Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked

Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked

Sarah Palin Pointing Finger
Sarah Palin Pointing Finger

In the world of Sarah Palin, accusations are confessions and should always be taken thusly. Palin’s outrage over the email hacker was simply one finger pointed outward while four more pointed back at herself. Palin has not only hacked a colleague’s computer, but was also a party to harassing Levi Johnston’s sister into getting rid of online photos during the campaign. But Palin’s harassment of the Johnston family apparently did not end there. It seems that in 2008, Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign had Mercede Johnston’s computer wiped clean of all photos.

Mercede reported today on her new blog that she has always kept thousands of pictures on her computer and that during the campaign Levi and Bristol Palin yelled at her repeatedly telling her Sarah wanted her to take down her online photos of the Palin family, Trig, and Levi. Mercede complied with this request.

But it got stranger. The Johnstons were not to be trusted to answer their own phone or door during the campaign, and Mercede reports that “two ladies’ were sent to their house to keep her from talking to outsiders. Mercede could not go to school due to the overwhelming curiosity and questions of everyone including teachers. To put this in perspective, the Obama children (whose father is actually President) go to school every day.

During the time the two ladies were staying with the Johnstons (one wonders if this is also during the time the Palins lent a phone to Mrs. Johnston which later was traced and led to her arrest for a crime that landed her in jail while Todd Palin’s sister was guilty of similar crime but escaped an equivalent punishment, but I digress), Mercede’s computer was suddenly wiped clean of … everything on it. At least one of these ladies was actually on the payroll for the McCain campaign, as reported by Regina at Palingates. Mercede recounts:

“One morning I woke up to log on to my computer and to do some school work. When I turned it on it would not let me log in. It just went directly to the original Windows background … There were absolutely no files, all my desktop icons were gone, and there was not ONE photo on my hard drive besides the “Sample photos” which came with the computer. I immediately started to freak out and yell for my mom. We called the local repair shop and I had my computer in his hands within hours.

He had my computer for about a week and called me to ask if he could keep it longer because he was very “fascinated” by how there was nothing left on it, and that it appeared to have been completely wiped clean. He had worked on my computer previously so he KNEW there were once thousands of pictures, school work, documents, etc. He also asked if I wouldn’t mind if a few computer friends/techs come in from Fairbanks and Washington.

By the time early December rolled around he told me he had over 12 techs look at my computer and that they spent days and days working on it, and searching for what had gone wrong, and could not figure it out…..

It was later that I started to put the puzzle pieces together, especially after the computer Tech said this had to be the work of someone from the Secret Service, or from some other branch of the government, because what happened to my computer was remarkable. It did not click until just recently that perhaps the ladies who were supposedly “protecting us” by answering our phone, were really there to protect the Palins and had cleaned out my computer just to make sure there was nothing incriminating on it which might have caused a problem for the campaign.”

Computers do not erase themselves magically. Someone with a motive to hide the photos Mercede had on her computer got access to it and deleted them. Mercede tells us of the Palins’ harassment of her regarding the photos and comments she would leave online. We also know that Sarah Palin had photos removed from her own parents’ home during this time, as her father had unwittingly shown photos Palin didn’t want the world to see. Concurrently, the Alaska Governor’s website photos were also scrubbed.

By now, you’re asking yourself what Sarah was trying to hide. Or maybe you’re sympathizing with a private Palin who just wanted her personal life kept personal.

But we all know Palin isn’t a private person. Her use of her family and her children in particular is so well known her children are now referred to as “props”. Palin is no Hillary Clinton in this regard (or any other, I might add). So, what’s the big secret?

That, my friend, is the subject of much debate – but this writer has been told that at least one photo exists that the world has not seen from the time period right before Palin “gave birth”. (Update: I have been told of the photo, but have never seen it myself). This photo rests in the hands of someone who is too scared to let it out, so let’s just say the rumors that had been running wild through Alaska about Sarah and Bristol Palin in the months before Palin “gave birth” centered on a supposedly pregnant Bristol and an unpregnant Sarah and many photos seemingly confirm this rumor.

