Palin Drama: Live Mic Left On, Reporters Call Palin “Dumb”

OK, people. I tweeted Palin’s CSU Stanislaus speech tonight so you wouldn’t have to listen. I thought it was going well (sliding scale), and breathed a sigh of relief for her when it ended…only to be SHOCKED by hearing reporters discussing her performance in a brutally frank manner, reminiscent of Peggy Noonan’s open mic debacle regarding Palin. Of course, Peggy’s open mic moment left us wondering why the pundits were not being honest with us about Palin. Clearly they knew she wasn’t up to the task of Vice President. But I digress….

As we know, where ever Sarah goes, drama follows.

Sarah Palin CSU speech prior to live mic debacle
Sarah Palin CSU speech prior to live mic debacle

During the live mic drama at the end, the reporters said now they know that her “dumbness doesn’t come from soundbites” and wondered if she had finished ONE statement, but decided, no she had not. They laughed derisively and made jokes about having to text their conservative friends about this. Other various comments:

“I feel like I just got off a rollercoaster.”
“She didn’t finish a statement.”
“I don’t know how you’re gonna make a story out of that.” “Well, that’s the story.”
“Did she even make a point?”
“Lots of Reagan.”
“Just put as many random quotes in as you can.”

Listen Here (courtesy of Palingates ):

Or, you can you can listen to Tammy Bruce’s conservative podcast, but note that in perfect Palin fan style, she calls the techs/reporters/students “dumb bastards” — so family values! Keepin’ it classy, Tammy. Spare yourself the swearing and go to the middle of the podcast.

Oh, dear. The reporters were none too impressed. Perhaps it’s because while she was speaking at a University, she never discussed education. She use the word 4 times and still managed to never discuss it. She spoke in front of a sign reading: Vox Veritas Vita. Orwell would have been so pleased.

# Sarah Reese Jones srjones66 – Twitter Feed Sarah Palin CSU speech (Presented in reverse order because it’s 1 AM and I just listened to an entire Sarah Palin speech):



do they know the audio is still on?

oh god students now saying how bad it was how she didn’t finish one sentence

bad speech, but she didn’t make national fool of self, so it’s a win compared to palm gate.

this is why she doesn’t let press in. This is the speech of a 7th grader.

Palin just claimed Democrats defend female mutilation. #CSU, you should be ASHAMED.

room full of rich GOP they love it

dead fish again. is she quitting something else? is this the sign that she’s leaving us all?

If anyone admires this person and thinks she could or should do anything more than….I don’t know. I have serious questions for you.

slamming academics. slamming universities. bad education.

no wonder she does press black out. This is OUTRAGEOUS. Clown show.

Saying Obama doesn’t want to win war

omg attacking OBAMA

digging at liberals

She’s using random quotes from real thinkers…..but they’re a mess. not attached to an idea — just throwing them out like jingles.

She just argued against academic freedom

There is no repayment for this…..She blew my ears out.

Palin: Freedom a question of culture. Freedom not “idil” (sic). Now talking about free speech. Oh, the hubris.

Palin now talking about Hitler.

Palin is losing it

NO SHE IS NOT. Palin rah rah for women’s rights now. OMG. attacking the girls who found her contract! she almost went nuts.

How bored must this audience be? Shrill. rah. bad DC. Socialism. enshrined.

The end. Must go drink.

For those who want to view the speech…..

Updated at 4:00 AM to reflect that the people heard talking were reporters according to the Fox News station affiliate that provided the live feed.

Update: The Fox outlet notes: “During that stream, other reporters in the media overflow room were heard on our microphone, due to the unusual circumstances of how we managed to bring the live feed.

First, FOX40 News was the only station streaming a live signal from CSU Stanislaus during Sarah Palin’s presentation. Friday, we were told by officials organizing the speech that we were not permitted to beam a live signal direct from the dining hall where Sarah Palin was presenting. Instead, we were offered the opportunity to aim a FOX40 camera at a projection screen inside a room for assembled media several hundred feet from where Sarah Palin was speaking. They would not allow us to get a direct feed of audio, so we had to hold a mic up to their speakers.

Yes, see….If Sarah hadn’t sent the press to Siberia and just let them do their job the way they do it with every other politician/public speaker, this never would have happened. In other words, this is a result of Palin’s fear of the press and her resulting crazy demands. NO ONE shoots a SCREEN or holds audio equipment up to speakers in the grown up world, because grown up politicians do not demand that the press be banished from the room and from the live feed. This is ABSURD. What is Sarah Palin SO afraid of?

Here is the full transcript of her speech courtesy of palingates.

163 Replies to “Palin Drama: Live Mic Left On, Reporters Call Palin “Dumb””

  1. The reactions of these young adults should erase once and for all any illusion that Sarah Palin has anything to offer politically. She just can’t help making a fool
    of herself, because she lacks the self-awareness that would motivate self-improvement.

  2. Her speech was awful, it was torture to listen…on and on she droned…it seemed endless with all the palin classics “only dead fish go with the flow” “poor mans teleprompter” hold up hand, quotes from Everyone…endless and then it was over…and then all of us knew there is a god…and he just slammed the door in Palins face! :D

  3. I knew I shoudn’t have left for Celebrity deathmatch. I had to quit counting the reagan comments, the list was too long.

