Fox News Threatens Sarah Palin Book Author Joe McGinniss

Palin and Fox News try to intimidate Joe McGinniss

Fox News issued a warning and a thinly veiled threat to investigative journalist and author Joe McGinniss, who is writing a book about Sarah Palin, Alaska, and the oil industry. On Fox and Friends today, Steve Doocy said, “Mr. McGinniss, if you’re watching right now, I would be very careful wearing hats out there because in the wrong hat, in the wrong light, could appear to be antlers.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Doocy said of McGinniss moving next door to Palin, “You know there are a lot of people on the political left who she absolutely drives nuts. He obviously is a guy who’s got an agenda. He’s writing a book to that effect, but Mr. McGinniss if you’re watching right now, I would be very careful wearing hats out there, but in the wrong hat, in the wrong light, could appear to be antlers. It could be perilous out there in Wasilla.”

If you are not aware of the story, yesterday, Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page and unleashed a paranoid rant about Joe McGinniss renting the house next door to her. Palin wrote, “Joe announced to Todd that he’s moved in right next door to us. He’s rented the place for the next five months or so. He moved up all the way from Massachusetts to live right next to us – while he writes a book about me. Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of “journalism” (including the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered), we’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning. Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?”

She continued, “Welcome, Joe! It’ll be a great summer – come borrow a cup of sugar if ever you need some sweetener. And you know what they say about “fences make for good neighbors”? Well, we’ll get started on that tall fence tomorrow, and I’ll try to keep Trig’s squeals down to a quiet giggle so we don’t disturb your peaceful summer. Enjoy!” She also accused McGinniss of spying on her. If you thought this story couldn’t get any stranger, now we have Fox News issuing not so veiled threats to McGinniss on the air.

Fox News is obviously serious about protecting their investment in their chosen 2012 Republican presidential candidate, but a threat against the life of a journalist is a new low even for them. Anyone who doubts whether or not Palin is running for president in 2012 needs to wake up now, she is running, and she is so desperate to keep damning, career ruining information about her and the oil industry out of the news, that she had her bosses at Fox turn up the heat on Joe McGinniss. If she has nothing to hide then why are she so paranoid and Fox News so threatening?

Sarah Palin has a lot to hide, and there has been a great deal of money invested in her, so the only surprising thing about the behavior of Fox News is that they issued the threat/warning so obviously on the air. Palin is trying squash McGinniss and his book, and a quick look at her sketchy past in Alaska provides lots of possible clues why. Palin and FNC can’t stop every journalist and every book. Eventually, the truth will come out. The microscope of a presidential candidacy is too intense, and the campaigns are too long for the truth to stay hidden forever. If Joe McGinniss doesn’t uncover the truth, someone else certainly will.

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136 Replies to “Fox News Threatens Sarah Palin Book Author Joe McGinniss”

  1. You can run but you cannot hide Sarah, unless it’s moose “hide!” HA!!

    And as far as I know gosh darn it, it’s still a free state, especially with you NOT governor! You betcha, wink wink!

  2. They are assholes! And her too! I loved his book “Going to Extremes” and his piece in Conde Nast (sp) Pipedreams ….was so spot on…I hope he has private security, b/c her followers out there are one William Henley a “oathkeeper” who has proclaimed publicly he would “die for her” and brags he carries a 357 ” and knows how to use it” There were threats of Arson from Conservatives for palin and there have been mysterious unsolved fires in Wasilla, the Wasilla bible church…a woman named Dar Williams (who died and her 2 dogs) and another person who had “impeach palin” on their shed, a shed Todd Palin could see every-time he landed at Lake Lucille, well their dog was stolen and found shot to death and someone tried to torch the shed.
    There have also been mysterious “plane crashes”…I hope MS Palin makes sure Mr. McGinnis is safe as a bug in a rug or else???
    Hey FBI threats from faux snooze and palin and her supporters…
    check it out!

  3. You guys are falling in love with the idea that anything goes! Why did the gov’t say” leave the kids out of it”? Any time the children are brought up in the papers the Dems yell this. If it is a conservative -anything goes- including watching a young girls bedroom window! You are sick if you think we believe this is correct research and not stalking! Also, I know that Fox comment was no threat to the author – that was a JOKE! That is so easy to see that you are pulling whatever kind of crap you can to get into the White House since they now hire their own reporters, just like any good a Marxist or socialist govt. Good luck with that, but it is simple to read between the lines in this article. Do you sleep with this author or just wash his underwear for him? What a bunch of bull you shovel out!

  4. @amother,

    What a crock of Conservative bull-pucky. Google this:

    Obama calls for the media to leave Palin’s kids alone.

    and it wasn’t HER kids whose lives were threatened by the illiterate knuckle draggers with tea bags hanging from what passes for heads on your side.

  5. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    Hanson’s airplane crash just weeks after he confronted Palin about what a bad mother she was to Track….

