Michael Savage Calls the Gulf Oil Spill Victims Welfare Deadbeats

gulf large spill1 On his radio show today Michael Savage went one step further than the rest of the Right on the subject of the Gulf oil spill. Instead of simply defending BP, he blamed the victims of the spill. Savage said, "They haven't worked most of their lives down there...It's a welfare state. They think they're entitled to a government check after Katrina."

On his radio show today Michael Savage went one step further than the rest of the Right on the subject of the Gulf oil spill. Instead of simply defending BP, he blamed the victims of the spill. Savage said, “They haven’t worked most of their lives down there…It’s a welfare state. They think they’re entitled to a government check after Katrina.”

Media Matters:

In response to a caller asking why all the people who are unemployed and on welfare in the Gulf aren’t rounded up and forced to work for BP, Savage said, “Do you think that the deadbeats on welfare want to get their hands dirty, when they can stay at home, and smoke, and drink, and fornicate? Why would they leave their nests when the government is sending them a nice check? They’re laying on their behinds. They haven’t worked most of their lives down there…It’s a welfare state. They think they’re entitled to a government check after Katrina.”

See what Savage did there? He ignored any responsibility that BP has for causing the worst environmental disaster in US history so that he could blame the victims, who according to him are all lazy welfare bums. The problem is that the people who have had their livelihoods taken away from them were those who depended on the water or tourism to make a living. A shrimper or a fisherman is not dependant on a government check. All the people that people that work in the service industries that depend on tourism are not lazy and on welfare.

This kind of divisive hate speech is exactly why Michael Savage is banned from entering the UK. Savage was playing on a stereotype which became popular on the Right after Hurricane Katrina, but in this case, he is using it to defend BP, and claim that because the victims of the oil spill are, “lazy” they deserve nothing. Savage’s comments are an example of the pull yourself up by your own bootstraps mentality taken to the extreme, and every Gulf resident, and American citizen, should be offended by his comments.

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22 Replies to “Michael Savage Calls the Gulf Oil Spill Victims Welfare Deadbeats”

  1. I honestly think that if the Democrats play their cards right this could be a watershed moment for Democrats in the Gulf state Republican regions.

    It’s obvious that Michael Savage is saying that he is not kept up with Rush Limbaugh in diabolical lying 101. It is also obvious he hasn’t noticed that this kind of rhetoric has not worked for Glenn Beck.

  2. Savage has his little audience of bigoted extremists who think that Limbaugh is too moderate, so he always amps it up to the far, far, right, but even for him this was especially loony.

  3. It is hard to imagine this entire mindset, the very conservative right, winning a majority in November or the presidency in 2012. The middle class , during the past years, began its descent into serfdom & the environment which sustains all of us its descent into hell to exploit resource development for the benefit of corporations. If we can all be patient with reform & work cooperatively for solutions, that’s the route — not returning to being exploited by corporations. The middle class needs to take Republican idealogy seriously or it will be their demise.

  4. Savage is a nancy. I’ll bet he don’t hunt or own no gun. Ain’t no white man a’gonna listen to that show he got no ‘mo.

    Yeee Haawww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael is vying for the LARGE vacancy soon to come when Limbaugh keeps his promise to leave the USA. It takes a real hatemonger to fill Rush’ space.

  6. As A Life long resident of South Louisiana, I am SO INSULTED that this idiot would think, let alone state this hateful comment. The hardworking, back-breaking Gulf Coast workers, who by the way, where providing 30 % of all shrimp, oysters and crab to our country are taking advange? How dare he have the audacity to say that these seafood fishermen and women are sitting around collecting welfare? I dare him to try to do their job. He is a mental case. This is another example of an idiot who does not know anything about what he is talking about. I am DISGUSTED!