    I am surprised she took a job at a liberal college. Wonder whats going to be said tomnorrow on how much they paid for that one.

    She is baked

  4. The live mic episode just summarizes what the majority in the country thinks of this lamebrain viper who has been foisted upon us.

    Her speech was an embarrassing mash of disconnected thoughts punctuated with unrelated quotations (which you know had never passed her lips or made acquaintance with her two neurons before her speech).

    One of the nadirs of her speech was when she slammed the CSUS students as “dumpster-divers” while almost in the same breath throwing around the name of the Iranian martyr, Neda. CSUS and Palin apparently don’t see the disgusting irony of the mile or so of temporary fences they erected at the university for Palin’s visit to keep out, not only protestors, but staff and students.

    If more press were allowed to get at this abortion of a politician on a regular basis, she would be gone. She truly epitomizes the political sepsis afflicting our country currently. Her fans and enablers are just as bad, or worse. Sickening.

  5. She took 78,000 for that — was already paid, contrary to what Fox is claiming. Then another 13 grand in travel expenses, totaling around 90k.

    Now, if you really want all the gruesome details, I could go on and on — but suffice it to say, there’s a massive cover up and her image as a fundraiser is a house of cards in this instance.

  6. CSU Stanislaus is not a liberal college (by California standards, anyway), it’s in an agricultural area and they managed to find some Palin fans. Oh, and had a story about her fee last month– she already got two checks totalling $75k and her contract called for $18k in expenses. I was glad to see she brought Willow; maybe Willow can be the exception among the Palin kids and actually go to college. Assuming she can stop breaking into houses for parties.

  7. Fox40 website says that the remarks after Palin’s speech/screech came from assorted reporters (not the Fox40 people and said they would not apologize for what other news sources said. Apparently they’re getting hammered by the Palin Mafia for defaming their Goddess. Could it be any sweeter? Hopefully this whole speech, complete with after comments goes viral.

  8. I’m trying to update the post to reflect that it was REPORTERS not student reporters. Traffic is very heavy right now, so it might take a few.

  9. Your twitter feed really caught the essence of Palin’s nastiness. I hope that university foundation board is ashamed of sponsoring someone who stood up there and took their money so she could piss on everything valuable about education.

    Her snotty comments about the college students infuriated me. Those women actually tried to hold a governmental body accountable to the public, a principle that Palin falsely claims and yet violated repeatedly as a governor.

    Everyone in America should watch this speech so they know exactly what kind of person Sarah Palin is–contemptible and un-American.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word.

  10. That they banned the local student reporters is a blessing in disguise, as Palin Mafia cannot claim it was plain dumb students having a ball! These are professional journalists, who see and understand stuff. That’s their job, and now we know who they call the dumbest of them all. :~D

  11. Better sound:

    Pretty sure the “make a story out of that” bit had to do with the tech difficulties they were talking about toward the end. Here’s my attempt at a partial transcript:

    “Oh my God, I feel like I just got off a roller coaster. Round and round, up and down, shit flying out everywhere and scaring you–”

    “It’s like when you gotta write a report as a college student, and you just try to jam as many quotes in as possible, you know, from as many random, you know, things as you can, that’s what I got out of it.”

    “And she didn’t finish a statement.”
    “Did she make a statement? Cause I didn’t catch that either.”

    “To think she can even quote Kennedy, that’s like a holy event!” (or an unholy event?)

    “Now I know: The dumbness doesn’t come from just soundbites.”

    “I’m gonna go send this text to my conservative friend.”

  12. Will the fascination with this brainless bimbo never end? Talk about an empty pantsuit – wow! She and her worshippers appear to have no brains at all. Yet they dominate the politics here. Why?

  13. I think to compare this to a seventh grade speech is an insult to 7th graders everywhere! How much did she get paid for this again? She couldn’t even look the audience in the eye as she read off off her paper!!!? I don’t have a TV…this was sent to me via facebook…and Bernard..I don’t get it either…this fascination with her. She is unevolved, uninspiring, narcissistic, clueless, stupid, mean spirited and just leaves me feeling depressed and somewhat frightened that so many worship her. I live about an hour away from Turlock and teach in the college system in California. If people think that Palin is the answer to OUR problems…We are in very serious trouble. If she was giving this speech for a public speaking class in the CSU system…I doubt she would even pass.

  14. No less a power than The Supreme Court of the US says Money IS Speech and Palin is receiving boatloads of it for NOTHING and she still attacks dumpster diving students for trying to “silence” her. That is just profoundly hypocritical and stupid.

  15. Does no one else see the delicious irony of those “highly educated” journalists being so stupid that they don’t realize they’re being heard?
    Rich, I say. Rich!!!

    Would you call this “Pulling a Helen Thomas”?

  16. Links are blocked in the comment section of this site but if you Google SF Weekly Sarah Palin to Give $93,000 speech tonight, all of the info is there.

  17. “Does no one else see the delicious irony of those “highly educated” journalists being so stupid that they don’t realize they’re being heard?”

    How would they know that Fox40 left an open mic on? What’s ironic is you think these guys forgot they were recording themselves. The post makes it very clear these weren’t Fox40’s reporters. Palin’s army of flying monkeys attacked the messenger cause (like you) they didn’t know who really said what. Not that it matters when people feel like mouthing off.