And why should this matter to America? It could be argued (and I suspect it will be one day) that Palin is a saint for adopting her fifth child. And perhaps in this regard she will deserve some credit, as adoption is a wonderful thing. But that won’t change the fact that Palin has presented her fifth child as her bona fides to the Pro-Life (Anti-Choice) movement. It won’t change the fact that Palin lied to the American people as a Vice Presidential candidate. And it won’t change the fact that Palin has some very suspicious medical records for someone who claims to be “Pro-Life”. And it certainly won’t change the fact that whatever went on in the Palin family does not smack of family values. It has the distinct odor of a cover-up for the sake of image, with no regard for the children involved.

But perhaps the most important aspect to this story is the lengths to which Palin, or someone working on her behalf, is willing to go in order to cover up whatever secrets she’s hiding. She had no qualms about infringing upon the liberty and freedom of the Johnston family in order to ruthlessly protect her own image and it’s more than suspicious that Mrs. Johnston was arrested right after the campaign (December of 2008) and locked up in a facility run by a Sarah Palin appointee whose management of the prisons has caused the prison guards’ union to give him a vote of no confidence as well as causing an inmate to sue Sarah Palin in federal court over his alleged mistreatment. In other words, this is not a prison you want to be in, especially if you are a perceived threat to Sarah Palin.

All of these actions speak to an already established pattern of Palin’s; she’s a thug, a bully, and a person who views herself as above the law.

The computer of a young girl was wiped clean and the tech thinks only the Secret Service, or some other extremely advanced expert, could have done such a thorough job. Sarah Palin was harassing Mercede about the very pictures on her computer that got wiped.

Palin willingly harassed a young person under the age of 18 in order to protect her own image. This is the same Sarah Palin who was once warned by a judge to leave her sister’s children alone, to stop “abusing them” by harassing their father. Of course, Sarah didn’t listen to the judge then, and that situation turned into Troopergate. Sarah Palin has an established pattern as an unconscionable liar, abuser, and bully. She wraps her predatory ambition in the flag and a cross, but the damage she leaves in her wake doesn’t resemble any of the values of this country or of Jesus.

“I’ll do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.” ~~ Sarah Palin, Mayor of Wasilla

The next time Sarah Palin opens her mouth, twits a tweet, or takes to her Fraudbook page to denounce someone, remember the email hacker and Mercede Johnston’s computer, and ask yourself what Sarah is really telling us.

Updated: June 8, 2010 to change link re McCain campaign worker at Johnston’s home via Regina at Palingates.

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48 Replies to “Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked”

  1. I’m thinking more along the lines that Mercede’s entire hard drive was removed, because files can’t just be deleted and vanish. They leave a trace that can be identified until they’ve been written over.

  2. Files can be deleted and disappear with various easy to get programs. I use a common secure delete program that can delete below DOD standards, or well above DOD standards. All of the above DOD standards can remove files that are then invisible to hardware or software retrieval.

    But better yet, if all this is true and I have no reason to doubt it, what wonderful fodder this is going to be. Will it be brought up? I think everyone knows that she didnt have trig. What a lie to have to live with. What a lie to run for office with.

    Less Intrusive government? I think not. Personal responsibility? Nooooooooo.

    A remote chance in hell? Nope.

    PS: love the site redo.

  3. This statement was made my Levi Johnston in Vanity Fair on 9/2/2009.

    “Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.”

    Why would Mrs. Palin want to adopt their baby and keep it a secret when she just “had” a baby? I believe that what Levi stated above did happen but for some reason he is not telling the whole truth.

    BTW, I read your blog all the time but I never post. Please continue to expose this fraud. Thank you.

  4. @Shiva Thanks,I took some time off last week for the first time since I launched the site. It needs some tinkering, but I am glad that you like the new layout.

