Fox News Hangs Sharron Angle Out To Dry

Fox News Hangs Sharron Angle Out To Dry

Even Fox News isn't Safe for Sharron Angle
Even Fox News isn't Safe for Sharron Angle

Fox News Network, the champion if not creator of the Tea Party, hung Tea Party “rape can be made into lemonade” nut job Sharron Angle (R-NV) out to dry earlier this week. Perhaps Fox is miffed over losing their favorite, the chicken lady, to run against that evil of humanity, Harry Reid and so felt compelled to use poor Sharron Angle to demonstrate their “balance” by annihilating her on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” . Oh, what a wicked web we weave when at first we do deceive.

Sharron Angle showed up for her national TV appearance ready to milk the Fox audience for all they were worth. She wore the requisite GOP plastered smile to offset the crazy eyes and she came prepared with Tea Party buzz words to scare the people, also too.

Before you watch this, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the utter depravity of a party so bereft of ideas that it runs people like Sharron Angle, who actually comes off just as ignorant as Sarah Palin, just as full of nonsensical buzzwords as George W Bush and just as dangerous as Michele Bachmann, if say, Michele were on crack.

So Sharron showed up all smiles and web site pitches for cash, just grinning her disconcerting smile while happily launching into her Terror on America meme, when Cavuto starts hammering her with questions. Questions the soon-to-be-eviscerated Sharron Angle could not answer. She did not know the answers. She may not have even understood the questions.

It started off with Neil asking Sharron about Bill Bennett’s OpEd and when Sharron replied with standard GOP gobblygook about how Americans are tired of anyone but her, Neil interrupted her, “No offense, ma’am but that’s not what I asked. I asked you about Senator Bennett, a Republican….”

Poor Neil couldn’t get a straight answer out of the crazy “God has a plan for girls raped by their fathers” Angle. But she did offer tons of fun shock and awe rhetoric:

“We’re tired of being water boarded with high unemployment, high foreclosure rates and high bankruptcy rates.”

She also threw in references to the Titanic, pulled a Palin by calling the current congress a “lame duck congress” (maybe Sharron is telling us she, too, thinks elected officials should quit midway through their first terms to avoid lame duckiness) and generally mangled the interview, joining the unholy now Trinity of RWNJ’s Sarah Palin and Rand Paul.

The worst part came when Neil asked her about her coming out against Harry Reid trying to save jobs in Nevada, using the example of MGM Mirage. Unbelievably, Sharron walked down this plank of opposition to saving jobs for one of the largest employers in the state, going so far off the deep end as to refer to what Harry Reid did as a “bail out”. I’m sure Tea Partiers everywhere now believe that Harry Reid bailed out the MGM Mirage, but Cavuto was having none of that.

I transcribed this so you wouldn’t have to listen, but I really recommend this as Must See TV:

Cavuto: At the time you said that the company should not be receiving any stimulus dollars, were you not aware that the company was not receiving stimulus money but that Harry Reid was phoning lenders on behalf of a big employer?

Er, um….ouch.

Sharron: Well, truly he was exercising his influence to do a bail out of MGM Mirage at the expense of…

Cavuto: You wouldn’t have done that? You wouldn’t have done that?

Sharron: No, bail outs don’t stimulate the economy (cat-that-ate-the-canary grin, almost a Palin Palm moment here in smugness and stupidity). Bail outs as we’ve seen don’t do anything ….

Cavuto: I understand ma’am, but this wasn’t a bail out. This was simply getting its loans extended. No federal money was involved.

Sharron: (Steadfastly refusing to acknowledge reality…) No, but it was a bank bail out. (Up is down, black is white, etc) He was saying you should lend to this one, but it was at the expense of others. And truly we saw with the 14% unemployment that it didn’t influence anything as far as the job market. What it did do was the same thing as shifting the chairs on the deck of the Titanic….

Cavuto: So, I understand that but part of the job of a senator, the way it’s deemed, is to protect big employers in the state…and obviously MGM Mirage is one of the biggest employers in the state if not the biggest. So, you as senator, if you were duly elected, wouldn’t do that, you wouldn’t do everything to keep that employment?”

