Keith Olbermann Compares Sarah Palin to Osama Bin Laden

On his MSNBC show Countdown tonight, host Keith Olbermann critiqued Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies video for her SarahPAC. Olbermann summed up the video by comparing Palin video to Osama Bin Laden messages, as “irrelevant, loud, angry incoherent, and boring.” After watching the SarahPAC video a few times, I began to see Olbermann’s point.

Here is the video:

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Olbermann said, “Videotapes from Osama Bin Laden grew irrelevant when it became clear what they were, without exception, rather loud, angry, incoherent, and boring…joining the ranks in both form and relevance are the videotapes from half governor Sarah Palin, her latest scoring the highest on that last coincidence boring.” After playing a tortuous clip of Palin’s video, Olbermann said, “Mama grizzlies eat their own young. That woman is an idiot, and the rest of the video did it offer policy prescriptions? Did it give examples of those common sense solutions, and get specific about those things the new movement was against? Nope, the rest of the video basically restated the rest of the idea that mothers are worried about their kids and grandkids, and Palin added this, ‘look out Washington because there’s a whole stampede of pink elephants crossing the line and the eta stampedin’ through is November 2, 2010.’ Pink elephants being for decades most commonly associated with the delusional visions of alcoholics.”

At first I thought that maybe Olbermann was being too harsh in his comparison of Palin to Bin Laden. I watched SarahPAC video before I saw his segment, and thought well maybe that is too much, but then I watched the Palin video again, and I realized that the video itself could be considered an act of terrorism. I tried to make sense out of it, and I couldn’t. The more I tried the more my head hurt, and the more my head hurt, the more I thought, “Why can’t Palin go hide in a cave along the Afghan-Pakistan border?”

The SarahPAC video was terrible. Even professional production couldn’t make her sound coherent for two minutes. The video itself encapsulated Palin perfectly. It had a catch phrase, no substance, and had absolutely nothing to say. If Palin does run for the Republican nomination she may be the first presidential candidate ever to see her approval ratings drop because she advertised. Palin’s SarahPAC video was an act of intellectual terrorism, that should leave every America who sees it with one question on their minds. Can you imagine that in the White House?

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  1. Crystalwolf, When she goes hunting with Cheney, Face Shooter in Chief, as so eloquently put by lynnrockets.

  2. Olbermann was on target, the video said NOTHING. Palin talks about “pink elephants”, WTF??? Doesn’t she have anyone on her staff that had the guts to say to her that pink elephants is not a positive term. It speaks of delirium tremors from alcohol withdrawal! This woman is an idiot.

  3. I’m so sick of hearing her say ‘rising up’. No women of color in this video and why would these moms be against healthcare, do they really want to be fighting with an insurance company over what is covered? A round of chemo can cost over $1 million, why wouldn’t they want their loved ones covered by healthcare? not very smart mama grizzlies

  4. If Palin does run for the Republican nomination she may be the first presidential candidate ever to see her approval ratings drop because she advertised.

    Now that was funny!!

  5. You have to admit as long as her video was boring and totally lacking in content, it was totally within her style. Never finished a sentence and make vague points that mean nothing.

    Can you see George W. Bush talking about Mama Bears?

    This is why SarahPac has so little money

  6. Palin is just as clueless as ever. One thing I WILL give her is that she has a gift for putting her proverbial foot in her mouth. This one about “pink elephants” is only the latest gem from this non-stop gaffe machine. And as always, she offers no solutions, just catchy bumper sticker slogans that say absolutely nothing. As for women of color not being included in her ridiculous video, it’s worth remembering that she only considers people who look and think like her as
    “real Americans.”

  7. SarahPAC does have money. It just spends on Sarah, instead of actually helping other candidates. Those wigs on top of her chrome dome aren’t cheap. Someone has to pay for them.

