Keith Olbermann Highlights Real American Palin’s 350 Acre “Swimming Hole”

Olbermann points out another day of Palin lies.

On his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann, while discussing Sarah Palin’s latest paranoid freak out over getting a new next door neighbor in Joe McGinnis mentioned that what Palin considers the family “swimming hole” is really a 350 acre lake, with public access, because you know all real Americans have a lake in the back yard for swimming.

Here is the video via MSNBC:

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Palin made it sound like she is living in typical small town America, “Yes, that Joe McGinniss. Here he is – about 15 feet away on the neighbor’s rented deck overlooking my children’s play area and my kitchen window. Maybe we’ll welcome him with a homemade blueberry pie tomorrow so he’ll know how friendly Alaskans are.”

She continued, “We found out the good news today. Upon my family’s return this morning from endorsement rallies and speeches in the Lower 48 states, I finally got the chance to tackle my garden and lawn this evening! So, putting on the shorts and tank top to catch that too-brief northern summer sun and placing a giddy Trig in his toddler backpack for a lawn-mowing adventure, I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” overlooking my property just a stone’s throw away. Needless to say, our outdoor adventure ended quickly after Todd went to introduce himself to the stranger who was peering in…I wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?”

Most of the good stuff in this segment came from The Washington Post’s David Weigel, who pointed out that once again Palin was using her kids as human shields, “He’s never mentioned the kids. This is of a few instances where Palin has taken a personal attack, or not a personal attack, a political attack, a biographer attack, a journalist’s investigation, and claims that it is an insult to her kids. This happened with David Letterman that David Letterman who made a joke about Bristol Palin, who’s a bit of a public figure. She’s a spokesperson for abstinence, and Palin claimed, despite what Letterman was saying. He was making a joke about another kid. Everyone is after her kids…When she starts attacking, if you try to attack back, she throws up this defensive shield, and in this case it involved I think being incredibly unfair and a bit slanderous to someone.”

Weigel went to say that Palin needs to learn to take it when journalists are investigating her, and he called her more of a celebrity than a political figure. He was mystified by Palin’s consistent need to get involved in these personal political feuds and insults, but the answer isn’t really all that elusive. Sarah Palin has built her career on playing the victim. Her celebrity and fame must be constantly fed with more victimization. This is Palin’s way of mobilizing her base for her presidential run, while also preemptively striking to discredit anything that the McGinnis book might reveal.

I think that Weigel’s discussion of Palin’s habit of using her children as human shields was first for someone in the national media. Sarah Palin’s children alternate between being political props and human shields. She uses her children to generate sympathy in her never ending quest for victimization.

Weigel has in the past been incredibly favorable towards Palin, and if even he is growing tired of her games, then I can’t help but wonder what would happen to Palin if the national media started ignoring her desperate pleas for attention. Palin may rant about the “lamestream media” but without the media, she would still be nobody in Alaska. Palin needs the media and the spotlight. She has no ideas to offer and is disinteresting in putting in the effort needed to become a serious political figure, so her right wing bubble gum fame is all she has.

Palin the millionaire who lives in a compound is selling a Middle American fantasy that about as real as her description of the family swimming hole. Unless only millionaires are real Americans, Palin has as much in common with real America as her family swimming hole does with a backyard swimming pool. As usual, those pesky facts get in the way of what Sarah is selling.

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  1. President Obama’s family values are that kids should be off limits to the media in political life. So why does Sarah Palin throw her kids into the media every opportunity she gets? This post is absolutely correct! Sarah Palin gains many miles and many dollars by using her kids to play victim to her base. She is quite talented at doing so. It’s been that way from day one when McCain first announced her as his running mate for the Republican nomination for president. I feel for those kids and really wish them well. They seem to be able to handle the pressure of the glass bowl so far. I just wish that Sarah Palin had some genuine substance to offer to the world of politics and governing other than her repeated deceptive game of playing attack dog and then victim! Yes it does make her a millionaire; you have to giver her credit for that. But where’s the benefit to the country? Her platform is to make a misleading statement on her facebook page and watch the media run with it 24/7 and they fall for it hook, line and sinker every time.
    It feels like a national violation! I guess it saves her tons of advertising dollars. And who can really benefit from challenging a statement from that source? What is the world of politics coming to? When will the main stream media tire of the same old dialog with the wink and a smile? I wish Sarah Barracuda had the balls to do a real interview like another Katie Couric interview or even better yet,….how about an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow? Wow, just digesting that thought alone is such a precious moment! Enjoy!

