Arizona Republicans Prepare to Be Attacked By Spanish Speaking Terrorists

One of the paranoid theories that Arizona Republicans are floating to support their immigration law is that Hezbelloah is going to recruit Mexican immigrants as operatives to come across the border and attack the US. According to the GOP, Mexicans are not coming here for a better life. They're coming here as Hezbollah operatives determined to destroy our way of life. Who knew?

Glenn Beck Transforms From Talk Show Host to Cult Leader

On his Fox News program today, Glenn Beck attacked the rest of the media and charged that they are engaged in actively promoting propaganda for Barack Obama. Beck's latest media allegation is not just conservative spin, but he is also engaging in information control. Much like a cult leader, Beck wants to control information in order to keep his audience loyal to him.

David Vitter Gay Bashes Rachel Maddow

Sen. David Vitter, that prostitute frequenting, diaper wearing, family values touting Republican joked Rachel Maddow not looking like a woman on a local New Orleans radio show. Vitter later apologized, and Maddow classily accepted his apology, but this just furthers Vitter's trend of anti-gay and anti-woman behavior.

Obama Rips Republicans for Continuing to Block Unemployment Benefits

In his weekly radio address today, President Obama lashed out at Senate Republicans who are blocking an extension of unemployment benefits. Obama essentially called the Republicans hypocrites, “They’ve got no problem spending money on tax breaks for folks at the top who don’t need them and didn’t even ask for them; but they object to helping folks laid off in this recession who really do need help.” read more

Glenn Beck Accuses the NAACP of Racism

On his Fox News program today, Glenn Beck accused the NAACP of using racism as a tactic for political gain. Beck said, "Racism is now being used as a tactic for political gain. The NAACP is now trying to intimidate Tea Partiers passing a resolution to condemn 'the racist elements in the Party.'" Beck lecturing about racism is like an arsonist discussing fire safety.

2012 Poll: Obama Leads Palin 55%-34%

A new Time poll released today found that while voters are skeptical about President Barack Obama's policies, his personal popularity remains solidly high. When matched up with the most visible and vocal of his GOP critics, Sarah Palin, Obama routs the former half term governor, 55%-34%.