Joe McGinnis Calls Out Sarah Palin’s Nazi Tactics

Palin fence
She can build it but Palin can't fence out the truth.

Author Joe McGinnis was on NBC’s Today show this morning in an attempt to bat back some of the wild accusations that Sarah Palin has been posting on her Facebook page about him. McGinniss shot back at Palin by comparing her to the Nazis, “And that’s the same kind of tactic and I’m not calling her a Nazi, but that’s the same kind of tactic that the Nazi troopers used in Germany in the ’30s.”

Here is the video of McGinnis on the Today show:

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McGinniss dealt with Palin’s attacks on him as a stalker, and her Facebook post’s implication that he has an eye on her young daughter, “No, Matt and I’ll tell you exactly why and I’ll tell you how all this came about. I moved here and didn’t tell anybody outside my family that I was moving here. I wanted to tell the Palins directly, personally, face to face, and then hopefully work out with them some accommodation of where we could all live peacefully, if not with great friendship over the course of the next three months or so until Labor Day. Sarah hysterically puts up this Facebook page with all sorts of ugly innuendo, which, which frankly, you know it’s revolting, the things that she has caused people to say about me. She has created all the publicity. I didn’t expect any publicity at all. I wish she hadn’t said a word.

When asked by Matt Lauer if he wishes he would have rented a different house, McGinniss answered, “No. You know what actually what I’ve learned from that, Matt. And what you just recited, it’s very informative. And I think it’s probably a lesson for the American people of the power Palin has to incite hatred and her willingness and readiness to do it. She has pushed a button and unleashed the Hounds of Hell, and now that they’re out there slavering and barking and growling. And that’s the same kind of tactic and I’m not calling her a Nazi, but that’s the same kind of tactic that the Nazi troopers used in Germany in the ’30s. And I don’t think there is any place for it in America.”

This afternoon Palin took to her Facebook page again, and continued to use her children as human shields, “The interview itself was quite an eye-opener. I’m not sure what “ugly innuendo” was in my Facebook post or why it is so controversial to suggest that the presence of a hostile “journalist” writing a hostile book about me is an imposition on my children who simply want to enjoy their summer outside. When I say or write “leave my kids alone,” it means simply that: let my kids have a fun summer without having a “journalist” 15 ft from their play area.”

She also used her kids as cover for her hate tactics, “How that equates me with the Nazis is quite beyond me. If receiving nasty emails and even death threats is the standard by which we judge “inciting hatred,” then the left in this country has been “inciting hatred” on my family for almost two years now. We don’t complain about this or call people “Nazis” because we value freedom of speech enough to believe that even ignorant and hateful people have a right to it. It’s a shame that a self-proclaimed “journalist” doesn’t understand this.”

McGinniss’s comparison of her tactics to the tactics used by the Nazis is appropriate. Sarah Palin’s power rests with her ability to manipulate and divide. Palin manipulates by playing the all American Mom, and then she tries to use her position as a mother as a battering ram against her enemies. Mind you, all Joe McGinniss did was move next door, and the last time I checked the Constitution protects our ability to reside where we please. If Joe McGinniss really presents a threat to Palin, then why hasn’t she notified law enforcement, or gotten a restraining order? The truth is that McGinniss has not done anything wrong.

As long as he doesn’t bother the Palins, he is well within his rights to live next door to them. Palin has used every instrument in her tool box of hate to try to scare McGinniss off of writing his book. I still can’t help but wonder why Palin is so afraid of McGinniss and his book, and make no mistake about it, this drama that she has created has everything to do with the book and nothing to do with the man himself. For her entire political career, Palin’s star has been fueled by hate. She is the anti-Obama, who was hoping to divide America and ride those divisions to the White House in 2012.

The McGinniss incident, instead of helping Palin, could end up hurting her. Many in the national media who had given her a free pass are now getting their first glimpse of the real Sarah Palin. She has fallen from charismatic political newcomer to hysterically paranoid cult leader in record time. Not only does this spat with McGinniss hurt her credibility for 2012, but by not being able to keep her mouth shut, Palin has ensured that Joe McGinniss with have a national bestseller. Once again, Palin’s own defective character proves to be her own worst enemy.

