President Obama Relieves General McChrystal of His Post

President Obama’s Meeting with General McChrystal – BREAKING

McChrystal arrived at White House ready to tender his resignation Wednesday at 10:00 AM. At 1:15 PM, MSNBC announced that President Obama relieved General McChrystal of his Afghanistan post as commander. MSNBC is reporting that General Petraeus has been chosen to replace General McChrystal as commander of the Afghanistan forces.

After his disastrous profile in Rolling Stone, General Stanely McChrystal was summoned to the White House to meet with his unhappy boss, President Obama. The normally calm and even-tempered President displayed rare signs of edginess yesterday when speaking about the General’s contemptuous remarks in Rolling Stone.

“Obama said McChrystal had shown “poor judgment” in criticizing Obama and the administration’s handling of the war in Afghanistan in an interview to be published later this week in Rolling Stone magazine…(The President further added that) “So whatever decision that I make with respect to General McChrystal or any other aspect of Afghan policy is determined entirely on how I can make sure that we have a strategy that justifies the enormous courage and sacrifice of those men and women over there.””

Yes, even when angry, the President is careful in his choice of words so as not to inflame an already disturbing situation.

General McChrystal met with President Obama at 10:00 Wednesday morning for a meeting, after which the President met in the Situation Room with his National Security Team to determine the fate of McChrystal and the implication of that decision on the Afghanistan strategy.

Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed grave concern over the General’s undisciplined outbursts. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said, “I’m concerned that if General McChrystal has to resign, and he may, what happens to the leadership in the middle of a very crucial time in Afghanistan, but, I respect the President’s decision as Commander in Chief on this situation.”

What isn’t clear is whether or not putting the President in this lose-lose scenario was a continuation of what appeared to be a deliberate tactic to force Obama to agree to his war strategy, or whether the General endangered the national security of this country by showing the enemy our lack of unity simply because he is suffering from some sort of long-term battle trauma resulting from a war that is quite simply not going well.

Either way, the General’s outburst gave birth to a surge of questions regarding his Afghanistan strategy.

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10 Replies to “President Obama Relieves General McChrystal of His Post”

  1. Obama did the right thing. Thanks for getting this news up on the site so quickly. McCrystal had to know what he was doing. I think that he wanted to be fired. Great post!!!!

  2. Thanks! I had it ready to go. Beat the AP :-)

    I’m terribly curious about what’s going on with McChrystal — for the last year, he’s been erratic and odd if he wasn’t deliberately planning this to force Obama to concede something to him. I’m so glad Obama took charge of this — let’s hope he put an end to this kind of insubordination.

  3. Gotta give Obama cred for his swift and deliberate handling of a situation that McChrystal quite transparently engineered. I think The Big O ends up looking good on this one. Curious to learn more as to what were McC’s intentions.
    Well done on your swift post, SJ.

  4. Thanks for the speedy post.

    I’m also very curious as to what is really going on with McChrystal? What are his intentions and motives? Is it merely arrogance? He seems to have a problem with leaking classified information that should not be public knowledge. Where’s the validity of what he’s saying? I can understand, under the circumstances of war, that a general could get pretty frustrated at times. But isn’t there some oath of office or code about the chain of command. What about the old saying……”Loose lips sink ships!?”

    He leaked information that he was demanding thousands of troops for a surge in Afghanistan last year long before Obama actually agreed to a strategy. The pundits and GOP went crazy with the “Obama dithering” dialog. I want a Commander in Chief that takes his decisions and responsibilities very seriously. I don’t want a “cowboy” like the one that got us into to this 9 year nightmare in the first place.

    Other information McChrystal has tried to to keep secret; for example, when one of our brave soldiers and former football hero’s was killed by friendly fire, the general issued a statement only after the information was revealed by others. This incident was covered up by his leadership. So he can be conscious when he thinks he needs to be for self preservation.

    According to many news reports recently, he has great military skills and has saved many lives in combat. I commend his service on that level, but, I happen to think that giving subjective information to a major publication that he and his close military buddies under his command think that the whole civilian security force and leadership command is questionable is far worse than insubordination. It actually embarrasses and weakens the country in the eyes of the world. That, in of itself puts the country and it’s soldiers in harms way. Former VP Dick Cheney began this vicious attack strategy on the Obama administration as soon as Obama took office. Our enemies must have been in great spirits every since. It was as if Cheney was inviting an attack.

    The arrogance of McChrystal, like Cheney, boldly demonstrates how destructive and unpatriotic those claims can be to our actual national security. I am so glad Obama stepped up with class and a firm grip on the situation. He has shown true leadership.

    This may be a shock to the soldiers that were under McChrystal’s command, but it should be a lesson in patriotism and destructive arrogance. Afghanistan has beaten the best of them. It’s going to take some serious leadership with a combined and unified intent to make any real progress. Obama wants us out of Afghanistan, but he wants to keep an eye on that Pakistan border that hides many enemies. We have to be very careful as a nation.

    Watch out for the GOP now that a potential trillion dollar multi-mineral resource has been discovered in this very difficult region. McChrystal’s intent was always to keep us there for at least another 10 years.

    Obama did what he had to do to maintain some continuity in a very difficult and dangerous wartime situation. He doesn’t need an enemy in his own camp. He’s the Commander in Chief whether anyone likes it or not. And General Petreaus has the respect of the entire nation without the skeletons in his closet. Obama has to bring this back together as soon as possible. Again he did what he had to do. He should get respect for that.

    Sarah, you’re always on point. Thank you.

  5. Thank you– what a treat your comment was! It was a long day here….but comments like yours make it all worth while:-)

    I agree with you re Obama’s leadership and McChrystal’s agenda. The pundits are all screeching that now Obama is owned by Petraeus, but of course, that is simply the most dramatic narrative they can whip up. Petraeus was already in charge, he was McChrystal’s boss – he took a demotion to serve his commander in chief and country, as was honorable.
    For some reason, when I hear some of these pundits talking, all I can think of is how draining it must be to be on 24/7 news cycle and try to turn nothing into something riveting and must-see.

    So nice to see you around!!!

  6. You know what would really be a shocker? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear the pundits actually challenge the GOP talking points and actually support Obama? Wouldn’t it be refreshing if they could actually support and help unify the country instead of broadcasting on a 24/7 basis how weak they think the country and it’s leadership is? Wouldn’t it be nice if the GOP actually had a solution to the nation’s issues instead of a criticism of Obama? As Americans, they are all watching the oil leak hourly. What are they offering? I will continue to hope. Thank you for your insight.

  7. First, regarding MSNBC, those clowns are so ignorant they can’t even pull their own heads out of their a___s’s, before they try to report anything. Obama needs to get a job as a sanitation engineer before he tries to play make-believe, wannabe president. Oh, I forgot he’s not even qualified to be a sanitation engineer. I saw a t-shirt the other day that said “A TOWN IN KENYA IS MISSING IT’S IDIOT”. Now that he has fired General McCrystal, Obama is beating his chest like King Kong. He forgot he is nothing more then a little monkey. Being a former Army combat veteran, I agree that McCrystal shot himself in the foot, and therefore, must stand at atteneion and take his medicine. The problem is having to answer to a know nothing like Dumb-bama who doesn’t even know how to think about doing your job. Send him to Afghanistan…..

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