Rudy Giuliani Touts Drilling ANWR as the Answer to the Gulf Oil Spill

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Rudy Giuliani became the latest Republican this morning to go on Fox News and blame environmentalists for the oil spill in the Gulf. On Fox and Friends Unbelievably, he touted drilling ANWR, “The reason they’re drilling out there is because environmentalists have prevented us from drilling closer and in places like ANWR.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Guiliani and Steve Doocy were upset that Obama, “blamed Bush” for the oil spill when Giuliani said, “He also blamed us the American people because we like oil. The only reason they were drilling according to the president, out there in deep water, is because of our addiction to oil, which is totally untrue. The reason they’re drilling out there is because environmentalists have prevented us from drilling closer and in places like ANWR. That’s the honest point, rather than the let’s take advantage of any crisis kind of point which is the thinking of this White House, which prevents them from looking at a crisis as a real thing to have to respond to.”

I am not sure what Giuliani meant by drilling closer. Did he mean drilling in shallower water, drilling closer to the coast, or both? The drilling depth makes no difference. The Ixtoc I spill in the Gulf in 1979 occurred at only 160 feet. The depth of the well does not matter. The technology for cleanup is the same whether the well is 100 feet or 5,000 feet, and it is mind boggling that in the face of the environmental disaster in US history, Giuliani would bring up ANWR. The leak in the Gulf demonstrates exactly why we should not drill in ANWR.

Environmentalists have nothing to do with the decision to drill anywhere. Politics and the price of oil are what determine where to drill. American politicians especially Republicans keep pushing the false narrative that we can drill our way to energy independence, and oil companies will drill anywhere as long as it is profitable. Once again though, Giuliani is another misleading Republican. The oil drilled in the United States does not belong to the American people. It belongs to the oil companies, and they are free to sell it on the open market to any nation on Earth so the idea of drilling enough oil to feed our addiction here in the US is a myth.

While Giuliani criticized Obama for exploiting a crisis, he seemed to have forgotten about how the Bush administration exploited 9/11 to lead the country into an unrelated war in Iraq, and pass the Patriot Act, among other things. Giuliani himself has become very wealthy by exploiting 9/11 to build his fame, and make six figures per appearance on the speaking circuit. Rudy even tried to exploit and ride 9/11 the whole way to the White House in 2008.

Not once did Giuliani mention that we need to hold BP accountable, or that this disaster was caused by BP. The Republicans refuse to admit that it was the deregulatory policies of the Bush administration that laid the foundation for the incident in the Gulf, and if it would not have been Deep Water Horizon, it would have happened somewhere else. Instead of blaming Obama, Republicans should be ashamed that once again this president has to clean up another mess caused by the Right’s attachment to ideology over common sense.

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    “While the President has worked to ensure that BP is held fully accountable to the families and small businesses of the Gulf, Republicans and Joe Barton are proving that they are only accountable to BP and the oil industry,” added DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan. “While the President has secured a guarantee of at least $20 billion for Gulf Coast residents, Republicans and Joe Barton have lined their pockets with BP contributions and stock dividends. While the President has gotten BP to rightfully apologize to the American people for their reckless behavior, their inexcusable response and their insulting approach, Republicans are apologizing to BP. Republicans could not have this more backward, and it raises serious questions as to why they are on the side of BP and the oil companies instead of that of the American people.”

  2. Guiliani might want to ask the oil companies about this. They don’t want to pay Palin’s 75% tax on their profits, which is what drove them more to the Gulf in the FIRST place.

    Can anyone tell me what Republicans stand for? They’re always talking out of both sides of their mouths and every day, they say something that conflicts with what they said yesterday. Do they, or do they not, have a platform of any kind? Do they, or do they not, hold their officials to any kind of standard?

  3. I think they are or going to be having hearings on expanding ANWR. I saw yesterday that Alaskan lawmakers were mad about it and again the polar bear issue came up. They simply won’t be happy until they have Killed & drilled the whole State.

  4. @LXO3, I think you see Joe Barton and several other BP apologists in a post on this site really soon. It is about time we rounded them all of and discussed the GOP’s irresistible urge to self destruct.

  5. The ghoul rears his ugly head once again…

    PUBLIC OPINION is what has kept drilling out of ANWR, coco-fang!

