Fox News Claims that Obama is on Vacation More than George W. Bush

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The tall tales about Barack Obama keep getting taller everyday on Fox News. Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor guest Monica Crowley who claimed that, “Obama is taking a vacation every five minutes…Bush took two vacations a year in August and at Christmastime that was it.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Monica Crowley claimed that, “He actually shoehorning the job of the presidency into his busy schedule of going on vacation, listening to the comic stylings of George Lopez, swaying to Paul McCartney, playing golf, shooting hoops, taking smokes. What else is this guy doing? Is he ever working?” O’Reilly pointed out that people said the same the thing about Bush, and asked what the difference is between Bush and Obama, and Crowley told a boldfaced lie, “Obama is taking a vacation every five minutes. He’s blowing off steam almost every day….he is got partying going on. He’s at the Nationals game. Bush took two vacations a year in August and at Christmastime that was it.”

Crowley is lying. Bush spent 1,020 days of his presidency on vacation. To put this into context, John F. Kennedy spent fewer days in office, 1000, than George W. Bush spent on vacation. Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, 490 days at his Crawford ranch, and 43 days in Kennebunkport. George W. Bush spent 69 days in Crawford during his first year in office. In contrast, according to, Obama spent all, or part of, 26 days of his first year in office on vacation. This was less than all three previous Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, but more than the two previous Democratic presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

In Fox News revisionist GOP history, George W. Bush was a hard worker who was always at his desk doing the work of the American people, while Obama is just another party animal Democrat, who doesn’t take his job seriously. Crowley’s applied a strange definition of vacation to Obama. Since when is shooting hoops, playing golf, or even having a smoke, a vacation? I do believe that Lopez and McCartney came to the White House. Obama did not go see them. No president has ever been as lazy as the man who spent 1/3 of his time in the White House on vacation, George W. Bush, and it is laughable that Crowley would even try to float such a ridiculous lie.

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  1. Talk about jumping the shark! This is hysterical. As if ANY president could be on vacation more than W. Even when he was supposedly not on vacation, dude was on vacation — if you know what I mean.

    But all I remember during those horrific years was hunting him down at his non-working ranch (a double vacation? Say it ain’t so joe!) so he could mutter things about “nuk-u-lear” “terrists” and “freedom”, and that’s when he wasn’t giving inappropriate back rubs and the like.

    Not to mention the fact that many of Obama’s vacations were interrupted or cut short by tragic events — Kennedy’s funeral, etc. But Fox is allergic to facts.

  2. Being a president is hard work. Bush needed that time to collect and catalog the war memorials he was getting

    I wonder how the rest of the thing with O’reily came out. Did he ever get her to shut up?

  3. “During those horrific years” WOW!!!!!!!You know what, apparently your not the only one(progressive or liberal *as) that exist in this country. There re other people that exist here like us Conservatism and we probably felt more saver after this country was attacked. Never had anything happen until your messiah came about. All of the sudden we have Muslim extremist shooting at fort hood base, dude trying to blow up a plain with his weiner and the NY guy. I am horrified from unemployment close to 10%, Muslims extremist that cant be avoided by this administration, Gov. dept reaching $13 trill. and your messiahs health care that congress are still pouring money in to it cause the first quota was inaccurate means your messiah, troll prince Read and ugly Betty Pelosi lied. Beyond moronic. AMAZING.

    You know what, why dont yall libs. watch world cup tomorrow, gratest USA vs Algeria and root for USA and be patriot once in your life. Its not a bad thing siding with your own country you know.

  4. Never had anything happen? Are you retarded? The worst attack on U.S. soil occurred during W’s presidency. You really need to learn some spelling and grammar you ignorant, redneck, Fuck.

  5. Poor shark city doesnt realize that all those nice muslim things happening in the US are a result of the wars that his messiah W started.

    I have to wonder if shark city if from the south. He has a great deal of difficulty with himself.

    But he is full of the same old patriotic cliches that most silly conservatives us.

  6. Luckily for us all, you do not own patriotism – in fact, by being so misinformed, you are actually being unpatriotic. An informed citizen is one who loves her country enough to investigate the truth and elect stewards instead of alcoholic cocaine addicts who are using religion to compensate for their habit, and hence, whose judgment is unreliable.

  7. Monica Crawley. Another pretty blond angling for a spot on Faux news.

    Palin seems to be one of the few brunettes.

    Bushes brain was on permanent vacation mode. Cheney ran the business.


