Reagan’s Son Hatches Another Scam to Make Money off His Dad’s Name

Gipper’s Family Hatches Another Scam to Make Money off of His Name

Seemingly, the sainthood of Ronald Reagan is nearing. Increasingly, the dubious virtues he espoused are coming to be seen as the goal of every good conservative; McCain, Palin and others hearken to a mythical legacy of deficit reduction (Reagan tripled it) and federal fiscal responsibility (Reagan spent money like it was going out of style). The astounding difference between rhetoric and actual deeds seems lost on conservatives, who apparently believe simply stating something often enough makes it true, in complete disregard of the actual facts.

There is a strange obsession with money in conservatism. It’s almost sexual, and perhaps unsurprisingly, as sex is another conservative obsession. War on the wealthy! Class warfare! Redistribution of wealth! Socialism! Conservatives today are more obsessed with this than Karl Marx. But it’s always the wealthy who are the oppressed in conservative discourse, not the trod upon proletariat. No, the true victims are the corporations, those poor bastards who want nothing more than to let their wealth trickle down to the rest of us.

The only problem is, of course, as Reaganomics demonstrated, that wealth does not trickle down. Instead, it has a disturbing habit of defying this seemingly natural law and trickling up!

It is no wonder that the GOP can out-raise the Democrats, with all the rich donors they can summon. The leaders of the religious right who figure so prominently in Republican politics today also seem to do quite well with that trickling-up wealth. They all seem determined to start their own universities, perhaps to pass down the mysteries of the divine trickle.

One thing is beyond certainty and that is the conservative ability to get rich, and having gotten rich, to defend that wealth, and indeed, to subvert the poor who patiently await their share of the trickle, not noticing all the while that it is flowing the wrong way. Victims have never suffered so badly from Stockholm Syndrome as the Republican Base.

And now yet another Republican in the fine tradition of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and others, has found a way to get rich. Michael Reagan, the Great Trickler’s son, has announced the email address for “real” Americans. Yes, for only $39.95 a month, you can send your email from ($34.95 if you do so by Saturday). Yes, you too have the opportunity to enrich a Republican!

Check it out:

How can anyone resist?

And why would they? After all, as the Little Trickler says, those conservatives who avail themselves of outfits like Google, AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail are helping the liberals! We can’t have that! Of course, those not-so-clever liberals apparently forgot to charge for their email services. Yes, those nasty email services, and by extension those unwary conservatives emailers, are “hurting our country” (in the immortal words of the Little Trickler).

But these email services are not about politics. They are about money, and so is Michael Reagan, just as is Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and so many others who decry the evils of liberalism.

But if you want to make Michael rich, by all means, show him the money. He’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. So will we liberals.

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  1. I can hardly wait to give Republicans more of my money; I felt that the money they scammed off of me during the Bush Stock Market Crash of 08 was not enough.

    I really feel like God is saying that they deserve all of my money.

    I think it will be a toss up between donating to Sarah Palin’s “Legal Defense Fund” which she can use for any purpose, and Micheal Reagan’s email scam. If I have any more money, I’ll buy some gold from Beck. It’s a sure win. /s

    Great post, Hraf:-)

  2. These poor suckers in the Republican Party. Man, they never learn. They’re probably buying books for Bush’s library too.

  3. EnglishSaddle:
    Of course, they would have to buy books for Bush’s library…he’s never owned a book of his own.

  4. Just what I want to do, give Michael Reagan to promote this new revisionist history of his father’s presidency. I can’t remember when it started but the more I would hear over the last several years, the farther it gets from the reality of the Reagan debacle. He spent money as if there was no tomorrow and he certainly did raise taxes, three different occasions that I remember if not more. Of course, Palin would have us believe that all Reagan had to do after taking the reins from Carter was to “cut taxes and watch the economy roar back to life”. She obviously never paid any attention to what was actually going on during the Reagan era and she perpetuates the lies FOX and all their commentators have repeated ad nauseum about how “wonderful” Ronnie was yet today, anyone doing the things he has done would be considered a RINO of the worst kind.

    I don’t see this being a big hit for Reagan’s son, not at that price. My internet connection, although it is a package deal, breaks down to roughly $12 per month. As an Obama supporter, I would certainly not pay 3x as much in order to promote my political stance. I’ll never get over the difference between Reagan’s kids and their read of their father’s political leanings. Michael swears that his father would have loved $arah, but Ronnie says “no way”. I tend to believe the later as I think Reagan would have seen through her b.s. having worked with actors & actresses a great portion of his adult years. Our family’s political leanings are evenly split but the one thing we all agree on is Palin, all of us say “hell, no!” to anything that has to do with her. They also recognize the re-packaging of Ronnie by conservatives today. Not everybody is fooled, thankfully!

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of conservatives go for a email service even at $35 per month. Think about how many wasted money on Palin’s book. Palin, Beck and Limbaugh are going to be kicking themselves for not thinking of that scam first.

    “Little Trickler” LOL

  6. Did I actually see this week that there is a national Ronald Reagan day in 2011? Have the Republicans rewritten history so often that they have managed another debacle in Reagan’s name? Next thing you know Palin will become a Catholic on her journey to sainthood.

  7. With complete disregard for the fact that Reagan would not pass today’s ridiculous litmus test as a “true conservative,” the far right continues to deify this man. They continue to attribute qualities to him that he simply did not posses. In fact, the anti-intellectualism and the incomprehensible antipathy toward “big” government that Palin personifies today began with Reagan. The deification of Reagan is an attempt to rewrite history in order to serve a particular agenda, and Reagan’s son has found a way to capitalize off the gullibility of people who buy into this nonsense,

  8. He is lying Google does not support nor endorse any candidates. What he is speaking of is that the Google employees sent money to their candidate of choice and 90% went to Obama. Yahoo also does not give directly to any candidates. Other tech companies that do like Microsoft it is a 60 40 split in favor of the DNC. With that said Wal-Mart on the other hand employees give 90% to DNC and up until the GOP calling out Wal-Mart for supporting the Healthcare reform 78% went to the GOP. After Wal-Mart has said that, the GOP is out of touch and will start giving more to the DNC candidates.
    Information found at CNN Money, National Journal, and USA Today.

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