Bill O’Reilly Tries and Fails to Drag Some Sanity out of Michele Bachmann


Rep. Michele Bachmann turned up on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor, where host Bill O’Reilly desperately tried to drag a little sanity out of Bachmann. No less than three times O’Reilly asked Bachmann whether she agreed with Obama forcing BP to put up the money, but Bachmann dodged him every time, and refused to give Obama one shred of credit for getting the victims fund.

Here is the video courtesy of Crooks and Liars:


After O’Reilly leveled Bachmann’s claim that victims compensation fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg is a political hack, Bill-O tried to get her to talk about her extortion comments. At about the two minute point in the interview she went on the backpedal, and claimed that she was taken out of context. At about the three minute mark in the segment, things got ugly for Bachmann when O’Reilly said, “I think Obama did absolutely the right thing by putting a maximum amount of pressure on these weasels…I’m OK with that. I think it is the best thing that Obama did in the whole mess.”

Bachmann answered by trying to blame Obama, “No one is saying that this fund shouldn’t be set up. The question is who administers it, but here’s the other part, there’s also a point of investigating what was it with responsibility from the administration. Remember, the administration signed off on the inspection. The administration said everything was fine going on the deep water rig. We haven’t had that investigation yet.”

O’Reilly asked her about her BP extortion/ shakedown comments, and Bachmann defended BP again, “I think they put pressure on them when remember he previously said he wanted a criminal investigation, so the people were around that table were thinking they might end up in the slammer, so they could end up in the slammer….you think about it, you think about, here you have the President of the United States threatening criminal action. They could end up in the slammer, so are they going to take money from the shareholders to give to the President to maybe keep themselves out of jail?”

Bachmann then claimed that Obama is an extortionist, “There’s nothing wrong with the President saying that. The point is. Is he putting pressure on with the threat of a criminal trial which is the force of government so that they’ll give him money? That’s crossing lines that we have to be careful of.” Notice that Bachmann was so desperate to get Bill-O off her back that she changed what she was most concerned about four times during the interview. O’Reilly was giving her every chance he could to sound reasonable and sane, but it was hopeless.

What has gotten into O’Reilly this past week? O’Reilly leveled Sarah Palin after Obama’s Oval Office address, and then he justifiably tears apart Michele Bachmann. I would argue that O’Reilly has his finger more on the pulse of what Fox News viewers are thinking than the rest of his network does. Michele Bachmann is a prime example of what happens to ideologue Republicans when they are challenged. She couldn’t handle O’Reilly’s questions when they pushed her at all. She folded up like a tent, and kept trying to dodge the subject. Bachmann, Palin, and the rest of the Tea Party crowd fancy themselves as the future leaders of the GOP, but if they can’t handle Bill O’Reilly, how would they handle governing?

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  1. Bachmann is another female dimwit that should be a major embarrassment to the GOP. I read somewhere that O’Reilly is a misogynist. However, I think he particularly detests dumb women like Bachmann and Palin. At least he has the courage to call them out on their insanely stupid remarks and make them look even worse than they already do.

  2. I just can’t watch; Bachmann always looks like a deer caught in the headlights to me, but I think I’ve finally figured out why; it’s the STUPID coming out.

  3. O’Reilly can have his moments of lucidity. If you ever get a chance, check out his radio broadcast segment the day or so after he famously interviewed Obama (back in early ’09 I think). He was very complimentary of Obama, much to the chagrin of his conservatard radio guest.

  4. O’Leily with his finger on the pulse might be why he outscores Hannity too. Scary. he could be on MSNBC by next week

  5. Don’t worry Bill-o is like Olbermann, just because they said it today, doesn’t mean they will agree with it tomorrow. It is scary that O’Reilly is starting to sound like he could work for MSNBC on some nights. If that is not a sign of how far right Fox has gone, then I don’t know what is. By the way, I really liked your recent tracking of Beck’s ratings for the past couple of weeks. Charting his collapse is fascinating to me.

  6. Not just a misgnynist but a sexual harasser to make letterman look innocent….google loofah and billo, but make sure you’re not in a bad mood when you do. It’s super depresing.

  7. you might want to check out a recent article at media matters about Geraldo Rivera trying to also drag some sanity out of Michele Bachmann. He said that her comments about Obama and extortion of BP “overstepped the bounds of even rhetoric”.

    We seem to be seeing a series of good cop bad cop instances on Fox news. One that I can only wonder if it is planned. With people lying such as the Obama nationalizing BP on Fox news you have to wonder how much it does not help the GOP

  8. I fear this is Fox’s attempt to CYA — they will say “we presented both sides” when in fact, they presented lies as fact and then a few folks brought rather tame criticism re such blatant lies. It’s really a brilliant way to maintain the lie, because it’s being debated as if it’s worthy of debate, and it’s not. Once we debate a lie, it’s been established.

    See, I imagine the average Fox viewer screaming at Rivera, “you liberal!” in disgust, and therefor only reinforcing their inaccurate opinion. And see, even that is Orwellian– because this is not a matter of opinion. BP has not been nationalized under any stretch of the imagination. It’s a fallacy.

    Debating a fallacy is always a mistake, because it validates the fallacy as legitimate. It’s all part of selling the big lie.

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