Change Has Come: Environmental Protection Now Has Public Support

Change: Protecting the Environment Finally Gets Approval

It seems that the worst environmental disaster in US history was all it took for Americans to get serious about protecting the environment. According to the latest Society for Human Resource Management/National Journal Congressional Connection survey, 56% of those asked said, that "protecting the environment" should be the more important priority for U.S. energy policy over "keeping energy prices low."

Sarah Palin Embraces Corporate Welfare Socialist Tea Partier Clint Didier

In typical teabagging style, the Palin endorsed candidate (you can just fill in Clown Show Tea Bagger or Pretend Conservative, whichever you feel fits best but in this case, it’s a toss up) Clint Didier (Republican running for US Senate in Washington) was for farm subsidies before he was against them. And by for, I mean he took the money for himself, before he decided government money was evil and harmful to others and makes them dependent on the federal government.

Sarah Palin Blames Bloggers for Her Bigger Boobs

Instead of talking about policy or politics as an serious politician should do, Sarah Palin recently took to Fox News to address the rumors that she has had breast implants, and of course she had to blame evil bloggers for the story, "'Boobgate' is all over the Internet, because there are a lot of bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talk about."

BP Buddy Sarah Palin Tells America to Ignore the Oil Spill and Keep on Drilling

Sarah Palin was on Fox News' Fox and Friends this morning to argue that the oil spill in the Gulf is not a good enough reason to not, drill, baby, drill. Palin said, "We still need to drill, baby, drill." She also bogusly claimed that without offshore drilling energy production would be, "outsourced." Does she understand that the oil belongs to the companies, not the American people?

Iowa Poll Shows Trouble Ahead for Sarah Palin in 2012

The Des Moines Register released their new 2012 GOP poll for the state of Iowa today, and as expected the three most well known names, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin lead the pack. What is a surprise isn't the overwhelming favorability of Romney, but the high unfavorabilily rating for Palin, who is not favored by 39% of the state's Republicans.

Kevin Costner’s Oil Clean up Machine Provides Hope for the Gulf

Kevin Costner, he of liberal Hollywood elite status, may be riding to the rescue of the deliberately careless drilling in the Gulf that lead to Deepwater Horizon’s tragic oil spill. Costner co-founded Ocean Therapy Solutions, which is now partnering with BP to deploy the machine that separates oil from water, known as CINC, in the Gulf. CINC uses centrifuge technology to clean up oil spills.