Fox News Decides that Obama is Angry and Thin Skinned Before He Even Speaks

Even before President Obama spoke about his decision to remove Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Fox News and Monica Crowley used the decision to attack Obama’s character. Crowley said, “It is going to look like he is reacting out anger, and out of a thin skinned response to this.” Fox News can’t decide whether Obama is not angry enough or angry all of the time.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Crowley called Obama’s removal of McCrystal a blown opportunity, “I really think that McChrystal should not have been relieved by this….This is a blown opportunity for President Obama, because he has been criticized for not getting angry over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet this was an opportunity for President Obama to show us that cool, dispassionate, unemotional side of him, and now he’s coming out, and it’s going to look like, I don’t care how calm he is in a couple of minutes. It is going to look like he is reacting out anger, and out of a thin skinned response to this.”

The Fox News point of view on Obama is America is mad at him for not getting angry enough over the Gulf oil spill and he missed an opportunity to show off his calm side, which he has shown during the oil spill by getting angry about McChrystal. That argument makes absolutely no sense. It was interesting how Monica Crowley was prejudicing the perceptions of the Fox audience before he even spoke. She even went as far as to say that Obama might sound calm, but don’t pay any attention to that because he is really thin skinned and angry.

It was a not so subtle way to push the Fox News narrative about Obama. She preemptively set out to undermine Obama’s tone, so that she could push the right wing narrative of Obama the angry thin skinned black president. However, Fox can’t seem to decide whether Obama is angry all of the time, or never angry enough. Their criticism changes by the day. One minute Obama is a weak president, but the next he is a bully. Fox News is straining so hard to criticize Obama that they often contradict their own earlier criticisms. Is it any wonder that Fox News viewers make no sense? Their only source of information is a garbled mess that can’t keep its story straight from one day to the next.

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4 Replies to “Fox News Decides that Obama is Angry and Thin Skinned Before He Even Speaks”

  1. Once again, you unveil the manipulations of Fox news. They tell the viewer what to see and think and feel and then tell them “we report, you decide”. It’s almost comical.

  2. Your right Sarah. Thank god I don’t listen to that trash. I am more sure today than the day I voted that President Obama is the right man for the job. Can you imagine a President McCain and VP Palin. OMG they would have us in a war with either North Korea or Iran or both just at the snap of a finger. These two crackpots would start WWIII because they think american as the best of the best in the world and we take priority of every other country wheter they like it or not. They are to dumb to realize that america (the country I love) is going the way of the Romans. We don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. The american people are in for a big fall and Obama has tried to help. At times I get upset with him because I feel he isn’t strong enough.

  3. If it had been John McCain who relieved McChrystal of his post for insubordination and disrespect, FOX Noise would have no qualms about it. But because of their hatred for Barack Obama, they are incapable of any objective analysis. FOX Noise embodies everything that is wrong in this country. They appeal to the ignorant by fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry. They also appeal to the jingoism that keeps so many from seeing that the hard right is keeping this country from moving forward into the 21st century in terms of things like education and health care. That jingoism also keeps people from understanding that good relations with other countries are important in pursuing objectives we and our allies share.

    In fact, FOX serves as a propaganda tool for the hard right that is trying to regain dominance at any cost and does not care about the state of this country. So, when they make comments about Obama being “thin-skinned,” it’s important to consider the source.

  4. Sarah Jones says: “They tell the viewer what to see and think and feel”

    Conservatives aren’t as impressionable and gullible as liberals.

    The female in the video does not appear to be Monica Crowley.

    It appears your reporting is about as accurate as that from Chrissy and Olberdork.

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