  2. FJoy, SP is just flat out nuts. You’re trying to use reason to understand something that has no reason behind it. SP is pure brain stem. You betcha…. ;) Although I must too admit that I’m a little confused about Hillary Clinton as an editors choice article. She’s not much better. I guess she’s just less nuts. LOL

  3. I like it when she plays the victim. Playing the victim will get you sympathy for a while, but after that it just gets you scorn. She has the perfect voice for whining no doubt. keep playing the victim Sarah.

    @Cletus Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a top-notch person who lost gracefully and who has taken on probably the most important job in any president’s cabinet. She is not losing us friends like Dr. Rice did and I think you’ll find her to be a very intelligent woman.

  4. Craziest thing about this is that from 2005-2008 the home right next to her that is ‘so close’ was used as a halfway house for recovering adult male addicts.

    Wasn’t worried about Piper, Willow or Bristol being peeped at then. How crazy she accuses this man of leering and peeping at her family, then sends her son out to snap a picture of Joe who lo and behold has HIS BACK TO HER YARD while on his deck.

    She’s insane and having to worry about what Joe will see/hear is just what was needed to push her over the edge.

    Just a matter of time now before it is all exposed.

  5. @F Joy, You need to read more about her kids and their ability to handle the pressure. Track and his buddies vandalized school buses and cut the brake lines, potentially endangering many kids. He basically was forced into joining the military (see Palingates blog) Bristol has been pregnant twice (see Syrin’s blog). She’s supposedly an abstinence spokes-airhead. Willow broke and entered into a house for sale with her hooligan friends and did about 20-30K in damage and $Palin intervened, getting the girls off and the boys on the hook. Her bullshit story is starting to come unmasked in the meth capital of AK, aka Wasilla.

    Also check out the Immoral Minority blog and some of the others linked to on that blog to get the non-MSM filtered bs about the lying, grifting fraud from the 2008 campaign.

  6. @Shiva, You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but there is a mountain of evidence that shows Ms. Clinton to be far from a good choice. Is she better than SP? Of course. But I’ve noticed a trend among people where they seem to think that the democrats can do no wrong simply b/c the republicans have made such jack asses of themselves. Neither party represents the american people. A republican wants to take what you have and give it to their boys in industry. A democrat wants to take what you have and give it to some undeserving slob. At the end of the day.. what does it really matter to you? It’s like arguing over whether you want to get screwed with or without grease. The only difference is that the democrats have the grease. And for reasons that are totally beyond me the american public seems to think getting screwed with grease is something wonderful and without is something intolerable. So if you want to think of her as top notch that’s your option. It only makes sense if someone like SP is your benchmark. As for losing gracefully you seem to have a short memory. The woman tried every trick in the book to keep from abdicating her candidacy. Would I choose her over SP or Condi? Yes. That doesn’t make her the best choice. Only the lesser evil of the choices available. So being the lesser evil of what’s available doesn’t make her a good choice. And, once again, for reasons that are completely opaque to me the american people seem to think “doesn’t completely suck” = “good choice”. So I don’t doubt her intelligence. It’s her reasoning that’s in question. The woman wouldn’t know a copy of the Constitution if she tripped over it. That is a demonstrable fact. There’s an old aphorism you may want to entertain: “People able to give good advice are usually smart enough to give none.” And for me that means the people best able to do the job are smart enough not to want the job. Look at General Powell. He could have been President. He was smart enough not to want the job. I wouldn’t want the job either.

  7. @Cletus, of course she tried to keep her candidacy. But when she finally lost, she lost gracefully.

    As for the mountain of evidence that shows her to be far from a good choice, all you did was go into a tirade about what Democrats and Republicans want to do.then you would and do something silly about you wouldn’t know the Constitution if she tripped on it. That’s pretty meaningless in my book.

    I never said she was the best at what she does. I said I think she is doing a very good job based on what she has done, not based on what the Republicans have done.

    I don’t think Gen. Powell ever could’ve been elected. And I do have a great amount of respect for him. But some things like the fact that he gave logistical assistance to the Iraqis when they gassed the Kurds would come back to haunt him.

  8. @Shiva, sorry about the grammar in that post. I was using voice recognition software and did not check it before I sent it.