    The son Wasilla said was his, not Todd’s.

    But of course I am sure that was an accident. Just like the guy in Ohio who was called to testify about Republican election fraud who mysteriously crashed on his way to bring evidence. The lesson is obviously that planes are not safe.

  6. It’s so ironic that the attention hound has finally found attention that’s not to her liking. As always, she tries to paint herself as a victim, even to the point of making ugly accusations about him spying on her children. She is a 13-year-old in a 46-year-old body, and the more she carries on like this, the more it cements her unfitness to ever hold national elective office, especially that of president. While Glenn Beck sells wolf tickets on her behalf, waxing indignant about her family, he has viewed the Obama family as fair game for his
    calumny, including the Obama girls. What hypocrites they are!! As for FOX Noise, they continue to expose themselves as the knuckle draggers they are. They are just as belligerent, ignorant, and arrogant as ever.

  7. Amother, it was Palin who brought up what side of the house Piper’s bedroom is on. Any idiot can see that their house sits much higher and if anyone is looking into windows next door to them, it’s the Palin’s, not McGinniss. She’s the one who posted a pic of him, leaning on the deck of the home he LEGALLY rented and looking away from her home. She runs to Fakebook to rant about her “freedom” yet is too ignorant to see that she’s not been compromised in any way and neither have her children. In fact, it is Palin who ALWAYS uses her children in articles, on stage, etc. as props or to deflect from any bad publicity coming her way. What she cannot stand to hear or see is that the majority of the country sees right through her B.S. and knows that she’s far from “mother of the year”. What kind of mother throws their pregnant teenage daughter under the bus to deflect questions regarding her own suspicious and alleged “pregnancy”? $arah Palin is the only mother I know who was contemptible enough to do something like that and she continues to use her children to this day.

  8. First off, Steve Doocy is a complete idiot. The perfect stooge. And one has to wonder why he took it upon himself to threaten the author, when the author has not done anything to Palin yet. The book is not written.

    It kind of looks to me like Rupert Murdoch might want to step in once again and slap his loyal minions down like he did Sean Hannity. Throwing out a threat on national television is not smart.

    Fox news would be better off investigating who really had the baby

  9. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    That was Dar Miller, who died in early January 2009. She was a respite nurse for many years, but who had a background in neonaral nursing…

  10. @EnglishSaddle,

    That was Curtis Menard, Jr., who died in a plane crash in 200l, just a couple of months after Piper was born.

  11. @amother,

    If what Doocy said on “Fox and Friends” was such a joke, why are all you Palin freaks saying McGinniss’ son Joe Jr.’s obviously tongue-in-cheek response when questioned about his father’s whereabouts was a serious commentary on an obsession?

    Is this a case of IAOKJIYAR —
    it’s an OK joke if you’re a Republican?”

    The McGinnisses obviously coordinated this whole to-do involving Sarah Palin to poke a stick in the wasp’s nest, and the Joe Jr. comment is part of that — it sure got the expected response from Palin minions like you, who WANT Joe Sr. to be an unhinged lovesick pervert.

  12. lol

    I’m failry confident that was not a threat, perhaps a promise. You see unlike you left leaning progressives that feel nothing is off limits. Conservatives typically are people of action, so Joe Joe will definitely need to choose that hat carefully!

  13. @Knuckledragger, I love pickles.

    thank you for your brilliant rebuttal to my post. I was amazed at the depth and sincerity of your thinking.


  14. @EnglishSaddle,

    He is, isn’t he? So many “knuckledraggers”
    live down to that name just by resorting to juvenile name-calling and insults. That’s due to their inability to make a coherent or even plausible argument for their idol’s words and actions. I read somewhere that there was a halfway house near the Palins and they never said anything about that. It’s obvious that they are afraid of what McGinnis might write about her.

  15. @Anne,

    Name calling. Christ, what grade are these people in? Are all of her followers 8 years old? Can they even vote?

  16. Who was that famous guy at Fox accused so many times of stalking for a story – O’Reilley?

    below from

    The home Joe McGinniss is renting used to be an Oxford House from 2005 until 2008. The tenants were men recently released from prison who were recovering addicts. What? No fence to protect sexy Sarah in her tank top? Dear God! Who was lurking in that house watching her children play?

    The Palins themselves rented the home McGinnis is staying in for six months in 2009, but weren’t interested in purchasing it. They didn’t want to spend the money. Last October they were “done with the house”.

  17. @KarenJ,

    Oh, right. Curtis the lover. Got it. Isn’t Hanson the best friend of Todd’s that National Enquirer said she supposedly had an affair with?

    So, Curtis pre-marriage, father of Track and Hanson was post-marriage? And Curtis is the one who died in the plane accident. They still own property with the Hansons, or rather, the post-divorce now singular Hanson?

    Wasilla Hillbillies As the World Turns.

  18. @Knuckledragger,

    Stop reporting what you see when you look in the mirror. Someone will think you are a narcissist.

