Fox News Starts a Draft Hillary Clinton Movement for 2012

In the biggest sign yet that Republicans have very little confidence in their own ability to defeat Barack Obama in 2012, Fox News has started a not so subtle draft Hillary campaign. Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor guest host Monica Crowley declared, “She is totally running,” without a single fact to back up her claim.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Monica Crowley declared that, “She is totally running.” And then she falsely claimed that, “She has not discouraged this. She has not put a damper on any of this.” Panelist and talk show host Mike Papantonio claimed that, “Among Democrats that Obama had as his stronghold, he’s losing that 2008 base because they were progressive left Democrats. They think Obama’s moving too far to the right. They are upset with Obama. They’re looking for a change, because here you had a guy who promised change, that’s what he ran on, and now he hasn’t delivered that change. Hillary gives them that option.”

This Fox News speculation is completely wrong. Hillary Clinton has told anyone who will listen that she is not interested in running in 2012. Here is Hillary in October of 2009 on the Today show flat out rejecting the notion of a 2012 run.

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Clinton has also said no to 2012 every time in every interview where the question has been asked. Since she became Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton has ruled out any run in 2012. However, the truth has not stopped the right wing blogosphere and now the Wall Street Journal and Fox News from dreaming. Pete DuPont wrote an op-ed in the WSJ laying out six reasons why Hillary should challenge Obama in 2012. The problem with the speculation on the Right is that it is based on a false perception of Hillary Clinton. By all accounts, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a good relationship. The wounds of 2008 are healed. Jonathon Alter devotes a chapter to the Clinton/Obama relationship is his book The Promise.

Hillary Clinton might retire as Secretary of State after Obama wins reelection, but she is not going to challenge him. Mrs. Clinton is still in debt from her 2008 run, and if she would challenge Obama in 2012, there would be no money out there for her. It is simply unrealistic to think that she would abandon her position as Secretary of State to take on the political suicide mission of facing Obama in 2012, but Republicans desperately need Hillary Clinton to challenge Obama, because they don’t have a candidate who can defeat him. The right is dreaming about the potential of facing Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama in 2012, but what they don’t understand is that no one in the Democratic Party has the stomach or desire to revisit the 2008 Democratic primary again.

The Democrats are united in a way that the fractured GOP can only fantasize about, and they know that unless Hillary Clinton wants to reopen old wounds in 2012, they don’t stand a chance of winning the presidency. Don’t believe the right wing rumors. Hillary Clinton is not running for president in 2012. If you don’t believe me, just watch any interview where she is asked about 2012 and you will hear it for yourself. This rumor is a pathetic attempt by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to fracture the Democratic Party ahead of 2012, so Republicans can keep dreaming about that match up with Hillary Clinton because it won’t happen until 2016 at the earliest.

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  1. Seems strange that right wingers want her to run for President, they are just as likely to lose to her as President Obama and its not like her policies would be dramatically different from his.

  2. In the coming months, Mrs. Clinton will still be Sec. of State, and the GOP will still have no chance of beating Obama in 2012. A midterm election doesn’t not equal a foreshadowing of a presidential election. They are two entirely different animals, so keep dreaming.

  3. Fox is caught yet again, trying to manipulate the news cycle with lies. A blind man could see that they are trying the same, tired old diversion tactics that they have failed at so many times. The GOP is desperate to run on no, no, no. It’s quite unfortunate for them.

  4. Mr. … Rory,

    It is difficult to have a logical, coherent discussion about such things as policy when a letter-writer steps into a conversation, and attempts to establish a prescient and smug air of superiority by saying:

    “Mr. Easley, you have much to learn.”

    Well — what? Prithee tell us WHAT he has to learn? We know not of what you speak; this is ENTIRELY too vague. Now as to this future you mention, existentially you realize of course that there is no such thing as the future (it being NOW and NOW and NOW), but never mind that.

    WHEN in the future must Mr. Easley stop and look around and realize that he is surprised over that which you forgot to mention?

    And WHERE in the infinite realm of things occurring might this surprising thing/things occur? For the WHOM I infer but can’t concur that you mean Ms. Sec’y of State (GO HILLARY)–if so you are a silly, silly man.

    But we do not know.

    Unless you tell him these salient details, he and his readership, we shall remain, many of us, as confused as I am. What, When & Where, & Who, Rory: we must know.

    Quite cordially,

    Julie Bryant

  5. Since all of their potential candidates have major issues, they are trying the divide-and-conquer Democrats strategy by attempting to draft Hillary Clinton. If she did win, she would have a very good chance of defeating them, mainly because she has the gravitas that all of them lack, especially Palin. In their zeal to unseat Obama, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them cut off their noses to spite their faces.