    You need to go back and review a little history. Not only did 9/11 happen on Dubya’s watch, but there was the attack at the El Al counter at LAX, the “shoebomber” which happened while Bush was on vacation and he waited six days to speak about it, without any recriminations from the media or the Democrats, there were also the anthrax letters and the student wanting to imitate Al Qaeda by running his SUV into other students at UNC. Bush spent more days on vacation than any other President in history. FOX news consists of idiots who try to revise history because they know their audience is too brain dead to do any research to verify their story.

    While Bush took far too many vacation days, I will say that no President is ever truly on vacation. They don’t turn over the Presidential reins to the V.P. when they leave D.C., so they are still responsible for and working for the country daily. You see, Sarah, in this day and age, with all the advances we have in technology, he’s able to work anywhere in the world and communicate with anyone from anywhere. It’s amazing. Read a little, get better informed.

  9. My post above should have been addressed to Shark City, please accept my apology for addressing it to you, Sarah.


  10. No problem, Kate– that happens to me often enough:-) You make a good point that no President is ever truly on vacation. It seems the office of the President ages its inhabitants more quickly than even a hard life of drugs will do, which leads me to wonder about all of the horrific briefs they have to digest every single day. It’s easy to make fun of W, but he was also simply never a person who had a lot of resources when it comes to mental agility and temperament. It was expecting too much of him, perhaps, as his My Pet Goat moment exemplified so clearly and so frighteningly.

    I remain relieved every single day that we have a President whose temperament is one we can depend upon. He isn’t going to leave us in the lurch or abandon us because it’s all too much for him to digest, nor is he going to fly off the handle and declare war over bad intel.

    There are certainly things to criticize as no person is perfect, but given the vast scope of the problems dumped in Obama’s lap, too much back-seat driving seems rather petty and incidental right now.

  11. Ok, first you republydumbs put the economy in the ditch if not for Obama we would be looking at 14 to 15% unemployment (newyorktimes). Next your guy in office mussy extremist flew planes into buildings and you felt safe? Next, the Healthcare insurance over haul will save 1 trillion dollars in 20 years off the deficit (CBO). Lastly learn to spell “more saver” you felt more saver fucking TROLL CANCER.

  12. I apologize, next time I will ask somebody to check my spelling and grammar before I post, you happy now professor Jackass. Look, youre attacking me of my typo and grams and not the substance just like our president that youre in love with. I can send you a box of kneepads if you like….Exp. BP pres. is the most powerful man in the world and he could ve prevented this oil from coming to shoreline but he didnt because he had other ideas. Pelicans for cap and trade right. Look yall can be mad as hell at me all you want but at the end of the day yall agree with me that this president suck and thats the fact.

    Oh wait, USA won

  13. You idiots are on a web sight that promotes”real liberal politics” and you think you’re getting objective stories. How fucking braindead can you be??? And you liberal vomit inducing turdlickers have the NERVE to criticize FOXNews! Hellooooooooo hypocrites!

  14. We don’t claim or pretend to be fair and balanced. If Fox News was honest about what they do then most people would not care that they lie on a daily basis, but when they push slogans like,”We Report. You Decide,” and “Fair and Balanced,” they are intentionally misleading. There is no hypocrisy here. Anyone who clicks on this site knows what they are going to get. The slogan is honest, unlike what Fox News is selling.

  15. When obama is on the golf course he is not working. may not be an offical vacation, as defined by the meaning, but he’s still not working.

    Better yet maybe the idiot president should play more golf at least then we won’t be able to do more damage to the country.

  16. Don’t Worry sez: “Better yet maybe the idiot president should play more golf at least then we won’t be able to do more damage to the country.

    G. Dubya Bush took more than 1000 days per year of vacation, or in smaller numbers, around 4 months PER YEAR! Even though one day out of three was vacation, he still managed to start two pointless and profitless wars (we have nothing to show for the TRILLIONS of $s spent,) deregulate industry and commerce to the point of absurdity, tank the economy, break the law (FISA is still the law, and there is NO executive exception written into the law requiring FISA warrants,) politicize the DOJ, violate the Geneva convention by torturing prisoners (sometimes to death,) pronounce the word “nuclear” as “nuke-you-ler” for 8 years…. I could go on, but you get the idea: if there EVER was a president that needed to take more vacation, it was Dubya!