Sharon’s canned response had something to do with the boogeymen: “stimulus, bail outs, Obama care”, as if these were all bad things – no need to explain why they were bad. We can only assume her answer regarding saving jobs was “no”. She then rambled about “taking back the economy” by cutting back the deficit, as if the Republicans don’t already own this recession. I’m not sure what she wants to take back….

But when I hear a Republican talking about budgets, naturally I get nervous.

Here for your viewing pleasure:

When Fox News hangs a Tea Party candidate out to dry, you have to wonder just how out of control Tea Party crazies are. When the GOP sends Fox in to wrangle their nutters, things are super bad. And when Fox News looks reasonable in contrast to the nutters, things are even worse.

Thankfully for this country, it looks like Harry Reid will be hanging on to his seat. That’s one nutter down.

12 Replies to “Fox News Hangs Sharron Angle Out To Dry”

  1. Cavito went real easy on her. O’Leily would have put her on a spit
    over the fire. Chris Mathews would have cooked and ate her.
    Olbermann would have made her cry. If she could do an imitation of
    Sarah P, with your eyes closed you wouldnt have known the

  2. Sarah, It is amazing how you can take a story that has already been
    written about by others and see something entirely different, very
    insightful, and great work.

  3. At least they’re making an effort to kick out the whacked out
    rediculous ones on their side. Why oh why do they not get rid of
    palin? She solidifies and daily confirms the rights’ ignorance with
    their choice in candidates. Everyone inlcuding sarah is a huge
    joke! Bunch of dummies trying to be smart. She’s definitely not
    helping them with little pink elephants, cubs, and grizzlies.

  4. OK, you made me blush. You will pay. In all seriousness, this means
    a lot coming from my editor…. Does this, by any chance, wipe out
    the tendency toward fragments? Just askin’:-)

  5. It’s becoming obvious that the block-headed stupidity of people
    like Angle and Palin is proving too much even for some people on
    FOX to take. The more exposure both Angle and Rand Paul get, the
    worse they look. The fact that Palin and these other two clowns are
    considered viable candidates for anything speaks volumes about the
    mentality of people who would vote for them. They have all made so
    many gaffes and missteps that there is no excuse for inflicting
    them on Americans. The stupidity and arrogance of each one should
    be effectively used against them by their opponents. All of us need
    to do everything in our power to ensure that none of them ever get
    to Congress, much less the White House.

  6. I think we can assume that by “elitist” she means “anyone with a
    three digit IQ.” I don’t think there’s anything under that hair but
    *more* hair. Like the O’Rielly treatment of Palin – this was more
    along the lines of a special education failure. The political
    equivalent of “here is the square peg. can you show me the square
    hole? If you can get it in the *square* hole, I’ll give you a
    cookie.” Sadly, she tried to eat it, thinking it WAS the cookie.
    These people on Fox are trained and talented liars, and such utter
    incompetence must vex them beyond words. I never *imagined* it was
    *possible* to find anyone stupider than Ensign or Gibbons. I mean,
    outside of a residential motel on a Reno side-street.

  7. I have to agree with Jason on this. I can actually read your
    accounts of the most absurdly, egregiously stupid stuff that’s ever
    been uttered on national TV, and smile rather than vomit. That’s a
    big accomplishment, Sarah.

  8. The closer we get to midterms, the crazier the GOP seems to be
    getting. Maybe it’s starting to backfire on them. This is my video

  9. That had to be absolutely one of the dumbest, most asinine things
    this woman has ever said. She managed to trivialize an experience
    that is extremely traumatizing to victims of it. Being raped is bad
    enough without being FORCED to give birth afterward. The pain is
    compounded when it’s at the hands of someone who is supposed to
    love and protect the child he has abused. It’s a truly sad irony
    that women like her who want to turn the clock back on women’s
    rights and other issues is a beneficiary of the women’s movement.

  10. Who is voting for these “crazy people”? How many lunatics are
    really out there? This is so scary. These women, Michelle Bachman,
    Sharron Angle, Sarah Palin, the (let’s barter with a “chicken for
    healthcare”) lady and the one who uses shooting practice with an
    automatic rifle for a campaign ad, give honest, intelligent,
    hardworking, talented powerful women a really bad name. Women have
    worked so hard legitimately to get to equal rights today. This
    seems criminal. I have always been for women’s rights but this is

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