Republicans Betray Americans by Killing Jobless Aid for Political Gain

Republicans just killed unemployment benefit extensions for Americans out of pettiness and with an eye toward political gain. They know that if the Democrats can’t help the economy by this fall, the Democrats will suffer at the polls.

GOP kills jobs bill for political gain
GOP kills jobs bill for political gain

The AP reports:

“Republicans in the Senate have defeated an election-year bill to continue weekly jobless benefits for millions of long-term unemployed workers. The 57-41 loss was a major blow for President Barack Obama and Democrats. They needed three more votes — for a total of 60 — to stop a GOP filibuster.

The rejected bill would also have provided billions of dollars in new aid, protecting the jobs of tens of thousands of state and local government workers as the country begins to emerge from the worst recession in seven decades.

Democrats have been trying to advance the measure for months as an insurance policy against a double-dip recession.

Despite another round of cuts to the measure aimed at pacifying GOP deficit concerns, not a single Republican broke with party leaders determined to kill the measure for adding more than $30 billion to the deficit.”

Not only do they not care about out of work Americans, but they don’t care if America slides into a depression. In fact, they are doing everything they can to ensure that happens so that they can use it to regain power.

“The latest version of the measure contains a variety of provisions sought by lawmakers in both parties, blending jobless aid averaging about $300 a week with the renewal of dozens of tax cuts sought by business groups and a host of other legislation. It is considerably smaller than a version that passed with GOP help just three months ago.”

When the GOP won’t even vote yes on their own ideas, it’s clear that they have a political agenda and that agenda has nothing to do with helping America right now.

Republicans who are oozing with sympathy for poor BP can’t muster one iota of concern or sympathy for Americans who are suffering right now. This is truly disgraceful.

There is a time and place for partisan politics, and this isn’t it. This isn’t about the deficit, it’s about November. Once again, the Republican Party shows where its true loyalty lay – and that’s to its own power.

It looks like the Democrats will have to use reconciliation to govern around the Party of No once again. Expect to hear squeals about a tyrannical government coming soon from your local Fox outlet.

16 Replies to “Republicans Betray Americans by Killing Jobless Aid for Political Gain”

  1. It makes me so sick that people are falling for the Republican’s BS. They are everything wrong with America. Wake up people. Vote Democratic.

    We need 60%+ majorities of real Democrats in both the House & Senate to overcome Republican obstruction.

  2. I cannot believe this happening. Our children have been out of work. One stll unemployed and they are well educated successful men. The implication that they want to be out of work to receive a handout is despicable. The republicans and Ben Nelson should be run out of office.

  3. Yes, and if Ben is so concerned with the deficit, we can cut the farm subsidies (over $120 Billion given to Corporate Farms).

    But what does Ben care? His state has a much lower unemployment rate than the rest of US, so he can look like a fiscal conservative while not hurting his state, and if the economy goes belly up under the weight of staggering unemployed, well no one will point at him.

    Fact of the matter is that the budget isn’t going to balance with unemployment rates where they are right now — we have to stop the bleeding first.

    I know he has to represent his state, but this was really short-sighted of him. When interest rates hit normal levels again, then we can start dealing with our bottom line.

    What this really looks like is Ben is trying hard to deal with his sliding in the polls at home by joining the GOP in their filibusters. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

  4. I’ve been unemployed for a year now. My job prior to this was working with the unemployed. I did a great job, had hundreds of letters of thanks from my clients over my almost 7 years on the job but it didn’t matter when the budget was cut I was gone. Now I’m dealing with this and I can say that things have changed dramatically since the teabagger mentality has come to the forefront. I’ve never seen such nastiness towards people who lost jobs through no fault of their own. I’ve applied to everything I’m qualified and not even qualified for, over qualified for and I’ve gotten no interest. I’m educated, master’s degree from a good school but no one wants me. And yesterday my husband received his layoff notice. I’m still optimistic but I hate that people are being treated so unfairly like we are lazy and just don’t want to work. I’d kill for a job right now. I want to work.

  5. they have jobs, so they don’t give a crap about people who don’t. like tom delay’s asinine comment that people are out of work because they want to be. noooooooo, people are out of work because of morons like him who screw people over without a second thought. repubs just want to keep the poor down so that the rich can make money off them. they’re a party of aristocrats and elitists who force-feed lies to the lower classes they’re trying to control. they want to create a different kind of dependency.

  6. I have been laid off for almost 2 years. 27 years experience as a Quality Engineer and Lab Manager. I am now 60 years old and Panera Bread doesn’t even want me. I am down to applying for Wal-Mart, the one company in the world I dont want to work for.

    So dont feel lonely. Ive just found retirement 7 years early.

  7. My heart goes out to everyone who is unemployed. In addition to Clown# 1 Tom Delay’s remarks, Clown #2, Orrin Hatch, says even more that adds insult to injury.
    He wants the unemployed in Utah to be tested for drugs, on the shaky premise that money would be saved with benefits not given to those who test positive.

    Every day, the GOP reveals that it is made up of heartless, soulless creeps who only care about getting back in power so that they can do even more damage. From their opposition to health care reform to their siding with BP over the Gulf Coast residents to their holding up of unemployment benefits, they have amply proven that they couldn’t care less about Americans, especially the poor. Unfortunately, they overshadow the basically decent people who also happen to be Republicans.

    Going forward until November, all of the GOP’s compassionless, cold-hearted actions need to be used as fodder for political ads. Americans should never forget who has been there for us and who has not. It would be total madness to let these loons get anywhere near power again. It’s long past time for them to be voted out of office, never to be in a position of power again.