  18. Isn’t it just amazing how stupid and uninformed these people who “demand” proof and “more info” are?

    If they would just open up a newspaper and read…

    Really, it’s that simple. But then again, if they admire Palin, even breathing must be a mindful task.

  19. Yay, I love it! Let’s let her be president now, so we can all be done with this nonsense and all the Palin fans can experience their ‘real’ America.

  20. Oh Really, news flash. Journalists do not run the microphones, nor are there lights on microphones to indicate they are on. The production crew determine when the mics are on and off. No one in the audience of listeners, and this includes journalists, know when the mic is live or off. If you noticed, the mic that Sarah was using was picking up the voices of the crowd very distinctly

    I hope this helps

  21. I had no idea they banned the local school reporters. Perhaps that was either Sarah’s idea of arrogance or her idea on giving them a lesson in the freedom of speech. Its only free when I say it is.

    I can see her press room if she was elected der fuhrerette. One person with his pockets bulging with cash, with ear plugs and ball gag in.

  22. She never allows the press to cover her at all and the only reason this was covered was because it was a public institution and the AP requested access, the university couldn’t say no.

    However, the press were put into a separate room (not allowed to be IN THE ROOM with Fuhererette Palin) and only allowed to shoot the SCREEN of the live feed.

    Because of her unprecedented refusal to allow access, if she’s upset with anyone over this live mic incident, it should be herself….but I’m sure that isn’t who she’s blaming.

    The Press is not used to shooting a SCREEN.

    This kind of refusal to even let the press in the room should be a HUGE signal as to how Palin governed Alaska. Suddenly, those ethics violations are all stating to make sense.

  23. Geeze Sarah I had no idea she blocks all press. Her campaign is going to be a lonely one.

    BTW, thanks for bringing us the feed last night and being involved

    As the funniest man who ever lived John CLeese said, Micheal Palin is no longer the funniest Palin in town.

  24. I would like to know what quitter Palin is going to do if she decides to run for president and she has to answer questions from real reporters from both the left and the right. I hope people don’t think they are going to give her a free pass. If she can’t handle non pre-screened questions than how is she going to handle the white house? She would be to business getting revenge. No I don’t see her as presidential material.

  25. Every speech this idiot has made she uses President Obama as a punching bag. She punches and gives no solutions what to do. Typical quitter Palin speak. This country is going down the drain and all she can do is be a mean bully girl like they said about her in high school. What a bitch. Obama has more class in his thumb nail than this idiot has in her body.

  26. Go to they will show you the trail. But you probably wouldn’t believe that either. You teabaggers can’t handle the truth, even if it is shown to you in black and white.

  27. You would think that a liberal college would have enough brains to realize they paid an idiot to speak. They could of gotten some big name band and the kids of the school would have attended and if they were smart they could of openned it up to the public. No now they have some right wing president who is trying to hijack the college and bring it back to the 50s. Come on students are you going to let idiots take over your school. All of the country rightwingers are taking over good organizations that were run by liberal organizations. They are working to kill left leaning schools. WAKE UP AMERICA. Don’t let it happen. This is your future.

  28. I’m glad we get a chance to learn that reporters are calling it just like it is.
    She is a stupid, ignorant, and backward woman who is not trying to grow politically and hopes that personality rather than substance will carry the day for her. Going to a university to speak, and downing college education in one’s speech, has to qualify as one of the dumbest, most bone-headed things this cretin has ever said.
    Just reading the transcripts without being subjected to that shrill, vacuous voice is more than enough to get a clear sense of what this fool is about.

    Her rabid fans and her “army of flying monkeys” are even bigger fools because they are either unable or unwilling to accept the stark, unadulterated reality of Palin’s hateful ignorance that is staring them point-blank in their faces. The fact that she would make such inflammatory and irresponsible remarks completely dwarfs any so-called “stupidity” of the reporters who left the mic on. Actually, they did a big favor for those of us who see her exactly for what she is. They let us know that we have made no mistake in our low regard of her.

  29. There’s no reason for you to accept what I say as fact. You have access to google, just like I do.

    This is a matter of record.

    So all of those stories about how she’s “giving it all back” (like she was going to give the clothes back but never got around to it) were not true. But then, she also claimed that about the fee for speaking at the Tea Party rally. To whom did she donate that money?

    Or did she use SarahPAC (OPM) to do that, while pocketing the Tea Party fee? I’m just wondering.

    Oh, and while we are on the subject, just when will she donate a speech to the special needs community instead of charging them the same rate she charges everyone else?

    I mean, she gave a speech to the NRA for free. Doesn’t the special needs community rate with the NRA? Wondering when we can expect her to put her money where her mouth is and show she cares about the disabled community, and isn’t just using them as a prop.

    You know, I love it when Palin fans come here. Please do keep asking questions. There’s a lot more to this story that I’d love to share.

  30. NO, I’d call this pulling an un-American Diva move of blocking the press for years, being caught in a situation due to the public funding of the university where Palin suddenly could not impose her dictator-esque restrictions on the “free” press, and thereby forced them to have to shoot a SCREEN and get sound off of speakers instead of a direct feed.