  9. @, Thank you for your comment and I do understand what you are saying, but it was not my desire to bash Palin’s kids. I have read about all that you have mentioned, but you are missing my point for my comment. Most of what took place was prior to the last few months that Palin has been center stage on her new journey to who knows where? This current moment in time, they are not in the news unless Sarah Palin puts them there. Before the 2008 campaign, most people outside of Alaska didn’t know who Sarah Palin was and most certainly didn’t know what her kids were doing. Because of Sarah, their lives have been exposed to the press and the internet. Sarah Palin, along with so many other politicians, especially Conservatives on the Right, project strong Christian and moral family values so now they truly are under the spotlight. Bristol, even though she may have been humiliated for having a teen pregnancy, at least she has the guts to stand up and speak to other youth. I give her more credit than her mom. Because regardless of who’s idea it was, she’s the one that actually has to do it. And she is basically admitting to a mistake but making the best of it. And hopefully her son is serving this country to make up for his alleged acts. Sarah Palin never admits to making a mistake. She takes no responsibility for her actions or the outcomes of those actions. She attacks and continues to play victim and always, always has someone else to blame besides herself. I will be relieved for this country on the day that all of Sarah Palin’s lies come to the forefront to end her campaign possibilities for any government office anywhere. Thanks again for your comments.

  10. @Cletus,
    I have to disagree with you on this comment in regards to Hillary. I have to admit that I did not care much for Hillary while she was campaigning against Obama but I have to give her credit for being a strong, responsible, intelligent, knowledgeable woman and government servant who is more than willing to put 100% into her work ethic. I have a great deal of respect for her especially compared to Palin.

  11. @Shiva, Tirade? That’s funny. And I don’t think you could call what she did graceful. Graceful would have been to concede the race and step aside. She lost. Pure and simple. She didn’t do that. So you can grab at straws all you want. She was anything but graceful. At the same time she wasn’t the train wreck that the senate race in Michigan was. That doesn’t make her graceful. However if you want to play the stereotypical american.. that’s again your option to do so. You seem to think anything marginally better than a total disaster is not only acceptable but “top notch”. It’s bad reasoning.

  12. @Cletus, Everyone concedes when the other candidate is nominated. Everyone wants every chance to be the nominee. I dont see what your tirade has to do with anything. She did step aside and she is vastly a better SOS than Rice was. In fact she is a better person.

    Carry on Cletus.

  13. @Shiva, No.. not everyone concedes when they lose. You must have been taking a long lunch when the Michigan election was going on. A very long lunch indeed. LOL Again you clearly haven’t much of a memory. Tirade? Again? You’re just talking out your ass. LOL And when did I say Condi was a better choice? Are you perhaps retarded? You don’t appear to be able to read. So.. did you actually have a rebuttal or was your entire strategy to simply gainsay anything I said?

  14. @Cletus Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a top-notch person who lost gracefully and who has taken on probably the most important job in any president’s cabinet. She is not losing us friends like Dr. Rice did and I think you’ll find her to be a very intelligent woman.”

  15. @Cletus, Everyone concedes when the other candidate is nominated. Everyone wants every chance to be the nominee. I dont see what your tirade has to do with anything. She did step aside and she is vastly a better SOS than Rice was. In fact she is a better person.

    Carry on Cletus.

  16. @Shiva, I agree. Hillary is a woman of substance for sure. And the fact that she could work with her former rival for the good of the country speaks volumes for her character.

  17. @Cletus

    Was Michigan before or after Obama was made the nominee?

    It was before. They were still in the race for the nomination.

    After Obama was made the nominee, Hillary conceded gracefully. Now I am sorry if you cant keep up with the story here, and have to call names, but you lost the debate.

    Thank you for trying and never producing the mountains of evidence. I hope you sleep well :)

  18. @Shiva, You amuse me no end. I didn’t realize you were completely incapable of critical reasoning. Let me help you out. You don’t prove by example. You only disprove by example. The Michigan senate race was to show that not everyone concedes gracefully. Al Gore was less than graceful about his defeat. And you would think a Presidential candidate would understand that a simple majority is not the criteria used to decide an election in this country. Nor should it be. I think it’s amusing you chide me for not producing a mountain of evidence when you could simply goto and see for yourself. So if you want to keep your head in your ass that’s your option. You certainly won’t see if you don’t look and it’s clear you think that not looking for yourself proves that no evidence exists. That’s a logical fallacy. However, I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about that. LOL If you’re looking for character I think President Obama is the man you want to look at. He was under no obligation to hire Hillary. And the bottom line is that there wasn’t anything waiting in the wings (at least not publically) for Hillary and she likely had to make a “this or nothing” decision. So did you have a real rebuttal or were you just to continue to insist you’re right? LOL!

  19. @Cletus
    I guess you dont know if the Michigan race was before or after the nomination process. After the nomination process was over, ms Clinton gracefully stepped aside. Which was after all the whole point of my statement.

    Best of luck to ya.

  20. @F Joy, Why so much worry about what Joe McGinniss is going to see regarding the children? It seems that they are never home……how about attending school once in a while?

  21. “Most of the good stuff in this segment came from The Washington Post’s David Weigel”

    Isn’t he the leftwingnut that just “resigned” because of incriminating leftist tripe emails? What pitiful excuses for objective journalists!

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