    For all his faults, Obama could SLEEP the rest of this term, and even the next should he be re-elected, and still not damage our country, our prestige, and our international standing as a superpower as much as our “compassionate conservative” prez….

  17. Jackass Fanny and Freddy had powers of hold on them (meaning that they could not go beyond their mandates) W took those limitations off of them. Before you try to call me out make damn sure you know what the fuck you are talking about. I will bitch slap you to the next stone age troll. I am fucking tired of all you assholes just repeting hter GOP song and dance IF YOU KNOW NOTHING THEN DO NOT POST A COMMENT DO NOT REPLY TO A COMMENT.

  18. Shiva,

    I wouldn’t be pointing the finger of punctuation at anyone until you have proof read your own post. Being from the North does not make you any smarter than those born in the south, but thanks for showing your arrogance as a true liberal would.

    I think you should also revist your history and find out all the things all those nice muslims were doing BEFORE W. took office. Go back to Clinton and his war…oh wait, we dont talk about that one do we? Or even further back. There hasnt been a president with a set of balls in the White House since Ronald Reagan.

    “But he is full of the same old patriotic cliches that most silly conservatives us.”

    Come up with something new. If you are as well educated as you think you are, maybe you can use something that your clan hasn’t chanted for years.

  19. Oh PLEASE!……You are throwing stones at W. for things that were years and years before he was president, HOWEVER…you allow blow jobs and cover up, perhaps even murder to go on in the Clinton administration? You make me sick.

  20. Who allowed a blow job and a murder? There was no murder and the blow job was prosecuted.

    You’re angry that people bring up W’s coke habit because you think it should be in the past, but you campaigned on Obama’s being a terrorist because he sat on the same committee as someone who was prosecuted in the 60’s.

    If you don’t like the coke habit, how about the state of emergency he declared we were in permanently so he could rule like a dictator? Is that more or less important to the people than a prosecuted blow job which did no damage to anyone but the people directly involved until the Right decided it was their chance to destroy the country based on utter hypocrisy and by the way, it cost no lives?

    Also if you are so upset about blow jobs, how do you feel about hookers, male escorts, airport bathrooms, and governors who abandon their state to carouse on the tax payer’s dime with their mistress? Apparently the Right thinks blow jobs are just evil, but the rest of this is A-OK, so long as the person doing it is a Republican.

    The very people who went after Clinton have now all been outed as hypocrites who were doing more than getting a blow job from an intern. But that doesn’t stop you all from claiming you are the wounded ones.

    The Right is a real joke.

  21. Actually, Reagan was far from being a man with balls. Reagan sat
    down with hostile leaders without preconditions. Reagan also
    bargained with terrorists such as when he bargained with Iran. In
    fact, Republican presidents are responsible for creating Bin laden
    and Saddam Hussein and the crazy people in Iran. Republican
    President Eisenhower over through Iran’s government and implemented
    the Shah. In doing so, he gave the Shah and Iran millions and
    eventually the coup backfired and that lead to the radical
    government Iran has now. As for Saddam, he was empowered by
    Reagan/Bush Sr to fight against Iran. It’s a fact that Reagan/Bush
    administrations gave Saddam money, weapons, even chemical weapons,
    and again the backing of the U.S. to fight against Iran. Which lead
    to the powerful Saddam regime. While at the same time empowering
    Saddam, against Iran, Reagan’s administration was also caught
    selling weapons to Iran to finance the Contra incident. As for Bin
    Laden, he was empowered by Reagan too. Reagan gave Bin Laden/Afghan
    army billions to fight against the Soviets. Bin Laden most likely
    would never have become so powerful if it wasn’t for the money
    Reagan was feeding him.

  22. I think the article fails to point out that going to Crawford, TX
    is not necessarily going on a vacation. If you add “time off” in
    this manner, you skew the number considerably. Per that logic, I
    could take each overseas visit of the Obama family and say they
    were “vacations.” If you’d like, I will give President Obama the
    benefit of the doubt when he says he’s working in Chicago or Maine
    or North Carolina or Hawaii or where-ever. But be honest about how
    you present your text. You should try to compare apples to apples.
    For instance, how many times has President Obama mean to Camp
    David? How many times did George Bush go to Camp David? Frankly, if
    either man can play golf every Sunday and still do his job, I don’t
    care. I do care that the economy isn’t rolling, and… how many
    times has President Obama played golf compared to President Bush?
    That’s an easy number to put in separate columns without the bias
    of opinion.

