Breitbart Claims That His Edited Sherrod Video is an Obama Plot to Destroy Him


Andrew Breitbart was on Michael Savage’s show today, where he claimed that his own edited video of Shirley Sherrod is really a campaign by Barack Obama to destroy him. Breitbart said, “I believe that he is orchestrating the campaign to destroy me and my reputation.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

In response to a caller who asked if Obama’s appearance on The View this week is payback for his possibly asking program last week to put on Shirley Sherrod, Breitbart said, “I don’t know, but I think, I’m not going to say I feel bad for President Obama because I believe that he is orchestrating the campaign to destroy me and my reputation.”

Okay, so according to Breitbart, Obama was behind his editing of a 25 year old video of Shirley Sherrod, to give the false impression that she was racist. Obama also told Breitbart to post the video to his own website for the sole purpose of using the doctored video as grounds for firing Ms. Sherrod so that the truth could soon emerge, which would destroy Breitbart’s reputation as a, “credible journalist.” The problem is that even before this Breitbart had no credibility after the ACORN video was exposed as a doctored fraud.

It is revealing that Breitbart did not get to go on Fox News, Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh’s radio shows in order to make his case, but that he has been reduced to going on Michael Savage’s show, which is most decidedly part of the B team in the right wing media. It would appear that all of the A list big audience programs are distancing themselves from him. Despite what he thinks of himself, Andrew Breitbart is not important enough for the President of the United States to waste one second thinking about him, much less hatch a plot to destroy him.

Breitbart is trying to appeal to the natural paranoia of the conservative mindset in order to save his own hide. If we suspend all logic and reality for a second, and believe Breitbart’s story, then he is the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. His defense is that he is a victim of an Obama plot, which means that he played a role in setting himself up, because he edited the video and ran it on his site. Even the most die hard Obama hating conspiracy theorists have to shake their heads at that one. Breitbart should have been finished after his ACORN video was debunked, but now he and his race baiting really are done. Let’s hope Shirley Sherrod sues him for every dime he’s got, and maybe she can take over his website and use it to combat racism. That would be some true poetic justice.

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  1. Sorry, Breitbart, but the President has real terrorists to go after — he can’t be bothered keeping an eye on juvenile video editors who manufacture propaganda candy for an embittered element of society. Or, should I say, used to manufacture:-)

  2. I hope Ed Schultz puts this loon on Psycho Talk, which is where he belongs. This is just too funny for words. With all that the president has to contend with, we’re supposed to believe he has time to single out this manchild for special attention.
    I have become convinced that the people on FOX Noise are stark raving mad.
    They fall for any conspiracy, now matter how idiotic, and they appeal to followers with the same mentality. So, I guess President Obama told him to edit the Sherrod video to make her look like a racist, so Secretary Vilsack and the NAACP could jump all over her and then come after him (LOL). They just seem to get more and more disconnected from reality every day.

  3. This reminds me of Blazing Saddles where the sheriff takes himself hostage and says no move or I will shoot (as the guns pointed at his own head) and he says that he (the sheriff) is crazy enough to do it.

  4. Just like Sarah. The more you alter your LIES –the more GUILTY you appear.
    You are a despicable piece of work FOX and Breitbart sarah all of you. And now they want an apology??? OMG..REPUBLICANS OWE AMERICA AN APOLOGY! For being the racist bigoted jerks that they are!

  5. Excellent post!

    It would be justice, poetic or otherwise, if Breitbart’s career and reputation joined his gutter-like actions — in the gutter. He owns his actions. He should own the consequences of those actions as well.

  6. Don’t ya see. Obama was also behind putting his birth statement in the Hawaii newspaper too. He’s a tricky one. LOL!

  7. Just a note:

    “Obama was behind his editing of a 25 year old video of Shirley Sherrod”

    I believe the video was recent, but the sory she was recounting occurred 25 years ago.

  8. Lets see, the president made the tape, then MADE poor andrew put those tapes on his website.

    The fact that he was totally discredited over ACORN says little for the fact that everyone runs to him the minute he has news.

    added to the fact that Micheal Steele loves the guy, and so does Rush, I doubt anything will happen to andy. Even though Shirley needs to sue him big time and bring out his source. And dont think he doesnt know who it is.

  9. Pssttt Andrew? I discovered an old grainy video showing Obama clearly visible on a grassy knoll in Dallas in Nov, 1963!! You can see it him, all hate filled and lethal at age 2, the scoundrel! Where do I send you the vid??? We can prove it was him!!! Contact me asap!!

  10. Wow. Even Breitbart’s delusional fans can’t honestly defend him on this one. Take some goddamned responsibility, for goodness’s sake, and don’t blame your failings, and the fact that YOU destroyed your OWN reputation on someone else. But then again, this is the man who deliberately edited the tapes in order to discredit the NAACP and ruin Shirley Sherrod’s career in the first place; we can’t expect much common decency from him. The best thing we can do is completely ignore him, and make sure no one takes anything he has to say seriously ever again.

  11. Obama doesn’t waste his time doing something you are accomplishing all on your own, Breitbart. The old saying, “If your enemy is destroying himself, you don’t interfere.” seems to apply here.

  12. Obama couldn’t be involved in ruining Breitbart’s career because he is way too busy secretly plotting to crash Glen Beck’s next dinner party and piss in the punchbowl, and jeez…we’re talking a serious career-ruining move for Beck. How can the president be everywhere at once? Get real, Breitbart.

  13. It renews my faith in Americans to read the comments about Andrew Not-so-Breitbart. Of all the lame last-ditch defense moves, he has come up with the lamest: it’s all a plot of the Omnipotent Obama. I am loving watching this narcissistic, power-hungry little weasel character assassin stewing in the nasty juice of his own hate. What goes around comes around, Dimbart. Get used to it.

  14. Oh, right. You’re the penultimate threat to the current administration and to the U.S.A. All the video bad guys are after you which is why you need to hurry up and perfect that Ironman suit before (ahem!) All Is Lost.

    ::: bursts into giggles :::

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