  7. Let’s hope that the people in Louisiana, FL and MS open their eyes and realize for once that the republican party doesn’t really care about the working people. I hope the democrats keep pounding these people to stop deep water drilling. The drilling are hurting our enviornment. Sooner or later this kind of damage is going to get in our water ways and it will effect everyone. Don’t truth the oil companies. Our government must hold them accountable. If there was a Palin/McCain in office now I would shutter to think of the outcome. Don’t open up the drilling until we know for sure it can be done properly.

  8. I’m not sure how your crude stereotype of southerners is less offensive than Savage’s, but I’m sure there must be some way that crude classist regionalism is okay if it comes from the Left, but outrageous if it comes from the Right.

  9. IF our MSM bothered to actually cover the news, instead of simply printing either hate mongering right wing lunacy or giving voice to professionally hired haters, it might be possible for people in the United States to actually form an opinion that is based on thought and consideration of FACTS.

    Our Fourth Estate has fallen badly – the country is polarized. People like Beck, Limpballs and Savage are crude haters and violence encouraging racists. What I find surprising is the sheer number of Americans who don’t detest this type of talk.

    I cannot even imagine how we are viewed throughout the world. We must appear to be an entire huge country completely filled with demented lunatics. The lack of obvious intelligence is stunning. We may not like it, but we do live in a global community. The idea that the U.S. is being whipped into a racist hate frenzy because we have an African American President and a lily-white old white KKK Congress must be mind-boggling to our international supporters who have believed for years that we were the leaders in science, and thought.

    We have always had haters, but we didn’t allow them to set the tone or drive the debate. I fear for the sanity of my country.

  10. Read the article he is not talking about the people that actually go out and work. Hes talking about the poeple that sit home all day asking for handouts. Why would they need to work if everything is handed to them on a silver platter. the is not talking about the poeple that get up and EARN their check.

  11. Arnt you tired of that cliche yet?

    “They haven’t worked most of their lives down there…It’s a welfare state. They think they’re entitled to a government check after Katrina.””

    is about as stupid a remark as can be made.

  12. They never get tired of their cliches.

    This cliche is special code for “black people”. So Savage is trying to say we shouldn’t help people down there because they might be black. Dusting off Georgie’s Katrina values for the latest crisis.

  13. It HAS gotten tiresome the way the media uncritically reports the garbage that Savage, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin,
    Hannity, and others spew as if it had any redeeming value. They are shirking their responsibility, which is to report news and not give these charlatans a platform.

    My heart goes out to all the residents of the Gulf Coast, because their lives have been so badly affected by this disaster. The last thing they need is for someone to kick them when they’re already down. The comments from Savage, Gingrich, Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, and Barton have been dishonest and dishonorable. In the efforts to smear Obama, they have repeatedly spit in the faces of the residents and have dishonored the memory of the 11 men killed in the explosion. Even insulting welfare recipients is reprehensible, because they have been affected along with everyone else.

    There couldn’t be a worse time for the self-righteous, intolerant, and ignorant comments that these fools have been making about fellow Americans down on their luck because of a disaster they had no part in causing.

  14. This Savage man is disturbed. His comments are false and evil. The saying “Beware of false prophets” pertains to him and others of his ilk.

  15. Savage is an idiot. Republicans all over the different states i.e. Paul Rand are telling people to go work. My god they are all black and hispanic. Stop insult minorities. There are just as many whites out of work. I hope everyone listens to the like of Savage, Rand, Bachman, Palin and they will vote for real americans who care about the working people and not the republicans. Vote democrat.

  16. I use to think that these right wing nut jobs where just misinformed idiots but now I know they are just idiots. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be a duck. I bet none of them will be complaining when they get their hands on that $20 billion.

  17. This from a man who sits on his ass all day talking trash. . . after years of sitting on his ass writing trash “health” books.

  18. Savage is a moron. those of us who have lived here for decades should just ignore him for the asshole he is.

    We’re damn proud, and we work hard, let’s not lower ourselves to one who makes his living by hatemongering.

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