    The result? Gosh, you’re shooting a LIVE event from a SCREEN. Event ends. Unlike how this normally happens (where the live feed is transmitted to the press), the shooter has been banished to a separate room to protect the Queen from even having to LOOK at the press. They are NOT allowed to ask her questions either way. So, the shooter isn’t in perfect sync with the live feed and neither is the audio. In other words, they shut off the live feed, but the crew in the Syberian Press Banishment Room need a moment to turn off their equipment and since they are not used to having to do this separately, it took them a moment to realize what was going on.

    Palin brought this on herself and all Americans should be outraged by her utter contempt for the fourth estate, as first evidenced when she told her entire Wasillan staff that they could not talk to the press. The sad thing is that her followers believe her stories about how unfair the press is to her. I guess they, too, don’t understand the vital role of the press in our government.

    I would call this pulling a Palin, because the results were that everything she has tried so hard to keep under wraps, was revealed.

  31. I agree. I can’t comprehend why this woman is allowed to use the weight of her national celebrity to encourage disparagement and harassment of college age young people. It’s juvenile and petty, but even more disturbing, it’s reckless and irresponsible. Especially given the rabid nature of Palin’s fans, who threatened Senator Yee’s life in Part II of this drama several months ago.

    I might add that these students are the same age as her oldest daughter, the one she claims should be off limits from digs by the “lame stream media”.

    Those students are someone else’s kids. And I’m sure they don’t appreciate having their kids called “dumpster divers” and “political operatives” by a public figure who ran for Vice President of this country.

    SHAME on her for this.

  32. Palingates today published the full transcript of Sarah Palin’s speech at CSU Stanislaus together with the video.

    We have also exposed several factual inaccuracies, some of them highly embarrassing.

    For example, she expressly said that Eureka College which Ronald Reagan attended is located in California – although it’s of course in Illinois, where Ronald Reagan grew up.

  33. Right — that’s just like the problem I ran into while attempting to review her book. On top of the accusations that poured in every day about how the book distorted reality, I found factual error after factual error — so many that the review of chapter one was longer than her chapter.

    From quote attributions to “memories” about the WEATHER to rage about how someone wronged her, it was a veritable field of magical memory landmine inaccuracies just waiting to lead you to the Big Lie.

    I finally gave up. And now you know why the mainstream media never gets it right with her. There are too many lies to unravel– the story is never simple. That’s why the Lie works. Most Americans think she was exonerated from Troopergate, don’t know about her tax “fraud” (aka, what Daschle did), don’t know a judge ordered her to cease and desist abusing her sister’s children by harassing their father….

    Nope. All they know is she’s kind of “dumb” and she gets “picked on” a lot. Neither of which is accurate.

  34. Hi Patrick,

    If you want to cut out the middle man, so to speak, you can email me the link when our paths intersect on stories like this, and I’ll add to our posts. Email me at and I’ll take care of it. I was glad to hear that you guys got the stream working with the code I found. I have streaming and embedding of media for a long time, so if you ever have an issue, I’ll gladly help.

  35. Why? B/c she is always bashing our POTUS that’s why! In her Lamebrain, it was her against Barack Obama, not John McCain. She is a vile black hole that is spreading hate and divisiveness throughout the country…and you ask why? B/c she is going to run in 2012 unless one of her scandals has come out by then that’s why!

  36. I suspect Willow Palin was down in the relative anonymity of northern rural California for an entirely different reason. One Sarah and Todd Palin wouldn’t want to get bandied about to her “base” followers.

    That’s just speculation on my part. I don’t know anything…except, past history with the Palins, even to the two “miscarriages” (technical medical term spontaneous abortions, although even what happened to Palin isn’t a verified fact) she mentioned in her book “Going Rogue”.

  37. I know exactly what you are talking about, Sarah! :-)

    What is so difficult for parts of the MSM to understand is the fact that Sarah Palin is not a “normal” politician, but lives in a warped reality – or as you call it, distorted reality. Steve Schmidt had realized that when he said that her book is “not 70%, but 100% fiction”.

    Yes, most Americans certainly haven’t got a clue who Sarah Palin really is. Many would refuse to believe it. However, facts are facts, and one day many of those inconvenient facts will get a broader audience, I am sure.

    Love your comment, Sarah. You should expand it and make a post about it IMO!

  38. Jason, thanks a lot!

    I will send you the link and will remember your kind offer.

    And many thanks again for the code for the live stream, without you we had missed our great online party.

  39. Jack Cafferty knows who she is lol. But no one will know as long as she only uses Fox News. Bad call on her part

    My pure bet is she will not be running for either POTUS or VP. They, the Grand Oil Party wont let her

  40. Take every derogatory comment that has been made above about Sarah Palin, replace her name with Barack Obama, and you will be much closer to the truth.

  41. “Every speech this idiot has made she uses President Obama as a punching bag.”

    Rightly so! Obungler is inept and incompetent. He makes Carter look like a Founding Father!

  42. So you are thinking Sarah is really Obama in Drag? Why is it you have no content? I get it, you arnt allowed to accept that Sarah is lying to you

  43. “Will the fascination with this brainless bimbo never end?”

    Not for the brainless liberals. She has you tying your panties in knots even though she isn’t a candidate for office. How utterly pathetic are the leftist loons.