  5. @Gunsmoke Thanks, we appreciate your support, and don’t be such a stranger. Feel free to add to conversation whenever you please.

  6. Great summary of Mercede’s post with compelling additional new information. I hope that the ace in the hole photo is in a very secure safe deposit box somewhere and the holder of same will find a means to see it is released.

  7. That people are aware of the circumstances of Trig’s birth and parentage, and that people are still so terrified of coming forward and speaking the truth says volumes about what life is like in Alaska.

    We’ve heard numerous stories about how Sarah Palin and her family runs the place like her own little mafia set up. You talk and bad things happen. If not to you then to your family. Considering what we do know about the corrupt nature of politics in Alaska, this is not surprising in the least to anyone who has done any sort of clear rational investigation into Sarah and her background.

    What does surprise me however is how willing the media is to give her a pass on this. I’ve never seen someone who has so many hints of issues and the media just simply does not investigate. Now with people unwilling to talk that would make their job harder, but not impossible. People can give hints on where to find evidence without having their identities divulged publicly. So why no investigation? Why is the media so afraid of outing this woman and her connections and scandals?

    A perfect example of this is the story that Sarah & Todd give of Trig’s birth. Even if the media believes she is the birth mother, the story which was given that many have dubbed “The Wild Ride” indicates someone who was willing to put her premature, known special needs child at risk by traveling in the manner that she did. This isn’t even mentioning the amount of times the details of the stories change. This should have set off alarm bells all over with the media, but they have left it alone. Why? Are they worried Sarah is going to cry sexist and victim yet again? Why worry about that, because no matter what the subject, she will find a way to twist the facts to point the finger at someone else and cry “they are picking on me”. That is her hallmark line. She has perfected that battle cry among her followers, so no matter what is said, what story is picked to investigate she is going to scream that anyway.

  8. @Gunsmoke,

    Thanks so much. Glad to have your comment on this one. I remember that article and yes, it seems to be a trail.

    There’s fire by this smoke, that’s for sure.

  9. This is great! You did an excellent job of showing patterns of intimidation and bullying and accusation as confession. Thank you.

    But this is making me crazy:

    “…but this writer can confirm that at least one photo exists…in the hands of someone who is too scared to let it out…”

    Can you comment on the specific threat this person fears? Does Sarah know about the photo? Is there anything that will alleviate the fear and anything we can do to help get the photo out?

  10. If that photograph is the proof that Sarah never gave birth to Trig, then it would destroy her credibility. I doubt that she could continue as a force in politics if she is shown to be a liar, especially since she made Trig the centerpiece of her family values. Early on, she could have told the truth and people would applaud her adopting him. Now it’s too late. Whatever power she might have had in Alaska would diminish. Multiple copies with time stamp as proof would have to be sent to every media outlet at the same time; Sarah could not fight multiple inquiring reporters all at the same time. I cannot imagine Fox/Murdoch trying to defend her in the face of the scandal. The person holding the photo might consider having a third party release it while he/she is out of town at the moment. We are all just waiting for that magical moment.

  11. Thank you for posting this article on your website. Don’t now about the hidden picture, but, you might want to check the pictures in the episode of the Tyra Banks show in which the Johnston’s appeared.

  12. My comment would duplicate most of what has already been said. And just like Tweet-y Palin has said before ” She doesn’t believe in coincidences “… Well neither do we in this case and there are wayyyyy too many coincidences here. I also agree with Shiva… the Update to the website is good. I never could figure out why you had that blank space running up and down the page because it was not put to use. Space is valuable. Ans speaking of Space…. just a little suggestion. The NAME of your blog is the MOST important Word to remember.Your stories demand and deserve respect for what you post. But that banner ad is always covering part of your Blog name. Reposition it somewhere else…lower down… the next line or something. Show that ‘ full name ‘ proudly. Keep up the Great stories.

  13. I never have thought Trig was hers and sadly even if it came out that she lied it wouldn’t matter. She’s made her fortune and will be laughing all the way to the bank. For the right wing crowd the more outlandish you are the more people love you. Now that’s crazy!