  19. @EnglishSaddle,


    You guessed it, kinda like conservative bull-pucky, and freaks. I believe you call that hypocrisy! You left leaning douche-bags are something else.

  20. Why do you folks reply to anything that knuckledragger posts?
    You’re only giving him oxygen.
    Ignore the fool.

  21. Sarah wasn’t worried when these earlier renters were next door-see

    “The home Joe McGinniss is renting used to be an Oxford House from 2005 until 2008. The tenants were men recently released from prison who were recovering addicts. What? No fence to protect sexy Sarah in her tank top? Dear God! Who was … See Morelurking in that house watching her children play?…Here’s a hint, Sarah – if you want to dictate who lives in the house, you should have probably bought it first.”
    Palin = hypocrite grifter:

  22. Sick stalker Joe McGinniss hopes to get some publicity and some face-time on sappy TV shows by latching onto Gov. Satah Palin’s boot laces, like the disgusting parasite he obviously is.

  23. @Knuckledragger,

    Yes because “freaks” is the name-calling equivalent of your enchanting use of “douche bags” in the Conservative Dictionary, I’m sure, right next to your charming insinuation that a poster “loves to lick the ladies”. And didn’t you start it all off with the projection of “clown”? But I forgot, you are a conservative and therefor you don’t believe in personal responsibility. So sorry for the mix up.

    It seems you must be a satirist, which I feel duty bound to inform you is right next to Statinist in the newly “revised” Con Dictionary, no, I’m so serious! Also, too, next to Stalin- I feel a Glenduh moment approaching– get thee some chalk! Circles of doom, I tell ya’!

    Must run to my End Times store to grab some more water and ammo for when the evil gubment comes to get me for not filling out my census or Acorn comes to turn me into an illegal. Fear and paranoia abound.

  24. @Shiva,

    Since you are a carrot smuggle, you most certainly have. Perhaps you should reside down to the Gay Bay in SF, YOU’LL FIT RIGHT IN THERE!

  25. lol

    You people are great!!!!!!

    I love coming to these places and annoying the shit out of you homos, yes that’s right I said homo lol




    Carpet Mucher

    Pole Smoker

  26. @Knuckledragger, And by action, you mean murdering someone who is trying to expose the truth? I’ll bet you are also the same kind of person who believes that your Constitutional rights are in danger, yet you have no trouble with the notion that a journalist does not have the right to investigate their subjects.

    You are not a patriot or a real American. You are a disgrace to this nation.

  27. @Rick Patel, Did you even know who McGinnis was before you read Sarah’s FB page? The only sick person in that neighborhood is the woman who is trying to use her children as human shields to keep her culture of victimization alive.

  28. @Sarah Jones,


    Who asked you Sarah Douche-bag #2.

    Personal responsibility? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard so far.

    Last time I’ve checked it’s the lefties lining up for “Obama Money” in Michigan. It’s the lefties that sit on they’re fat ass sucking on the government tit, welfare, food stamps, health care, SS benefits at 25 years of age, and 60,000 plus in Michigan waiting for the “Obama Money” handout. the list goes on and on!

    I’ll post this one twice


  29. @Knuckledragger,

    It’s called a Red State, AKA: Welfare state. Alaska, South Carolina, Texas, etc. Take, take, take while they puff themselves up as pretend Patriots and swagger about in silly costumes screeching about secession, just like children in dress up playing Grown Up.

    All the while, living off the Federal government and who pays the most into the system? California for one. Then Delaware. And DC would be number one were it a state. All went for Obama. I’m just saying. Those are not some lazy liberals — they’re actually paying for you if you live in Michigan now.

  30. @Knuckledragger,

    Yeah really, Study some better insult material, then graduate from high school, THEN comment on this subject….

  31. @Nikolai, Tina Fay I mean Palin, I mean Tina Fay, Oh, I’m so confused, who really said that??? I want to sound like I know what I’m talking about to impress everyone, so they’ll I’m cool and one of THEM….wink, wink.

  32. @JimM,

    I think what you mean is that Palin’s life is out an 1962 Salem gossip club, witch hunts and all. Very apt of you.

  33. @crystalwolf aka caligrl, I carry a 357 and know how to use it also. Does that make me a nut? Jealous and insecure liberals and ignorant sheep are all alike. Blah blah blah, hate speech and ZERO facts! Fact is, we carry 357’s BECAUSE nuts like you think you can impose your socialistic will on anyone you choose.Hopefully you will move out of Holders moms basement and wake up one day. Until then it is nothing short of idiotic jealousy and whining coming out of your mouth! Or was that coming out of the other end? Both look and sound the same from here.

  34. @Sarah Jones,

    You should put the pipe down, the latest numbers from 2009. Here you go, you should do your research before you open that mouth! By the California in the red to the tune of 500b plus, the next closest state Texas at 30 billion, but they have a surplus in a rainy day fund.

