Glenn Beck Accuses the NAACP of Racism

On his Fox News program today, Glenn Beck accused the NAACP of using racism as a tactic for political gain. Beck said, “Racism is now being used as a tactic for political gain. The NAACP is now trying to intimidate Tea Partiers passing a resolution to condemn ‘the racist elements in the Party.'” Beck lecturing about racism is like an arsonist discussing fire safety.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

“acism is now being used as a tactic for political gain. The NAACP is now trying to intimidate Tea Partiers passing a resolution to condemn ‘the racist elements in the Party.’ Look, I have to tell you something. Racism is real. Why are we minimizing it? Why are we using it for politics? Why? Racism is real. Are there people that hate Blacks, or Jews, or Whites or Asians in the Tea Party? Sure. Are there people in the NAACP? Sure. Shouldn’t we stand shoulder to shoulder against those people? Don’t we have that in common? Isn’t that the majority of America? Racism is not a white man’s problem. It is not a black man’s problem. It is not a Hispanic problem. Racism is a human problem. It is a problem that humans have had since the beginning of time. I don’t know when man decided that they could pit each other against each other to rule. It is wrong when any class. It is wrong when any color does it. Martin Luther King tried to get people to unite. Isn’t that what we should be striving for?”

It was also wrong when Glenn Beck used racism as a political tactic when he labeled President Obama a racist. Beck race baits constantly on his program, and in fact he could not make it through a whole show without bringing up The Black Panthers.

Beck is a joke. Here is a man, who makes his living by preaching division, hate, and racism daily in the media, but yet his wealthy privileged white male self is egotistical that he actually is preaching about the dangers of racism to the NAACP. This whole rant was part of Beck’s plan to rework the words and deeds of Martin Luther King to fit his new white power movement, which has its big rally in Washington, D.C. on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. Many members of the Tea Party are proud of the racism in words and signs. The NAACP was correct to call out the racism of the Tea Party.

Beck’s platitudes about racism are almost as genuine as his non stop shilling for Goldline. That whole bring America together shtick was nothing more than a preview of Beck’s 8-28 rally, where it is safe to assume that he will continue to warp the words and legacy of Martin Luther King, while labeling minority groups who dare to call out the racism of the Right as racists. Glenn Beck is a con man who is trying to sell Fox News viewers a myth of racism on the Left, so that can sleep better at night with their own racist beliefs.

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  1. Beck himself is using a timeless tactic of racists. It’s the tactic of accusing one who points out racist words and actions of being a racist himself or herself, in other words projection. In this case, Ben Jealous is being called one for calling out the Tea Party for the racist signs and venomous rhetoric of some of its members. He was careful not to call the organization itself racist while doing so. In fact, he was a lot nicer and more courteous than most people would have been. The fact that the Tea Party has a reputation for being racist is the result of its own doing, but people like Beck, Palin, and Bachmann would have us believe that we’re talking about an organization of “real Americans” that is “diverse” (Sarah Palin’s word. I laughed at that one) and not racist at all. To hear them tell it, these “real Americans” are being labeled unfairly. I have been on other forums, and it is amazing to see the number of people who apparently can’t make the obvious distinction between calling out individuals or an organization on racist acts or words, and indicting an entire race.

    Beck has always projected his own racism onto President Obama. So has Limbaugh,
    who also accused Justice Sotomayor of being an equivalent to David Duke. These two, along with the idiots mentioned above as well as others, spew hatred and bigotry 24/7 on Fox NOISE, and they have the unmitigated gall to accuse others of racism for pointing out obvious racial hatred when they see it. Sarah Palin even weighed in saying the NAACP needed to “refudiate” their own racism. She seems to think that having a husband and offspring with some Eskimo ancestry gives her a pass, yet she has been stirring up bigotry and hatred ever since she came on the national scene.

    It’s a sickening travesty that Beck plans this 8-28 rally. He is dishonoring the memory of a man who went to jail and paid the ultimate price fighting institutionalized racism. The words and actions of the Tea Partiers, along with the hate that Beck and others spew, is a reminder that we still have a long way to go even though we’ve come a long way.

  2. Beck is a joke. He lacks any self-awareness at all. I begin to wonder if he has any grasp of reality.

  3. Beck is not a racist. Just because someone talks about how others are racist does not make for a racist, otherwise, the NAACP would be racist.

  4. Oh, and any pinheads on here who accuse Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, or any other talk show host are just that, PINHEADS. Obviously, you don’t have a clue about them. I have listened and read their books, and I have NEVER seen one microscopic impression of racism. Be fooled and fool others, and be a fool, but none of those guys are racist. They are patriotic, intelligent, informed, and they refuse to sit back and let our country be thrown into distress. They are NOT causing the distress.

  5. Not that I agree with Mr. Beck, but can tell you there is truth in what he is saying. I see it very clearly on both those sides. Yes, probably a tactic…… driven by truth in some way. Those of you who have dismissed this probability that he may be on to something, may want to honestly consider his claim.

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