  14. Sarah,

    thanks a lot for linking to Palingates. The link might be a bit confusing for some readers because the information about the woman who was on McCain’s payroll is hidden in the comments. I think it’s very relevant, so here is my comment again (which I originally left in March 2009 on the now defunct Palindeception blog):


    Back in the beginning of September 2008, right after the announcement that Bristol was pregnant and that Levi Johnston was the father, Journalists tried to get more information about it.

    The ADN published an article on 2nd September 2008 with the headline “Both campaigns call pregnancy a private matter”. Here is the link:

    In this article, it says:

    “The announcement, which included the father’s first name but no other information, triggered a frenzy from news media from across the country hunting down young Alaskans named Levi in a scramble to determine the father’s identity.

    In Wasilla, it is widely known that Palin’s daughter has dated Levi Johnston, an 18-year-old Wasilla High School hockey player.

    A family friend answered the door Monday at the Johnston home, outside Wasilla. When a reporter mentioned Bristol Palin, the friend, Anna Arodzero, said, ‘You can contact the McCain-Palin headquarters.’

    The campaign is providing no more details about the father. Palin, 44, wasn’t available for interviews on Monday.”

    (end of citation)

    So the ADN wrote that a woman called “Anna Arodzero” answered the door at the house of the Johnstons, and supposedly she was a “friend”. And she told reporters that they “should contact the McCain-Palin headquarters” (which were then not available for a comment).

    But who exactly was “the friend” Anna Arodzero? Nobody had asked this question before, until Mary G from our team discovered some explosive information.

    Anna Arodzero is in fact an associate at the top-notch Public Relations/Lobbying firm “Gallatin Public Affairs”, which seems to have strong ties to Republicans.

    Here is the website of Gallatin Public Affairs where “the team” is being presented:

    Here is Anna’s personal profile:

    Here is her facebook page – it comes as no surprise that her favourite politician is John McCain:

    But that’s not everything.

    Anna Arodzero was in fact working for the McCain campaign.

    Yes, you have heard right!

    Here is a link to the expenses of the McCain campaign:

    We can see that the following expenses were being made for Anna Arodzero by the McCain campaign:

    Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $ 183 October 23, 2008 TRAVEL
    Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $ 627 September 30, 2008 TRAVEL
    Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $1,667 September 30, 2008 TRAVEL
    Arodzero, Anna, TIGARD, OR $1,028 November 14, 2008 TRAVEL

    Therefore, it is proven that Anna Arodzero was not a “friend”, but a staff member of the McCain campaign.

    This clearly shows us how carefully this deception was prepared and executed – and that “professional help” was involved right from the beginning.

    So, when Anna Arodzero told that journalists that she was “a friend” and that they should contact the McCain campaign, the McCain campaign performed a major hoax here, as “the friend” was in fact working for the campaign herself!

    It is obvious that all preparations were taken to keep the Johnston family away from the media.

    I think we know, why.


    I also would like to mention that I have prepared a PDF-document with an overview regarding Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy with Trig. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s a start.


  15. I just realized that your commenting system doesn’t allow links, so for anyone who is interested, the babygate summary document can be found in the sidebar at the Palingates blog.

  16. @Patrick – Palingates,

    Thanks Patrick.

    Not only do we have a new layout as of yesterday (so our blog roll is not yet up), but as you point out, your research was hidden in a comment at Palingates and originally from a now defunct blog, neither of which were easy to link to.

    I am so pleased you reposted it here:-)

  17. @curiouser,

    Sorry:-( I’ve known about this photo for over 6 months and I really doubt it will come out. There is simply too much at stake for people.

    However, you need not worry. Mitt Romney’s people will take care of whatever secrets were stored on that computer (you can be sure they kept copies) and all of the other dirt she’s hiding. And they can handle it without great pain and loss in their personal lives, as it should be.

