Keith Olbermann Blasts Sarah Palin’s Prayer Solution to the Gulf Oil Spill

On his MSNBC program Countdown tonight, host Keith Olbermann used his nightly Tea Time segment to blast Sarah Palin’s big solution to the Gulf oil spill, prayer. Olbermann said, “Well There you have it. A Palin presidency preview in microcosm, something bad happened, don’t worry, God will fix it.”

Here is the video courtesy of MSNBC:

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Olbermann went off on Palin’s call for prayer to repair the Gulf oil spill, “back to sister Sarah herself. She has a solution for the Gulf, pray, baby, pray. Gulf disaster needs divine intervention as man’s efforts have been futile. Gulf lawmakers designate today of prayer for solution/miracle. Well, there you have it, a Palin presidency preview in microcosm. Something bad happened, don’t worry, God will fix it. A quick miracle and presto chango the oil stops.

He continued, “We should even have the department of homeland miracles also. If you want to point the to success of prayer in your own life, I won’t argue with you, but I think even Billy Graham would admit that relying on honest to goodness structural miracles, fires stopping themselves, buildings falling up, 100,000 barrel a day oil cataclysm sealing themselves, that’s pretty poor public policy. Who am I to criticize Mrs. Palin? As an Awr Hawkins writes at Human Events, “Liberals hate Palin because she’s beautiful. They despise her, he writes; beauty pushes them over to the edge to know she doesn’t just shoot an assault rifle but makes it look good when shooting it.” Even Rich Lowrie can see where this one is going. This was obvious when she was running for vice president on the McCain ticket and it became known she had had taken part in beauty pageants to get money to pay college tuition. How dare her she’s not only beautiful, but she used that beauty for profit? Oh, no, Mr. Awr Hawkins, you didn’t just write she used that beauty for profit, did you?”

Olbermann then tackled the fantasy that the Left is afraid if Palin, “We just need to remember the left criticizes that which they fear. We also have it keep in mind that the fact that all the names they throw at Palin are really code words for dang, that woman looks good. How can I be both honest and gentlemanly about this? Okay. Code words, no, no, they’re not. When I say that woman is an idiot, I mean, that woman is an idiot. I’ll leave out the gratuitous shots taken at Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt. Liberals hate Palin because she’s beautiful. It is the climax of Mr. Lowrie’s fevered review of Mrs. Palin’s performance at the vice presidential debate. he wrote about her, Watching her, winking only at him, to wit, this is how the right wants us to pick our leaders, this is their criteria for our women idiot leaders. I think I might prefer Mrs. Palin’s idea.”

If Olbermann really believes that Palin is an idiot, then he is wrong. To call Palin an idiot is to overlook her skilled victimization and manipulation techniques. Sarah Palin is no idiot. She is a blind, closed minded ideologue, but she is not an idiot. Palin knows how to manipulate the media. What other pseudo-political figure gets their Facebook posts covered as news? Sarah Palin did not suggest prayer because she is stupid. She did it to appeal to Republican primary voters, who truly believe that all they have left is prayer now that Barack Obama is president.

Olbermann did hit the nail on the head when it comes to what the Right wants out of their female politicians. They don’t want strong, independent, intelligent women. No, they prefer that a woman plays the subservient role that their patriarchal world view requires. Women politicians are supposed to look good, repeat the talking points, and be objects of male sexual desires. The Right wants women who will teach other women their place. Palin is the poster girl for selling out her gender. Women on the Left don’t hate for her looks. They hate her because every time she opens her mouth she sets the cause of women’s rights back one hundred years.

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  1. You know, I had not thought in the manner of your last paragraph. While I live in drop dead republican territory, I see far more Obama for president signs and stickers than I did McCain and palin. The southern baptists are all about keeping women in their place, maybe she doesnt have a chance

    (I thought she was hot till she opened her mouth)

  2. ***Women on the Left don’t hate for her looks. They hate her because every time she opens her mouth she sets the cause of women’s rights back one hundred years.***

    And that my friends is what is called hitting the nail squarely on the head.

  3. Thank god smarter people voted for brains and not looks. In Sarah’s case beauty only lasts a short time but dumb lasts forever in her case. People recognize brains vs beauty. If you want candy on your side you might pick a palin type woman. But honestly being pretty on the outside doesn’t say much because she is ugly to the bone and you can’t do anything for that. The article hits the nail on the head. Women should realize if you believe in the Palin type of feminism you will be setting your daughters back 100 yrs. I believe in the power of prayer but this is no way to run a country. Yes pray everyone that well can be closed. But government just can’t wait for prayer to kick in.