    Top 15 Biggest US Welfare States and certainly no surprise! Most of these full of progressive lefties!

    1. California-% of pop. on assistance: 3.30%
    spending: $3.28 billion
    Total recipients : 1,212,893
    % Change in past 12 months: 10.4%

    2. Maine
    % of pop. on assistance: 2.37%
    spending: $61.73 million
    Total recipients : 31,148
    % Change in past 12 months: 5.3%

    3. Tenn- You know what I will not waste my time putting the numbers out there, you have proven that you have not idea what your talking about.

    4. Mass

    5. Vermont

    6. DC

    7. NY

    8. Minn

    9. Wash

    10. New Mex

    11. Indiana

    12. Rhode I


    14. Penn

    15. Oregon

    Nice try idiot!

  35. @Jason Easley,


    That’s rich, no one said murdering anyone he said there might be some confusion! lol

    You think we live by the constitution? lol

    Big difference genius between investigating and harassing, you call Joe Joe an investigative journalist? That’s like calling you an American.

    That’s a private citizen numb nuts , how bout I roll up to your house and investigate you. I’ll keep a keen eye on you and your wife’s every move. Then we can see how you like it!

  36. @Jason Easley,


    What an idiot! Can I answer, please, please, please..

    I can give you a list of what he’s written, including a long list of hit pieces that he loves throwing out there that have zero factual evidence behind them!

  37. Man, this place is great!

    I’ve never seen so many left wing, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Hussein loving people in my life. I will come back daily, just to have a little fun!

  38. Opinion Poll

    Who is the real knuckle dragger?

    a. The good looking guy name knuckledragger on this incredibly gay, liberal loving website?

    b. Michelle Obama when walking off Air Force One?

    Answer is b!

  39. What would people on this website say if David Duke was found on the visitors list when George Bush was in office?

    I can only imagine, I wonder why it fails to provoke the same response when Malik Shabazz visits Hussein and his knuckle dragging woman.

    For those of you that do not know that’s the Chairman of The Black Panther Party. Aren’t those the same guys that were holding billy clubs outside the polling station in Philly?

    I’m pretty sure wielding billy clubs outside a polling station is called voter intimidation. Should have taken them from them and beat em senseless. Ooops that’s right senseless is a prereq to join the BBP.

  40. @Sarah Jones

    Not too much to say now, welfare leading states Alaska, Texas, S Carolina.. lol

    Yep, I would not say anything either, especially after you are made to look like a fool.,

  41. A little perspective. We’re talking about Steve Doocy here. He couldn’t credibly threaten a preschooler. Some high school wimps get bullied by the football team. Doocy used to get beaten up by the debate squad.

  42. @, Hi Bill, hows it going?
    jealously? LMAO, I think Men, who brag about their BIG guns and how to “use them” have a problem.
    I hear BS coming from your mouth, but hey keep it comin’ Big tough man! You know I like to wear the $750. NM CFM’s like Sarah…ahahahaha

  43. @, Hit pieces…lol! ah a “retards4palin” troll, oops sorry been upgraded to “shill commentator” lmao!
    RAM rounds up all the LIV and has them comment and troll, very funny…
    and doncha know nothing you write on the tubes ever goes away?
    Isn’t that amazing…
    So like gobble up the troll bait…

  44. @, My,my you are a persistent troll? I do believe you just threatened Jason…nothing goes away on the tubes…you LIV have no facts so must resort to threats or Ad hominem attacks!
    Hope palin is payin you well, you know she is worth over $20 mill?

  45. And the house, before the Palins briefly rented it and before Joe moved in … housed ex-felons undergoing drug and alcohol rehab. Funny how the Palins didn’t build tall fences then, when their children were even younger.

  46. @,
    Joe is an investigative journalist. This is not an opinion. It is a fact.

    You live in a Sarah bubble wherein reality does not exist.

    You will be shunned here for spouting lies and opinion as fact.

    Sarah Palin is a famous person and supposed politician. She is at any rate a cable TV celebrity. This is what happens to celebrities. Joe is not doing anything illegal and in fact, he had the courtesy to announce himself to the mayor of the town.

    The whining and persecution complex of you people is appalling — especially given the abuse you dish out.

    You are almost unfit for civilized company.

  47. @Sarah Jones,


    The numbers I quoted are not about who is on assistance. You do realize that, right? Or are you changing the subject on purpose?

    Welfare states — this is a political term meaning STATES (not people) which take a lot of federal money – more than they pay in.

    Capiche? Nice how you switched it to people, but you can not claim those people are liberals. You need proof for that, and actually, statistics about red and blue families do not bear you out on that.

    Of issue because you people keep nattering on about the federal budget while sticking your hand out for federal money which blue states pay the most into, AS YOU CALL LIBERALS DEADBEATS. They hypocrisy and lack of awareness are truly only possible for those who live in a conservative bubble. You can’t appreciate how this is applicable in a political discussion? Wow. This is just sad.