    Sarah was narcissistic enough to alienate the very strategists who had the goods on her and are now working for her competition. Of course, cue the cries of “opposition researchers” which will magically nullify hard drives in the eyes of the faithful.

  18. @honestyinGov,

    Thanks for the notes! It doesn’t do that on my computer, so this is good to know. I’ll pass it on to Jason.

  19. I have never posted either but read from the link at Gates. You do outstanding work – and this post is no exception. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Exposing the Palin family is #1 in my opinion.

    Curses to you McCain, for ever choosing her!!

  20. @EyeOnYou,

    Hi Eye! Great to see you weighing in on this. I always enjoy your take on things.
    I don’t understand Alaska at all. It makes no sense unless the Palin’s really do have a mafia org (still) there.
    I was thrilled to hear McGinniss moved in next door. And there’s NO WAY they’ll “touch” him. He’s too famous. I imagine his book will reveal alot about this fucked up family. Can’t wait! (Dunn’s book too)

  21. @Sarah Jones,
    So in otherwords, the Powers that Be are just waiting until the “time is right” right before the election?
    I get ya now…sometimes I’m a little slow.

  22. @c,

    They do– Gov Parnell is carrying out the Palin agenda. Make no mistake about that.

    Palin’s added heft as a national figure gives her even more power now, and Alaskans would be hard-pressed to forget the descending DC heavy-weights who came in to influence Troopergate on Palin’s behalf.

  23. @c,

    I suspect that the Romney people are waiting to see what Palin does, after all, she is the GOP fund-raiser right now, and so they can’t destroy her unless necessary AND unless Romney looks like he could win the election.

    Remember that the GOP runs things differently than the Democrats. A candidate can not cross the GOP — it’s part of their authoritarian structure. Palin is worth something to the GOP right now, and if she looks like she can win the election or motivate enough people to get out the vote, they will hold their noses and let her run.

    What will be interesting is to watch the reactions of Schmidt and Co if this happens — after all, they were the people who claimed they were worried about Palin’s mental stability (or lack thereof) and felt compelled to lessen her power should McCain win. Will a crisis of conscience overwhelm the loyalty to the GOP? Or, even more pertinent, will someone in the GOP realize that running Palin as President might be the ultimate undoing of the Republican party?

    I doubt a mentally unstable and inaccurate Palin is too low for them after 2008 and W. So, will Schmidt let loose? It’s the battle for the soul of the GOP — the old guard versus the teabaggers. We’ll see.

  24. One point on this story that troubles me is that we do not have independent verification that Mercede’s computer was wiped clean. I am not suggesting she was lying but for the moment all we have is her word that this happened and that tech support was brought in from outside Alaska to view this computer after locals could not find an answer or to verify a finding.

    I am also skeptical of the claim that after knowing that the Palin family had been pressuring the Johnston family to remove items from the computer that they did not consider it a possibility that they had something to do with the computer suddenly losing every bit of data. That would have been my first thought. Now I might not have expressed it to others for fear of either more problems or of sounding like a conspiracy nut, but it would have crossed my mind as a possibility or even a probability almost immediately, so the claim of “I did not put 2 + 2 together until after I was told that this was a seemingly professional job” a bit odd.
    While I am not in doubt that the McCain campaign people would do something like this, it would be nice if we could get some kind of verification of these claims.

    My reason for this is simply we’ve seen so many claims made with nothing to substantiate them that I tend to be wary of simply accepting a claim of this magnitude without someone involved coming forward and backing up the claims made. This is after all a serious charge, so if true, I would expect that someone outside of Alaska who was called in to verify or investigate the finding on the pc would have no problem stating that it was indeed a sophisticated wipe job.

  25. @c,
    I too will be interested in those books to see what the author’s have to say and what they found in their investigations.

  26. @Sarah Jones,
    The problem as I see it is that the longer they wait, the more they lose in the credibility department. If they come out with provable facts against Sarah Palin, then people can rightly claim that they knew this information and withheld it from the public for their own goals and this will not help them in the long run.

