Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating Crashes to a New Low of 29%

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll revealed that the more the American people see Sarah Palin, the less they like her. Palin’s approval rating has now crashed to 29%, which is down from 37% in March. Palin is also dragging down the GOP’s 2010 candidates, as her endorsement was viewed as a negative by 52% of those surveyed.

According to the latest NBC News/WSJ poll, Palin’s approval rating has fallen to 29%. Her disapproval rating is 43%, and 24% of those surveyed are neutral on her. Only 13% of those surveyed have a strong approval of her. She is down from her 30% approval rating in March, and her 32% approval rating last December. Palin’s negative rating has gone from 45% in March to 43% now. Most troubling for Palin’s potential political future, only 4% of respondents aren’t sure about her.

The news gets even worse for the Republican Party and the candidates that Sarah Palin is endorsing. Only 8% said that a Palin endorsement would make them more enthusiastic about a candidate, and 15 said they would be comfortable with a candidate that Palin endorsed. Fifteen percent said that they would have reservations about a candidate endorsed by Palin, and a whopping 37% said that a Palin endorsement would make them very uncomfortable with a candidate endorsed by Palin, and 21% answered that her endorsement made no difference.

Palin is not only personally unpopular, but her endorsement creates a negative stigma around Republican candidates as they head into the general election. Sarah Palin has become the GOP version of Johnny Appleseed, as her endorsements are spreading negativity about Republican congressional candidates all across the land. This is not to say that candidates in Republican primaries aren’t helped by Palin. They are, but the very same Palin endorsement that helps them in the spring could be an anchor around their necks with the electorate at large in November.

To put this into context, since March, when she first got involved with the Tea Party, Palin’s approval rating has fallen by 8 points and her negative rating has increased by 2 points. The more Palin tries to raise her profile, the less popular she becomes. This is not the trend line of future presidential nominee, and especially not a future president.

Sarah Palin is now as popular as fellow Republicans like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. She is the political equivalent of fool’s gold, and Republicans in both 2010 and 2012 would be wise to turn her down. Sarah Palin is capable of leading the Republican Party straight down a path of defeat and irrelevancy. She isn’t even popular enough to help her fellow Republicans outside of primaries, so there is no way that she has the popularity needed to be elected president.

17 Replies to “Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating Crashes to a New Low of 29%”

  1. The best news ever.

    See, Palin said she prayed for God to open a door for her and God did.

    It just isn’t the door to the White House.

    Americans can be snowed by an image for a little while, but not forever.

    Not to keep beating a dead horse, but Palin personifies the old adage: familiarity breeds contempt.

  2. I was familiar enough with her on 8/29 to completely hold her in contempt that very day. My mom didn’t like her the minute she heard her voice and hadn’t even seen McCain playing with his wedding ring while looking at her ass while she introduced herself and her pack of wolves to the country.

  3. This is great news. Whenever I see her get away with something else, I am reminded by polls like this that “thinking” people everywhere see Palin for the liar she is.

  4. Well, just wait until they hear that today in Alaska, her previous legal defense fund was deemed illegal and unethical, and that she responded by promptly setting up another one. You know, those $100,000 speeches just don’t go as far as they used to.

  5. I didn’t need a poll to tell me that this character is unfit to hold any office of power, particularly as president. The more she overexposes herself, the less most of us like her. The day when she goes down to irrelevance can’t come fast enough for me. She does have a relatively small but rabid set of supporters who turn a blind eye to her lies and her stupidity. Hopefully, the fact that she is her very own worst enemy will help to hasten her political demise. As someone famously said about her, she is “bone-headed, defiant, and willfully ignorant.” And this is someone who people actually think of as an equal to President Obama!!

  6. Finally! Its about time it caught up with her. Now. Can we educate our folks in those little pockets of America so they don’t support anything this vile and stupid again? Just like Bush 29%! BOTH WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD!

  7. Lying and inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t get you anything. Its not a pity that the right wing congress, Rove, Rush and his secubus Beck refuse to take a lesson from her ratings.

    But now the dems must be careful how they approach their rhetoric when campaigning. point out how screwed up the right is in a professional way. The crowd isnt 1st graders anymore.

  8. Since I have absolutely no talent or business trying to do “rap” or any other form of entertainment (no talent) and Sarah has NO BUSINESS in politics or any form of intelligence concerning the welfare of the public; I thought I’d combine the two and offer to QUIT if she would. Thus, here is my “Ode to Sarah Palin” (RAP) Insanity on Steroids:

    “ODE TO SARAH PALIN” (Insanity on Steroids)
    If I were a “rapper” I might sang
    Is there any SANITY in INSANE
    Palin might qualify if she had half a brain
    How can ignorant people be so vain
    Is she as stupid as they claim
    Is there any SANITY in INSANE
    She’s had more than her 15 minutes of fame
    Now she’s just putting decent women to shame
    All while claimin she knows God’s Name
    And ain’t no evil for which Obama ain’t to blame
    Perhaps she can see Alaska from her right lane
    Wit a moose horn in her rear—oh he found her brain
    When you spill stupid at a Tea Party you leave a stupid stain
    Even stupid people can come in out the rain
    “Drill baby Drill” we all hear YOU sang
    Didn’t Todd work for BP before you got the fame?
    Didn’t BP leave oil spills on the Alaskan Plains?
    This much hypocrisy has gotta be hard to maintain
    And how did you trick poor John McCain?
    You turned out to be Dick and he turned out JANE
    He still talks to himself trying to explain
    Wondering why when the thought he had beauty he couldn’t refrain
    only temporary victory with you did he gain

  9. Ya-Hoo! It’s about time the Lower 48 is starting to see Palin the way Alaskans see her.

    Just make that annoying voice go away. Yes, she did start up another fund to pay for her legal bills. However, she forgot to tell the poor suckers who will send her more money that she’s a multi-millionaire. But what does she care! She’ll take the food out of their children’s mouths, because she feels she’s entitled.

    Continue to wake up America! See Palin the way Alaska sees her, and we don’t like what we see; we just want her to go away!!!

  10. Your ode captures Palin’s stupidity in a nutshell and summarizes McCain’s irresponsibility in foisting her on us. You also capture her character flaws and her sloppy unpreparedness that are too obvious to overlook.
    Thank you!!

  11. Sarah Palin was flying too close to the sun and now her wings made of wax has melted and she’s coming crashing down to the bottom where she belongs.

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