  6. I don’t think Hillary will run. I think she has developed a loyalty and union with the President and it works quite well because dedication to the people and the country are their main concerns. They have much respect for each other. Even Bill Clinton joins them as another level of resource for the country. If we are dreaming, although I have great respect and love for Joe Biden, an Obama/Clinton ticket would be solid and unbeatable by any GOP candidates.

  7. Fox News should note that their tricks did no good in 2008. Then they had nothing to brag about in McCain. In 2012 they will have less to brag about.

    Then Rush will have to make a decision. Support the tea party and Palin, or swallow his pride and go to Costa Rica

  8. Shiva …nothing to brag about in Mccain? John Mccain is a War Hero and has served his country honorably for almost 50 years. Obama is not qualified to be a pimple on Mccains butt. All you democats who vote only during the Presidential elections, didnt even know who Obama was until you realized ..oh my he is a Black candidate running for President and actually has a chance to win, how cool, and is promising me free health care., he automatically gets my vote. Surprise, surprise … the country is in a horrible mess… and it is now on the Dems watch, there is no more blaming Bush. Obama has almost 2 years in and the Democrats have controlled congress for 4 years now… all we have witnessed is Government take over of our lives along with skyrocketing unemployment, Socialization that has legs reaching into every aspect of our lives. This is no longer the America of Greatness, this an American nightmare. Its all going to end this coming Nov., Democrats are going to get trounced and you bet Hillary will resign from as SoS….after that the Draft Hillary movement begins from inside the party, led by James Carvel. Get ready for Implosion 2011.

  9. I see you people practice censorship, you didnt like my comments so out they go. You are a bunch of cowards.

  10. The Party of No, which McCain represents, has done everything in its power to throw a monkey wrench in the administration’s plans. Were you as angry when Bush and company ran this country into a ditch and basically crapped on people’s rights?

    As far as McCain’s worthiness to be president is concerned, being a veteran is not a qualification for or against being president.
    There were plenty of warmongers in GW’s administration who were also chicken hawks that avoided the military. And I remember quite well that during 2008, he voted against legislation designed to increase benefits to fellow veterans while Obama voted for it. After the legislation passed, both McCain and GW tried to take credit for an idea that they had initially opposed. It’s one thing to BE a veteran, and another to be FOR veterans.

    McCain showed a cluelessness about important issues during the election cycle, and his biggest mistake was choosing Palin as his VP choice. In addition, his campaign was based on fear-mongering and juvenile insults about Obama’s being an inexperienced celebrity whose patriotism was suspect.

    But I believe that one of the main things to kill his presidential bid was his response to the financial meltdown that occurred almost 2 months before the election itself. With his shameless pandering to the far right in order to be reelected, he has shed any honor he ever had.

  11. The party of no… gimmie a break! Of course the GOP will not support crazy far left gobbeldygook policies. I wouldnt expect anything less from the Party of Adults. Its time for the Children to hand back over the reigns to the Adults. Oh..and being a Community Organizer and with an ability to read off of a teleprompter makes one ready for being POTUS? Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Once again.. read my lips …..John Mccain has served his country honorably for almost 50 years. Obama is not qualified to be a pimple on his butt. Obama is an inept stiff, totally unqualified and over his head. He does not belong as President of this Country. Voters will speak loud and clear this Nov. In my opinion he has been so inept, we should start considering a recall. In the immortal words of Rahm Emmanual, He, Palosi, Reid and the rest of the Dems are like irresponsible children with cans of spray paint in the school yard. Enough damage, The Party is over.

  12. Do you honestly think having health care coverage for the citizens of the country or holding Wall Street accountable for bad financial decisions that hurt Americans are “far left gobbledygook ideas?” What about extending unemployment benefits for people in dire straits? The “Party of No” is an apt description for a political party that is playing games with people’s lives in order to return to power, not caring who gets hurt in the process. THAT is what is irresponsible behavior.

    It’s unbelievable how the tunnel vision of some people prevents them from seeing that when government does right by its citizens, that promotes the kind of economic stability which contributes to national security.

    In any case, more people saw just how unfit McCain was and is to be president and voted accordingly. He’s erratic, hot-headed, and a sore loser. He also showed irresponsibility and intent to win at any cost with his reckless choice of Palin as VP.

    He also showed his true colors by declaring that there would be no cooperating on the part of the GOP senators after they lost the battle over health care reform. You can argue till the cows come home about how you think Obama is not worth a pimple on McCain’s butt.
    The proof of the pudding is that Obama is president even if for just one term, and McCain never will be.