  27. @EyeOnYou,

    I agree. You make good points as always. I would add that the Johnston’s are not sophisticated political people and you have to realize that the Palins were their friends in their minds. The truth is slow to dawn on the naive who take people at their word.

    As for Mercede’s claim, I haven’t found her to be a liar yet and when weighing her word against Sarah Palin’s word, I’m going to bet on Mercede just because the odds are in Mercede’s favor. I am, in fact, hard-pressed to think of an instance where Palin told the entire truth about anything. See, if Mercede were Sarah, she would have manufactured opposition researchers with Sarah Palin name tags descending on the house and threatening to rape her along with stealing her computer, and we would have been treated to sad stories about how the one picture she had of her Grandpa was taken by the mean, cruel Palins and it would have ended with an accusation that the Palins did not love America or the war or oil or Jesus. A photo of Mercede on the cross would finish it off. That is, if she were a compulsive liar like Palin.

    Yes, it would be nice to have the verification from the techs, and were this to become a court case, they would need it. The Johnstons may not be your ideal witnesses, but they are just average people put into extraordinary circumstances. The irony here is that the Johnstons are actually much more like the average Palin fan than the Palins ever will be.

    As it stands, this falls into line with the Palins’ modus operandi and it would not surprise me in the least to find out the truth is WORSE than this, not better.

  28. I think the “lame stream media” should continue to print this so the world can know what a true but very good crook this woman is. She really knows how to play people. And she is VERY DANGEROUS. She truly is inspring her people to break out the guns and if our President gets killed oh well to her. SHE IS DANGEROUS SHE HAS A HITLER#2 MINDSET. SO HATEFUL.

  29. @Gunsmoke, I think that someday Bristol is going to want to be known as the mother. It is her right. And I think that either inadvertently or on purpose the truth will come out.

  30. @Sarah Jones,
    Thanks for your response and hopeful words. I can see the Romney team keeping Sarah from winning the 2012 party nomination. I don’t have confidence they’ll get her out of politics completely or break babygate.

    Wouldn’t the McCain people have scrubbed Mercede’s computer as a purely precautionary move? They didn’t know what was on it and there doesn’t seem to be a reason to believe anything damaging was found. In Mercede’s interview with IM, both Mercede and her mother believed Sarah to be Trig’s birth mother.

    I keep getting confuseder and confuseder.

    I imagine a news conference where the definitive babygate photo could be presented with so much sunlight that Sarah would have an interest in seeing that no harm came to that person or his/her family. It seems the person would be far safer than they are now living with undisclosed evidence if Sarah has any reason to suspect the existence of the photo. And then there are bodyguards.

    Okay, that’s my dream and how I might write the movie script…also realizing I have no way of knowing the actual circumstances and potential dangers.

  31. @Darklady, I had the same thought, that perhaps another hard drive had been put in. It’s no more than a 5 to 10 minute job for someone who’s done it before.

  32. @curiouser,

    Whatever they found on the computer they were smart enough to keep. They, unlike Palin, are not new to politics and they understand the usefulness of information a candidate does not want OUT there.

    I can’t explain Mercede or her mother’s beliefs re Trig. I can’t explain Trig, for that matter. All we have are photos and videos of a flat bellied Palin weeks before she “gave birth”, a daughter rumored to be pregnant and living with her aunt out of school for months, and the hospital’s failure to publish Trig’s birth, the Palins failure to provide the insurance company with a bc, and the wild ride which was either child endangerment or a fable. We also have Palin, a notorious liar, using this child as a prop.

    If I had to gamble, I would bet that Mercede and Sherry are protecting Sherry and Tripp and are lying about Trig for this reason – but this is pure conjecture. What would any of us do if our parent or child or grandchild was being used as leverage against us? That’s a pretty compelling weapon. Seeing one’s parent in jail has to be terrifying. I don’t think we can assume everything they say about Trig is not said under duress.

