Sarah Palin’s 2012 Hopes Go Up In Smoke After She Endorses Marijuana

Real former governor Mike Huckabee (R-AK) took the gloves off when he showed a clip of half-term governor Sarah Palin endorsing pot from Fox News’ Freedom Watch Show.

Palin mid-huge political gaffe
Palin mid-huge political gaffe

Palin got carried away with her free-wheelin’ AIP secessionist style, because saying pot is OK if you do it in your own home is a major political gaffe of epic proportions for any politician, let alone a law and order conservative. Pot was, of course, legal at one time in Alaska and Palin has admitted to smoking it, “I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say I never inhaled.” Indeed, Ms. Palin

Watch here:….

While talking about the legalization of marijauna, Palin said, “If we’re talking about pot, I’m not for the legalization of pot, because I think that would just encourage, especially our young people, to think that it is okay to go ahead and use it, and I’m not an advocate for that. However, I think that we need to prioritize our law enforcement efforts, and if somebody is going to smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody else any harm, perhaps there are other things that our cops should be looking at to engage in, and try to clean up some of the other problems that we have in society that are appropriate for law enforcement to do, and not concentrate on such a, relatively speaking, minimal problem that we have in the country.”

This forth-rightness on her part is really one of her more genuine moments, albeit perhaps unintentionally — but it does show the sort of candid realness that she sold to Alaskans fed up with the corruption of the Republican machine in Alaska. This is one of those moments that in a state smaller than many American cities, can play as charming and mavericky — but on a national level, is a disaster. One wonders why it didn’t occur to her that the man questioning her, leading her to the guillotine, is a man who would very much like to see her fail. Miserably.

I can see the 30 second ad now. Her opponent cuts out all the stuff about her being opposed to legalization and shows the clip of her saying that law enforcement has better things to do than bust someone who is smoking a joint in their house. (I do wonder if the someone she is referring to happens to live in Wasilla, Alaska). It is absolutely forbidden according to the Gospel of Reagan for a Republican to be soft on drugs. It doesn’t matter if Palin’s comments made some sense, and might have been the most lucid thing that she has said in months. (I can’t believe that I just typed that). Republicans JUST SAY NO, and by saying maybe just one joint, Palin hurt herself with the social and evangelical conservatives that she is so desperately courting.

For someone who’s been busy playing the party line ever since she was picked in 2008 as McCain’s running mate, this was an odd departure. Perhaps it represents Palin’s idea of running her own PR. Knowing Palin’s paranoia, it’s easy to understand how she continuously leans on herself and her entourage of enablers rather than listen to the harsh words of experienced political operatives. Still, if it weren’t for her utterly proud ignorance about legislation, our government, and almost every issue (save this one) that I care about, I can almost see what her flock thinks they see in her. She’s spunky alright.

And speaking of spunky, Huckabee mocked Palin for appearing high, drawing unwanted attention to her manic behavior. Sure, Palin is a pitbull with lipstick, but she can’t handle it when she’s not in control. And she most definitely was not in control during this episode, which came soon after the Bill O’Reilly melt down (an episode so fraught with an eminent breakdown on Palin’s part, it was painful to watch).

Her fellow potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee responded with a joke that implied that Palin is soft on drugs, “After Sarah Palin made these comments, she then produced a gram of coke from her purse and did line after line on the glass table.” Huckabee’s shot at Palin demonstrates why it is bad politics for any potential candidate, Democratic or Republican to look soft on drugs. Palin made a huge gaffe that is certain to come back to haunt her if she runs for the Republican nomination in 2012.

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28 Replies to “Sarah Palin’s 2012 Hopes Go Up In Smoke After She Endorses Marijuana”

  1. Are you kidding me? Palin’s political hopes went up in smoke the first time she opened her mouth on camera without a script.

    The rest of this is just a cheesy attempt by the drug-warrior faction. I know, let’s try and scare politicians away from listening to the clear majority in the country who can now see, plain as day, that the entire concept of “Drug War,” is a failure by basic numbers. The USA leads the world in orders of magnitude on ‘Drug-war’ initiative spending. For it, we have the highest abuse rates in first world. There is no clearer definition of “Fail”.

    The Drug-War industry knows they cannot make a point with the facts that so clearly devastate everything they’ve committed their life too, so they’re going to spin any tidbit of news they can find into an anti-mariuana referendum.

    Anything at all that keeps the people they claim to serve from noticing their utter objective failure.

  2. Okay, I read your transcript and comments and thought, well, I agree with what you’re saying, but this could be no big deal. Then I watched the video and did a 180. Let the back-pedalin’ begin!

  3. If you notice, the post does not condemn pot at all — and I say this is the one issue I agree with her on, so please don’t lump me in with the “drug warriors”.

