On Fox Shep Smith Slams Breitbart as an Untrustworthy Source

shep smith

Shep Smith once again broke with the party line at Fox News today as he explained why his show Studio B did not run Andrew Breitbart’s edited video of Shirley Sherrod, “Because of the history of the videos on the site where it was posted, we did not, and do not trust the source.” Shep managed to take shots at both his own network and Breitbart.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Smith candidly told his viewers why he and his show did not play the Shirley Sherrod video or reference the story. After recapping the details, and telling viewers that the video Fox News had been running incessantly had been edited, Smith said, “We now know her story was actually one of the life lessons learned, the importance of racial harmony, and her current mission to help the poor and disadvantaged of any and all races. The video taken completely out of context, it ran all over the Internet and on television, including on this network. We on Studio B did not run the video and did not reference the story in any way for many reasons. Among them, we didn’t know who shot it. We didn’t know when it was shot. We didn’t know the context of the statement. In short, we did not, and do not trust the source.”

Now if we could only get the over reactionary White House to be as disciplined an intelligent about evaluating sources as Shep Smith is, the big loser in this whole mess, besides the victim herself, is the White House. How many times are they going to get fooled by the smear tactics of the right? Breitbart and Fox News are not reliable sources. They definitely have a clear political agenda. Whoever made the decision and told Sec. Tom Vilsack to fire Sherrod, and my guess is that this came from Rham Emanuel, did something so incomprehensibly stupid that they should be the one stepping down, not Sherrod.

Once the White House demonstrated that they would cave to the pressure of the right wing media with the sham ACORN video, and the forcing out of Van Jones, the floodgates were going to be opened for a torrent of racially divisive political attacks. These trumped up scandals are nothing but an attempt to divide America along racial lines. Their goal is to whip white voters into an anti-Democrat, anti-Obama frenzy. Shep Smith was correct. Breitbart has zero credibility, and the warning bells should have been sounding in the White House as soon as he would not release the unedited version of the video.

Shep Smith’s willingness to call out Breitbart and his own network for not practicing journalism is refreshing, but the White House should be ashamed of themselves. An apology to Shirley Sherrod is not good enough. Their knee jerk reaction to the race baiting of the right must be addressed. President Obama and the administration deserve all of the scorn and criticism that is coming their way for this. Instead of defending an honorable public servant against baseless attacks, they fed her to the wolves. Shep Smith is a true professional and one of a kind at Fox News. Maybe now the Obama administration will finally learn their lesson when it comes to caving to attacks from the right.

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  1. I am so sick of these racially motivated attacks ad the subsequent bowing down to the lying liars who generate them. This President has had to do everything perfectly and then some- and it’s still not enough because of the color of his skin.

    If they didn’t have that to hold over his head, they’d find something else to excuse their refusal to do what’s right for this country.

    The White House needs to stop treating these clowns as if they have an ounce of veracity in their reporting. ENOUGH.

  2. The NAACP did so as well, in order to protect their organization they were more then willing to throw her under the bus in order to try appear to be hard on racists of all races.

    The truth should come before how your party/organization looks, that is something people on both sides should recognize.

  3. “This President has had to do everything perfectly and then some- and it’s still not enough because of the color of his skin.”

    I disagree with this, it’s not the color of his skin it is the letter next to his name on the election box. Still superficial in my mind, but racism shouldn’t be confused with idealism.

    I mean, they compare him to Hitler and Lenin all the time, and they are white. If they didn’t politically slander him for his policies because he was black and didn’t act as angry at Democrats as the normally do because he was black, THAT would be racist.

  4. Excellent post!

    I have supported the Obama administration through thick and thin (and still do), but the Shirley Sherrod debacle really enraged me. I wrote whitehouse.gov and demanded why anyone would have taken an Andrew Breitbart offering at face value?!?

    Breitbart et al, still angry from the NAACP’s resolution against tolerating racism in the Tea Party, set this g*ddman trap of an edited video, and the NAACP and the WH walked right into it. I’m furious!!

    FOX news has the right of the First Amendment, but it’s past time for all other MSM to start countering their blatant and destructive LIES! FOX news is out of control!!

    The real enemies of our country are these LIARS and the dupes who let them get away with it month in and month out!

  5. While they would be attacking him due to the “D”, the method of attack is often using his race against him (sometimes in “reverse racism” charges, but in any event, it results in dividing the people and keeping his race in the forefront). Using race as a weapon is racism and it’s a deliberate strategy aimed at the angry white voters. Whatever method they chose to use, it’s designed to undermine and attack using race.

  6. It looks like Ben Jealous of the NAACP and Obama were bending over backward to be fair about race, especially considering that both men are b-racial. However, with FOX NOISE’S record of lying, by omission in this case, and also twisting words, they should have taken pains to verify exactly what happened before they piled on this lady. It should be no secret to this White House that FOX has an agenda which is to discredit Obama’s presidency by any means possible. In this case, they stirred the pot of racial animosity, trying to create a phony example of black racism by editing the tape and taking her words out of context. They also misrepresented the matter by pretending she said the words in 2010 while working in the federal government. In fact, the incident was in 1986 while she was working for the state of Georgia.