    What is truly sad about all of this is Trig — no child deserves to be the center of such negative attention. Palin seems to have a knack for involving her children in gross public scandals where they are being raped, questioned, overly-sexualized and under-protected, etc. For all of her talk about being a grizzly mama, she has a special talent for humiliating her children. She could have been done with this when the ADN offered to pay for her to prove Trig was hers, but she refused. As awful as that might have been for HER, it would have saved Trig from the public scrutiny. OF course, if she wanted that, she wouldn’t have dragged him half-clothed in the rain and without his glasses all around the country on book tours.

  33. @Sarah Jones,
    Your take on the GOP and/or Romney knowledge of Sarah’s “dirt” and skeletons falls much in line with how I have been seeing things for quite some time. I agree that Romney and GOP powerbrokers have the knowledge and ability to take Sarah down, but timing is everything. I also think Jeb Bush is waiting in the wings, further complicating the GOP decision making virtual flow chart.

    The way I see it is that Palin will be left alone to make her money as long as she retains a significant portion of GOP base support, and until after the 2010 elections. Much hangs on how the elections go, and Obama’s popularity heading into 2012 primary season.

    In gearing up for 2012, I think Romney must know it is likely for him it is then or never. If he fails to win the nomination in 2012, odds are that he will be passed over in 2016, assuming Obama wins a second term. Without the power of incumbency and with the GOP having had time to develop candidates, I think this is when we could well see Jeb Bush emerge publicly as a contender. However, as I see it, Jeb Bush is more likely for 2016, especially if Palin has been neutralized and Romney has had an unsuccessful run in 2012.

    This leads me to the same conclusion you reached, that if Romney looks like he can’t win in 2012, the GOP may hold their noses and stand behind Sarah, IF she doesn’t get to be too much of a celebutard by then, because as you say, she could prove the GOP’s undoing if they back her at all costs.

    The problem for the GOP will be how to use the info they know to take Sarah down cleanly, as they will want to try to retain the voters who form Sarah’s base. This is why I suspect that they will try as hard as they can to see that the revelation of whatever skeletons come out will look to have come from sources other than the GOP.

    Possibilities: Democratic operatives, the “liberal media”, or by revelation initially in tabloids, appearing to come from someone motivated by money as opposed to politics. However, Democratic operatives have their own reasons to continue to mock some of Sarah’s behavior and positions (Drill, Baby, Drill!), but to avoid being the ones to actually fully expose her scandals. The so-called “liberal media” also has its reasons to stick with the status quo until someone comes up with irrefutable proof of scandal. That leaves tabloids and individuals who have been harmed by Palin and want their stories out. The latter will get their chances to talk in Dunn’s and McGinniss’s books.

    John Edwards and how his career ruining skeleton was first revealed in a tabloid. It would not surprise me to see Sarah’s scandals revealed there first. (Of course we have the blogs, but I am talking we finally see this stuff on the evening news) If solid evidence is provided, then the rest of the MSM will be forced to follow the story, much like they did with Edwards. At that point, it would be no holds barred.

    One of these scenarios will eventually occur, although Palin is becoming so erratic there’s no telling when/what she might do that is “a bridge too far”. IMO, the question is not “if”, but “when”, regarding Palin’s full exposure as a lying, scamming grifter.

  34. @Right Wing Exremist,

    Aside from my embarrassment for you, I am not mortified by your use of grade school sexual innuendo, the level of which is only still popular among those over the age of 12 with the sexually repressed right.

    You have followed me all around today like a puppy dog, leaving a trail of sad little sexual jabs in some sort of bid for attention. I am loathe to turn a blind eye to anyone in need of help, so here you go:

    Why oh why is the T missing? Do tell us, my darling Right Wing Exremist:

    Is this another instance of liberal media gotcha journalism or did you really misspell your own name?

  35. @Sarah Jones,

    I agree with your thoughts and was not implying that Mercede or anyone in her family are “less than ideal witnesses”, but I am reminded that there is serious friction between the two families and one cannot dismiss that fact out of hand. That leaves me with the fact that there is always the possibility, however slight that may be, that this story could be exaggerated due to the friction.