  44. Reporters aren’t the brightest people in the world. In fact most are self-absorbed liberal wingnuts. Possibly one step above a college sociology major.

  45. DET you troll the problem with your reasoning is that Obama is a great speaker. POTUS has great presents and a command of the subject matter; even if you disagree with the policy, you cannot deny the ability. Falin on the other hand is horrible at public speaking. Falin did not speak at her Alaska debates to become governor she let the other two vicariate each other and she would say on or two words and seem like she was level headed.

  46. LOL, and now “john”, tell us the truth about Palins speech, now that you have determined who and what reporters are. Oh darn, Im sorry, you arnt allowed to post on subject are you.

    Im starting to like you. You are hilarious!

  47. LOL john! Even you should have been smart enough to figure that one out. Never made it to 6th grade?

  48. The only people who think he has something sealed are…..lead by (ironic alert) a Russian immigrant who is, by all accounts, crazy.

    These people are angry that they lost an election, and so they’ve chosen to believe the rants of a crazy person over reality.

  49. Well, John, the IRS already knows and they already made her pay money back.

    Lots of it.

    The only people who don’t know are her fans.

  50. I don’t blame Sarah fans for wanting to turn a post about Palin’s horrible speech, inadequacies as a speaker, and tendency toward dictatorship (this is NOT hyperbole, fyi, or supposition) into a post about Obama and the failures you desperately wish he had.

    I also don’t expect you to recognize the difference between reality and your fantasy life, or to recognize the intelligence in the President.

    After all, you must be intelligent to recognize intelligence. And anyone who denies reality and chooses to believe one person’s account of things versus every other person, is not, frankly very bright.

    Now, that doesn’t mean some of Sarah’s fans aren’t great people — I just haven’t met one yet. So far, they come here and lob insults at people, threaten people, and swear a lot or name call. I often picture them as thirteen year old Twilight fans so as to remind myself of the mentality I’m dealing with.


  51. ???? how that john? By understanding that palin is a compete idiot liberals are exposed?

    Content john please! You didnt even understand the entire paragraph there did you?

    BTW, arnt is used in english, whether arnt or arn’t. Roll with it big boy

  52. Your hatred for these young students is a perfect example of why Palin shouldn’t say these things.

  53. LOL! You didn’t answer the question or post evidence of “tax fraud” so I have to believe you are just a bloviatingleftwingnut suffering from PDS!

  54. Most halfwits would have used google to prove that for themselves. Remember that john? Or “arnt” you allowed to?

  55. “Obungler is the mysterious messiah of the left.”

    ???? Hello? Does that have something to do with anything? Ot just an attempt to prove you haven’t a clue?

    Whats sealed John?

  56. Obungler appears not to have made it to 6th grade. Palin isn’t POTUS, in case you missed the last presidential election.

  57. “you must be intelligent to recognize intelligence”

    Obviously Obungler supporters don’t have and can’t recognize intelligence. That is indeed a trait of liberalism.

  58. That’s the well-worn tactic of Palin supporters. When confronted with Palin’s painfully obvious intellectual laziness, ignorance, and divisiveness, they resort to attempting a patently false equivalency to President Obama. Because her many lies, misstatements, and vitriol are on record, and her blunders dwarf anything he has done, they cannot refute these things. Instead, they try to deflect, which doesn’t work.

  59. “Palin isn’t POTUS, in case you missed the last presidential election.”

    LOL, where is this guy coming from? Palin wasnt mentioned as president! But the fact that you didnt know 57 states was mistakenly said was.

    Im sorry John, you appear way to baked to be responding to. Go ahead, the rest of us can set back and watch you make a fool of yourself.

    BTW, Palin will never be president because people like you are far too ashamed of her to defend her properly. Go to bed tonight and wonder what it might have been like to discuss her speech like a man.

  60. Oh you who john, the half wit poster you are referring to was on YOUR side! LOL! Good grief! Mothers, let this be a lesson not to let your children near the medicine cabinet!

  61. I’ve seen johns type a million times. Just keep giving them an opportunity to make themselves look stupid for the entertainment value. Better than popcorn

  62. Just look at your spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization! Are you an American? We spell the contraction of are not, aren’t.

  63. Poor libtards! LOL!

    Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States
    25 sec – May 9, 2008
    Uploaded by ObamaGaffe

    Barack Obama 57 States Gaffe – Obama Gaffe VideoMay 14, 2008 … Watch video of Barack Obama claiming that he’s visited 57 states.…/barackobamavideos/…/obama-57-states.htm –

  64. Say john, google arent. You gonna find out you are not Americans. Also, I am on a message board, not writing a story for college. If you have to go after spelling and capitalization, you never had anything to start with

    Bye john lol

  65. “You gonna find out you are not Americans.”
    “BTW, arnt(SIC) is used in english”

    Libtard loon! LOL!

  66. If you are talking to me I listen because I want to see what people really see in her. She says nothing. Ok we know she hates the President. So you get paid thousand of dollars to speak at these shingdigs to say something about the issues of your function. All you do is show what you don’t know and your jealous mean girl high school attitude. How is that going to help this country? I wish the president would call you on what you think she knows. Put this idiot in charge of BP. She didn’t do anything in AK with that oil spill. She is taking money from big oil and protects them.

