Republican Joe Scarborough Eviscerates Sharron Angle


Ouchy, ouchy this morning for Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle (Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada), who was literally destroyed by conservatives and liberals alike on Morning Joe’s MOJO Midterm Exam panel. Scarborough went so far as to say top Republicans think Angle is a “loser” and frequent contributor and occasional guest host Barnicle saying Angle comes off like a “mental patient”.

Morning Joe Tears Sharron Angle Apart
Morning Joe Tears Sharron Angle Apart

Desperately clinging to the last vestige of sanity within the GOP, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe has taken a dramatic departure from the modus operandi of the authoritarian play-along to-get along platform of the GOP and has been allowing actual real and valid criticism of the Republican Party on his show. His panel this morning included Mike Barnicle, Mark Halperin, and John Heilemann, who collectively, assisted by Chris Matthews, tore Angle apart limb by limb.

The panel talked about Angle’s extreme positions, such as wanting to repeal Social Security and using violent methods to deal with a congress they don’t like, with Chris Matthews weighing in to remind the panel that Angle said, “She understands why people think of resorting to Second Amendment solutions to the Democrats in Congress they don’t like.” Matthews pointed out that Angle never tried to walk this statement back.

Harry Reid’s blog gleefully reported:

“Every single member of the panel – liberal and conservative alike – pointed to Sharron Angle’s extreme and dangerous agenda, arguing that it way too far outside the mainstream to win a general election Nevada, and that she had already turned off key Republican donors and supporters on her recent trip to Washington DC. Scarborough said of top Republicans who met Angle in DC: “They met her, their hair fell out, they were horrified… They think she’s a loser.”

Mike Barnacle (sic) said Angle came off like “a mental patient” and suggested Nevadans would never send her to Washington for fear she’d embarrass us all.

And Chris Matthews took Angle to task for her extreme and dangerous statements suggesting violent revolution against the government if she doesn’t win in November. (Specifically, Angle has spoken of the need for “2nd Amendment remedies” if “this Congress keeps going the way it is.”)

Scarborough wrapped up the discussion by stating simply: “That race is over … she’s gonna lose.””

It’s looking like Angle’s chances in Nevada are getting slimmer and slimmer, in what can only be a referendum on the more radical Tea Party positions. If so, the Democrats can thank the Tea Party for getting Harry Reid re-elected in a year when his seat was far from a given.

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7 Replies to “Republican Joe Scarborough Eviscerates Sharron Angle”

  1. Well she is a lunatic! But that was funny & painful to watch!
    I think as Nov. approaches they will have to backtrack GOP & teabaggers on their extreme actions, b/c people are pissed about unemployment being blocked by these fat cat Repubs! They go have a nice 4th of July while some prob had to go to food banks to feed their families… AssHats…Vote them out, No GOP vote4Nov!

  2. I so appreciate and would rather that all NEWS MEDIA outlets handle their news this way. Honest and open! Whether its your party or not. I’ll tell you why. ITS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY! I’m sick of all these loonies out there running for President of the UNITED STATES as if it was for class president! We can’t have anything near to or remotely thinking clowns like Angel, Paul, PALIN!!!, Beck, Limbaught, Bachmann, Boener–all of them are completely whacked out of their minds. DO they not hear themselves? or see how they are acting in public??? I believe in winning but TO LIE AT ALL COSTS TO WIN like the republicans? They are a completely scandalous no respect party. Where is the shame in these people..have they none? I guess not.

  3. Good post Sarah/

    You have to wonder if some of these people don’t go over the edge just to get tea party support because they think that’s what the tea party wants. Engle thought her time had come. She has launched a new website to try and hide her former self but I don’t think Kerry Reid is going to let her.

  4. So, repubs do see and hear? They could easily see and admit how rediculous and insane this woman sounds and had no trouble expressing it on national TV. Poor thing she should of wore Pitbull Red Lipstick–she might of had a chance. A repub mind you! The truth from a repub about one of their own! wt??? So why can’t they or DON’T they express the truth about the quitter-uneducated-money hungry know nothing shrill Palin? I mean the woman is 10 times more dangerous than Angle! Even Beck had to hold himself back..craybaby is afraid of her too…he almost choked when she said “I like ALL FOUNDING FATHERS! like…I read ALL newspapers. What a patriotic idjit! I mean the woman is the biggest joke even if she’s making millions. We have alot of pretty ignorant people in this world if you can give a nickle to this lady and then justify it. The media recites her word salad as if it carries some kind of weight and insight or knowledge to save this country! why??? if you saw a person coming at you and others with a gun would you not warn them all??? Then WHY DON’T YOU WARN PEOPLE ABOUT PALIN just like you did about Angle???? Palin is a pitbull with lipstick on, ready to bite someones ars off if you don’t agree with her lies..or call her on them, with a high powered rifle in her other paw ready to blow! What is so appealing about that? Theres a million heartless thugs out there just like her. Pick one. Any one. Why don’t you admit that Scarborough?

  5. Well some things dont come all at once. What I am waiting for is a rebuttal from Rush or Beck to defend Engle. That aught to be interesting

  6. I find it hilarious that Sharon Angle is now trying to sue Harry Reid for publicizing her extremist positions that she is now trying to walk away from.
    She is even trying to expunge them from the internet. Angle is doing this in hopes that softening her image will make her more electable. Last month, she walked away from a reporter who asked her about some of these positions. She is just as bad as Rand Paul, who also keeps stumbling into minefields of his own making. It’s poetic justice that a fellow Republican is scorching in his assessment of her.

    Now, they need to do the same thing to the Quitter Queen, who is much worse. She is even more dangerous because she spouts incendiary and ignorant garbage from a
    photogenic and disarming exterior. A lot of her most rabid fans can’t seem to get past the idea that she is “pretty and hot,” as some of the male ones say. Just for that pathetic reason, they are willing not only to give her a pass, but to get her elected to a position immeasurably way beyond her capacities. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that a Palin presidency would have enormously destructive consequences for this country.

  7. It’s refreshing when Joe Scarborough acts like a real journalist rather than a conservative Republican with the same old “talking points”.

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