    Her career was actually doing just fine, sadly enough for this country, even after or because of the fact that she doesn’t read. See, there are those people out there who voted for W…..

  4. Yes, I’m afraid when you actually see her, everything changes. For the worse. With Palin, familiarity breeds contempt. Her easy use of the slang term “joint” was just stupefying for a politician.

  5. Perhaps my own reaction-formation is showing a bit too raw. I’m just sick of watching good, generous, productive friends of mine having their lives sacrificed at the altar of anti-mind-altering-substance ideological purity. Given the political climate in CA in the run-up to November, I think I was a bit quick on the trigger. I apologize.

  6. We must accept the fact that one, Huckabee is a complete loon. Next we move on to Palin in which case I agree with you, she was lucid about pot. However the very same things were said back in 1970 and here we are, still wandering around in the wilderness acting naive. I see legality for pot, around 20 years after my death in 2040.

    After watching the video with o’Reilly, I wonder if she knows so much about the Oil company’s why isnt she agreeing they screwed up and were lax on security instead of bashing Obama? She should be all over BP. She should know them well, after all they run Prudoe Bay in Alaska.

    Let this be a lesson, Lucidity never lasts very long in any of us

  7. Chong]
    Up in smoke
    Thats where my money goes
    In my lungs
    and sometimes up my nose
    When troubled times
    Begin to bother me
    I take a toke
    and all my cares
    Go up in smoke

    Up in smoke
    Donde todos es mi rey
    There are no signs
    Que dice no fumer
    So I roll un “bomber”
    Y me doy, un buen toke-ay
    Y despues I choke
    Y todos mis cares
    Go up in smoke
    Come on let’s go get high

    Up in smoke
    That’s where I wanna be
    ‘Cause when I’m high
    The world below
    Don’t bother me
    When life begins
    To be one long
    and dangerous road
    I take a toke
    and all my cares
    Go up in smoke

  8. Oh, no problem at all — I am well aware of the sensitivity of this issue, especially for those who are in need of medical marijuana and can’t get it.

    I try to see past the person, which is why in this case, for the first time ever, I agree with Palin. It’s a shame that we can’t debate issues on their merit without attaching a rather phony and contrived morality to them.

    What will be interesting is to see the reaction of the evangelicals to this. This showcases the divide between the Tea party Randites and the evangelical “values” voters. How will Palin navigate this?

  9. Maybe Palin needs to disclose her BP holdings when she discusses what the oil company should or should not do, eh?

  10. I have always said that her potential Republican opponents weren’t going to play nice with her, and would use any ammunition against her that they could possibly find. Whether she is right or not is beside the point, because it won’t play well nationally. She is a non-stop gaffe machine who perpetually fails to appreciate the irony of putting herself out there when she is doing, or has done, something worse than she is criticizing. The latest example is BP. While she lies about Obama’s response to the crisis, and his relationship to BP, here her husband used to work for him and she has (or has had) BP holdings.

    The more she runs her ignorant mouth, the bigger the political hole she digs for herself. I wonder if she’s going to blame some “liberal” conspiracy rather than Huckabee, whom I don’t care for either. After all, she blamed the “liberal media” when it was a conservative who claimed he had an affair with Nikki Halley.

  11. She has been high as a kite for quite sometime! Adderall ie: Legal speed is my guess…remember a few wks ago showing up in Her NIGHTGOWN????
    As most speed freaks she is slowly eroding…think of the egg frying on a pan “This is your brain on speed” doesn’t matter if its legal or not. Her increased paranoia, babbling, facial tics, blinking, all suggest drug use.
    Also I think Huckabee crack about “cocaine” was no accident, maybe Satire, but he was trying to get Faux snooze people to L@@k at HER!
    I think Faux snooze is getting ready to throw her under the bus!

  12. This is the first thing Sarah Palin has ever said that’s made any sense. Of course it will get her in trouble with her followers…

  13. Let’s get real, the chance this idiot gets elected president is zero. This is just one of millions of things she is going to say that will get her into hot water. Of course I am shocked to say that for once she sounded lucid and made sense. Maybe the reason she usually sounds like a big idiot is she doesn’t really agree with the right, and when she actually tells what she really believes she sounds smart for once.

  14. How can that be? The woman gives me a headache with her daily spin. Lies and vitriol dialy. Saying anything to get money. She’s been screaming against every basic freedom even something as simple as the use of medical marijuana! I SUPPORT IT! It does work! And now she SUPPORTS MARYJANE? Get the fkouttahere! I am just shocked beyond! So the only reason she would of said this is 1 of 2 reasons. Her kids SMOKE. And this way when they get caught it won’t be a big deak. “Oh that? please..EVERYONE SMOKES” I can already hear her. Always CYA. OR she herself SMOKES! I wouldn’t mind if she did. She might want to consider it on a daily basis. She had to have had a hit right before this comment. Thats all I can say. And yes, the twitching ..coke does that to you after awhile. After you thought you had it under control and could easily function on it. But then it takes you over. And it makes your face twitch just like she does. Rambling on. Making no sense. She’s young. Its not uncommon among young folks her age to do coke for SOME HELP and a LITTLE ENERGY. But then it stops working and it slowly starts taking you over slowly and making you blind and stupid. She’s going to far. She needs to stop. Trust me I know.