  8. They should all go back to their caves where they belong. Anyone who can fall for or support something this stupid belongs in a cave and not in public. I hope her followers see how she’s wasted their money on something this incredibly elementary. No professional did this. My grandson would of made a better video and message. He’s bright and a good writer. He won student of the year award. He received a Recognition of Achievement from his school and the WHITE HOUSE! Signed by President Obama himself! President Obama sent these letters to all students who achieved over and above. I am so proud of my grandson and our President who continually encourages education and intellect and civility. Unlike palin who literally condemns higher learning and educated people–refering to them as ELITISTS to justify herself! Tell me thats not the most incredibly stupidist thing you have ever heard? Not only that but how does one take anyone seriously who writes on her palm at a public speeking engagement and who is a 44 year old woman who had run for VP and wants to president????? She continuall condemns education and uses her stupid palm to make Obama look bad because she said its her poor mans teleprompter—-while making MILLIONS!!!wt? How much you wanna bet she’s never even received an Achievement Award? My grandson should run for President! I mean if sarah can with her 3rd grade mentality why can’t my 6th grade grandson? Or me for that matter? I’m married. 30 years. wonderful husband. Two grown kids. Two grankids and two dogs–Dachshunds with lipstick on! Evil greedy money hungry Sarah will end up with the same tab she left Alaska. BROKE. You know why? Because when people see this video they’re going to realize ALOT! They will stop sending money. She however will continue spending it by giving it to her 4th grade friends who do her advertising and writing. She needs to keep her face out there. You need to keep in mind that sarah really believes in her little bear head that she will be president. The bills will continue to come in for consultants who know nothing by virtue of this video. And it won’t be enough to pay everyone she already commissioned work from. Because more and more people will see what a ripoff artist she is. And guess what? We are right back to where we started from. LESS A GOVERNORSHIP OR ANY STATUS! She’ll be back in good ol wasilla kicking herself in the ass every day of her life for acting like such a complete pompous arrogant idiot–who never knew nothing. Just shrill!

  9. Jason, you said “Palin’s SarahPAC video was an act of intellectual terrorism, that should leave every America who sees it with one question on their minds. Can you imagine that in the White House?”

    How true. Having Palin anywhere near the WH makes me shudder. I am a woman, a mother of two, a grandmother of six and believe me when I say that that I AM scared for my kids and grandkids if in their future there’s ever anybody like Sarah Palin in the WH.

    I’m convinced that all of Palin’s supporters share racism as their motivation. They may talk issues like gun control, family values, anti-abortion, smaller government crap and no doubt believe in those things but the underlying factor with almost all of them is racism – at least the ones I know. Amazes me so much bigotry has surfaced in the last two years. Ridicule of Palin’s stupidity is the best weapon against her. I’ve given up on trying to use logic with the palinbots that I know.

  10. Poor John doesn’t think we have access to SarahPAC disclosures.

    But we do. And we all know that she spent almost nothing on other candidates. LOL. Don’t have a fit trying to spin reality, John!

    And weren’t you banned? I guess you like to break rules just like your boss. Rules are for other people, eh? You’ll just keep doing whatever you want until the “courts tell me I can’t” LOL. SO classy!

    You think it’s your right to come on someone else’s website that they pay for after they ban you for bad behavior. What a piece of work you are! And don’t you have a life in between Taco Supreme runs?

  11. they have money, the last I heard around $750,000 or something like that. of course we have to remember that she just spent $63,000 of Sarah PAC money to buy her own book to give away to people who donated $100.

    If you look at her website there’s two articles on it. The main page and the other is all about her defense fund and how she did nothing illegal.

    But I do hearken back to your article about not a single person in Alaska donating to Sarah PAC

  12. Sara Palin needs more money now to pay for tuition at the Glen Beck university I hear it ia an elite school. Majors are Hyporites, Propaganda, disrespect for our country ,fear mongering, learn how tell lies with a straight face,also the course in brain wash will be the best in the country.I am also told The graduating class will all be able to see; ‘Pink Elephants’.

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