Mitch McConnell Blames Obama Incompetence Not BP for Gulf Oil Spill

On CNN’s State of the Union today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) labeled the oil spill in the Gulf Barack Obama’s fault due to incompetence. McConnell said, “This is mainly a failure of the administration… my point is, you can’t legislate competence.” McConnell supported his point with claims that were flat out untrue.

CNN’s Candy Crowley asked McConnell about the possibility of passing an energy bill this year, and he answered by blaming Obama for the oil spill in the Gulf, “Well, it could well be possible that we would do something with regards to the oil spill. Although I must say, this is mainly a failure of the administration. BP caused the spill. It is BP’s responsibility to plug the leak. The federal government is in charge of trying to keep that oil off of the shores of the United States. It took the administration 70 days to order skimmers down to the Gulf.”

He then called the Obama administration incompetent, “You can’t — my point is, you can’t legislate competence. I think it’s — you know, we are happy to look at oil spill legislation, for example. Do we have the right kind of commission in place to look at what happened? There are aspects of that that might require legislation. But this has mainly been a competence problem on the part of the administration in keeping the oil off of our shores.”

McConnell is flat out lying about Obama waiting 70 days to deploy the skimmers. The truth is that dozens of skimmers among 75 Coast Guard vessels were deployed, not 70 days after the explosion, but 8 days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig. It turns out that it wasn’t Obama who was rejecting skimmers, but BP. McClatchy reported that in an effort to cut costs BP has been rejecting skimmers. Contrary to what many on the right believe, it is BP that has been obstructing the deployment of foreign skimmers.

McConnell is also lying about the federal government being responsible for the clean up of the shores. BP has taken responsibility for cleaning up every drop of oil. Contrary to what McConnell may believe, there is no jurisdictional line between on and off shore oil. BP caused the spill, and they, not Obama are responsible for all of the clean up.

Republicans like McConnell don’t have a single fact at their disposal to back up their claims about the Obama administration’s incompetence in handling the oil spill. The reality is that no president would have done well when faced with such a huge man made disaster. Obama did about as well as could be expected, and by spreading lies and distortions, McConnell is looking to smear Obama and use the oil spill against the president in both 2010 and 2012. McConnell’s comments were nothing more than an attempt to paint Obama with the brush of Republican incompetence.

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  1. So, let me take a wild guess: Candy Crowley called out McConnell on his lies. No? Maybe she just brought up the facts for his rebuttal. No?

    Why am I not surprised.

  2. Blaming Obama and lying about his response to the BP spill are just part of the narrative the Party of No is pushing in order to discredit his presidency and in that way return to power. What’s even worse is their support for BP over the American citizens of the Gulf Coast.

  3. I believe this fella is on some heavy meds, by the looks of his skin and then by his thought process…..I’ve worked in the medical field probly 35 years…….the GOPBP probly receiving free meds…….

    Before anyone is allowed to run for public office there needs to be a full disclosure on current and past meds within the last 5 years, not always released with medical records for political candidates.

    The GOP is outa their minds . . . . . .there were in charge for how many years and they think they know it all now…….

    f the GOP ran the country would they 1) leave the clean up of the worst environmental disaster in our history in a disorganized and unproductive state like Obama?
    No, they would probably leave it entirely in the hands of BP. But, hey, if you want to talk about disorganized and unproductive, let’s talk about how Bush handled Katrina.
    2)Push like Obama for tax increases and limitations on business that would increase unemployment when it is at historic highs already?
    As if the GOP’s abject failure to regulate business wasn’t the cause of both the great recession (and the subsequent joblessness) AND the BP Oil Blowout in the first place?
    Republican failure cost Americans more jobs than regulation or taxation.
    3) Undermine our allies like Colombia, Honduras, the UK, Israel and India without any reason other than that these countries seem to be friendly to the US?
    What a crock of shit. Obama hasn’t undermined anyone.
    Stop lying.
    4) Run the Afghan was in a disorganized manner and engender such disrespect from the troops in the field like Obama?
    Right, because Bush and Rummy did such a bang up job and we so beloved by the troops.
    5)Drive the economy into the ditch by using trillions of dollars to pay off cronies and political supporters?
    Actually, it was the GOP who drove the economy into the ditch with their failed deregulatory policies, uneccessary wars financed by Chinese credit, and boneheaded tax cuts for the wealthy.
    6) Well you get the picture.
    We sure do – you’re a fucking idiot GOP Partisan who refuses to take any responsibility for Republican failures and want to undermine Obama without admitting that Bush left him a big old shit sandwich as a legacy.
    Simply put: how could the Republicans do worse than the Obamacrats?
    Simply put: They already HAVE and the rest of us won’t ever forget it.
    The Obamacrats can’t even decide how to clean oil off the beaches.
    Let’s see you do better, asshole. LOL
    —Unstoppable Bastard Read Unstoppable Bastard’s other letters

    remind those Repugnants that the only “Mission Accomplished” was making Iran stronger.
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,Chevez, and Kim Jong-Il all got stronger under Bush. Some said President Obama got bitched slapped by the Isralies, well what do you call this?

  4. I do not believe that this movement to discredit Obama and the Democrats is going to work. In fact I think it’s going to backfire. They can keep saying these things, but I think like that schoolyard bully, sooner or later they’re not going to have any credibility.

    They are definitely not making themselves look good to independents I’m sure. The Almighty gullible in the GOP might buy this stuff, but thinking people will know better

  5. you’re right. Damn that Candy Crowley. She made McConnell tell all their lies too. And the fact that she didn’t call out his lies proves that he was telling the truth right?

  6. The fact that Candy Crowley did not challenge McConnell on his lies is the real problem. The viewers believe the journalists so if there’s no challenge, the lies stand, unless you have an ounce of intelligence or knowledge and you’re not a Republican.

  7. Obama should have another televised meeting with the GOP caucus to challenge all their lies, but they’re probably too chicken to ever allow that again.

  8. “So, let me take a wild guess: Candy Crowley called out McConnell on his lies. No? Maybe she just brought up the facts for his rebuttal. No?”

    She probably hadn’t a CLUE.

  9. No the fact she didn’t call him out was called ACCESS. She thinks she is being fair to both sides. She is saying to all of us who are still dumb enough to continue to watch her “see am being fair and balanced” when really she isn’t. I stopped watching her a long long time ago when she really was a good reporter. She lost weight and wanted to sit in the cool air conditioned room and sold her honor and fair and balanced be damned.

    By the way the good (haha) senator blames Obama for everything not because he is president my friends like many republicans he blames Obama for being a Black president. God forbid if he wants to help people. If this country finally hits rock both just look in the mirror republicans because that is who you really need to blame. Your all are working so hard on making sure Obama doesn’t get reelected. You call him a racist yet just look in the mirror you racist. You think because the republicans own their own tv station and keep pumping out the lies this country will go back to the way it was in the 40s and 50s where women and minorities are going to know their place. Forget that the gennie is out of the bottle.

  10. You would think this BP situation and republicans calling umemployed lazy would be enough to turn it around for democrats. I still think what Biden said is right. Republicans are scared and will be surprised that the democrats will do better than expected. However, we have early voting in TN. I went and voted but I didn’t vote for my democrat representative this time around. I wrote in (first time) Mickey Mouse. Then I called my representative’s office in DC left my name and told her to make sure to tell the representative I voted for Mickey and why I voted for him. I told him Mickey could do a better job. I also told her his no vote on the health insurance did it for me. I told her if I wanted a republican lite I would have voted for a republican. I didn’t realize he was a conservative democrat. I also told her he probably will lose any why because Tn has gone nuts and is following the tea bagger trail.

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