  4. What a cheap copout. We hate her because she is beautiful? Typical man thought. Women are jealous. Yup – that is always why we hate other women.

    After all women did to obtain the right to vote (which the Republican Right really badly wants to overturn) and equal rights, we are now being told we HATE her because she is beautiful.

    Women can recognize “phony” in other women. Men don’t have the “phony” radar that we do. They simply stare at her rack and say “wow, she’s smart”.

    It’s why the Hilary supporters refused outright to flip to $Palin. We saw what a lightweight she was in the brains category.

    She is an attractive woman. She is also mentally ill, manipulative, paranoid and sociopathic. She cannot tell the truth (pathologic liar) and women will never respect or like a woman who moves us back from what we have worked so hard to accomplish. Considering she never even sees her own kids – she’s a rotten excuse for a mother.

    None of us have chosen to emulate her crazy – she is a horrible example for women – and it’s why she appeals to the nasty white Republican right Wing male.

  5. Let’s use a little common sense Sarah. God gives us the reasoning, curiosity, and free will to figure and work things out for ourselves. We do our best to do what is right in the first place but also to right what is wrong. We then pray that it was good enough and for strength to carry on and to do better. Prayer can be part of the equation, but praying and hoping with no action doesn’t cut it. Remember, a man or woman is judged by their ACTS. You define yourself by your actions, and sister Sarah, that is exactly what you have been doing.

  6. To me, it’s just another example of the showboating Palin loves to indulge in for attention. While prayer is a good thing, God helps those who help themselves. As Nikolai says, prayer with no action doesn’t do it.

    As for the nonsense about liberal women who supposedly hate Palin because she is beautiful, that sounds like the way a high school prom queen is judged. It also shows a shallow male mindset that thinks females in general are equally shallow. This is a 46-year-old drama queen who aspires to leadership, and she has been found lacking in every conceivable area by which leadership qualities are judged.

    It’s also true that we women are especially attuned to the phoniness in other women. For thinking, rational women, the age-inappropriate cutesiness is sickening because it serves as a reminder of what women have worked hard to overcome. Beauty is a gift, but it does not make up for intellectual shortcomings or character deficits.

    There are plenty of women of all races, ages, and of different politicial persuasions who easily outclass Palin in dignity, class, and smarts. Some are beautiful and some are not, but what matters is what they actually have on the ball.

  7. I can’t stand her because she moved up the ladder using her looks and she knows exactly what she is doing. She isn’t intelligent. This is a woman I can’t stand because she makes it hard for women who work hard to get where there at without using their looks. She has no interest in other women. These type women want to get ahead using their looks and having men bow down to them. They aren’t interested in helping all women up the ladder. No they are interested only in republican women who are happy to be on their husbands arm walking down the isle.

  8. The sad thing is that there are women out here who actually think she is for them. Although her actions, attitudes, and words are in direct contradiction to the Bible she says she believes in, they uncritically accept her claims to be Christian with family values. In that, I see the suspension of critical thinking and acceptance of what is a facade.
    She claims to be a feminist, when she is nothing of the sort. She embodies all that women have fought tooth and nail to overcome in our efforts to be taken seriously in terms of merit alone.

    She is a chronic liar, as well as a horrible mother to her kids. In addition, she has been said to charge rape victims in Alaska for
    their rape kits. The sad part is that she is closer to 50 than to 40, and behavior that is bad enough in young women is even worse in a middle-aged one. Getting by on looks means not developing the talents that would warrant being taken seriously, and doing great harm to the aspirations of women who want respect for actual merits.

    Palin is the antithesis of Hillary Clinton, who has paid her dues and attended the school of hard knocks on her way up. Whether people like Secretary Clinton or not, she has earned every bit of respect that she receives, and more. She is about empowering women, and in addition, she has been an excellent mother.

    McCain thought women would be stupid enough to fall for the okey doke by considering Palin a replacement for Clinton. But too many of us, in addition to many men as well, saw this transparent ploy exactly for what it was. If she runs as president, we all need to work together to deny her the presidency. Only a sound defeat will impress upon her that she is not wanted in that capacity or any other political one.

  9. You hit the nail on the head. She wants to be the new Reagan (hahaha). Somehow the right got the impression that Reagan was a church going christian. That wasn’t true. You never saw them go to church while he was in the white house. Family values they didn’t have because if you remember he and his grown children (natural) always fought with their parents. Their parents are just like the Palins who ignore their children while growing up and you can see what happened in the case of the Palin kids. Palins also don’t have family values because they are never around. The older daughters raise the younger kids because mommy dearest is never home. Republicans call this family values. I call it negelect.

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