  23. Bush took working vacations to the ranch & Camp David. Obama has had 3 vacations since April !!! None were working vacations,plus he is on the golf course or basketball court as much as possible in DC.

    Its Partay time for him and his crew,working for you and me isn’t part of his agenda.

  24. Actually, the worst attack on US Soil was when the British invaded the US in 1812. They also burned down the White House, and about 20,000 died then.

    As for needing to learn spelling and grammar….I love irony.

  25. Bush started the war, not the Muslims?? Hmmm, so you are saying Bush caused 9/11, and the Beirut bombing, and the 93 WTC bombing, or the USS Cole bombing?? Just because you are too ignorant to know that radical Muslims have been at war with us for decades, you wouldn’t look that big of a tool.

  26. Only 14 or 15?? Why not 20 or 25%?? Obama said it would never get past 8% if we passed his stimulus. Thats the whole point. Of course, when you obfuscate and just bring up totally random numbers to defend a poor decision, anything can be made to look good. Example…wow, good thing we had Bush in office otherwise, 20,000 people could’ve died on 9/11. See what I did there?? We can “add” any numbers to bad numbers to make them look better.

  27. LOL. Yes…every time Bush went to the Ranch and met with foreign leaders ( at dirt cheap cost to taxpayers) it counted as vacation time, but Obama golfing and playing basketball all the time doesnt. It really compares to Obama having McCartney singing for him, playing basketball with LeBron, and golfing twice as much as Bush or going on vacation to ultra expensive resorts like Marthas Vineyard or Spain. Yeah, thats comparable.

    Keep spinning the vacation days. Its what Libs do.

  28. wow…. I love how you all bicker over left and right. What makes me really sad is that I didn’t realize so many Americans are still under the impression that the president has any ability to lead. Decisions aren’t made with the common people in mind, they are made by corporations.

    It’s been often said:
    The current two party system is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

    One final comment, what’s with all the name calling? This is my first time here, but are all these comments 10% partial truth, 30% outright lies and 60% profanity, attacks and hate-filled remarks? You all should direct your energy towards solutions and learning the truth instead of finger pointing and fighting.

  29. Wow…. I love how you all bicker over left and right. What makes me really sad is that I didn’t realize so many Americans are still under the impression that the president has any ability to lead. Decisions aren’t made with the common people in mind, they are made by corporations.

    It’s been often said:
    The current two party system is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

    One final comment, what’s with all the name calling? This is my first time here, but are all these comments 10% partial truth, 30% outright lies and 60% profanity, attacks and hate-filled remarks? You all should direct your energy towards solutions and learning the truth instead of finger pointing and fighting.

  30. Okay, we are all pretty much aware by now that GW was the master of vacationing from the office, but there is no need to immediately state that, “Fox News Claims that Obama is on Vacation More than George W. Bush.” Not only is that unfair to the news network but it’s incorrect. What I like about O’Reilly is that he challenges his guests to be factual with THEIR claims; not his. If some nut-job Guest wants to throw something out there, then let them. Just don’t automatically assume that Fox News is out to ruin Obama; he’s doing a good enough job of that on his own. So please, allow the people to criticize Obama and GW but keep Fox News out of it. They are a great News agency with incredibly popular programs that have no fear of challenging Obama or his administration.

  31. Where is the idot who was pumping gas as she was being interviewd by CBS news and said Im so glad Obama was elected I wont have to pay for my gas and Rent anymore, when ask who would she said Obama, when ask how she said he has all that govt money to pass out. Now she is being joined by all those other idots who had jobs and now are out of work who voted for the great one.

  32. I’m sure you are referring to the fact that at that time all the job losses were due to George W. Bush, am I correct? We are losing far less jobs now than we did then it was just yesterday when the CBO announced that in the second quarter millions of jobs had been created. So your little rumor about the stimulus on all of that not working is totally untrue. It’s obvious you want to go back to the days of 750,000 jobs lost a month.

    Hilarious post. Without Obama this country would be in far worse shape than it was when he was elected. He can’t control the banks who are screwing you so badly and that you support.

  33. Hey Kool Aid Drinker have you looked at the unemployment rate today????? Im all a twitter that your guy is spending money all over the world to restore Mosques, and his admin all upset Utah wants to put up Christian Crosses to honor slain Troopers , GDP dropped again and you will blame it all on Bush I now understand how Jim Jones got all those people to follow him and die in the jungle

  34. LOL funny because it’s true about Bush’s brain. Dick Cheney went above and beyond the role that was set for vice president and made himself president. Bush was just the right puppet for the job (despite the fact Bush took 1020/1021 days of vacation time). Then there was Karol Rove who was also Bush’s brain. George W. Bush needed two brains to think for him sheesh.