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  1. Once again, she is making herself the center of attention. And thinks she can dictate to the press what’s said about her? See for her “response” to McGinniss (although if she & Toad wrote that before he even said it…I call bullshit).

    Why isn’t the entire country over this lying grifter?

  2. Palin is using the same tactics used by the hitler troopers, inciting hatred of certain people, creating divisions among people, among families, creating such venom that you’re often afraid to contradict what one of her followers spews out for fear of your personal safety..her followers cannot verbally defend because they really don’t hear from her what her reasons are all they hear is hate, name-calling and they then do the same….

    We Americans deserve so much more than this monster of a person spewing out hatred of specific groups of people on Facebook and Irresponsible Faux News ,

    There is no room for this hatred in America…
    we have an amazing President
    and Payme wants to detract from
    his incredible work

    I was so happy when I heard Joe bring up Hitler, she conducts herself just as that group did in the 1930″s. . . . .

    I did research on the nazi relationship a few weeks ago because I felt what was happening was very similar, having to show papers in AZ, the hatred of specific groups of people, the night the teabaggers called for breaking windows around the time of the passage of healthcare bill…just to mention a few…..

    I saw Matt Lauer become uncomfortable with the nazi word and I thought oh no you don’t Matt. . . . .it’s about time the media got a spine. . . . . .


  3. She doesnt have a prayer of running for Pres. With no one to stop her from running her mouth, she will continue to bury herself. All Joe has to do is every once in a while say something and let her react.

    Cant wait to hear her respond to the question in debates: Sarah, on your facebook page you said”

  4. “I wanted to tell the Palins directly, personally, face to face, and then hopefully work out with them some accommodation of where we could all live peacefully, if not with great friendship over the course of the next three months or so until Labor Day.”

    Why would someone who criticized Palin and is expected to write a similarly critical book about her expect a peaceful accomodation from the person?

    “She has created all the publicity. I didn’t expect any publicity at all.”

    Again, when someone is critical of the person they move next door to, why would that person think they are there with peaceful intentions? And if you didn’t expect publicity, why would you rent a house next to Wasilla’s, and arguably Alaska’s, most famous family?

  5. @John,

    had she had her wits about her she could have used this to her advantage and charmed the man but the barracuda just loves to smell blood in the water so she chose to put a target on the man for the pleasure it gives her to incite violence.

    Hey Sarah, you are NOT a victim and its not all about YOU!

  6. Palin is living proof of what my grandfather used to say about people: You don’t have to stop a fool, because he will stop himself. In this case, it’s herself. Her response to a neighbor she doesn’t like is totally out of proportion to the alleged offense. If anyone is doing the stalking or harassing, it is Palin herself. The more melodramatics Palin employs in order to keep attention on herself, the more the ugliness of the inner woman keeps surfacing. It’s really a sad spectacle to see someone unraveling before our eyes, and it’s even sadder that her followers unquestioningly accept her grossly distorted narrative of what’s really going on. Her image of all-American mother is a big sham, as she is the one putting her kids out there and drawing unwelcome attention to them. Unfortunately for her, the more media exposure she undergoes, the more her unfitness for elective office shows.

  7. @John, Why is his “pipe dreams” critical? I love how the right lets Facts get in the way and its considered a “hit piece” or as you say critical.
    Granny has the very thinned skinned, if she dares run 4 prez she will get chewed up and spit out.
    She too weak. She thinks everyones going to protect her. I bet Mittens is just dying to let out that sex video, LOL!

  8. the funny part of this video is it shows that Sarah Palin’s house overlooks his house. if he sees her children is because she is showing them to him or allowing them to be seen.

  9. Palin supports Rand Paul’s claims of absolute property rights, the right for a business proprietor to do anything he or she wants with their own property, including racial discrimination.

    Apparently Palin doesn’t agree that in renting a house, Joe McGinniss should have the right and privilege of enjoying all of that property up to the property line, including the deck that has been there all this time.

    Palin is a hypocrite. She doesn’t live or genuinely support the values to which she gives lip service.

