up reps from BP oil…the he is just like bush, hees a corporate oil shill, he lied…etc would be the meme. It happened during every major issue they shouuld have been supporting.

  23. @luvangel,

    Glad you liked it. the Right does nothing but criticize because they know they did nothing but destroy this country so they can’t very well talk about their own record or platform of hypocrisy.

  24. Can anyone explain why MSNBC is considered a left wing network?
    Everytime I turn around Pat Buchanan is screeching out more BS. Now if you can just get Pat Buchanan off of every MFing show that airs on MSNBC I might be able to watch before 6:00 pm est. At least warn us so we view at our own peril, sort of like watching “The View” and hearing Elisabeth screech out her opinions. At least she’s only on for an hour, but with MSNBC almost no time is safe. It is maddening!

  25. @genius17055,

    I know. That guy is bad news and I know I am offended by some of the abhorrent things he says. I have no idea why they keep him around.

    But someone on this planet still wants to watch Karl Rove, too.

  26. @Peter Michals,

    That’s a stretch.

    The left don’t keep voting against their own economic interests and they don’t support dictators like Bush over and over again. just today I passed a car with a Bush Cheney bumper sticker all proud as day. Who could possibly be awake and not have tried to hide that thing?

  27. While it’s true we don’t vote against our own best interests, we sometimes let the right define the terms of the debate. That’s something that needs to stop. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that each election is important. Otherwise, we won’t be able to get people who have our bests interests in mind working for us.

    No one with an ounce of integrity or brains should be listening to the right on this, as this disaster is a direct result in large part of their misguided deregulation policies.

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