    Do they not realize they are taking food from a babe’s mouth? Do they not realize they are making THEIR OWN CONSTITUENTS SUFFER UNECESSARILY? Do they think only us Dems have no jobs? What monsters! Theyr’e like those barbaric leaders in Africa who starve everyone but keep all the goods for themselves. You let this clowns in the WH and thats where we’ll all be. Your constituents will remember you REPUBLICANS today, tomorrow and the next day when they can’t buy food, pay rent, or get anywhere without money for gas or bus fare to LOOK FOR A JOB because Republicans are doing everything in their power to make sure we DO NOT CREATE JOBS for people so they can look RIGHT and OBAMA can look like he failed! Just like they DON’T WANT BP TO PAY THOSE PEOPLE ON THE COAST WHO HAVE LOST EVERTHING. Republican Ladies and Gentlemen, do you get it now? Can you honestly say with a straight face that REPUBS give a shit about you? NO. THEY DON’T AND THEY NEVER WILL. Just wanted to be sure you were paying attention.

  9. As a citizen with 31 years of experience in the public sector and a Master’s Degree, I have now been unemployed for 15 months, looking for jobs that aren’t there, like so many others. My partner is also unemployed after 22 years in his job, and my son, after 5 years in his. I have always believed in my Country, and supported her with all I have in me, but now, I am disallusioned! We are being treated like deadbeats, just waiting for a handout and the Republicans need to get off their high horses and pass this bill!

    Yes, many will be voted out of office in November, but it will be too late for those of us without benefits now. I am not a vindictive person, but I hope they all get theirs someday!

  10. FYI…..For all you liberals

    “The AP headline tells you that the House of Representatives rejected an extension of unemployment benefits. But the last paragraph tells you why:

    Democrats brought up the bill under a special procedure in which no amendments were allowed and debate was limited. Under the procedure, the bill needed a two-thirds majority to pass.

    In actuality, the House got 261 votes for the measure, including the support of 30 Republicans. 16 Democrats voted no, and they ought to be named, so here goes:

    Adler, Baird, Bean, Berry, Bright, Childers, Cooper, Donnelly, Herseth Sandlin, Hill, Kratovil, Markey, Marshall, Minnick, Nye, Shuler”

    Wow, 16 Democrats voted NO! Why don’t you bitch and moan about them?

    If you’re unemployed, start your own business like so many others of us have had to do and have done.

  11. Unfortunately, voters refuse to see or hear the truth about their party.

    The GOP tells them they uphold family values while destroying families for profit.
    Democrats blame the GOP for blocking aid.
    And people vote for them.

    The GOP tells them they want to create jobs and support small businesses while sending America’s jobs to other countries for profit and leaving Americans homeless.
    Democrats blame the GOP for blocking aid.
    And people vote for them.

    The GOP says they want health care for everyone while upholding insurance companies interests and crushing the hopes of the sick for profit.
    Democrats blame the GOP for blocking aid.
    And people vote for them.

    The list goes on and on.

    The Conservative response to the sick, dying, and newly jobless/homeless is always the same. A thinly veiled message of, “Tithe to our cause, and live the way we want you to live, or die and get out of the way.” All the while saying they’re “pro-life.”

    A poster named “John” demonstrated a version of that here by saying people without jobs should go open a business (as if that’s possible without a way to pay back the loans). “Let them eat cake,” eh John?

    It seems to me Conservatives don’t want abortions to happen because that limits how many people they can later bleed dry and kill off themselves.

    And Democrats tend to use the excuse that it was the GOP who stopped reform and move on to other projects instead of fighting for what America needs.

    If all America gets is what the GOP allows then what’s the point of elections?

    The GOP’s continued push of constantly repackaged “Reaganomics” is still a monumental failure and has done more harm to this country than any terrorist ever could. Well, it’s a failure unless you actually want to sink the nation’s economy.

    The Democrat take on the economy is generally correct (tax breaks for the wealthy have been tried unsuccessfully since Alexander Hamilton) but they often cave under pressure and extend or otherwise allow the breaks. To simplify, American history has proven that tax breaks for the wealthy create deeper national debt because the country can’t afford to operate without those taxes. So they cut funding to less important services, like schools.

    The GOP is overtly corrupt and shouldn’t have the power to manage a small barn much less the country.
    Democrats (also quite capable of corruption) are too worried about losing seats to do what needs to be done.
    And Independants are so busy trying to please the two parties in power for a chance to be included they usually pick a side and run with them.

    America needs politicians who realize they have something to lose by hurting Americans. All major ancient civilizations fell to greed (i.e. Egypt, Rome, Babylonia, Persia) and if things continue to go the way they have been (for decades) America will join that list. It won’t happen overnight but history has demonstrated that it’s possible. And most of the people alive then thought it couldn’t happen to them too.

    American voters are too easily distracted and base votes on concepts instead of reality, ideals instead of necessity. And our carefully sculpted short attention spans pay off at the polls.

    We forget the past actions of a political party as soon as a new one is in place and constantly switch out one for the other as if we’re trying on different brands of shoes.

    We unflinchingly applaud speeches laced with what we want to hear and forget that what we end up with is much different, always.

    We stay divided, we stay weak, we choose to ignore the past and trust in the next guy, the next promise, and hurt ourselves.

    We vote for them anyway.

    And that’s exactly what they want.

  12. Republicans have been killing america since 1996. They have destroyed america, and that is a FACT. Recraplicans suck balls big time. Vote Democrat this fall. If u want america to become stronger vote democrat

  13. yeah john, whats your buisiness? considering I’ve tried that and it failed. hmmmmm? try not talking out your ass moron. but then again most forms of self employment either fail or dont actually make money in the first five years….i love it when some loser who probably barely graduated high school thinks he’s an economist.

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