  35. That’s funny Bush took 1021 days of vacation time. Even had time to do recreational sports what should have been spent working. He also allowed heavy heavy deregulation and those were the same companies that got the triple A ratings and manage to take home big bonuses under good ol George economic destructive Walker Bush. The same George Bush who asked China to inflate their currency by 5% and borrowed a total of 1.7 trillion dollars. He took in trillions and trillions of dollars from the middle class to afford the two mis-managed wars (one was clearly an invasion). And he was able to give 3.3 trillion dollars to the very wealthy 1 to 2 percent of America at the expense of the middle class.

    Yeah no damage done from him huh?

  36. LOL Bush and working vacations; much less Bush and work in the same sentence. Yeah just the thing someone could say to make it sound like Bush’s vacations weren’t bad. The closest to working vacation was when one of his staffs showed was to give him his daily briefing of Bin Laden determined to strike US. To which he looks at the paper briefly and says “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.”

    It was party time for Bush seeing how often he took vacations for doing little work for middle class America as possible and allowed Dick Cheney and Karl Rove to both use him.

  37. Just because Bush left office doesn’t mean his horrendous economic polices does not linger on. Foolish Kool-Aid drinker.

  38. I like how people criticized others not knowing that none of this matters. No matter how you look at things we are here. We have voices to be heard. We all know that no matter what Obama does he will always be criticized. I mean Just read through this whole post people really hate the fact there is a black president. I think it is funny racism still exist in this country, right back to that same ol’ america we all love. You really think that with all the technology we have, all the resources, all of the covert mission we still have going on all over the world that we really couldn’t prevent shit like 9/11 from happening. Come on people think for a minute I may be dumb or an ass hole or a fucking COOL AID drinker as someone may put out but think people stop running your mouth about Obama is a dumb ass president he fucked our country to be honest no matter what president cam into office we were fucked from the wars, I have been in I might ad, we were never suppose to go into. Like Iraq how long were we there. Tell me why we never found the reason of being there weapons of mass destruction. I mean people in Iraq are allowed to have weapons shit thats there country thats what they allow. Why were we there to tell them your not allowed to have your ak47 in your house anymore because we said so. I mean AZ residents are allowed to carry there concealed weapons around right. Should we send the rest of our military there to change all of that. Another thing reports show that Osama bin laden was the point man of the 9/11 attacks I don’t know that I don’t speak his language. A translator from the government told us that correct. This bothers me that we all believe anything that the government says and we think we can be helped. Just say to yourself I am human if I can help anyone out I will try if not I will die trying. Try to start helping people and maybe this country, well at least the people who don’t have much, can be saved at least enough to live happy.

  39. Until we can all sit down and have a decent conversation without calling each other names or being labeled a racist, we are never going to unit to fix the problems we face. When I read tripe like everyone that voted against Democrats do so because we have a black president makes me sick. I’m white and must have missed the email to all whites that we have a conspiracuy going against blacks. I could care less! I will admit that I’m a conservative but if I could have picked a presidential candidate, I would have picked Condi Rice. Intellegent, known to most world leaders and actually qualified with experience to run the country. That would have been historic, the first woman and African American president.

  40. Naturally leftwing propaganda sites like MediaMatters and are going to claim that Bush took more vacations than Obama. But the TRUTH is that what the left is claiming as “vacations” for Bush was merely time spent working away from the city of Washington, D.C. Bush’s Crawford Ranch was a “Western Whitehouse” where he would go to get more work done than he could in Wahsington. Likewise, Camp David. His trips there were not “vacations”, contrary to the lies of the left.

    A “vacation” is when you aren’t working. It’s when you’re playing golf, swimming in Hawaii, or hobnobbing around Europe. The fact is that Obama has taken more actual vacations than any president in history, and far more than the left’s satanic icon GWB did.

  41. Een better is they count every day that Bush spent at Camp David as a vacation, yet none of the days that Obama has at Camp David are listed in his “vacation” total.

    Question everything, its just about imposible to get a straight story from either party

  42. According to Mr. Easley George Busch spent 2.75 years on vacation. That is almost 3 out of 8 years he was in office. How do we even listen th such babble? I guess we all need an agenda.