    I feel for the Johnston family and what they are going through and they have my support, but without someone else who has knowledge of the incident and can verify it I must keep that skeptical consideration in my thoughts as that is what keeps me from just believing anything or everything simply due to my dislike for Sarah Palin.

  36. @EyeOnYou,

    Ah, I see your point and could not agree more.

    Btw, I should have been more clear — I didn’t think you were judging the Johnstons– but rather, I have seen a lot of comments about the family which are offered up as reasons to doubt them, and that’s why I was addressing that issue. I often get lost in a trail of thought when replying to the many thought-provoking comments we are lucky enough to receive:-)

    I try to present Sarah Palin as the facts dictate, not as I see her. For example, when you think about how she stood up to the oil companies in AK by taxing them and spreading the money around, well — that’s an example of a leader who is putting the people of her state first, and that’s pretty cool (some will say she was buying votes, but I honestly believe there is a part of her that loved being the protector). As a fiscal conservative, I would worry about the impact of business staying there, which has turned out to be an issue — but my point is that she is not the Tea Party GOPPER party liner she presents herself as. Or rather, she wasn’t before she got national attention. It’s little known fact that it was Dems who worked with her in AK to achieve her agenda more than Republicans. These things don’t fit into the package she presents today, but they are the facts and make for a fascinating study of her rise and character.

    Thanks for the comments:-)

  37. I think Palin will energize her evangelical Christian base until the cows come in. The interesting thing in the Iowa poll is the strong support for Romney. I think of Iowa as more evangelical fundamental Christian than Mormon. It shows Mormon support is tenacious. The GOP really doesn’t seem to know where to go with this yet. It is hanging with any gopper no matter their electability. The effort at this point is just to keep the negativity toward Obama at a high pitch.

  38. I’m happy to see that someone else brought up the fact that Levi had told us about $arah wanting to adopt their baby. It would have made no sense whatsoever, if already having a special needs child at home, $arah and Todd then “decided to adopt another child”. How could she have possibly spun that one for her followers? It would not have been credible, to say the least. That is why he must be talking about Trig. $arah already knew she was being considered a V.P. candidate, so if we were to believe that she was asking to adopt the baby now known as Tripp, it would have to have been at a time leading up to the convention. Nope, definitely not credible. However, her wanting to adopt “Trig”, that’s believable. It also gave her the “right wing fundie creds” that helped to push her to the top of their list of V.P. candidates. But, what are the chances, that this woman who was supposed to have been considered for a V.P. candidate, just happened to give birth to a child that propelled her to “GOP stardom”?? Something stinks in Wasilla!

  39. @Sarah Jones, – Have you read the e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008? It tells us Sarah sent invoices for Trig’s care and probably birth to them for payment.

    Here is part of the e-mail…”To ensure continued coverage for your newborn, please submit a copy of the chld’s Birth Certificate to us within 60 days of the date of birth. Claims submitted for your dependent child after this time period will be pended until this documentation has been received by the Benefits Section.”

    The “continued coverage” tells us they had been paying invoices. To do this, she had to be the patient. Did Dr. CBJ make prior arrangements with the Mat Su Hospital telling them Gov. Sarah Palin would be entering to give birth? However, the real patient would have been Bristol?

    In the State of Alaska, it is mandatory for the doctor or hospital to send the birth info to the “Bureau of Vital Statistics” within 24 hours.

    My question: If Dr. CBJ was able to put Sarah’s name as the patient so her insurance would pay, and also make it unnecessary for an adoption, why wouldn’t she send the same info to the Bureau of Vital Stats so that a b/c would be on file showing her and Todd as the parents?

    Your thoughts…

  40. @Sarah Jones,

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Romeny camp kept the records of dear Sarah??? THat would be an answer to a prayer, the complete destructuion of sarah and her political dream.

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