  67. I find it funny when people like John defend quitter Palin they aren’t really thinking she is smart. Like am sure John won’t admit that he has wet dreams of quitter Palin. Because other than being pretty there isn’t anything on her shoulders that you can actually call a brain. He remembers those rallies like those young boys staring at her red heels. They couldn’t tell you what the speech was about.

  68. Todd stop it your wife is a dumbass your daughters are retarded, the smartest of your family is Trig. Go away Troll!

  69. But the most disturbing thing about all of this is that the reporters had no intention of reporting their truthful observation going to report the truth. Yeah they called her an idiot but they also expressed dismay at having to spin some sort of plausible story out of all the garbage Palin spewed.

    Much like her VP run I find this absolutely terrifying. The empress has no clothes and no one is willing to publicly call her out. We are truly living in Orwellian times.

  70. Well we see your Palin material. Them lemmings following Ms Hitler herself. She is downright dumb. But the sad thing is you can’t see pass the lipstick. Yep, just about your speed too.

  71. Wet dreams? Does your mama know you have carnal thoughts? Have you tried cold showers or fantasizing about Manchelle, Janet Reno, Hildabeast or Helen Thomas? LOL!

  72. “Ms Hitler herself.”

    Really! ROTFLOL! My aren’t you the village idiot!

    “you can’t see pass(SIC)”

    I can see that you have the IQ of a turnip.

  73. Libtards show they have no class or intelligence. You are so pathetic I almost feel guilty for pointing at and laughing at you.

  74. “see pass(SIC) the lipstick”

    Another libtard that can neither write or comprehend English. You’re an embarrassment.

  75. “She didn’t do anything in AK with that oil spill.”

    Exxon? She wasn’t even governor then! LOLAY!

    “She is taking money from big oil and protects them.”

    Is that why Palin raised oil company taxes in Alaska when she was governor? You should educate yourself before spouting pathetic, ignorant, libtard BS!

    Palin ‘governed from the center,’ went after big oil – USATODAY.comSep 11, 2008 … 19 – Palin signs into law a bill that would raise taxes on oil companies’ profits to 25% from 22.5%. April 23, 2008 – Palin writes a letter ……/2008-09-11-palin-cover_N.htm

  76. “Whats sealed John?”

    Obama’s college admissionsapplications, financial aid applications, college transcripts, passport information, etc. The mysterious messiah must have much to hide!

  77. “The empress has no clothes and no one is willing to publicly call her out.”

    How about the mysterious messiah who is inhabiting the White House? He is actually a political figure who claimed he was going to have a transparent presidency. Why don’t you Obamabots call him out on his lies?

  78. John, you poor poor misguided loon, read on. The poor misguided poster that shoul have usedgoogle was “Oh Really”. read some of his posts, he looks just like you :)

  79. There is nothing you can say that will mitigate the stupidity of Sarah Palin. Again, you try to establish a nonexistent equivalency between President Obama and presidential wannabe Palin. And do NOT think for one moment that a REPUBLICAN opponent of Palin won’t take the opportunity to use her numerous public blunders against her. Unfortunately for her and her fans, the most effective weapon against her happens to be her own loud, ignorant mouth.

  80. AFM, John isnt here to defend Palin because he knows he cant and keep a straight face. He is just her to think he is disturbing people by name calling and being silly.

    You may note all he has is the usual cliche name calling, the cliche answers and grammar/spelling

    When talking to john and his lookalikes, always remember one thing. he is ALWAYS exactly what he calls everyone else and he is incapable of moving from that approach. You can count on him being the same in every post.

  81. What’s ironic is that people like John either don’t know or choose to overlook the fact that many thinking conservatives hold Palin in equal contempt. They have posted their misgivings about her on many forums, and they see her as an embarrassment for their party. In fact, there are conservative women who see her as an embarrassment to women. So, it’s not just “libs” or “libtards” who have serious issues with her.

  82. No, exactly — in fact, once again let me reiterate that it was not Democrats who went after Palin in Alaska. It was mostly Republicans who filed the ethics complaints against her and Republicans who didn’t like her windfall profit taxes on the oil companies or her socialist redistribution of the wealth program.

    But, Anne, the Palin fans will never even read the truth about her governing style, her policy, her record, or the facts about the ethics complaints. They are in a cult, where no dissent is tolerated.

  83. Oh, yes, John — you have made your Palin fan superiority in both class and intelligence abundantly clear here. IN fact, I appreciate the lesson/reminder you’ve provided everyone with.

  84. There were many other spills under Palin, and after her, and before her.

    The problem of the oil companies not utilizing safety measures was not addressed by her, or by the committee she wrongly took credit for creating.

    Murkowski created it, but in any event, it did not work and had to be redone, or rather, is in the process of being redone.

    It’s really quite pointless to blame any sitting governor for the oil spills under them, but to discuss how their platform and ideology relates to regulations and oversight is a valid point.

    Palin was not known for regulations and oversight, nor does she stand for them now, other than when she is claiming she does. Palin and her husband also have BP stock and never disclose that when discussing the oil spill, nor does Fox see fit to disclose this fact.

  85. Again with the googles, John. But here’s a challenge: you go to your source, and bring the info back here.

    Then I will debunk it with facts, cuz I’m betting you will somehow not get the whole picture.

  86. “Again with the googles, John.”