  43. ” where he would go to get more work done than he could in Wahsington. ”

    Uh-huh. How does this mysterious process work?

    You leave your Office, travel hundreds of miles to your ranch, and spend time “clearing brush”, and somehow you accomplish more “work” than in your actual time in office?

    Without the assistance of your army of hundreds of clerks, lawyers, advisors,
    their computers, lawbooks and the Library of Congress ?


    Sorry, any days spent at your own home away from the Office certainly qualifies as “vacation”.

    And BTW, literally does check “facts”.

    If you think they’re left-wing, it may be because they aren’t slanted in your favor.

  44. I see neither Fred Mertz (longing for those good ole days when others “knew their place”?) nor Anonymous actually read the article.

    For starters, lambastes Democrats as much or more then it does Republicans. So much for being “left wing”, but as William Carr has pointed out, facts don’t matter to conservatives.

    Next, the article points out that “W” spent 69 days “on vacation” compared to Obama’s 26…NONE of them at Camp David for EITHER of them. As for Camp David trips, if you really want to count them, Obama spent 27 days there his first year in office (totalling still less than “W”‘s vacation days) and “W” spent 78 days there his first year. So counting Camp David, “W” took 147 days off to Obama’s 53…again, not that facts matter to conservatives.

  45. Bush owned a house and lived in Crawford. Don’t know about you but when I am at my home, I don’t count it as vacation. (Especially when there is a fully functioning White House staff there.) This is ultimately a silly argument.

  46. Condi Rice? The one with her name on the ass end of at least one EXXON Oil Tanker? During an Illegal bush War for Oil, No Bid neoCONtracts for Profit, & with No Receipt? Which were also Not Included in the republiKKKlans National Debt Report? (Which was once a Surplus, before a republiKLKKlan Judge defeated our Electoral process & Installed bushCo. & Cronies of which Condi was very much to blame for the Fiasco they made of our country!) Go ahead, Debunk Any of this! I Dare ya! Honestly! (You may wish to look that word up before attempting suicide) Thank God FOX hasn’t published a dictionary yet! But they still use the phrase “Fair & Balanced” in their spiel. And if they were “Licensed, Accredited, NEWS Journalists, they’d all be in Jail for Liable & Slander! So Patriotic are they, that they’re owned & operated by an Un American! Ever hear of Rupert Murdoch?

  47. Quite True, however, in addition, bushCo. took us from Surplus to Cesspool with little to no outrage or re pour from the FUX republiKKKlan ‘W’hore!

  48. Apparently you forget we were losing 750,000 jobs a month when Obama was elected. That ended soon after Obama took office.

  49. “but when I am at my home, I don’t count it as vacation.”

    LOL, good stuff. So in effect, Obama has no taken any vacations. When in Hawaii, he also has a functioning staff with him. You should be careful, you just excused Obama when you excused Bush.

  50. “Don’t know about much?” When you are at home, are you receiving Presidential Pay with all the Presidential Trimmings? And when doing so, are you Costing Us More Debt & Deficit than ever before, while Profiting from an Illegal War, looking for known Non Existing WMD’s that were not in store? Don’t bust yer head trying to lie about or deny this, just neoCONtinue to Blame Obama for Stopping the bush Bleeding & adding Jobs & Deficit/Debt Reduction to the Mess caused by bush! bush Is the ‘W’orse of the ‘W’orst! (See U.S. condition before & after bush)

  51. Never before in our Nations history has a President been as Threatened, Obstructed, or handed a Bill of Bads as Obama has! Where’s the credit for the republiKKKlan job well done by Killing All Things Obama? USA! USA! USA! Will we ever see a projected “Moneys Lost” due to republiKKKlan Obstruction? At leas the new republiKKKlans added to their Debt (To Us) by holding the Unemployed (By Them) Hostage, to enable the Billions More Debt for the bush Tax Cuts to the Rich! You know, the same ones that Sold us out to the Communists & didn’t add Squat for Jobs here during bushdumb? I wonder if the Extended Unemployment Benefits recipients will still vote republiKKKlan?

  52. Dave: like a true(?) republiKKKlan, you subscribe to an unverified interview, with unverified gas pumper, (Joe the not Plummer perhaps?) (how many other pumpers were interviewed @ the pumps?) & whether or not this was anymore un staged than the Fake & Fraudulent James Okeefe/ACORN bastardizations backed & vindicated by another savage republiKKKlan! Darkbart! Also, no amount of “Mony handed out has ever topped that of the bushCo. Pay Offs!”