  13. From what I have read about McCain he is by no means a hero.He sold his country out for better treatment as a prisoner of war.There are many who came home from Vietnam that deserve to be called hero’s before McCain is called one. Just because his parent and grandparent were in the service does not make the man a hero.After the way he treats others including his ex he is less than a man and IMO should retire.All he is doing now is making money off us taxpayers when he already has more money that he will ever need unless Cindy decides to get rid of him IMO she looks and acts like an abused wife whether it be physical or mental.JMO

  14. Hal….there is no words for this kind of drivel. The fact that Ann likes it speaks volumes about her. Basically this is an attempt to make yourself feel better for voting for a Community Organizer over a man who has served his country honorably for almost 50 years. Keep diggin.

    I honestly believe that the Government has no business passing a Health Care Bill that disguises itself as Health Care coverage for its citizens and amounts to nothing more than a friggin mandate. What business is it of the Government to tell me that I have to purchase something or else I will be fined? This is friggin insane and will probably end up being ruled unconstitutional. This is the most ridiculous and corrupt piece of legislation in the history of this country. The fact that you call it health care for the citizens tells me that you dont even know whats in it. This lack of knowledge from the voter scares the bejsus out of me. This is why we are stuck with such ineptness in the White House and Congress.

    Your claim that Government Socialism provides economic stability is based on what facts? Tell me where and when Socialism succeeds. Not one of Obama’s, or for that matter the idiots in Congress policies have resulted in growth for this Country. All the economic indicators are pointing to another Housing Foreclosure Collapse and another recession. The idiot in the White House along with Congress will make the grave mistake of letting the current Tax Policy expire…this will result in the largest tax increase for all Americans in history. You think its bad now…wait.

    As far as people voting for Obama over McCain? Every poll out there shows that the Independent voter overwhelmingly would vote against Obama if they could do so again. The party is over. This is the most inept President of my lifetime and I go back quite a bit.

    Im amazed how you can sit there and support the policies of this idiot. Seriously… you probably have a Government Job and you are pretty safe from ever losing it.

    Who is happy with this current Administration and Congress? Government workers who are part of the machine that is ripping off the tax payer, and Unions who pretty much are in bed with the Chicago thugs that currently reside in the White House. Oh, and most people of color who basically are just happy that a person of color is President, it doesnt matter how inept he is,he isnt white thats most important. Thats about it… go ahead and play the race card now and call me a racist.

    The Party is over… its time for Competence to come in and clean up the mess.

  15. As I recall, then Senator Clinton also stated “No” many times before running in 2008. The party of NO….TRUE…and the other side…the party of GO when it comes to big SPENDING is what we have!!! Face it people…we have not had a president since Bill Clinton! Bush 2 was terrible…and whether you people like it or not….all we have now is MORE of the SAME!!! This democrat is a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. I stayed home in 2008 and I will not vote for a president again until Hillary runs. I am not a fan of Fox News either…but I do not like NBC choosing/dictating the nominee for president of the United States President! Bill Clinton, “The era of big government is over.” Bill Clinton, “You cannot grow an economy with blooming deficits.” Hillary…”Your country needs you!!!” The time is NOW for Hillary to come to the aid of a rapidly weakening nation!!!! ((((((((((Hillary 2012)))))))))))

  16. Then what will you do if she NEVER runs? The country has changed since Bill Clinton was in office. GW took a surplus and turned it into a huge deficit, although the way the economy tanked was something that took time to develop. The truth is that none of us know what the scenario will be in either 2011 or 2012. What I DO know is that I don’t want anyone like Palin to ever be in office. As for the country’s predicament, the Party of No is largely responsible for blocking initiatives that help everyday people.

  17. So what did Obama do Ann? He tripled what Bush did. Does two wrongs make a right? No the truth is..when you keep printing money the way this President and Congress does… what happens is GREECE.

    You have someone like Plain in office now… a complete inexperienced ideologue. What you really mean is that you are a political hack who cant see beyond the letter D.

  18. So, would you have preferred the approach of McCain, who said he would freeze spending for everything but defense? That would have made matters even worse. It’s funny how the Party of No did not become concerned with deficits until Obama became president. It’s funny because since Reagan the GOP has not had a good record of deficit-containing. Actually, Obama is cleaning up the mess left by his predecessor who initiated 2 wars and did nothing to fund them. This recession was years in the making, and it will be a while before we come out of it.

  19. my GOD Bush W ruined this world as we know it. B4 Bush I used to have a job. B4 bush I used to have health insurance. B4 THAT F’ng P.O. S. this country was stable. Thank Whatever for prosperity. there is no such entity as God nly For Bill Againj in 2012

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