Keith Olbermann Compares Sarah Palin to Osama Bin Laden

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 05:00 pm

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On his MSNBC show Countdown tonight, host Keith Olbermann critiqued Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies video for her SarahPAC. Olbermann summed up the video by comparing Palin video to Osama Bin Laden messages, as “irrelevant, loud, angry incoherent, and boring.” After watching the SarahPAC video a few times, I began to see Olbermann’s point.

Here is the video:

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Olbermann said, “Videotapes from Osama Bin Laden grew irrelevant when it became clear what they were, without exception, rather loud, angry, incoherent, and boring…joining the ranks in both form and relevance are the videotapes from half governor Sarah Palin, her latest scoring the highest on that last coincidence boring.” After playing a tortuous clip of Palin’s video, Olbermann said, “Mama grizzlies eat their own young. That woman is an idiot, and the rest of the video did it offer policy prescriptions? Did it give examples of those common sense solutions, and get specific about those things the new movement was against? Nope, the rest of the video basically restated the rest of the idea that mothers are worried about their kids and grandkids, and Palin added this, ‘look out Washington because there’s a whole stampede of pink elephants crossing the line and the eta stampedin’ through is November 2, 2010.’ Pink elephants being for decades most commonly associated with the delusional visions of alcoholics.”

At first I thought that maybe Olbermann was being too harsh in his comparison of Palin to Bin Laden. I watched SarahPAC video before I saw his segment, and thought well maybe that is too much, but then I watched the Palin video again, and I realized that the video itself could be considered an act of terrorism. I tried to make sense out of it, and I couldn’t. The more I tried the more my head hurt, and the more my head hurt, the more I thought, “Why can’t Palin go hide in a cave along the Afghan-Pakistan border?”

The SarahPAC video was terrible. Even professional production couldn’t make her sound coherent for two minutes. The video itself encapsulated Palin perfectly. It had a catch phrase, no substance, and had absolutely nothing to say. If Palin does run for the Republican nomination she may be the first presidential candidate ever to see her approval ratings drop because she advertised. Palin’s SarahPAC video was an act of intellectual terrorism, that should leave every America who sees it with one question on their minds. Can you imagine that in the White House?

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