  6. @EnglishSaddle, I had a buddy who would make (and probably is today) a perfect repub. He would argue with you until he was mad as hell and red in the face over the simplest thing, then when you would prove him wrong he would say loudly, “I don’t care, that’s my opinion!” Or he would run away and pout. He would always pipe up about anything and everything and simply speak his mind whether or not he had the facts straight (usually he didn’t). The last I heard, he lost his thumb in an oil rig accident and owed a lot of people money.

  7. @nikolai,

    hahaha, yeah. To which I say, “you have the right to your opinion, but not your own facts.”

    Which always pisses them off, since they are taught that they are entitled to spin magical mystery answers to any question and rewrite history to make a point.

    They just can’t understand that the rest of the WORLD knows better. One day they will all be stuck talking only to each other and spare the rest of us their utter insanity. It’s to the point now where I just can’t be friends with crazy people. Either talk facts or go hand with your own kind.

    During the election, I had a friend who said she was “independent” but when we talked politics, she watched Fox news so she said her reason for not voting for Obama was that Oprah refused to have Sarah Palin on.

    Huh? How is Oprah connected to Obama’s platform? Oh, right. They’re both dark skinned. I get it. Needless to say, she voted for McCain because he’s a “fiscal conservative”. I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

  8. Giuliani is another fool who can’t keep his mouth shut or his face out of the news for an opportunity to bash this president. But what really takes the cake is blaming environmentalists. At a time when the oil spill is gushing non-stop, and the need to have regulations in place has never been more urgent, he’s running his big, fat mouth about ANWR drilling.

    Along with Cheney, he is another sorry excuse for a human being, trying to remain relevant and at the same time reminding America that neither of them ever again needs to be in a position of power.

  9. I just wanted to point something out here that no one talks about. First, the drilling platform can only be operational for 3 months out of the year in ANWR do to the extreme cold. Second, do to the remote nature of ANWR it would take 4 to 5 years to bring all the equipment to the sight of the drilling. Third, Lets forget the animals for a second what about the people yes I said people there is a tribe that live at eh base of the one mountain in ANWR they have lived there for 150 generations. To drill there you would need to move them. Finally, it would take five times the amount of money to drill than would be made in the selling of the oil it simple does not make sense. Anyone who says to drill in ANWR is crazy and should treated as such. 9/11

  10. Much of the Alaskan oil doesn’t come to the US. However from my reading :”In 1998, the USGS estimated that between 5.7 and 16.0 billion barrels (2.54×109 m3) of technically recoverable crude oil and natural gas liquids are in the coastal plain area of ANWR, with a mean estimate of 10.4 billion barrels (1.65×109 m3), of which 7.7 billion barrels (1.22×109 m3) lie within the Federal portion of the ANWR 1002 Area.”

    Compare that to the shale oil reserves in the Green river basin : The largest Oil Shale deposit though, is located right here in the United States of America. The Green River Basin Formation is estimated to hold 1.30 – 2.0 Trillion Barrels of Oil from Oil Shale deposits. Not all of this oil can be recovered. Estimates for recoverable Oil in the Green River Basin is around 750 Billion Barrels of Oil from Oil Shale. Did you know that this is three times more then the total oil reserves of Saudi Arabia?

    Lets see, 10-16 billion to 750 billion. The 16 billion is rather small.

    SO is drilling in ANWR necessary? The gas that comes from the pipeline goes to Japan(natural gas). As oldsun says you can only operate part of the year. I think the technology on land is superior to that of underwater drilling, but even if the entirety of the alaskan oil come here it still represents less than 3% of our annual usage.

    The ANWR resources (being drilled)will not have any effect on world oil prices as they represent less than 1% of the world oil production.

    Further : “The DOE reported that annual United States consumption of crude oil and petroleum products was 7.55 billion barrels (1.200×109 m3) in 2006 and again in 2007, totaling 15.1 billion barrels (2.40×109 m3). In comparison, the USGS estimated that the ANWR reserve contains 10.4 billion barrels (1.65×109 m3). Although, only 7.7 billion barrels are within the proposed drilling region.”

    So what is ANWR? A long time drill that represents a year and a half worth of oil?

    (The Green River Basin Oil Shale Field is located in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado which extends on the Western side of the rocky Mountains.)

    BTW, BP runs the Alaskan oil feilds at Prudoe Bay

  11. Oil and gas drilling would have a significant impact on human health and the environment, the report concludes. Drill Presses

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