    It is ironic, but it is red families in red states/areas with higher divorce and more poverty and more unwed mothers — many of those conditions call for assistance.

    You really should read up more before you get all full of yourself and spew your goal-post shifting nonsense here.

    And please give us your source for these statistics, even though your stats had nothing to do with what was being discussed and was an attempt to shift the discussion away from an embarrassing reality.

  48. @, Sarah Palin is not a private citizen, and only a coward would make threats and not give their own name. Unlike you, I am not afraid to stand behind my words with my true identity. You can’t frighten, intimidate, or even harass me. If my wife was a public person and an intellectual light weight who was too paranoid and afraid to do interviews as Palin is, I would expect her to be investigated, that is the role of a free press.

    Palin has no issues with exploiting her fame to get paid, with the money comes accountability, which is something that you would know nothing about since you refuse to place your name on your comment. Congratulations, you are a coward, just like your hero Sarah Palin. I get threatened all the time, yawn, so this is the best that you can do in “Real America?”

  49. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    Retards? lol

    You name yourself caligirl and your calling me a retard. lol

    You lefties love throwing that word out? I thought you guys were the politically correct, I gotta love everyone type.

  50. @crystalwolf aka caligrl,

    Well I’m sure we feel the same about you! lol

    You sound like you need a big gun!

  51. @Sarah Jones,

    This is great, unfit for civilized company? lol

    Show me some of his investigative journalism, or does he only “investigate” those that he has political differences with. That’s not investigative, that’s an agenda.

    Huge difference and you lefties know it, you simply do not have the GUTS to admit it!

  52. @Jason Easley,

    Wow you called that a threat? You people are hilarious, I simply asked you a question? How would you like it? It would not feel good, just as no one has the right to sit there and stalk someone, even from behind a fence. She is a private citizen, what government office does she hold, is there some announcement that you know of that the rest of us have failed to hear?

    I love how you people use free press. lol

    Like MSNBC, The Today Show, NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC. Isn’t NBC living in The White House right now? That’s not free press, that’s corrupt press.

    I’m scared? That’s hilarious, even if I gave you my name I would then have to hear “that’s probably not even your real name.” I’m simply an investigative journalist doing a piece on liberals and the internet.

  53. @knuckledragger, Hey I’m not talking to you…I just saw a awesome interview with Joe McGinnis this morning, he calls the palin bots the “hounds from hell” and says the FBI & AST now involved. Hear that Bill? He didn’t like your Woods poem.
    Yep granny released the hounds of hell all right the FBI be snoopin’ in her biz!

  54. Are there zoning laws in Wasilla regarding the height of fences? If so, they probably only apply to some people. Isn’t it funny, that Ms. Palin, who claims to be such a champion of our constitutional rights, is trying to violate the rights of Mr. McGinniss? She should be impressed that Mr. McGinniss wants to get a real feel for her hometown so that his book will be accurate. Applause for Mr. McGinniss..thumbs down to Ms. Hypocrite!

  55. @Ray in MD, She should be flattered that Joe McGinniss wants to get a real feel for Wasilla so that his book is accurate! Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

  56. @Pat, The Palins were not afraid of ex-cons because they shirk from attention, so they didn’t care what the Palins did. The Palins obviously have something to hide…other wise they would relish the attention! For them, usually, negative attention is better than no attention at all!

  57. @Knuckledragger, Eating carrots is supposed to be good for your eyes…why don’t you try to develop some vision other than vulgar slurs?

  58. @WarmAlaskaman, Ex-felons are not a threat. They try to keep a low profile. Obviously the Palins have something to hide!

  59. I REALLY dislike Sarah Palin, and Fox News is the biggest waste on television, but I can’t get behind the idea of this guy camping out in the house next door to her while he writes this book. If he really just wanted to immerse himself in the atmosphere of Wasilla while he was writing it, why not find another place in town that doesn’t overlook her family’s property? I’m just trying to imagine being put into that position myself, and it seems horrible. It’s not a matter of having something to hide (which I’m sure she does, that’s beside the point), it’s a matter of feeling like someone is lurking around your home- I don’t care who you are, your home should be a place where your family feels comfortable. This just seems wrong.

  60. @,


    Yeah, I thought you might have seen him getting interviewed by the progressive boot lickers, Matt and Meredith. He’s an outstanding journalist!

  61. Obama administration missing deadlines on the implementation of Obama Care.

    Well that’s a surprise, I’m sure it’s gonna go well, they can’t even plug a hole in The Gulf of Mexico but they’re gonna provide health care for 300 million people.It should be interesting! lol

  62. Fox News and Sarah Palin have put out a Fatwah on Joe Mcginnis. if I were him I would ask Solomon Rushdie for tips. Gosh darn! Joes situation is worse because his book is not even written yet.