  15. Another thing..drugs AGE you faster than fast. By this time next year Ms. Palin won’t be the little miss hottie tottie exgubnr dropout from wasilla IF SHE’S DOING COKE. She has too many wrinkles on her neck that do not conform with her face/vice versa. She will become OLD NEWS by this time next year. Trust me. We are vicious that way with women aging. And she will help make that impression of herself with her rediculous uneducated comments. People will think she’s senile. Oh, you thought that already? Not men politicians though. They reign forever and GET MEANER AS THEY AGE. Like McConnel and McCain! They are so mean and miserable! Who can you match with that on the dem side? No one. Notice how we don’t have dingbat DEM women saying stupid things like Angle, Bachman, Palin, Arizona lady, the chicken lady? We watch them every day say the most outrageous things about our president and just plain stupid lies. And yet they’re always blaming the liberals and media of spreading vicious lies!WOW just WOW! Repub men like their women dumber than themselves so they can use them as their tools of fools. And as we can see, they have been doing one incredible job with their women. One has to be very sheltered to put any weight on anything any of these women say. They cater to the stay at home watch soaps all day and know nothing about whats really going on in the real world very narrrowly educated kind of folks. Then in their laziness to get educated choose to believe the likes of palin & bachman.. All the while short changing themselves. They love their repub leaders who have raped them of everything and now blame Obama. So much easier to blame the black guy. Thats all they see. A very sadistic bunch of people. They love to suffer and drag us along with their stupid choices like BUSH for 8 years. And now Palin???? And they think they’ll get the WH back? I think not. NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS. LOOK AT HOW REPUBS DEFDENDED CORPORATIONS & BANKS ..and NOT YOU the people! WAKE UP REPUB CONSTITUENTS! Wake up please!!! They fought against extended unemployment benefits for YOU!.They APOLOGIZED to BP that our PRESIDENT would even think to ask to make our people whole when BP themselves suggested they wanted to do this..and they know this is the biggest ecological catastrophe..but repubs have now conveniently called this a SHAKEDOWN! Thats for your benefit REPUB CONSTITUTENTS..just another part of their hype to keep your vote. So when they get it? They can defend BP and BANKS and EVERYTHING BUT YOU!

  16. Palin is a socialist who put windfall tax on oil companies — but you hear her go on and on about Obama being a socialist. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about most of the time. She says what they tell her to say. If she wasn’t so corrupt, she’d have been a decent governor if you wanted a socialist (unless you cared about animals or the environment) governor. But then she quit when she started getting sued all of the time for being incompetent (in addition to the ethics violations she whines about constantly).

    She never was a fiscal conservative. She’s a far right AIP secessionist Bircher with bits of socialism. She’s as tax and spend as they come, though. And she’s a real religious nut job, but her religion is the religion of Sarah Palin, not Jesus.

  17. And she is right on this issue, for once. I hope you’re not saying endorsing pot is like tying Obama to BP, because she’s not “putting herself out there when she is doing, or has done, something worse than she is criticizing” on this issue. Anybody who would take Huckabee’s side on this is an idiot. Both him and Palin can bite me. I want to see some more vitriol directed at him over here. Most people in this country are sick and tired of the Drug War, just not the crazy evangelicals she courts, which may get her into some deep doo-doo. What bugs me is if almost any other member of the far right had said this or something else we agreed with, some people here would be kissing their ASS. What if Limbaugh had said something similar? Remember when Cheney said he disagreed with Barbie on invading Iran? Most of the folks at ThinkProgress called out his BS and that he was a damn hypocrite because of the illegal war that he started. But although many there seemed to get it, too, there was a troubling number of people on Youtube who were like WOOOORW! Hez a VOICE OF REASON!!11 That’s endorsing TORTURE, people! Many saw through it, though, which is something that often can’t be said. Sure, O’Reilly’s cooled down a little, if you take him at face value and not as a cynical attempt to erase and deflect blame for the death of Tiller, although the rest of the right-wing? If anything, they’ve gotten crazier. We have many fronts, but we can’t go easy on anyone who’s destroying our country. Sometimes they say something we might agree with, but we can’t lose sight that they are saying lies continually to mess our country up.

  18. Jones wrote that she agreed with Palin on this issue. She’s saying Huckabee will use it against Palin in the primaries.

