Fox News Claims Obama Put a Gun to BP’s Head

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Fox News ratcheted up their pro-BP rhetoric today when the Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore went on their On The Record program and claimed that President Obama put a gun to BP’s head, “The federal government, that is to say the Obama administration put a gun to BP’s head and said either go along with this agreement, or the future of this company will be very much in jeopardy.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

When asked that there has been no legal process yet and asked what are the government and the BP’s responsibilities, Moore offered a defense of that poor victim, BP, “That’s exactly right, and the White House says we didn’t put undo pressure on BP to do this arrangement. Wait a minute. We now know they basically said they could cancel military contracts. They could take away their drilling rights, so let’s be very plain about this, the federal government, that is to say the Obama administration, put a gun to BP’s head and said either go along with this agreement, or the future of this company will be very much in jeopardy.”

It just boggles the mind that Fox News and the entire Newscorp family for that matter, which includes the Wall Street Journal, continues to go to such an extreme extent to defend one of the biggest corporate villains in the history of the United States, BP. Not only were Moore’s remarks stupid, but they demonstrate, just how little concern the Right has for the regular people who have been victimized by BP’s greed. The more Fox News and the GOP defend BP, the lower their expectations get for the midterm elections.

I know that their memo is to oppose Obama on everything, but opposing a plan to hold BP accountable for the lives and livelihoods they ruined is political suicide. If you listen to Moore’s comments closely, he is arguing that BP should not lose their military contracts or drilling rights. Essentially he is claiming that the federal government should not hold BP accountable, and in fact, should continue to reward them. BP is the top fuel supplier to the military with $2.2 billion in contracts in that area alone.

It is fantastic that the federal government made BP make a down payment towards victim compensation. Do you think John McCain would have done this if he was president right now? We know that George W. Bush would never have penalized BP. Doesn’t the government have a right to decided who they are going to give our tax dollars to when they do business with them? According to Fox News, they don’t.

Fox News is leading the Right and the Republican Party straight off of the cliff on this one. By defending BP, the network is sending the message that corporate America matters more than the average person. This is quite a departure from the objectivity and populism of, “We report. You decide.” Fox News is not reporting or deciding. They have branched into being the propaganda arm for BP, and while the gig may pay well in terms of corporate dollars, this narrative can only play well with the most ideologically hardened Fox News viewers.

10 Replies to “Fox News Claims Obama Put a Gun to BP’s Head”

  1. Maybe faux snooze and palin and all the other people who get payoff from BP and feel sorry for them can refuse their “dirty money”?? *crickets* just what I thought….

  2. I would not hold my breath waiting for that to happen. All of these BP apologists have one thing in common, they have been bought and paid for by big oil.

  3. I hope coming in November that this will be the cause of THEIR Waterloo. Could it be any more obvious that these GOP politicians care about corporations but not the everyday American citizens?

  4. P.S. BTW GOP, Most of the folks in the gulf states are REPUBLICAN (or right-leaning) so Obama helped YOUR PEOPLE. Is there a problem with that? Don’t you want to help your own constituents???

  5. that is my point as well Nikoli. One deeply hopes that the republican southern gulf people will see who it is defending them. But…………..whats the odds?

    The 20 Billion was mutually agreed on by BP and the Whitehouse. BP did not have to do it. If BP had any balls they would admit that to Fox. Everyone else knows it including probably soon to be fired Geraldo who admitted that it wass good for the country

    Were I obama, I would simply ask, who wants to do it my way or the Fox way. If they say Fox, let them take 30-40 years to get their money. Of course he cant do that

  6. The GOP and Fox news can’t decide who Obama is and who he is not. On one hand he’s a weak and boring leader who can’t get anything done. On the other hand he’s a hardline Chicago politician who manhandles the heads of Big Oil by putting a gun to their heads. Whatever they want to say about Obama is not relative. Our President was able to make a difference in the lives of the people of the Gulf region during this ongoing nightmare. That’s what’s important. That’s what counts at the end of the day. And when this nightmare is over, I believe that Obama will rebuild the Gulf and this country will have it’s much needed energy legislation. And Big Oil will be held accountable now and in the future.

  7. They remind me of a bunch of dogs chasing their own tails. Their hatred of President Obama clouds their collective judgment and prevents them from seeing just how foolish they look. Rep. Barton of Texas is just one of the most visible face of this jackassery, along with the “commentators” on FOX Noise. For some reason, they can’t get their heads out of their behinds long enough to see that the president’s actions benefit states that consistently lean Republican. But the president wisely realizes that the Gulf States citizens are Americans first, and need to have the government advocate for them against the greed and recklessness of BP that caused this disaster. It’s long past time that Big Oil was held responsible for the problems they have caused–problems that have been long-lasting and far-reaching.

  8. So they think Obama put a gun to BPs head. Damn I hope he pulls the trigger. Someone got to slap them around.

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