  63. @kristilea, If she is so insecure that she does not want neighbors, she should use some of her book proceeds to buy the house next door, tear it down and plant a stand of trees.

  64. I think it’s pretty clear that knuckledragger isn’t a troll.

    He’s a closet homosexual dealing with self loathing issues and the only way his dryopithecus mind can cope is by coming on to this site and acting like he has Tourette’s Syndrome.


    Ah, fucking shit…






    Fucking knuckledragger!


    I think I’m cool!

  65. @Arias Rowe,

    Pls do the right thing and ignore him like the rest of us. We dont need the profanity ok?

  66. @Shiva,


    That’s rich, there was plenty of profanity on this board before I made one post. Give me a break!

  67. The Palins have everything to hide, just as George Bush did. Let’s face it, he caused 9/11, Katrina, financial crisis, housing bubble, tech bubble, oil leaks, everyone hating us, The Gores breaking up, and on and on and on and on!

    You libs are something else, Hussein can’t stop an oil leak and all you hear is “poor Barack, look what he has to deal with.” lol

    Get some new material, this blame game stuff is getting old!!!!!!!!

  68. @Knuckledragger, I will give ya a break, the profanity statement was directed at arias’s post.

    Your post proves your ID. Now thats rich. See ya.

  69. National unemployment rate is Nov 2008 was 6.7%, today 9.9%.

    Since the stimulus (pork) whatever you want to call it, unemployment has increased 2%.

    Glad that’s working out so well, now you want another 200 billion for a jobs bill! MEANTIME The debt is 90% of GDP, and you just keep spending. Way to go Hussein, why you sit there and watch Paul McCartney sing to the first monkey, the economy is nosediving.

    I’m sure glad you are the smartest president that this country has ever seen, I would hate to see what you did if you were the dumbest.

  70. Wow, another bribe!

    That’s a shocker!

    Former Colorado House of Representatives Speaker Andrew Romanoff on Wednesday night released a copy of an e-mail
    in which White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina described three federal international development jobs that might be available to him if he were not challenging Sen. Michael Bennet for the Democratic nomination.

    From: Messina, Jim (e-mail address redacted)
    Date: Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 3:24 PM
    To: Romanoff, Andrew (e-mail address redacted)
    Deputy Assistant Administrator for Latin America and Caribbean, USAID
    As one of five geographic bureaus in the Agency and as a major contributor to the broader U.S. foreign policy objectives in the
    region, the Bureau for Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) promotes stable democracies, prosperous economies, secure borders, and
    cooperative neighbors in the Western Hemisphere. The LAC Bureau is taking a proactive approach to maximizing the impact of
    foreign assistance and continuing its efforts to transform and improve business operations that support Agency-wide reforms. In
    line with the new Foreign Assistance Framework, priorities include consolidating democracy, fostering growth through free trade
    and business opportunities, investing in people through education and health, and enhancing security by promoting alternatives to
    illegal drug cultivation. Additionally, the Bureau is implementing a number of highly visible programs in the Western Hemisphere,
    including support for the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA); the Andean Counter-Narcotics
    Initiative; the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria; and the recommendations for the Presidential commission for
    Assistance to a Free Cuba.
    This position reports to the Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean. The position functions as advisor to the
    Assistant Administrator, LAC. The position is responsible for oversight and general management of one or more LAC Bureau offices.
    Director, Office of Democracy and Governance, USAID
    The Director is the chief operations officer of the Office and a principal advisor to senior Bureau and USAID management in
    defining the scope and objectives of the Agency’s and the Administration’s initiatives to support democracy and foster
    good governance. Activities of the Director include oversight for all staffing and personnel functions in the Office, as well
    as oversight of technical officer recruitment, selection, and placement, and direct supervision of the senior democracy and
    governance advisors for the Agency. The Director provides program definition, design and oversight, and evaluation for
    USAID’s democracy and good governance programs and serves as a senior advisor in the administration for developing
    democracy and good governance program strategies. The Director supports democracy and good governance programs in
    all parts of the Agency and leads in the development of strategic approaches to democracy support and good governance.
    The Director represents the Agency at the senior level with other U.S. Government departments and agencies, with senior
    officials of foreign governments, with senior political officials from host countries, and with senior officials of U.S.
    implementing organizations. This position reports to the Assistant Administrator for Democracy, Conflict and Human
    Rights (DCHA).
    Director, U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)
    USTDA was first created as part of USAID through the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and made independent in 1991. Their stated
    mission is to “advance economic development and U.S. commercial interests in developing and middle-income countries.” Unlike
    Ex-Im , OPIC and other international development agencies, USTDA does not directly finance exports and development. Instead, the
    agency seeks to achieve its mission by making small grants to fund feasibility studies, reverse trade missions, conferences, trainings,
    and other technical assistance programs that link U.S. companies to overseas development projects. With a budget of $55.2 million
    (FY 2010) and a staff of 78 professionals (48 full-time, 25 contractors and 5 foreign-service nationals), USTDA’s success is dependent
    on being able to seek out new opportunities, leverage its private and government relationships, and find development opportunities
    for both private business and larger federal foreign assistance/development agencies. A testament of USTDA’s success is its ratio of
    grant dollars spent versus dollars in exports created, which is nearly 1:35. This position requires Senate confirmation.

