Sarah Palin Greeted by Environmental Big Oil Protesters in Vegas

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:21 pm

Sarah Palin was speaking last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlining the annual shopping center convention. But it was the environmental protesters dismayed by Palin’s continued support of off -shore drilling lined up outside of the convention hall where Palin was speaking that drew the attention.

Palin protesters

Palin protesters

About a dozen protesters greeted protested Palin outside the Vegas convention hall. ABC Channel 13 reported:

“About a dozen protesters stood outside the Las Vegas convention center where Palin delivered her speech. They say the spill in the gulf of Mexico is the direct result of unfettered drilling. And are now calling on our national leaders to take action and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Drill Baby Drill,” a line just as controversial as the person who made it so popular. Although Palin’s views on energy are no secret, the protesters believe the U.S. can no longer look at offshore drilling as a safe and viable option.

“Drill Baby Drill leads to spill baby spill and our gulf, our economy cant take that anymore,” said Sierra Club organizer Vinny Spotleson.

Watch the protesters here:

In an interview with Fox, the half-term governor said she’s still in favor of off-shore drilling as way to break our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, even as oil spills into the Gulf in unprecedented amounts and dead marine life litters the previously beautiful shores of Louisiana. In her Fox interview Palin warned,

“Maybe this is a lesson for those who oppose supplies being extracted on shores and on land like ANWR, in Alaska…let’s drill there where it’s safer than off shore,” said Palin.

As Ms Palin should know, in 2000, biologists noticed something very strange about some of the frogs in Alaska’s Kenai Refuge. Many of them were missing eyes and had missing or deformed legs and feet. The likely culprit: toxic chemicals released by oil companies. If that wasn’t enough to clue her in, maybe the largest oil spill in history before the Deepwater Horizon spill which took place in Alaska might have altered Palin as to some problems. The Exxon Valdez debacle ravaged local marine, animal, and plant life as well as the native population. Their losses totaled millions, if not billions of dollars.Because oil will float on the ocean in a thin film, a single barrel spilled can cover a huge surface of water and can affect everything that the water touches.

Environmentalists and sane people the country wide are calling Palin out on her Drill Baby Drill energy “policy”, but this small group of protesters had the privilege to make their opinions known as directly as one can with Sarah Palin (who does not interact with the press or protesters and makes announcements from the junior high cover of her Facebook page which no one can counter). Americans have had enough of Palin inserting herself into the national dialogue on serious issues only to pollute the waters with toxic inaccuracies and down right obscene distortions of reality.

Spill, Baby, Spill should have been enough to chill the shrill shill from Alaska, but no. She keeps on peddling her magical made up energy policy claiming we won’t be dependent on foreign oil if only we drill. Sigh. Here’s to the protesters in Vegas.

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