  53. Dave! You Would! (Understand Jim Jones) bush Started with our Largest Surplus! And left Us with the Largest Debt/Deficit in history! bush also Failed to disclose how much his Failures Really added up to! Not to mention the Cover Up Money he Borrowed from none other than the Communists! You know, the ones bushCo. allowed to Take Our Jobs & Infrastructure via. republiKKKlan Deregulations? How Many Jobs did bushCo. have to Lose when the Democrats passed on the keys? How Many did he Create? How Much does his Debt/Deficit/+ Interest Co$t Us Every Day? How Much did bush neoCONtribute to to the Middle Class? How Much did he F* Up? Best you Listen & Learn from Rosli! Though obviously it’s Too Late!

  54. Dave! Listen to Shiva! You can’t deny the Facts! Did you see & learn Nothing during the Installation of bushCo.? Seems Not! Were you at all aware of our Economy under Clinton? Ever show that you knew? Ever post an outrage of Reckless Spending & Job Loss during bushCo.? Care to share? Did bush Ever meet or Match Obama’s record of Achievements, Financially, or Economically? Care to compare the Jobs Creation factors? hello? Seems I lost you @ “Dave!”

  55. Hey Sick-O: (Of them all) You could learn a Lot from English Saddle! If only you would Listen! Attempt to debunk even! Try watching some News! (FUX is Not NEWS!) 1st off: Never before or since has any sitting President been hauled before the High Court & Congress for being Entrapped by a BJ! Never! That would be Illegal! So what do he republiKKKlans do & get away with? Hypocrites!! Perhaps if Clinton had Hidden behind “Presidential Privilege” like so many republiKKKlans have! need I name Names? Bet $100.00 I can beat ya in a 1 to 1! 2nd: How many telling republiKKKlans mysteriously “fell” off of balconies & committed” Suicide” being found out to be too closely related to the Truth? 3ed: the same bush Christian Reich republiKKKlans (GOP) that wanted Clinton Impeached and Imprisoned (For a Non Illegal tryst) & held for “High Treason” were Caught after Long Sexual Relationships, (Some out in the parking lot under protective Guard) And other Illegal things! These very same Hypocrites Refused to Resign! Their excuse? “God told me to stay in!” They also spent Our Money & Lied about it, & never were taken to Court or before neoCONgress for their actions! USA! USA! USA! Place your bets? p.s. Look no further than the comment from Sarah Jones for starters. You can’t beat these people! The Truth shall prevail. Then there’s “Presidential Privilege.” It’s a republithing.

  56. Sick O: If not for the “True Liberals” we Americans could possibly all be Dead! Had it not been for Clinton “The One we don’t talk about” the rayGun/bush Debt Deficit would have been the end of us! Who would have erased it & Created a Record Surplus/Economy? bush/dick Co.? Remember the war in Kosovo?(sp) How many Died, compared to those Lost when bush Lied? Same goes for his war in Haiti, how many KIA? Clinton also attempted to drop a Bomb on Osama’s head, but the republiKKKlans called it a “Distraction from his Impeachment!” True Patriots? rayGun had “Balls?” During WW2 he sold Insurance, & war Bonds! He Hated & Busted the Unions, but was In One before & after the War! Bet he didn’t refuse his Union or Presidential Pension. Also: the “Muslims didn’t bomb the Twin Towers! bush’s Arab friends the Bin ladins, India, & others of the Taliban & Al qaeda did! See Richard Clarks Ignored Warnings! Lastly: Those of us from the NORTH can clain heritage to being smart enough to believe in fighting For the Union of the USA! & for Dieing to stop Slavery! For without the Union we’d all be speaking German, Russian, & Japanese! We damn near lost those wars, & rayGun, bush, geo. & jeb, cheney, quayle, dumbsfeld & a host of other Flag Wavers hardly served, if not at all! But they got to wear a uniform. No need to be a C.O. when you’ve got strings. Arrogance? To still wave the neoCONfederate Flag after being Defeated is not only Arrogant, it’s also Treasonous! Check out that republiKKKlan affiliated with that Pork Rib joint down thar!

  57. Babblle? What was it bushCo. did for us again? While on or off vacation will do. And @ What Cost & to Whom?

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