    Palin never had a problem before with the tenant next door using the deck on the house, and there is absolutely NO indication that Joe McGinniss has behaved inappropriately. If he had, she could have called the authorities – and should have. The fact that she apparently did not suggests her claim has no merit.

    He IS writing a book; and as the author of the landmark “The Selling of the President”, he is capable of sizing up Palin all too well for her comfort. He has far more credibility in understanding politics than Caribou Barbie.

  10. Dani, whether it is Joe McGinniss or anyone else, the Nazi-name-calling has been so overdone, I don’t think anyone does anything more than roll their eyes anymore.

    I’m actually disappointed McGinniss didn’t do better.

  11. the funny part of this video is it shows that Sarah Palin’s house overlooks his house. if he sees her children is because she is showing them to him or allowing them to be seen.

  12. Joe McGinnis is a nasty piece of work. Knocking on her door. How vile. How can you liberals embrace him? Do you have to wash your hands after typing on your keyboards. How vile.

  13. Regardless of his motives for moving next to Palin, it is clear that Mr. and Mrs. Sarah Palin are doing the harrassing. It only underscores why she should never again hold elective office, especially on a national scale. If she carries on like this, what would she do if a foreign leader said or did something she didn’t like? She is the one who took a picture of him.

    Palin is too thin-skinned and immature to be a leader of anything except her own household. And from what I’ve seen, she is a horrible mother on top of it all.

  14. I didn’t know the Nazi’s had facebook. What would the press say if someone,on the right, moved in next door, to say Hilary Clinton,to do a hit piece on her? McGinnis proves in his own comments that he would be anything exept a friendly neighbor.

  15. Anyone who says they are pro-life and believe in God is a target for the liberals.

    I know this first hand from attending a mostly liberal state university. Liberals are only “liberal” if you believe what they believe. The second you don’t, they begin to call you names. During my first year at this particular university in Buffalo, NY; one of the male students in a communication (Introduction to the Internet) class I was taking said, “Anyone in the U.S.A. who isn’t pro-choice should be sent to Canada.” That was a very liberal statement?! When I objected to this student’s comment, I was almost ambushed by the entire class including the instructor. Also, I wasn’t 18 years old. I was 48 years old and I had a B. S. in Theology from a Bible College and an A.A.S. from a local community college. Most parents are clueless as to what is taking place in these liberal state colleges. Your children are being brainwashed into a liberal stance. I urge parent’s to get involved and take a class in these liberal institutions. It will be very eye-opening. Christians and Jesus are constantly being bashed. I have many examples of what took place at this university.

    I think what Joe McGinnis is doing by moving next door to Sarah Palin and her family is appalling. I am praying for Sarah Palin and her family and for the whole situation. No one should be permitted to do this to a family or another human being. “Get a life”, Joe. And the rest of you that think what Joe is doing is okay; I wish for you the same nightmare!

  16. @Gloria, Interesting how you knew its a mostly liberal college. Thats a prety big assumption without meeting the entire assembladge of students.

    Joe was offered that house by a woman renter that Sarah welched on paying remodeling dedts to. That’s who you support. Sarah got what she deserved.

    You support a woman who lies continually.

    You support a woman that claimed she had a baby when everyone knows it was her daughters baby. Then she wanted to adopt the baby from her daughter and thought no one would ever find out. Back to BS Bible college.

    People that are beginning college as a rule dont have any strong party affiliations, but do have opinions on the world as they see it. You may assign liberal to them but its more how they feel than how they vote. Being far older than they were, you have far more settled in opinions. Right or wrong, more and more young people are asking for the right to choose what happens to them. Also you should prove that the teachers are brainwashing people who probably already had their opinions before they got there.

    You assume Joe is doing something devious by living there. Sarah is taking advantage of it and using her kids as human shields. Lying again.

    I think you are having the nightmare right along with Sarah but Im not gonna tell you that.

  17. Think you have to ask yourselves… Would you really want a creep like McGinnis living next to you and writing a book about you? It is called invasion of privacy. Surprised about you people.