    I don’t know about you but I would never “kiss Sara Palin’s a$$” no matter what she said. She’s not my candidate and she never will be, so why should I get behind her for saying one thing I don’t think is crazy? She just announced what her foreign policy platform is and it is beyond Dubya dangerous.

    I’d vote for Huckabee any day over Palin.

  19. I wasn’t kissing her a$$, and I never will, either. I make it clear in my post that she’s a crazy bimbo. Saying I ‘would’ kiss it is a third-degree burn. It hurts, because that’s the harshest burn there is, and I did nothing to you.
    I would vote for the Huckster over Caribou Barbie any day, too. Doesn’t mean I like him, I honestly used to, though, because he’s so affable.
    Palin would be our Caligula if she becomes president. Expect vice-president Bachmann, (Jindal, Gingrich, or Beck maybe, but I’m betting it’ll be Bachmann, Sharron Angle would be chief of staff and Rand Paul would have some position related to minorities. She’ll surround herself with some fanatical neocons like her fanboy Bill Kristol. I bet plenty of her biggest supporters in the right-wing media will get appointed positions (read:cronyism) and you can expect her to appoint a horse(or moose) to a position of authority, just like Caligula did.
    We got onto Cheney because he would have gladly invaded Iran himself under his watch. That’s why that BS is Alien vs. Predator, and you hope neither of them win.
    Her foreign policy would be worse than Dubya’s, no doubt about that, and she doesn’t know a damn thing about foreign policy, so she’ll be saber-rattling all around the world, but that isn’t saying we should whitewash the war crimes that have already taken place, the thousands who needlessly died, the many who have been needlessly detained and tortured. If that doesn’t outrage you than we’re doomed as a country. If criminal prosecutions take place, I want everyone to be enthusiastic that they’re finally being brought to justice, not reluctant. And somehow if you still get angry that we did these things, you’re a hysterical ultra-leftist. It’s not ‘hip’, it’s not ‘in’.
    I did not imply anything mean about Mrs. Jones or anyone else here. I was in sort of a bad mood, so if it came off that way, I apologize. I need to get out more.
    I wasn’t saying that anybody here was kissing her a$$ because we all agree with her on one issue, that would be crazy. I also didn’t mean to denigrate anybody here, it just sort of bugs me that in certain websites, somebody could say something truly horrible, and some people would just shrug it off like they said nothing wrong, you know? I think it would be good to cover Bachmann more. She’s definitely crazy. I also think we should also focus on almost all of the right-wing media, because they’re Saint Sarah’s heroin pushers on the world. Kim-Jong-Il has a cult of personality, Sister Sarah has Fox News, along with several prominent radio hosts, columnists, and bloggers. There are some that secretly aren’t over-the-moon over her like her future rival Huckabee, and perhaps O’Reilly, and there are some that not only are openly so, but actually honest and sane, the only one I can think of being Shep Smith, but it’s the exception, not the rule. The ‘news’ network named after an animal that’s known for being sly and manipulative knows every trick in the book, and will use every trick to put our country in shambles. There’s a website I think gets this, named

  20. I see a whole lotta hate coming from the self proclaimed hip and tolorant crowd here. No big surprise. I suppose these folks can’t just disagree, they have resort to childish name calling instead. I believe Saul Alinsky wrote about that technique. It’s no wonder we have trouble electing decent leaders. The voting masses are such good followers.

  21. I didn’t hear Huckabee’s side but I happen to personally support legalization. I believe in personal freedom as long as you don’t hurt another. What you smoke, what you eat, how you “do it” is not the Governments business. But what do I know?

  22. Actually the most intelligent thing a politician (republican especially) could do at this point in the game is make a play for the obvious “surge” votes that can be generated through the cannabis ticket. In less than 15 years the percentage of Americans that support the legalization of Cannabis has jumped from around 20% to almost 50%, due in part to organizations like MPP and SAFER that use PSA showing that Cannabis is less dangerous then alcohol (they completely decriminalized the entire city of Denver with almost no budget that way) but also in part to the fact that Americans are more aware that it has been 30 years since the war on drugs started and there has been no success in reduction of use or availability. If anything Palin did the smartest thing she has ever done by placing herself ambiguously towards cannabis decriminalization. Obama did the exact same thing in his Senatorial race, also caught on video, but he even took it a step further saying he would support legalization. No one brought that against him in his 2008 running because, politically speaking, everyone knows the danger of actually bringing that topic to the full public light until the support for it increases or decreases enough that politicians don’t have to worry about losing half of American’s votes.

    That being said, Sarah Palin is obviously never going to become an American president and it has nothing to do with the fact that she is ambiguously maybe in support of not throwing people in jail for doing what she did in 1975 but because she is uneducated and made a fool of herself in the 2008 electoral race.

    Just remember
    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. ”

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