  71. @Shiva,

    Oh quit your crying!

    You liberals are a bunch of babies, you have no problem dishing it out. I took a long look at the prior messages on this board. You guys like to make fun of people and try to make them feel inferior. You think that only opinion that matters is your own. Well guess what, your opinions are the minority! I’ve dealt with people like you for the majority of my life. I’ve dealt with you when I returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve watched you people like you spit at my father and call him a baby killer when he returned from Vietnam. It’s all the same garbage! All the peace loving, bleed heart crap that we’ve all seen for years. You say you are for freedom, I suggest you pickup a weapon and see if you are ready to die for it. I know I am I did it for 25 years. You bleeding hearts want to sit on the sidelines and hide behind the very freedom that people like myself provide for you and your families, yet you have no clue what it takes to preserve it. It takes much more than lining up and waving a flag. When you have done some of the hard work, or at least taken the time to learn what it takes you preserve the freedoms that you enjoy, you be sure to let me know. Until then, I would suggest that instead of head hunting a private citizen, and telling us how you are so much more intelligent, go do something worth while. Why don’t you go thank those that give you the opportunity to voice your distorted views of this country and the world. I’m sure you’ll be to busy for that, trying to save the world and criticize people takes entirely too much time.

  72. @Knuckledragger, hey knuckle, you seem to be the one that cant take it. You get all whiney when your mistakes are pointed out.

    You are so full of lies and cliches it isnt even funny.

  73. @Knuckledragger,


    Now that’s hypocrisy for ya! A liar calling someone else a liar!

    Lies and cliches? I’m comfortable with who I am and what I’ve done. The people that matter most to me in my life know who I am.

    Try picking up an M40 and taking the head off an insurgent at 300 yards. Perhaps then you might have a clue!

  74. @Knuckledragger, Sorry, ive seen the post you posted above in a ton of message boards. Every wannabe con’s dad was spit on and every wannabe con served tons of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    BTW, Im 60. Do the math, where was I when I was 20? There was no spitting and you should be comfortable being a liar. You have lots of practice

    Nothing but cliches and lies.

    Move on. See ya. You are cooked.

  75. Opinion Poll:

    Who sucks more cock?

    A) Knuckledragger?

    B) Knuckledragger’s mom?

    Answer is B!

    She sucks all the cocks knuckledragger sucks, but she also sucks his, which knuckledragger clearly can’t reach, due to it being 2 centimeters long.

  76. @Knuckledragger,

    First, the bill doesn’t try to cover 300 million people; it only aims to provide access to coverage for roughly million of the most needy.

    Second, 300 million people might need health coverage after your mom gets through fellating them…


  77. @Knuckledragger,


    I understand why you are calling me a liar, I really do. Calling me a liar makes you feel better. It’s the only way that you keep yourself from exposing the fact that you are a weak individual. Calling someone a liar is the typical reaction from people like yourself. You know deep down that you do not have the guts, nor the strength to do the hard work. That’s the only way you know, I get it. It’s the only way you can deal with your own weakness. If you cannot do it, how can anyone else? It’s easier for people like you to discredit others instead of dealing with your weaknesses.

    I’m ok with who I am and things that I’ve done, even some of the things that I’ve done that would make someone like you fall into a fetal position. Those are things that I will have to deal with when it’s my turn to be judged by God.

    Can you say the same? I doubt it, go on continue your attempts to discredit those that provide you the freedom that you love to hide behind.

    I would expect nothing less!

  78. @Random Trucker,


    I love it, someone with a sense of humor. It’s kinda gross but humorous nonetheless!

  79. @Random Trucker,


    Again Random Trucker, very nice are you sure your a liberal. How are then truck stops treating you these days.

    News Flash genius, what do you think is going to happen when private sector businesses started dropping coverage of they’re employees. Tah Dah! Right to your socialist healthcare system!

    Man, are you people really that naive? Do you honestly think this is about providing coverage to the uninsured? You’ve got to be kidding me! You honestly think that the private sector can compete with someone that does not need to make a profit.

    Enjoy it, I’m sure it’s gonna be ton’s of fun! Kinda like your momma Random Trucker! I love to roll her in flour just to find the wet spot!

  80. @Knuckledragger, LOL

    You never provided anyone with any freedom. The constitution does that. You never served anything more than burgers.

    You keep saying you are ok with who you are, maybe someday you will believe it.

    Lies and cliches. The more you whine the easier it is to see who you are.