    You posted you’d provide answers; where are they? Unverifiable libtard BS is cheap and plentiful. It liteally oozes forth here.

  87. “he is ALWAYS exactly what he calls everyone else”

    Isn’t this a post by one of your libtard progressives?

    “Arias Rowe says:
    June 27, 2010 at 3:18 am
    You’re an idiot. Plain and simple.”

  88. “you try to establish a nonexistent equivalency between President Obama”

    Wrong! There is no equivalency for Obungler. I already stated that Obungler makes Carter look like a Founding Father. Reality for you libtards is painful I know, but Obungler is a one term mistake that will thankfully and mercifully be rectified.

  89. “It was mostly Republicans who filed the ethics complaints against her”

    Please provide documentation supporting your allegation. I won’t hold my breath!!!!


    Andree McLeod was a disgruntled Palin supporter who got pissed because Palin didn’t give her a patronage job in her administration.

    Shannyn Moore, Jeanne Devon, Linda Kellen-Biegle, Phil Munger are ALL high members of the Alaskan Democrat party, the Alaskan part of the DNC.

    These 4 account for 71% of ALL ethics complaints filed against Palin.

    Apparently Andree McLeod who accounts for 29% of the other ethics complaint filed against Palin, really is frigging nuts.

    She has also filed a bunch of ethics complaints against Alaskan government workers in general things like female skirts are too short, push up bras, plunging necklines and such.

    Obviously Andree McLeod has “issues”.

    Appears many PDS sufferers also have “issues”.

  90. “in fact, once again let me reiterate that it was not Democrats who went after Palin in Alaska. It was mostly Republicans who filed the ethics complaints against her”

    You are a LIAR!

    Shannyn Moore, Jeanne Devon, Linda Kellen-Biegle, Phil Munger are ALL high members of the Alaskan Democrat party, the Alaskan part of the DNC.

    These 4 account for 71% of ALL ethics complaint filed against Palin.

    Apparently Andree McLeod who accounts for 29% of the other ethics complaint filed against Palin, really is frigging nuts.

    She has also filed a bunch of ethics complaints against Alaskan government workers in general things like female skirts are too short, push up bras, plunging necklines and such.

    Obviously Andree McLeod has “issues”.

  91. “In fact, there are conservative women who see her as an embarrassment to women.”

    You mean the fat, dumb, ugly supporters of abortion? They aren’t conservative women. They are in your libtard camp.

  92. That’s just more of the nonsense about women who oppose Palin. They either have to be liberal or they have to be ugly. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Again, since you cannot logically defend such stupidities as Palin reading notes from her hand after making fun of the president for using teleprompters, or the Stanislaus speech that is a noxious combination of arrogance and ignorance, you fall into the trap of lobbing petty and juvenile insults.

    Palin’s looks could not matter less to us. It’s the ugliness wrapped inside the pretty package that is troubling. A 46-year-old adult is closer to 50 than to 40, and regardless of looks, people need to have some depth, substance, and integrity at that stage in their lives. Additionally, everything about her that is disquieting is well-documented. That’s why most people don’t want her as president

  93. Devon, Moore and Munger have never filed any complaint against Palin in any of her jobs. Kellen-Biegel has filed the sum total of one.

    You’re talking a lot of garbage, John. Perhaps you should read the Anchorage Daily News once in a while, and try to stay on top of things. Your silly accusations might even be amusing then – instead of abjectly wrong.

  94. The garbage is the number of frivolous ethics complaints.

    Only the naive believe the Alaska bwitches weren’t involved in many of the frivolous ethics complaints.

    I forgot to mention Kim Chatman and Sondra Tompkins.

  95. “Palin’s looks could not matter less to us”

    Who are you abortion loving Obamabots trying to BS?

    “everything about her that is disquieting is well-documented.”

    Disquieting to you? Where and by whom?

  96. “That’s just more of the nonsense about women who oppose Palin. They either have to be liberal or they have to be ugly.”

    No, fat, dumb, ugly, single and abortion lovers! One or some combination.

  97. “One or some combination.”

    Grammar John, are you American?

    Is this how excessive trolling can come back and bite you

  98. That’s just one mistake that is a drop in the bucket to Palin’s many gaffes, lies, and outright misstatements. Anyone who would go to a university to speak and make the ludicrous comment that common sense trumps education is a container of french fries, a sandwich, and a drink short of a happy meal. All of us have misspelled words at one time or another, but remarks like that one dwarf poor spelling in terms of idiocy.

  99. Hey everybody, I have come to the conclusion that John thinks only with the little brain between his legs. He surely doesn’t have one on his shoulders. John I suggest you apply for a job with your ho bag. I am sure should could use someone like you who could actually write a sentence. Yes I know I am not the best writer, however I am better than your ho bag who can’t even write on her own facebook.

  100. Just so you know you cannot see russia from Falins house it is impossible she lives to far inland. Falin lies fast than she can speak.

  101. No Todd I mean “John” you are the LIAR the four Democrats you seak of only set four 29% of the totla charges, not 71% I have no idea Todd opps I mean “John” where you got your information but all teh charges are in hte public domain and are easly brought up with Google. Ok Todd opps again “John”. I see you simple will do research, I for one do care much for opinions I perfer facts Todd damn again sorry “John”.

