Arizona Republicans Prepare to Be Attacked By Spanish Speaking Terrorists

On July 15, reported that according to a GOP Rep., Arizona may soon fall under terrorist attack from across the border.

South of the border. Down Mexico way.

Yes, Hezbollah agents may take a crash course in Español and cross the border as illegal immigrants in order to destroy democracy.
It’s not enough, apparently, that most of them are criminals (Human Events) or drug-mules (Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer). Now they are also all potential terrorists.

And the federal government, trumpets FOX, isn’t letting poor defenseless Arizona protect itself from a heinous attack by these deadly-unemployed-anuses stuffed with drugs- migrant terrorists.

As you can imagine, it’s not a pretty picture.

Sue Myrick (R-NC) told FOX that “we’re really paying attention to who is coming over, what’s happening with Iran and Hugo Chavez and Venezuela.”

You see, because of attacks on Jewish targets in that country in the 1990s, Western anti-terrorism officials began to worry about Hezbollah infiltration into the Western hemisphere.

The problem here of course is that Hezbollah’s actions have been anti-Israel, not anti-US. Their concern is not with Arizona, but with Lebanon. Many conservatives somehow equate Israel’s national security with America’s but no such connection exists outside the evangelical mindset.

az border

Yes, Hezbollah is cuddly with Chavez. Does Myrick want to invoke the Monroe Doctrine to intervene? Should we muster the troops and invade? Oh, that’s right; the Republicans sent them all to Iraq and Afghanistan on an earlier holy crusade.

Our border is porous she says, perhaps the only accurate thing coming out of her mouth though a recent article in the New Yorker argues that “The southern border, far from being ‘unsecured,’ is in better shape than it has been for years—better managed and less porous.”

Sorry Sue.

And the terrorist threat? Yeah, we were all wrong, folks. The Mexicans are not coming here for a better life. They’re coming here as Hezbollah operatives determined to destroy our way of life. Who knew?

The FOX paranoiac of the hour, host Brian Kilmeade, was all on board with this latest conspiracy theory (is there a conspiracy theory Republicans DON’T like?): “Instead of talking about Mexicans coming here for a better life, we’re talking about Hezbollah coming here to infiltrate our borders and attack the country. That would change the entire dialogue when it comes to illegal immigration.”

Change our dialogue. Yes, we need a change to our dialogue, Brian. We need a little less xenophobia, paranoia, fear-mongering and racism in our discourse on the immigration question.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the system is broken and needs fixing. Stirring up the fear another notch, putting reason out the air-lock, doesn’t seem a very productive method of furthering the discussion.

And while this is not the first attempt to portray immigrants as criminals, it is certainly the most outrageous.
The simple fact is that most immigrants are not criminals (if you are talking about activities beyond crossing the border illegally). Huffington Post debunked that claim back in 2009.

It is another fact that most immigrants are not drug mules. The drug runners have more efficient means (like submarines) of getting drugs into our country without employing the hands, arms, or anuses of people simply trying to find a better life for themselves and their families.

The idea that these people are Hezbollah agents (and why not al Qaeda?) is even more absurd, and there is not a shred of evidence to support this new layer of fear-mongering, FOX News’ gullibility notwithstanding.

The rightwingwatch story doesn’t mention it but this scenario has been advanced before, back in 2006 when FOX News reported:

“Today, optimistic Mexican illegal immigrants traipse across the U.S. border; last month, authorities discovered a 2,400 yard tunnel from Tijuana, Mexico into southern California being used to transport tons of drugs.

“Tomorrow, devious al-Qaeda terrorists sneak into our southern states, and an underground-tunnel from Mexico into the U.S. transports a nuclear weapon en route to a major U.S. city.”

“Regretfully,” FOX warned us, “this speculative scenario is more realistic than Americans are willing to admit.” FOX went on to assure us that “Terrorists can be counted on to try to exploit this vulnerability.”

Apparently, those jihadists just don’t get it. At least, they didn’t take their cue from FOX.

Four years have gone by. I suppose since no jihadists (al Qaeda or Hezbollah) have crossed the border and blown anything up in the past four years, FOX thought it was time to ramp up the paranoia again. After all, you can never have enough fear and xenophobia, can you?

There is an old expression that the evil of the day is sufficient unto itself. There are plenty enough problems facing us as a country. Let’s deal with the real ones rather than inventing new ones.

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  1. Where it says, “Yes…” followed by a picture, then “is cuddly with Chavez” is should say “Hezbollah” between the two lines of text.

  2. If I would have had space I would have mentioned “The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration Facts, Figures And Statistics On Illegal Immigration” in, “Home of the patriotic resistance.” Here the immigrants are said to be carriers of disease: malaria, dengue, leprosy, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and of course, HIV among others. It is a form of rhetoric chillingly familiar with those who have studied the Third Reich and other anti-Semitic movements in which the Jew is seen as carrier of disease.


  3. “…carriers of disease: malaria, dengue, leprosy, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and of course, HIV ” WTF did they put that off of the mosquitoes wiki?

  4. There isn’t any depth that FOX won’t stoop to in it’s campaign of fear- and hate-mongering, is there? This is just another lame, transparent attempt to rationalize the measure that Jan Brewer signed into law recently, and there is no doubt that it targets Mexicans. I am really afraid for the well-being of this country if the wingnuts ever regain ascendancy because they appeal to the worst in Americans. With their appeals to xenophobia, racism, jingoism, and the selfish every-man-for-himself mentality, they would be the death of this country as we know it.

  5. The hepatitis thing I have heard before. In fact as someone who has worked in Mexico I was “very strongly” urged to get the 3 hepatitis shots. I know there has been a slight increase in hepatitis cases over the years on the border states. One of the guys I worked with got it there.

    If you have ever been there, seen and smelled the slums, you would run to the clinic for shots. Zero sanitations

    But I don’t buy the rest of the diseases

  6. One more thing. ““The southern border, far from being ‘unsecured,’ is in better shape than it has been for years—better managed and less porous.” ” Can be the same type of propaganda that saying the border is “just as” porous. I doubt its true that is is any less porous. We have done nothing to make it more secure.

    Also, if you watch the news and read the articles on such, the submarines are used to get drugs from South America to Mexico. Then it comes across the borders. Tunnels are being discovered all the time. CNN did a piece on a large one not 5 months ago.

    Are all illegals drug mules? Absolutely ludicrous. Are there tons of drugs coming across the borders with vehicles and drug mules? yes. Are there a large number of US weapons going into Mexico? yes. Does this have much to do with illegal aliens, no.

  7. This “disease carrying” rubbish is the same sort of lies as told by nativists in the 1870s and 1880s about the Chinese, and it led to many mob-perpetrated murders. (Doctors even used to “certify” the Chinese were dangerous to public health.) At least 90% of preoccupation with the southern border is motivated by the same demonic racism which has plagued ignorant humans since the dawn of time. We need to call these racist morons what they are and drive them from every public forum in which they seek to spew their disgusting lies.

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