  81. News Flash genius, BP is a British owned company. Now we are going to take over international companies. The arrogance of this administration is unreal. I thought Hussein said “He gots this”

    It’s time for the federal government to put BP under temporary receivership, which gives the government authority to take over BP’s operations in the Gulf of Mexico until the gusher is stopped. This is the only way the public know what’s going on, be confident enough resources are being put to stopping the gusher, ensure BP’s strategy is correct, know the government has enough clout to force BP to use a different one if necessary, and be sure the President is ultimately in charge.

    If the government can take over giant global insurer AIG and the auto giant General Motors and replace their CEOs, in order to keep them financially solvent, it should be able to put BP’s north American operations into temporary receivership in order to stop one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.

    The Obama administration keeps saying BP is in charge because BP has the equipment and expertise necessary to do what’s necessary. But under temporary receivership, BP would continue to have the equipment and expertise. The only difference: the firm would unambiguously be working in the public’s interest. As it is now, BP continues to be responsible primarily to its shareholders, not to the American public. As a result, the public continues to worry that a private for-profit corporation is responsible for stopping a public tragedy.

  82. @Knuckledragger,


    That’s funny, a liberal talking about the constitution! That’s almost as humorous as Nancy Pelosi talking about The Constitution. Try picking it up and reading it sometime!

    I love that you keep calling me a liar! It does nothing but expose how you liberals operate and what you believe in.

    Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

    It’s the same stuff with you guys, you try to demean, and belittle people. Can you please try something else, this is getting a little boring. Liar, Liar, Liar, cliches, cliches, cliches!


    Keep em coming Shiva, please try something new!

  83. How’s that pork package working for ya?

    41,000 private sector jobs, wow that’s job growth. Looks like the only one hiring is the census bureau. Oooops that’s a million temp jobs gone in August. Let’s see how they explain unemployment jumping from 9.7 to 12.0 in a matter of months. Great job Obama lovers, you sure picked a winner here. At this rate we will be owned by China by the end of the year! lol

    Hope you like moo goo gai pan!

    WASHINGTON — The federal government bolstered May’s job report with a wave of census hiring that lifted payrolls by 431,000. But private businesses hired at the slowest pace since the start of the year — resulting in an unemployment rate that dipped to 9.7 percent as people gave up searching for work.

    The Labor Department’s new employment snapshot released Friday suggested that outside of the burst of hiring of temporary census workers by the federal government many private employers are wary of bulking up their work forces.

    That indicates the economic recovery can only plod along and won’t have the energy to quickly bring relief to millions of unemployed Americans.

    Virtually all the job creation in May came from the hiring of 411,000 census workers. Such hiring peaked in May and will begin tailing off in June.

    By contrast, hiring by private employers, the backbone of the economy, slowed sharply. They added just 41,000 jobs, down from 218,000 in April and the fewest since January.

  84. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

    National Debt over 13 trillion!!!!

    US unfunded liabilities, for all you geniuses out there in lala land, that’s prescription drug, medicare, and social security. Each taxpayer right now owes $352,188.00. Hope you got some extra cash laying around!

  85. At the top, this must be the only picture of Lil” Sarah with her mouth shut… there must be some way of making this permanent…

  86. So if you think we live in a Socialist/Marxist Republic, then move the fuck on out of the country if you don’t like it. No one is making you stay here. You keep on watching Faux Spews aka Fox News, and remember that it is people like Jeff Beck that have this country laughing at you, and not with you.

  87. So if you think we live in a Socialist/Marxist Republic, then move the fuck on out of the country if you don’t like it. No one is making you stay here. You keep on watching Faux Spews aka Fox News, and remember that it is people like Jeff Beck that have this country laughing at you, and not with you.

  88. “Last time I’ve checked it’s the lefties lining up for “Obama Money” in Michigan. It’s the lefties that sit on they’re fat ass sucking on the government tit, welfare, food stamps, health care, SS benefits at 25 years of age, and 60,000 plus in Michigan waiting for the “Obama Money” handout. the list goes on and on!”

    LOL, Michigan, a highly industrialized state praticlly destroyed by a Bush economy that left vast numbers of unemployed people.

    A knuckledragger special except he goes by the numbers, not how they got the numbers to that point. He should think deeper. If possible

  89. “there have been mysterious unsolved fires in Wasilla”

    Has anyone investigated the Alaska bwitches, Andree McLeod, Linda Kellen Biegel, Jeanne Devon, Amanda Coyne or Shannyn Moore?

  90. “people like Jeff Beck that have this country laughing at you,”

    Jeff Beck? Do guitar players make you laugh, or are you just an ignorant dolt?

  91. “At the top, this must be the only picture of Lil” Sarah with her mouth shut… there must be some way of making this permanent…”

    Are you attempting to draw attention from law enforcement or are you just plain stupid?

  92. Jason Easley says: “The only sick person in that neighborhood is the woman who is trying to use her children as human shields to keep her culture of victimization alive.”

    No ideology, eh Jason? Pretty pathetic.

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