    What I got from the unedited version was a woman who struggled with her own biases against whites, particularly since her father was killed by a Klansman.
    While she wasn’t initially as helpful as she could have been, she overcame her bias enough to look at this white farmer as a fellow human being who needed the same help she had given black farmers, and she helped him immensely. In fact, he and his wife were grateful for her success in saving their farm, and they became her friends for life. His wife defends her to this day, so the charge of racism is bogus.

  7. I find it incredible that any news organization, other than FOX, would use something provided by Breitbart after he has been found to have edited tapes to show ACORN in a negative light. He knew he was not providing the entire video of Mrs. Sherrod, yet the portion he shows first just so happens to be the most damaging. I don’t believe for one second that he didn’t have the entire video. He released the part he did to stir up controversy, admitting as much on Hannity last night, trying to negate the Tea Party racism which is blatantly seen at their gatherings. Yet they have no hesitation in calling our President the most vile of names and claiming he is racist. FOX has one idiot in Glenn Beck who repeatedly calls the President out as a racist man with a deep hatred for white people. Why would anyone listen to anything they have to say unless it obviously supports their sickening racist attitudes? While watching a segment with Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams, Brett Baier, and K.T. McFarland discussing this claiming there was no reason for them to doubt Breitbart’s video, what should scroll across the bottom of the screen but President Obama’s approval rating?! What was so unusual about it? It was a FOX poll and it was divided up by race with President Obama’s approval rating broken down in a way meant to further divide this country.

    Ever since the election of 2008, there have been people working to divide this country in the most despicable manner. We’ve had to listen to the ranting of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and other EVIL people who wish to tear our country apart. There have been more than enough instances to validate their desire to ruin our country all the while claiming to be patriotic Americans, speaking of “real Americans” and accusing our President of trying to bring our country to its knees. He is a man who every day faces accusations of being un-American, threats of assassination and violence towards his family all the while trying to turn this country around from the worst economic crisis we ever have been confronted with and doing his best to help ALL Americans.

    Breitbart has tried prior to this to ruin the President’s name and was confronted with his duplicity that was overlooked by the very station that promoted his lies. FOX, which can never be truly called a news organization, continues to present his unfounded accusations without further research. They knew, as well as Breitbart knew, that the video shown was only a portion of it, never mind the fact that the incident Mrs. Sherrod was speaking of happened well over two decades ago. Rather than do serious research in regards to a single incident, they accuse her of racism, overlooking the fact that her career has been unblemished and without complaint. Serious journalism is something which can never be used in regards to FOX or truly any of the news organizations that were so quick to attack based on someone who has a history of using edited videos to support false claims against the Obama administration.

    This is a clear case of retaliation because the Tea Party didn’t want to hear anyone speaking the truth about the racism that is rampant in their organization.

  8. Please excuse the partial duplicate post, if the moderator is able to remove the second one, I’d appreciate it.


  9. This is all about 2012. Obama is damned if he say’s something or damned if he doesn’t. He is in a no win solution. My suggestion before jumping off the cliff stop and look at the source and investigate then and only then we you know for sure act. Now reinstate ACORN. I am going to write Pelosi about ACORN. It isn’t right what happened to them. Democrats do the right thing. Give them their money back.

  10. Anyone that saw that clip would have said she was a racist. I don’t care who you are. Everyone reacted as expected. But really Shep was right. They should have looked at the source. He is a known liar plain and simply. By the way Breitbart will do it again and blame everybody but himself.

  11. The White House and the NAACP really should have done more research before casting her out, I really wish people would put facts before their organizations and groups “image”. Same thing goes with the Tea Party, but that might be asking much.

    In speaking of which, about the deleted comments, as this is the third time this has occurred on this website. I guess Fox News isn’t the only organization that tries to control the narrative. Removing comments is asinine, childish, and a shame upon our forefathers. Especially when there was no trolling aspect to them.

    I entrust it will not happen again, for your sakes.

  12. Um ignore this, apparently the comments didn’t update when I had the page loaded… very weird…

  13. I actually pondered if the victim of this who lost her job over it had a case for libel against Breitbart.

    Breitbart net: The story you’re about to see is real, the context has been changed to defame the innocent.

  14. IMO the WH jumped the gun INTENTIONALLY in Sherrod’s firing so as to look like they would not tolerate this “backlash.” Then a day later or so it was easy enough to apologize. Obama and his staff are NOT stupid. They played this about right actually. Sure it sucks, but that’s politics.

  15. On this subject I am incensed at the White house for being so afraid of Fox News. This Cook lady referenced that this would be on Beck that night. All the Dems run from Fox and Limpbat.

    Obama is a strong president in decisions, a pansy butt in PR. How first council should have been to say lets wait. I am not going to get into who ordered the fiing. Not for me to say

    There needs to be a groundswell of statements and emotion coming from the left to Fox News. I am sick of this. Use twitter and any means possible

    BTW, there is a fresh story over at Freakout Nation. A man has put a hit list on facebook with Obama at the top. Necessary read or I wouldnt mention it here.

    I am freaking angry

  16. No he plays the bad cop and bad cop at all times. Honestly I don’t know what happens to these reporters that go to Fox. I mean Hemmer was at one time with CNN. He was kind of fair now he is like the rest of them.

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