  102. John is here to provide the service of spell checking, running from subject matter, subject changing, cliche name calling and grammar rating. You will find him and his type on any number of message boards and forums pumping his ego up.

    I have found that you can never out argue them, they will just jump to the next subject. They are best left alone to post ad nauseam until they pass out.

  103. “you cannot see russia from Falins house”

    Only an Obamanazi would claim that they could. LOLAY!

    “Falin lies fast than she can speak.”

    Actually it appears that you are guilty of what you state.

  104. “I have come to the conclusion I know I am not the best writer”

    Well congratulations, you’ve finally arrived at a correct conclusion! LOL

    “brain between his legs”

    Your obsession with my genitalia is rather disturbing.

  105. “I have found that you can never out argue them”

    That’s because you can’t produce facts to support your allegations. Another trait of the Obamabots and libtards.

  106. Fuck tard She made the statment you can try Todd opps “John” to defend the indefenceable but you will as you have proven time and tiem again here to Fail much like you life Todd opps I mean “John”. Next you come after me you better have your facts stright.

  107. “common sense trumps education”

    There are many college educated people who don’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain. Yes, common sense trumps “education”.

  108. Why remember john, you are what you call others

    “What a divisive, vile racist comment. You must be a leftwingnut!”

    “Obamabots and libtards.”

    LOL, john is so easy

  109. “Fuck tard She made the statment”

    Maybe you can provide the quote and source, PIG! Just more leftard BS. I laugh at and point at you idiots! ROTFLOLAYDA!!!

  110. Gee john, Sarahs records of school are not available either


    Why do you need Obamas school records? Better yet,why isn’t the GOP, Gen. George W. Bush, Pres. Cheney, Michael Steele, the Republican Congress all begging for Obama school records? Could it be that they all know Obama is a citizen and they are laughing at you?

    What’s next John, come on. We’ve established that the party you think you stand with his laughing at you, I’m just dying to see what you have next

  111. ““The empress has no clothes and no one is willing to publicly call her out.”

    How about the mysterious messiah who is inhabiting the White House? He is actually a political figure who claimed he was going to have a transparent presidency. Why don’t you Obamabots call him out on his lies?”

    Run! Switch! Bait! RUN! LOL

  112. “Obviously Obungler supporters don’t have and can’t recognize intelligence. That is indeed a trait of liberalism.”


  113. “I perfer facts Todd damn again sorry “John”.”

    You certainly don’t appear to have any.

    This “EthicsGate” video, made by Naked Emperor News, and which had previously been stripped from YouTube, shows goofy but actual coordination between bloggers, State Dems, Obama Dems and Ethics Complaint Filers as rough payback for Palin’s “crime” of being a Republican on the campaign trail. I would argue that, since they went public with their complaints, and knew it was against the law to do so, they were conspiring to commit a crime.

    Listen to Linda Kellen Biegel and “CC” on AK talk radio. They take (obviously arranged) calls from supposedly independent ethics complainers: Val Henning, Kim Chatman, and Sondra Tompkins.

  114. Godwin’s law! Didn’t take long for that one. And BTW: Just because someone doesn’t like Obama doesn’t mean they support Palin. Who’s the lemming now…?

  115. Godwin’s Law! Didn’t take long for that one-look it up. And BTW: just because someone doesn’t like Obama doesn’t mean they support Palin. Who’s the lemming now…?

  116. You are confusing regulations with her windfall profits tax. They have nothing to do with one another.

    She did not initiate the regulatory watch dog group she takes credit for (Murkowski did), but the group was ineffective nonetheless and is being redone.

    There were many oil spills under Palin. The fact that you are denying this says that you are not dealing with a full deck. An oil spill is not the “fault” of the governor, or any one else — but a history of being for deregulations which allows safety measures to be cut is a fair criticism and you should know that Republicans and Palin STAND for deregulations. Not only do they stand for them, but they recklessly deregulated every sector of our economy under W.

    You really need to use the googles.

  117. Shiva “Why do you need Obamas school records?”

    Try to keep up, please.

    The mysterious messiah said he was going to be transparent. He lies.

    “john, Sarahs records of school are not available either”

    Sarah isn’t the POTUS, is she?

  118. Dave says: “How would they know that Fox40 left an open mic on? ”

    Common sense would dictate that the morons keep their mouths shut. They can at least pretend to be objective even though anyone with two brain cells realizes most reporters are nothing but libtard lackeys.

  119. Sarah Jones says, “Now, if you really want all the gruesome details, I could go on and on ”

    Still waiting! LOL!

  120. Arias Rowe says: “Isn’t it just amazing how stupid and uninformed these people who “demand” proof and “more info” are?”

    Intelligent people don’t take the word of liberal propagandists.

  121. Sarah Jones says: “her utter contempt for the fourth estate”

    The so-called “fourth estate” is deserving of more than her utter contempt.

  122. Shiva says:

    “Why remember john, you are what you call others”

    Did you learn that from your friends in elementary school? LOL!

  123. AFM says: “idiot, mean bully girl, What a bitch.”

    Wow, your hatred is palpable. Have you considered a mental evaluation?

  124. Sarah Jones says: “Now, if you really want all the gruesome details, I could go on and on ”

    Still waiting! LOL!

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