  18. @John, your comment “Again, when someone is critical of the person they move next door to, why would that person think they are there with peaceful intentions? ”

    The word “peaceful” is very interesting when used in this context. What are YOU implying? He’s writing a book about her, he moves next door for a couple of months and that is indicative that he plans some sort of non-peaceful intent?

    The comments stating that if she was even smart as a hamster she would have capitalized on this and tried to turn it to her advantage (he’s much smarter than THAT) was right on. Even then, Palin launches her children as her defense.

    Insanity thy name is Palin. Go Joe … waiting for the book.

  19. @Anne, Agreed. She is jumping up and down, screaming and throwing her kids out there as victims…yelling STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!

    She has victimized her kids for almost 3 years – they are her tools and her props. She doesn’t even know who is in jail or what for half the time. She does not care about her own children.

    This is about HER and she is going to make sure that everyone notices HER. Not about the kids.

  20. @Dog Gone, Agreed. McGinniss has been very inobtrusive but the fact that he is there is driving her nuts. The owner of that house I believe had some trouble with Sarah about some money Palin owed her for some repairs, and of course, the owner was not paid (Palin never pays her bills). She sought out McGinniss and offered the house for rent.

    I’m sure the homeowner was thrilled when Palin built the monstrous compound right up against HER property line as well.

    Property rights go both ways – the homeowner has rights against Palin, including the right to lease her home to whomever she chooses. If Palin has a legal complaint why has she not contacted local law enforcement?

  21. It is not invasion of privacy, he is not taking pictures over the wall like some creepy papparazzi. Palin chose to build her house right up against the property line; he didn’t build it that close. Palin has gone out of her way to be in the spotlight; she doesn’t get to select which rays fall on her from that spotlight. Celebrities – as she continually seeks to be – get attention. They can’t then cry foul over ….getting attention. I wouldn’t have a problem with Joe living next door. If Palin were smart she’d bake him a batch of cookies, and make nice and neighborly – just like a real christian would do if she were one. I’d have no problem with someone with credentials like Joe moving in next to Hillary Clinton — although of course the difference is that Hillary is a woman of some accomplishment in her own right in elected office and Sec State, not a half-term quitter. So Clinton – both of the Clintons – have actually earned more protection than greedy loser Palin.

  22. @Gloria, I hope and pray that my grandchildren are able to attend a Liberal college. I cannot imagine any of them being educated in a stiled, stifling idological environment such as Liberty University!

    Having open minds never threatens anyone.

  23. @Gloria, oh and one more thing.

    There is nothing I find MORE offensive than someone “praying” for other people. To those of us who grew up LIBERAL – we would never presume to foist off our theology on others. It is good that you pray for Palin, with her Dominionist background she truly needs all the help she can get.

  24. @Tommie, Hardly. He is actually a very nice guy, writing a book, and if you notice, HER monstrous compound is overlooking HIS rental lake home.

    So who is intruding on who here?

  25. @Shiva, i hope, i PRAY she runs for president. let her win the GOP slot. i’ll be standing by with my bowl of popcorn, because that’s one circus i don’t want to miss!

  26. Are you people serious?!? I don’t like Palin. I don’t like Obama. I’m actually Canadian and have no vested interest in either of your amazingly defective political parties. But, again, are you serious?!? There is no possible way to explain McGinnis moving in next door to his target as anything else but stalking. He is stalking her and her family in order to feed his book. It does not matter whether his book is pro-Palin or con. It does not matter what the political bent of either Palin or McGinnis is. And it doesn’t matter how Palin reacts to the situation. In all cases McGinnis moving in next door would be completely unacceptable and unethical. McGinnis and his publisher actually should be boycotted, not because of Palin but because McGinnis and his publisher are reprehensible. If they cannot do their job without stalking someone at their own home, then they should be in another line of work.

  27. If Sarah Palin is elected president, I will personally post signs on the borders, facing outward saying “Sarah Palin welcomes you to Nazi America” cuz that’s what she’ll turn us into

  28. I wonder how the Palins felt when the same building was the site of a halfway house. Did they squawk then? Also, whether people agree or disagree about this man’s right to move next door, Palin’s calling him a pedophile amounts to slander.

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